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Chapter 6

Casey had assured me that she could cover for me for the rest of the day once the lunchtime rush was done. I was actually quite scared about what she had helped Will plan for the afternoon. I kept finding her watching me, grinning. And I didn't like it.

The previous evening, had ended quite messy. Phil couldn't believe how much my "Yank friends" sounded just like the band and drank himself into oblivion, leaving it to me to call his son to come and pack his gear up and drive him home at the end of the night. Ben, Will and Jackson had taken over the fruit machines as if they were on a stag weekend in Vegas, while Jerad, Johnson and Larry had left early with the new guys and Lani. Gwen had rolled in about an hour before last orders having been out at work for the entire day. It was then that I had realised that Will had wanted to put something on the pub dvd player and never had. I made a mental note to ask him about it

I managed to kick everyone out before midnight claiming I had a migraine brewing and needed to sleep. Truthfully, I needed to think. Was me spending the afternoon with Will going to cause complications? I didn't even know when he was going back to LA.

I decided to put on my big girl panties and just go with the flow. I'll probably never see him, or the band again unless they came back to tour in the UK. I'd deal with that as and when. I was just going to enjoy myself spending time with a good looking bloke. Well, maybe not the proper 'Big Girl Panties' cause I might get lucky, and I was no Bridget Jones.

After I had finished cleaning the kitchen, I headed up to the flat to shower and change for my afternoon with Will. I had no idea what he had planned so was a bit shocked to find that Casey had laid out some clothes for me. My usual attire of jeans, tank top and boots were carefully folded on my chair. I did notice that the boots were not my usual cowboy boots, or even my biker boots. They were my high heeled shoe boots. Just as I was about to swap them for my cowboy boots, my phone beeped with a text. You WILL wear those boots. Cx She know me far to well. I groan and head for the bathroom.

Within twenty minutes, I am showered, dressed in the skin tight jeans and am sat at my dressing table blowdrying my hair. I needed a change with it. Maybe I could cut it short... My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing.

"Your man awaits." Casey hung up. I grabbed my bag, checked I had my phone, purse, cigarettes. I couldn't be bothered with my contacts, so I grabbed my glasses. My keys were thrown into my bag after I locked the door and began to descend the stairs to the pub. I prayed to the gods of shoes that he wasn't expecting me to walk very far. I was going to kill Casey if I got a blister or twisted my ankle.

I was astounded when I walked into the lounge to find Will looking rather black jeans and a black shirt. His mini afro was still wild, but that just added to his appeal. He put his bottle of beer down onto the bar as he realised I had joined him.

"You look great." He complimented me, kissing me gently on the cheek.

"Looking rather spiffy yourself there Thwilla." I spotted Gwen sat at the end of the bar grinning like a mad woman, my denim jacket in her hands. "I might have guessed you'd be here." I took my jacket off her. I nearly jumped a mile when Will helped me to pull it on.

"Just passing by." Yeah, sure. I rolled my eyes and turned to Casey.

"I have my phone if you need me." She waved her hand to stop me talking.

"Steve from the Royal is coming in at seven. You can have the entire night off. Now go, have fun." Will grinned as he held out his arm, allowing me to take hold of his elbow. Just as he led me out of the building, Ben, Jackson and Jerad walked in.

"Ooh, date night?" Ben sang out.

"Fuck off." I mumbled as the rest of them chuckled like kids in a sex education lesson.

"Just ignore them." Will whispered as he opened the door for me. I nearly pissed myself laughing when he led me to his car. Gwen would have a field day when she saw his car. It was a bright yellow Fiat Cinquecento. All it needed was the one red door and I would be in an episode of the Inbetweeners.

"Nice ride." I snorted as he unlocked the doors.

"It was the only hire car left. Get in and stop moaning. Maybe you could save that for later." I stared at him as he sat in the driver's seat and started the engine. It was going to be one of those days.

"Very funny. Where are we going?" I watched his hands as they gripped the steering wheel lazily while driving through the streets of London. I didn't pay attention as I thought about how good it would feel to have those hands on my naked skin again.

