It was a curious thing, to be surrounded by such destruction and be perfectly content with it, to see all you once knew and loved dearly reduced to rubble around you. Everything was destroyed, all our memories, but I was glad that we had been the ones to do it.

A small part of my brain registered that I should care more about the chaos currently surrounding us, the water pouring like rain from the burst pipes, and the absolute racket we were sure to be making, but I saw Edwards perfect face staring up at me and I couldn't focus on anything else but him in this moment.

He lay beneath me in all his Godlike glory, as I sat naked above him, looking down at his marble chest.

He looked up at me with such desire in his amber eyes. It melted all my worries away in a liquid gold rush that shot straight to my heart. He loved me, I loved him, so absolutely. Nothing mattered apart from being together in this moment.

I had his arms pinned above his head and felt satisfaction that he was adequately immobilized. He was mine to do what I wanted with. Revenge. He could probably throw me off if he really wanted to, but he was obviously in no hurry to do so. I was in no hurry to let him either.

His eyes drifted down the length of my body and back up to my face as he tried to raise his head to kiss me. I pulled back so I was just out of his reach and rocked my hips against him. We both let out a breathy moan.

I couldn't wait any longer and finally moved my lips down to his to kiss him passionately, our tongues moving together in an erotic dance. His hands tried to break free of my hold but I kept him down, using all my strength to do so.

I broke off from our kiss to whisper against his mouth. "Edward, what you just did to me in there...that was incredible..."

I glanced up and met his lust filled gaze. He was so disarming, my dead heart jolted at the look of desire in his eyes, and for a second I lost my control. A second was all he needed. His hands broke free of my hold and fisted into my hair, pulling my head back down into a hard kiss. I moaned into his mouth, reaching a hand between our bodies to grasp his hard length.

He broke away from our kiss, gasping. "It certainly did sound like you enjoyed it"

I could feel the water dripping from the burst ceiling pipes falling all around us, creating a river of water which ran across the floor and pooled around us in little streams. We were essentially sitting in the middle of a flood, but I didn't mind at all. The droplets bounced off our hard bodies, creating a delicious view of my wet naked husband. I leaned down to his chest and with my tongue, licked a line of water from his collarbone, all the way down to where it pooled just above his navel. He sighed, his head falling back to the floor.

"You don't play fair Mrs Cullen" He chuckled. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Always" I murmured and smiled at him.

His voice was charged with a low intensity when he spoke. "You're dangerous...a little siren, I can't resist you my Bella. The way you look when you shake, the way you tremble, your smile when you feel good...the way your breath still hitches when I touch you like this..."

As he spoke he began to walk his fingers in a teasing ascent up my thigh, slowly making their way higher as he raised his head and smirked down at me. My eyes closed in pleasure, his fingers making my skin tingle. I let out a low moan.

"But your smile, it's my favorite thing...I could watch you in ecstasy for the rest of eternity." His fingers continued to walk up my thigh, creeping slowly inward.

I tried to keep focus.

Damn, this was exactly why I wanted to keep his hands away, I was too easily persuaded when he touched me like this.

"Edward, I think it's time I showed you what else I can do with my mouth...other than smile" I grinned and stopped his hand with my own, holding it against my thigh before he could make me surrender.

In a flash he bolted up to a sitting position so that my legs were draped over his own. We were skin to skin, my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, grasping his hard back muscles with my tiny hands.

He pressed his body up against mine and I shuddered, his left hand running through my hair and pulling my head to the side as he licked a long line up my neck, catching the water droplets as they ran down my throat, ending with a kiss just below my ear.

He planted a soft kiss against my earlobe and I sighed, my head falling back in absolute bliss. I could barely keep my eyes open.

His breath tickled my skin as his lips moved like a feather against my ear. "I could drink a case of you darling...and I would still be on my feet." He whispered sensuously. My eyes fluttered closed and with a sigh, I moaned. His lips continued to kiss the drops of water as they fell across my neck, catching them with his ice cold tongue. He melted me.

This night was perfection, I was in utter heaven. I pulled Edwards body against my own with all my strength, and finally surrendered. Nothing could break the connection between us, our bodies were charged like live wires.

Edward pushed me back against the floor roughly, his body resting between my thighs so I could feel his hard length pressed against my leg. He paused to look down at me, brushing a lock of hair behind my ear.

"You are so very beautiful Bella" He said with a smile, and bent down to kiss me. He got half way to my lips before his head pulled back suddenly, his face in absolute shock.

"Get dressed! Quickly we don't have much time" He said in a rush, bolting to his feet.

