Lexx 5.01: Lixx

Synopsis: Still mourning for the loss of beautiful dead man Kai, Xev and Stan go to look at the two cryochambers that somehow grew on little Lexx. Little Lexx, has, for the purpose of clarity, been renamed "Lixx" by Stan. Lixx doesn't care at all, because he has the intelligence of one of Saran Wrap's cats. Well, through some bad luck, they both trip and fall into the cryochambers at the same time. They cryochambers close and somehow set themselves to a thousand years.
So Stan and Xev wake up a thousand years later. And while Stan looks exactly the same as he has for five years of the show, Xev now has black hair that falls down to her butt and her skirt has hiked itself up shorter. And her lips might possibly be larger, but who can tell? They notice with surprise that a new crychamber has sprouted, and inside lies ... Kai! But they don't wake him up, for fear that it is all a lovely, lovely dream.
They go to the bridge (or whatever) and on their way discover that Lixx has grown up to look suspiciously like Lexx. As in, the cheap Canadians have reused every set from the past seasons. (You thought they'd just thrown them away.) And 790's still sitting there, all tied up on his little cart thing. Only through his intense grief he's split himself into two different people: 792, who still loves Kai, and 796, who loves Stan. Twisted robot. God knows Stan doesn't want to be loved by the evil robot head, so he reprograms him to love Xev. (Hooray!)
Back to they cryo-place they go and open Kai. He wakes up and says "Where's Fire? Where's Water?" and doesn't remember anything of the accursed fourth season. (Hooray!)
So Stan's like, "Lixx, find us a new home." And immediately Lixx says, "I am orbiting a planet." And so they go land on it with the moths that are tinged ... pink so they don't look like the old moths.
The planet (which happens to be inhabited by several naked, wrinkled old men) is being attacked by large uber-turkeys, and only by leaving blowing the planet up can the crew of the Lixx save the universe once again.

What the dead do not do: Celebrate Thanksgiving; Brush their Hair; Remember what happened on "Earth"; Miss Prince; Give Sponge-baths.

Why there no one has sex: The planet is being attacked by uber-turkeys, and therefore everyone is too busy running and screaming to have sex with either Xev or Stanley. And even if they weren't too busy, neither Xev nor Stan would want to have sex with nekkid old men.