"It's a surprise. Casey says you work too hard and need a break. I thought I would make the most of this information so that we could spend some time together away from the pub and the rest of the guys." It was then I realised that he was driving into the West End.

"Did Casey also tell you that I hate surprises?" As soon as Will had parked his car in the car park in Museum street, I climbed out and lit a cigarette.

"Why yes, in fact she did. So this grumpy side is no shock." He took my hand in his and started walking.

"I'm not grumpy." I grumbled, making him laugh even more.

"All will be revealed shortly." He gave my hand a squeeze as we rounded the corner and I realised where we were.

"You've brought me to see Rock of Ages?" I threw my arms around him. "Oh my god! I've wanted to see this for ages." I was acting like a teenager, but I didn't give a shit. I was outside the theatre, with Will's arms around my waist. Life was good. I almost squealed as Will lifted me off the ground and gave me a short, but mindblowing kiss.

"Yeah, Casey said that." He put me down and took hold of my hand again. "Come on, it starts in fifteen minutes." We jogged across the road and made our way to the box office where Will picked up our prebooked tickets. We managed to grab a quick drink at the bar, before the usher led us to our seats. Three rows from the stage suited me just fine. I didn't think Will knew I was a secret Shayne Ward fan and he just happened to have returned to the show before it finished its run in London.


The show was brilliant. As a brilliant as a camp musical based around 80s rock can be. Will surprised me completely by knowing the words to every single word or each song. I couldn't help but tease him about it as we walked out of the theatre.

"Hey, I can't help it if that's the music my parents listened to as I was growing up." He poked me. "Hungry?" He took my hand in his after I lit a cigarette.

"I could eat. Let me phone Casey, see if everything's OK." He just nodded and led me along the street by the hand. I pulled my phone out of my bag and dialled.

"I'm not talking to you. Everything's fine, sod off." Casey hung up on me.

"Charming." I muttered. Will laughed at me.

"What did she say?" He laughed even more when I told him. "I guess that means we don't need to rush." He tightened his grip on my hand so that I had no choice but to walk next to him. We walked slowly, me looking at places I hadn't seen properly since I was a teenager, sometimes telling Will about some of the things me and my friends, usually Gwen, had gotten up to.

"You sound like you would have fit in at Interlochen quite well." I grinned, knowing what I did about the "Lost Boys". I wondered if Will had a tattoo too. I didn't really take notes last time I was in any kind of position to see. "What are you thinking?" Could he read my mind?

"Just wondering where your tattoo is." He looked confused.


"The Lost Boys one." He grinned.

"Maybe I'll let you try and find it." He stopped walking and pulled me close to him. "Depends how good you are. Or not." He crushed his mouth to mine fiercely, taking my breath away.

"You are a fucking tease Mr Schmidt." I told him breathlessly once he ended the kiss. He just grinned and carried on walking, this time his arm wrapped around my waist.


I was so used to pub food, that dinner was a treat. Thankfully, he didn't take me to some swanky restaurant where I would have felt as uncomfortable as hell. Instead, he had found a small steakhouse that was tucked away on a small sidestreet. The food was delicious and the beer was cold. Add to that, great company and conversation, it was pretty much a perfect 'date'. Was it a date? I hadn't been 'out' with a guy like this for a long time, so I was unsure of the etiquette so to speak.

"Did you really enjoy the show?" I didn't know why Will sounded so unsure.

"I really did. I loved it. thank you for taking me."

"It was my pleasure, although, I thought you were going to pass out when that guy fell on to the floor next to you." Oh, the delicious Mr Ward...

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting that." But I certainly enjoyed it.

"You suddenly look very flushed." I can't believe i was fangirling over an X Factor contestant while I was sat with Will, who was looking gorgeous.

"Am I? Must be the lighting in here." I took the chance to look around and suddenly saw how romantic the entire setting had become. Couples and candles were everywhere. Will seemed to notice at the same time and looked a little uncomfortable. "How did you find this place?"

"Me and Marty needed a break from editing the other day. He doesn't live far from here and we kinda just stumbled across it."

