Season 2: The Sleeper Saga

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Episode 21: Awakening

Some time passed by since the war with the "Dark Queen" Naria and her sand creatures. The residents of the Neitherworld had rebuilt their civilization, electing town mayors and appointing a leader to guide them. Incorporating Lydia's description of a democracy into their government and living under the same basic rights as the Outerworld.

Lydia was on her way walking home from grocery shopping with Delia as a means to allow them to bond together as stepmother and stepdaughter, Lydia still not wanting to refer to Delia as her 'mother' in any sense. Ben peeked out of the closest window in the Deetz's house watching for them to drive up. The house had all of its lights turned off as Ben saw the Ford wagon drive near the house. "Here she comes. Everyone get ready." He loudly whispered to the darkness behind him and quickly moved to hide behind something. Lydia moved closer to the door unsuspecting and turned the door knob to the front door of her house. The door slowly swung open and she was greeted by a faint darkness. She flipped on the lights to the main entryway and was startled when her friends and father jumped out of their hiding places and shouted, "Surprise. Happy Birthday." It was her first birthday in Peaceful Pines, Connecticut and she was indeed surprised by her friends for this gesture. She looked around at her new surroundings, decorated with party streamers and confetti. There was a little table in the middle of the entrance room with a small white cake with seventeen candles that her father began lighting with a lighter as the rest of them began singing "Happy birthday to you."

Meanwhile, in the Neitherworld back where the temporary spirit gate had crumbled, a loud heartbeat could be heard from underneath the floor of the temple that used to have the golden statues that aimed silver arrows at the doorway. The heartbeat began pulsing louder and louder with the nine tiles in the center of the temple floor pulsing with an eerie red light at the same rhythm. As the light intensified, the stone tiles began to crack and disintegrate. Underneath the tiles was revealed a cage. And from within the cage a pair of crimson red eyes shone with a harsh voice laughing maniacally and praising in a thick British accent, "At last, I am free. Free to seek my revenge on my brethren who locked me away."

In Lydia's house, everyone was having a wonderful time enjoying the birthday party. Lydia had opened up her presents, receiving some very thoughtful gifts from everyone. The cake was already mostly devoured and even the pizza never survived the first ten minutes. Suddenly, the house began shaking around, dropping photos off of the walls and tables. The paper plates shifted around and the plastic ware fell to the wooden floor below. The quake only lasted for three seconds but still startled all in the room. The strange thing was that there was no aftershock. Only Ben seemed to know what had gone on and he gazed back toward Lydia's room whispering under his breath, "That's impossible." He then turned back to his companion and informed her, "Lyds, I think that this shaking is coming from the Neitherworld." Lydia widened her eyes with both fear and wonder, "Is that even possible?" she whispered. "I don't know." Beetlejuice answered with the same fear on his face.

Back in the Neitherworld, The Seer was startled from his sleep. A feeling that he hadn't felt in a long time crawled down his spine. "No." He whispered to himself as he looked out of the window of his house in the Mountains of Sorrow to the west of the castle. He felt his solitude come crashing down as a small figure came racing toward him at incredible speeds. "The Black Mage." He said, referring to him before turning to grab a nearby staff and aiming it at the incoming figure. He then thought to himself, "I must tell Lydia. We must find..." His thoughts were cut off the moment that the figure crashed through his brick wall, forcefully throwing The Seer into the back wall. "Ah, brother." The Black Mage said addressing The Seer. "You lost the right to call me that nearly two thousand years ago." The Seer retorted aiming his staff back toward The Black Mage. The man finally stepped into a beam of light for the aged man to see. He indeed wore a black sorcerer's cloak with a hood twice the size of his head. He wore upon his pale colored face, a goatee that encircled his mouth and covered not more than his chin. He looked only in his mid sixties and well built for even that. His outfit under the robe looked like a dark prince. Black medieval royal garb with gold trim around the edges. His boots were also well cared for letting The Seer know that he took great pride in his appearance. His black hair was slicked back with hardly any flaws in its meticulous combing. His piercing gray-blue eyes never left its target as he lifted his right hand to aim his palm at The Seer. He decorated his fingers with one fine jeweled ring on each finger and even one on his thumb. The jewels being large in size and various in color, made his hand look like it harnessed an entire rainbow.

