6 Justice League Crossroads

The JLers battled the last of the Legion's ground forces. Major Disaster had nearly brought in a tsunami before he was rendered unconscious. Big Sir was pacified by watching over Disaster's insensate form. KGBeast, Copperhead, and the Shade were rounded up together and put down. Dr. Polaris proved a difficult case but Kyle rose to the challenge and defeated the magnetic foe. Livewire accidently caught the Weed on fire and he surrendered for a chance to dip in the lagoon. Livewire herself was shorted out by Aztek dumping her in the water. Thus rendering both her and the Weed unconscious.

Gemini was stunned by Green Arrow. Volcana threatened J'onn but Commander Steel knocked her out. The Brain was tipped over and he helplessly shouted for someone to right him. Mallah was tied up by Nightwing. Ragdoll faced Catwoman and Wildcat. Wildcat let his former student herd Ragdoll with her whip right into Wildcat's chokehold. Unable to breathe, Ragdoll swiftly passed out.

The Atom neutralized the Psycho Pirate before he could master his facial expression. Plastique lasted for a minute and a half against Black Canary. The Ray blasted the Shadow Thief back into solidity. The Gentleman Ghost fled into the jungle and wasn't seen again. Count Vertigo was taken out by Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres. Rocket Red used his mecha-empathy to order Hector Hammond's chair to dump him. Once the psychokinetic was helpless, Red's gauntlet blasters finished him off.

J'onn gathered the victorious JLers, "Now we must follow Superman into the Dome. Be prepared for anything."

There was a murmur of assent and they began to move.

Superman's team had arrived in force. Brainiac opened fire but Superman didn't waste any time. This incarnation of Brainiac was weaker than all of the Kryptonian versions. Rather than waste time subduing the mechanoid, he crushed it and tore it into pieces.

Luthor balked, "Do you know what you've done?"

"I've destroyed your pet computer. Mind yourself, Lex or I'll do the same to you." Superman said coldly.

"I don't think so." Luthor smirked.

Toyman blew on a tin whistle and the sonic disruption brought the Supers and the Marvels to their knees. Kara managed to keep her eyes open long enough to melt the whistle with her heat vision. Toyman literally wailed.

Mary was the first to respond. She punched Toyman's plastic "head". Misjudging how hard to hit, her fist broke through the plastic and punched the Legionnaire in the face. He went down like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Queen Bee unleashed her stinger weapon. Captain Marvel Jr. confronted her and took the weapon away and crushed it with his bare hands. He then flicked his finger into her jaw and she bounced off the nearest wall and passed out.

Superman advanced on the cluster of Luthor, Grodd, the Ultra-Humanite, Clock King, Sivana, Mr. Mind, and Half-Ape. The others followed him. When they reached the middle of the room, Luthor nodded to Grodd. The ape tapped a touch screen control and the center of the room was bombarded with anti-protons.

"I estimate it will take 1.2 hours for them to expire." The Clock King opined.

The Legionnaires all laughed as the JLers writhed.

Twenty minutes later, the Supers were looking haggard but the Marvels still bravely battled on. Each of them was endowed with the Stamina of Atlas which meant they could endure forever. Whether or not they could escapes the trap was another matter. They each edged out towards the end of the circle but it was slow going and Superman and Supergirl might not last.

It was at that moment that Black Adam and Isis entered the Dome. Reaching the command center, Adam saw the peril and immediately responded. He batted Grodd aside and began to manipulate the controls. Filled with the Wisdom of Zehuti, he easily deactivated the machine.

Adam and Isis dealt with the Legion's Brain Trust while the Marvels and Supers recuperated. Seeing Luthor headed out of the room, Superman responded. He rushed over and blocked Luthor's path. Grabbing Luthor by the tunic, he bounced him off of the wall a few times. Luthor collapsed in a heap.

J'onn made an appearance then. Speaking to Clark in hushed tones, he revealed that Diana had been injured and taken to the Hall of Justice. Superman leapt into the air and crashed through the roof of the Dome. J'onn calmed the frayed nerves of those left behind.

Mr. Terrific activated the Dome's self destruct and vacated the premises. Kyle used his ring to gather the scattered and insensate Legionnaires. With Anna down they had to rely upon old fashioned restraints gathered from the Javelins. All four Javelins were now landed on the beach and taking on prisoners and passengers. Mary, Kara, and Junior got the retrieval detail. The US and Mexican Coast Guards were docking at the island and securing the various cartel members. Kara informed Fire and Ice that they needed to report to the Javelins. Fire flew while Kara carried Ice.