"Good find. It's hard to find decent places in London anymore." I wanted to ask how long he was staying, but was actually dreading the answer. Yes, Gwen has teased me about the 'no strings' side of whatever was happening between Will and myself, but I was getting used him being around and if I was honest with myself, I was getting a little attached to him, against my better judgement. Only bad could come of thinking along these lines.


It was just getting dark when we walked out of the steak house. I needed to walk a little to rid myself of the slightly bloated feeling.

"Anything else up your sleeve?" I asked Will as he tucked my arm through his so we were walking closely. I was enjoying the time away from the pub and his easy going nature and didn't want to rush back to reality.

"Nothing planned now. how about we just walk for a while." I smiled at him. "I like the glasses by the way. Very geek chic."

"Thanks. I couldn't be arsed to put in my contacts after my shower." He shuddered slightly. "If you're cold, we can go back to the pub."

"I'm not cold. it's just the thought of you in the shower. Brings pretty pictures to mind." I stopped walking and stared at him. "What it's your fault."

"You didn't have to look... or join me did you?"

"My mum always told me not to turn down an invitation." He grinned. "Especially when it's so attractively presented." I felt my face heat up with a blush, but I refused to break eye contact with him. He looked away first which caused me to give myself an internal fistbump. We began walking again. Suddenly, I was being dragged through a doorway where music was being pumped, the bass reverberating through my chest so much I could physically feel it.

"What are you doing?" I yelled into his ear as he paid the door fee.

"I want to dance with you." Feeling his lips brushing my ear as he spoke made me shiver as he guided me down a steep, narrow staircase that were only lit by purple ultraviolet lights. I was petrified that I was going to catch my heel and fall, but Will managed to keep me upright, and when we reached the bottom, kept an arm around my waist as we walked through the immense crowd.

The dancefloor was completely over crowded, so we hovered on the edge and watched the dancers. I couldn't stop my body from moving and was soon dancing on the spot. Will stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist, matching my movements. Just as I was getting into dancing with him, the track changed for something a little slower. Usher's "You Make Me Wanna" began playing causing me to roll my eyes at the utter cliche this evening was becoming. I shrugged off the feeling and just settled into the rhythm and beat of the music. Without realising it, I was leaning back against Will who gripped me even tighter around the waist causing our bodies to press against each other, completely flush.

"You got moves." He murmured in my ear as we moved as one. I turned in his arms to face him, shocked to find his light blue eyes the colour of the sky at twilight.

"You're not bad yourself." I felt like a fool, but I started to exaggerate my movements as I rubbed myself up and down his body like a skanky pole dancer.

"Fuck Zoe... " He groaned as I stood up, bringing us face to face. "That is fucking amazing." I grinned, mentally patting myself on the back for garnering this kind of reaction from him. "You're doing this to me on purpose aren't you?"

"Would I do that?" I pressed myself even closer to him, snaking my own arms around his slender waist. I tucked my hands into the back pockets of his jeans which were tight across his arse.

"I think you would..." As the music changed yet again, Will suddenly pulled the glasses gently from my face and put them on before spinning away from me and dancing to what I now recognised as a remix of "Baby Got Back". Soon, I wasn't the only one watching him, women stood cheering him on, appreciating his skill. I couldn't take my eyes off him wearing my glasses. How the hell did he know I had a thing for men in geek glasses? When the song finished, he was surrounded by people congratulating him on his performance. I raised my eyebrow at the sight of two women coming on to him. He grinned at me over their heads before untangling himself and heading over to me, eyes locked on mine.

"Show off." Was all I managed to say before he was kissing me to cheers and catcalls. I forcibly pushed him away from me.

"Sorry, I didn-"

"Shut up and take me home." He didn't need telling twice as he gripped my hand and led the way.


It took all of my self control not to get down on my knees and give him a blow job in the car on the way back to the pub. Will drove like a madman, crunching gears and rushing through changing traffic lights. We soon pulled up outside the pub. Before I could move to get out of the car, Will turned to face me.

"Are you sure about this? I know we've been here before, but..." I don't know why he was suddenly nervous, like he said, we'd been here before.