"What? What are you talking about Edward! Get back down here" I said. I was totally confused, and a little dazed.

His head spun around to face the open field where our back wall used to be, and it took exactly two seconds for me to see why he was so panicked. Before I could react in exactly the same way, it was already too late.

I heard the booming laughter before I saw his face.

"What the HELL are you DOING! Oh brother, now that is something I NEVER thought I'd see! Ha ha ha!"

Emmett had bounded into view from the canopy of trees surrounding the cottage and was bent over double with laughter as Edward tried to shield my naked body from his eyes.

I was so embarrassed I almost couldn't think straight, I couldn't move to get my clothes because Edward had so unceremoniously ripped them to shreds. None of our possessions were in the cottage, they were all up in Alaska, it annoyed me that we hadn't considered this before.

I was completely naked, lying on the ground of our destroyed home, which we had so obviously just been engaged in elicit activities in, and I had absolutely no clothes.

Edward moved in such a blur to get his shirt from the other room that I didn't even see him move before I was wearing it. It barely came to the top of my thighs and I darted behind one of the ceiling beams as Edward looked back at me "stay there".

"Oh you think! Get rid of him Edward!" I shrieked and ducked back behind the beam.

"Emmett go, leave NOW!" Edward shouted, his fists balling up in anger. It only made Emmett laugh louder. He could barely get his words out, I had never seen him in such hysterics. I didn't find it quite so funny.

"Decided to renovate the house did you! You know what, you really shouldn't make so much noise next time, we thought there was some big ass fight going on up here! But I see little Bella was getting her naughty on!"

He stood up straight and waved directly in my direction adding an over animated finger gun salute. He burst into another round of ear splitting laughter when he clocked me hiding. "Hi Bella! Nice beam you got there!" And waved enthusiastically at me as I ducked back behind it once again. If I were human my cheeks would be burning a vivid red colour.

Edwards voice shook with anger. "Emmett, Bella and I are a little busy at the moment, so if you don't mind, I need you to turn around...and walk away. Just walk, you can laugh all you like later and I'm sure you will, but right now you need to LEAVE!"

I peeked out from behind my beam and could see that Edward was stood a couple of feet into the field outside, trying his best to shield me from view. He was completely naked and I was seriously regretting ripping all our clothes to shreds.

Emmett didn't seem to mind Edwards discomfort as he slapped his hands against his knees, his ear splitting cackle resonating through the field.

"Wait wait!" Emmett said, holding his arms up "I need to tell you something, thats why I was on my way up here, honestly I didn't mean to intrude on modeling" This was followed by another round of thunderous laughter.

"Get out NOW!" I shrieked.

"Alright keep your panties on!...Oh wait, you aren't wearing any!" He howled with laughter.

I stayed crouched behind my beam, my trusty beam which was all that protected me at that moment from absolute mortification. Of all the people that could catch us like this Emmett was by far the worst. We wouldn't hear the end of it for a hundred years.

"Emmett if you don't go right the hell now I will seriously RE MODEL YOUR FACE! What do you want!" I shouted. "And can you at LEAST turn around!" I added.

His voice was serious again when he next spoke, the humor of the situation forgotten. "Alright alright, but I just thought I should let you know..." He trailed off.

"What, Emmett what is she going to be mad at you for? Whats going on?" Edward answered an unspoken thought with a worrying tone to his voice. I was getting irritated, and unnerved.

Edward was obviously hearing something I was not, and I wondered why Emmett wouldn't just say it out loud. This bothered me.

"You're joking!" Edward shouted at him. "Please tell me you didn't just allow her to do it, how could she be so stupid!"

Emmett looked like he didn't know what to say. At last he spoke so I could hear. "She went to Rosalie...I promised I wouldn't say anything to you for an hour. Rose thought she should at least get a head start."

He turned to Edward with a bashful expression "I'm sorry bro but you know how Rose is with her...I didn't know what to do, but you needed to know. Rose will kill me for not waiting the hour but I was torn in two."

Even though I couldn't see Edwards face, I could see that whatever he was realizing in his head from Emmetts unspoken thoughts was causing him to panic. His hands ran through his hair and I could see his head shake back and forth.

"I can't read minds, will you please spit it out so you can leave, Emmett!" I screamed.

Emmett finally spoke. "I thought you should know...your daughter boarded a flight to Houston about forty minutes ago. She's leaving."

His words sent an anger through me I could not contain. My thoughts broke free of my shield almost of their own will and went straight into Edwards head. He turned to look at me with a horrified expression. I could see by his face that his own thoughts mirrored my own.

We would lose Renesmee.