Mary and Junior went to Cuero's. There Plastic Man and Hula Hula had hog tied their prisoners and were now sitting around drinking fruit juice. The bartender didn't mind because he was being handsomely paid for it through Hula Hula's winnings. Mary opted to carry Hula while Plas repeated his bandolier move on Junior. The Marvels returned them to the bosom of the JLers. Hula Hula was received as the hero he was.

Hula wasn't the only one being celebrated. Black Adam and Isis were newfound darlings. Adam was quite nonchalant but Isis basked in the glow. Upon informing the Marvels of their intended nuptials, the JLers found even more cause to celebrate.

Isis asked Mary to be her maid of honor while Adam asked Captain Marvel to be his best man. Mary readily accepted while the Captain asked for time to consider it. He'd always considered Adam to be an enemy and this conciliatory gesture was beyond his scope.

"Consider it carefully but please let me know within three weeks time." Adam counseled, "And while you are at it, see what that young miss is thinking. She is gazing at you with eyes full of pride and love."

Marvel followed Black Adam's gaze and saw Courtney standing off to the side. She wasn't drawing attention to herself but her whole focus seemed to be on him. Telling himself he shouldn't hope for anything, Marvel went to her.

"You seem to have something on your mind." He said.

Courtney wore a rueful expression, "I've made a huge mistake."

"I won't argue but why don't you tell me why you think you have." Marvel offered.

She told him what happened earlier and she added, "It made me realize that you're the boyfriend I should have stayed with. Everything else was a fantasy. Well, the fantasy isn't going to happen. When I was out, I thought you were there and I felt safe. I don't feel that way very often in this business but you made me feel that way. It made me realize that I can only hope for a second chance."

Marvel was quiet as he digested these words. She fidgeted and said, "I understand if you don't want to risk it. After all I broke your heart."

"Yeah, you did. You also made me realize that I'd do anything to make you happy. You have a second chance but we're taking it slow, got it?" Marvel decided.

Stargirl rapturously threw her arms around him and kissed his cheek, "Thank you."

Captain Marvel blushed, "You can thank me later."

She sketched off a salute, "Yessir!"

Marvel rolled his eyes and went looking for Mary.

Anna's eyes fluttered open. She came to and realized that Al was leaning over her with his mask off. The look of concern found in his eyes made her heart melt.

"I take it we were victorious." She commented. She propped herself up on her elbows and her head threatened to swim. Al saw this and swooped in to hold her. The attention threatened to overwhelm her last vestiges of self restraint.

"Why…why are you…?" Anna faltered.

"Let's just say I've had an epiphany." He smiled.

Now her heart melted down. She pulled her mask off and she smiled at him. The warmth of that smile made him blush. She could see him struggling with his own impulses.

"So, Handsome Stranger, are you going to kiss me or what?" she chuckled.

"Of course I am." He said. The heat of their kiss almost made Anna spontaneously combust. She was short of breath afterwards.

"Well, that was certainly worth the wait." She breathed.

"Just wait. It gets better." Al promised.

Anna practically swooned.

The shuttles returned to the Hall. The NYPD was there in force to collect the Legion. Superman was there as well. He stood by Diana's bed as she came out of having her jaw wired shut. She kept trying to speak but he shushed her.

"You've taken care of me. Let me take care of you." He insisted.

She tried to protest and he silenced her, "To hell with Amazon pride, Diana. I love you so let me prove it to you."

She finally subsided. She liked it when he took charge. It's why she wanted him to the lead the JLU. From what she'd seen before she was injured, he was growing into the role. He certainly seemed to be doing so now. She felt warm and content as she listened to the things he planned on doing for her.

"Hula!" Penny cried as she ran across the tarmac to greet him. She caught him up in a tight embrace, "Ya'll had me so worried!"

"I love you too, Penny." Hula Hula chuckled.

"So, are y'goin' t'go haring off any more?" Penny asked.

"I don't think so." Hula said.

"Hula Hula, we need to talk." Sue said as she approached.

"What about?" he asked defensively.

"Your future with the League." She said, "Amanda wants you to stay on and since I'm Chief of Operations, I'm the person you want to talk to."

Hula hesitated and Sue added, "Plas and Penny are invited as well."

"Go on, Hula." Penny urged.

"Talk to the lady, big guy." Plas urged.

"Okay, let's talk." Hula said.

Vic Sage and Helena Bertinelli were out on the town. They were blissfully unaware of the fact that their camera had taken a series of pictures. Tomorrow they would be on the hunt.

Justin and Vigilante had just left Tessa's flat. There was a knocking at the door and Tessa rolled her eyes. What had Justin forgotten?

She opened the door but instead of her boyfriend, Goldilocks stood there. The villainesses' green eyes sparkled with malicious intent.

"It's time we had a little chat, luvvie." Goldilocks declared.

To be continued…

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