"Will. I'm sure. I wouldn't still be in the car if I wasn't." As if to prove my point, I leaned over and kissed him hard. "This might sound a bit harsh, but I think it's best said straight. Nothing is going to come of this... whatever between us other than a good time. We don't need to stress. Do we?" I winced at sounding like a bitch, but I was just being honest. If he wanted to walk away, he could and I would go to bed, horny as hell.

"There's nothing wrong with having fun while we can." He grinned at me before turning the engine off and getting out of the car. I'd only just managed to open the door when Will helped me out and pinned me against the car for yet another deep kiss. "Shall we take this inside?" I didn't answer, choosing rather to pull my keys out of my bag and unlock the huge door.

Casey had left the lights on, so Will and I went into the empty lounge. I walked behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey before sliding two glasses onto the bar and walking round to sit next to Will. I suddenly felt very nervous and wasn't sure why. I watched Will's hands as he poured two large glasses of the golden liquid. He turned his head and looked at me, smiling. I took the glass from him, embarrassed to notice the way my hands shook as I brought the glass to my lips.

I forced a weak smile and then sat the glass back down in front of me, running my finger slowly along the lip of the glass. Heat pulsated through me as Will's hand came to rest on my own, stilling my movements. I looked up into his eyes finding nothing but lust there. It shocked me a little, but ignoring my inner good girl, I put the glass down and leant over to kiss him.

An explosion of whiskey and his meal earlier hit me along with the scent of Will as our tentative kiss deepened. Without breaking away, he slid off his stool and stood in front of me. I moaned at the loss of his lips on my own as he undid my jeans and pulled them down my legs before gently lifted me up onto the solid bar . I shivered as my bare skin touched the cold wood, but I soon forgot as I watched the top of Will's head as he took off my boots allowing him to remove my jeans completely. He looked up at me as her ran his hands up my legs slowly until he reached the top and just stopped. I could have fucking beaten him with a pint glass, then he grinned at me and began moving his hands again. The jolt of shock that ran through me as he stroked my clit oh so softly made me jump slightly.

"More?" He murmured. Before I could answer, he hooked my knees over his shoulders and began to tease my clit with the tip of his tongue.

"Jesus Christ!" I shouted as he began to press harder. I couldn't keep myself upright so let my body lie flat on the bar. As he continued to tease me with his tongue and occasionally his teeth, I felt him slide a finger inside my wetness. I couldn't stop my hips from bucking as I neared orgasm. "I'm gonna..."

"Let go Honey." And I did. I couldn't remember the last an orgasm had me screaming and bucking so much. Will flicked my clit one more time before climbing onto the bar and hovering above me. I looked at him through hooded eyes as my breathing began to slow down. I stifled a slight yawn but he saw it. "No way. I'm not finished yet. I want to make you scream again." He kissed me, allowing me to taste myself on his lips and tongue. He pulled back and removed his trousers and boxers. I watched as he rolled a condom on and before I knew it, he was between my legs and kissing me again. "Ready to scream for me?" He murmured in my ear. I nodded my head once and he slid into me with ease.

I raised my hips off the now warm wood as he began to thrust into me. I moaned as he raised himself up onto his knees, freeing his hands to grab my hips to pull me closer to him and control our speed.

I gripped the edges of the bar as I felt my orgasm building again. I had never come so quickly after already experiencing an orgasm before, so it felt even more intense. Will was slamming into me now and his moans joined mine. His fingers dug into my skin harder and harder until his body stiffened and he yelled out my name as he came with force. He continued to pump into me which allowed me to come again just as he ran out of energy and collapsed on top of me, pinning me to the bar.

"Jesus Christ woman." His words were lost as he fought to catch his breath. "That was..." I was quite proud that I was able to render him speechless.

"It was indeed." Both of us froze at the voice that came from the other side of the pub. Please God, no. Not him. Anyone but him. I was scared to look, but felt Will turn his head.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He spat at Jackson. I couldn't believe he had walked in on us having amazing sex on the bar of my pub. Wait... what if he'd been here the whole time. I groaned. And can you at least let us get dressed." I saw Jackson out of the corner of my eye turn his back on us, allowing Will to pull out of me to put his trousers back on. He then helped me down and passed me my clothes. I mumbled my thanks and pulled them on before pouring myself another drink.