He then condensed air in the palm of his hand and gripped it as if it was tangible. "You know this spell don't you, brother?" He asked The Seer, who growled at him. "That is a simple air compression spell, but if you release it too rapidly and apply a spark, it turns into a flaming bomb. I know of your spells. I've studied many while you were imprisoned." The Black Mage smiled wickedly before responding, "Very good dear brother." A tiny spark ignited in the center of the compressed air and the entire thing became an inferno of flames, rapidly expanding to engulf The Seer's entire cottage.

Back in the Outerworld, the party continues with Ben still turning his thoughts back to the mysterious rumblings that emanated from the Neitherworld. He wondered to himself about its origins and as to how something like this could leak across the dimensional boundaries. He then found himself wondering how he would even know about something like that. Before he could even begin to think about the answers to his questions, Delia placed her arm around Ben's shoulder and hung on him like she was drunk. "Hey, Ben. You should go back and enjoy the party. It's a real..." She never finished her sentence before she collapsed and fell asleep. "Uh, Mrs. Deetz?" Ben asked moments before he heard another "thud" from behind him. Apparently, Mr. Deetz was going through the same exact thing. "Dad?!" Lydia called out to him. "What happened?" Bertha asked in a worried tone. "He started acting like he was drunk and then passed out." Lydia explained. Suddenly, a dragon's gate opened up on one of the walls near her kitchen and out fell The Seer onto his back. The portal closed immediately after the old man collapsed to the wood floor below. "Seer!" Lydia called out when she saw him hit the ground. She went over to him to help him to his feet and asked, "Did you do this?" motioning to her sleeping parents. He grunted as he was hauled back to his feet and answered, "Yes, I cast a sleeping spell and a focus spell to direct it to only those two. The funny thing is, as living people fall under a sleeping spell it makes them kind of drunk as it isn't a natural sleep. They should be out for four hours at the most." Lydia led the ancient man over to the living room to set him down on a chair and allow him to rest himself. He looked around at his new surroundings and commented, "You have a very nice house." He then shook his head to bring himself back to the important matter at hand, "But that's not important right now." His expression then turned back cold and focused, fixing his gaze into Lydia's. "The Black Mage has awakened, and he's looking for The Sleeper." The girls and Ben were now thoroughly confused. "Who's 'The Sleeper'?" Bertha asked. "Who's 'The Black Mage'?" Claire asked immediately after. "Why is he looking for this 'Sleeper'?" Prudence asked directly after Claire's question.

The Seer nestled back into the chair to get himself comfortable before answering the questions, "Huh, the living have come a long way from straw beds stone chairs. This is comfortable." "Can you please focus here, old man?" Ben asked slightly frustrated. "I'm only twelve hundred and seventy three, young man." The Seer retorted. "My brethren." He then sighed. "The Sleeper?" Clair guessed. "The Black Mage?" Bertha added. "Both." The Seer answered. "We are three brothers of a great dragon warrior. The Sleeper is the code name for the youngest brother who fell under an eternal sleep ages ago. The Black Mage is my older brother named Grimnak, and my original name was Merlin." "Wait." Prudence stopped him. "Merlin as in, King Arthur's Merlin?" "Great piece of fiction isn't it?" The old man then responded with a smile. Prudence was about to respond until Lydia interrupted, "Focus here. What is this 'Grimnak' after?" Merlin then looked the girl straight in the eyes and said, "Revenge. A long time ago, The Sleeper and I defeated him during one of his 'conquer the world' schemes and sealed him away under the spirit gate temple, the site of the final battle with Naria." Ben thought back to that horrible battle and to the details that he remembered about the ruined temple. "I didn't see anything inside the temple." He then said. Merlin then turned to the boy and stated, "That's because he wasn't in the temple but sealed under it. The temple was built on top of an area long since lost called the Caverns of Sorrow. It was in thoes caverns that my brother and I tricked Grimnak to that very spot and sealed him inside a shimmering crystal. We then sealed the area from above by building and placing four centaur guard statues armed with enchanted silver arrows. The statues themselves were enchanted to fire the arrows incase of his escape. The temple was built around the statues to stave off suspicion of any kind." "Suspicion?" Lydia questioned. "You try and explain four centaur statues out in the middle of nowhere and not attract tourists." Merlin retorted. Lydia quickly tilted her head to her right side slightly and straightened it again to gesture the phrase 'good point'.