"Nice jeans, but you look better without them." Jackson smirked at me. I didn't respond just looked at him. I felt like a bitch. I had just had amazing sex with Will who was stood with his arm placed around my waist, yet I was basking in the gaze Jackson was placing me under.

"You didn't answer my question. What are you fucking doing here? The pub's closed." Will was almost shaking with anger.

"Woah, calm down stud. As I rushed over here to try and sort things out with best friend, I kind of left myself with nowhere to stay. casey let me use her room in the apartment upstairs." I was going to kill Casey. "I was just falling asleep when I heard yelling. How was I to know that you were getting lucky with an honest to God Playboy Bunny." The shock at what he called me made me choke on my whiskey. Will patted me on the back until I was able to breathe again.

"What did you call me?" I sat down on the bar stool, extremely aware that Jackson had most likely seen my arse, if not more.

"Like I could forget that outfit and the woman in it." There was nothing pervy about the way he spoke. While Will seemed to get more and more pissed off, I found myself getting more and turned on.

"Dude... seriously?" Will's voice shook with anger. I took hold of his hand and squeezed it to calm him down. "Are you coming onto my woman while yours is God knows how many miles away looking after your son?" Because Jackson never broke eye contact with me, I saw the flash of hurt that flitted across them. Then what Will had said registered.

"Your woman?" I kept my voice even, but surely he remembered the conversation we'd had earlier. "Since when?" He had the good grace to look ashamed. I let go of his hand and stood up. "I'm tired and there's too much testosterone flying around in here. I'm going to bed." Both men looked at me. "Alone. Will, you better go." I was sad at the thought of him leaving, but I couldn't cope with this tonight. He nodded. I looked at Jackson. "And you. Better find yourself a hotel or something tomorrow. I'll let you stay in Casey's room tonight, but that is exactly where you stay."

"Yes ma'am." He saluted me before heading back upstairs. I walked Will to the door.

"Sorry about that. What a way to ruin was was slowly becoming a pretty perfect night." Will spoke softly.

"It wasn't your fault."

"But?" I smiled.

"But, I thought we agreed there was nothing serious going on here. Why the peacock show for Jackson?" I leant up against the door watching him.

"It's instinctive I guess. I mean, he's Jackson Rathbone. Cause of many a woman's wet dreams. Yours included no doubt." I opened my mouth to challenge that statement. "Wait. I saw how you looked at him, and I knew you were a Jay girl,still are if your Facebook is anything to go by."

"That's called fantasy land. You really thought I used to sit behind a fake profile and plan how I was going to snag him? I'm a realist. I talk the talk and walk the walk online, but at the end of the day, I know who I am. Know this thing between us. We both know it's temporary and will be done with as soon as you go back to LA. Why can't we just enjoy it for what it is?"

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry." He kissed me gently. "You're wrong though." I raised an eyebrow. "I also saw the way he looked at you, and not just tonight. If he could, he would." He pulled his keys out of his pocket and walked towards his car. "I'll call you soon."


I took a deep breath and let myself into the flat. What a night. If I'd had that reaction the last time I was in the presence of Jackson, I'd have been the happiest person who had ever logged into twitter. Now, I was just confused. I locked the door and went into the kitchen to make a drink.

"He didn't talk his way upstairs?" I jumped a mile in the air as I realised Jackson was sat in the dark, smoking a cigarette.

"Jesus Christ. Creeper much? And no, he didn't. I told you, I'm going to bed alone. I just want a drink and a smoke first." I lit my own cigarette as I sipped my scalding hot tea.

"So, you made him leave when he was still horny as hell?" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes.

"You know, as well as I do that horny was one thing he was not."

"True, you certainly scratched that itch. So why did you give him hell for calling you his woman?" I walked out of the kitchen before turning round.

"If you want a bed for the night, I suggest you mind your own business. Particularly as, like Will said, you have a family back home."

"Just goes to show what he knows then doesn't it." I nearly turned round, but forced myself to go into my room, his words ringing in my ears.

Peeks from behind the sofa... thoughts?