Merlin then began to look down to the floor of Lydia's house with sadness. "He didn't always be like that though." He said solemnly. "What happened?" Bertha asked with curiosity. "We three brothers used to be the best of friends. Grimnak mastering in sorcery and alchemy, The Sleeper mastering in the ways of combat with the sword and me utilizing the balance of nature with my elemental magic and ability to talk to the winds to predict the future." "You talk to the wind?" Ben said sarcastically. Lydia shot him a dirty look as Merlin looked at the boy with slight disgust at his incomplete 'fart' joke. "Don't you dare finish that one, Ben." Lydia growled. He grinned bashfully and chuckled at his failed attempt. Both Bertha and Prudence sat slightly confused as to what exactly he was going to say next while Claire folded her arms and slowly shook her head in disapproval. "So," Ben said while clearing his throat, "Why alchemy?" "Magic spells are a manipulation of the elements of nature that surround you. In other words, you can't cast a fire spell without a source of fire to work off of. Alchemy grants him the ability to create elements simply by combining two or more elements together. For instance, if I had a source of flame available, I could make it dance and change shape using magic, but if I needed an instant source of flame, there are two elemental sources available ever present in any given situation." He began to explain. "Air and electricity." Prudence deduced. Merlin pointed his finger at the tiny girl to acknowledge her deduction and literally point her correct. "By condensing air into a tiny space and releasing it rapidly, it creates a concussion wave. But, add a spark in the mix and..." He began. "And you have an instant back flash, or in this case, flare." Prudence concluded. Everyone gawked at her, astounded at her vast intellect and puzzle solving skills. "Now super condense the air and perform the same action." Merlin then asked her to visualize. Prudence thought about the scenario for three seconds before answering, "The concussion wave would be virtually like a heat bomb, incinerating everything in its path." "Wait, wait, wait." Lydia interrupted. "Naria, knew magic, and she threw fireballs at us every now and then." "Naria, had absorbed the abilities of many beings in the Neitherworld, home to many strange and forgotten creatures. Among those creatures were elementals, creatures literally born from a living element of nature. When Naria absorbed the powers of a fire elemental, she inherited the ability to create flames as often as she wanted." Merlin answered her. Lydia griped her chin with the first finger and thumb of her right hand and nodded shallowly to confirm that his explanation sort of made sense to her.

"So, how did your brother become 'The Black Mage'? It's pretty obvious that those names are merely a title that you most likely have given each other to hide your identities, 'Merlin'." Ben inquired rather harshly out of his own frustration. The old wizard simply gazed at the carpet in shame for his brother and answered solemnly, "War." He then hovered his left hand in front of him with his palm aimed at the carpet and whispered some words to himself before the entire room shifted to an area far back in the medieval times. He then began recounting the story for them to hear, "in the times of the medieval era of the land called England, many strange and wonderful things inhabited the land." It seemed as if they were flying swiftly through golden fields of tall grass toward the ocean and swiftly turned around to gain an eagle's eye view of the land before them. As they flew along the ground various mythical creatures passed by their field of vision as Merlin named them off, "Unicorns, gargoyles, manticores, and various other creatures only heard of in fairy tales. But, the wisest and the most feared among these creatures were dragons." As he introduced these mythical creatures the group was brought within petting distance of a giant scaled beast with large wings nearly like that of a bat. It stood on four legs that beheld a razor sharp claw on each of its four main toes and even one on its thumb toe as a dew claw like on a dog. With the beast's neck stretched out half of the length of its enormous body and its tail twice its body length, the entire creature could have been estimated around half of the size of a sand worm. On the crown of its sharply angled lizard head it donned four sharply pointed horns that extended out as if it actually was wearing an ivory crown. Its intimidating gaze from its dark brown eye could have made even the most fearless of men cower into a dark corner. Over all, the creature commanded both fright and inspiring awe simply by standing in place. "Seen mostly in this form, they also commanded great magic and could shift their form into whatever they desired, even human." Merlin informed them. "Every once in a while, a dragon in human form could fall in love with a human. That is who we are, dragon born brothers born from a dragon father and a human mother. Over time, we developed our skills and talents until a great battle the humans named 'war' was waged and my brother took advantage of his skills as an alchemic magician. His own power and destructive might corrupted him and drove him mad with insatiable bloodlust." As he continued this part of the story, the images changed to the three children all with golden hair, playing and growing until he explained war to them. Then the image changed into a cloud of crimson smoke with the brother later known as 'The Black Mage' gaining a bloodthirsty look in his eye and laughing maniacally. "The Sleeper and I reluctantly fought a long and hard battle against him until we were finally able to take him into the Neitherworld and seal him away. We then erected that temple on top of his seal and erected the four centaur statues with a guardian enchantment placed on them to keep him in place." The image then faded back to Lydia's house as he said, "And the rest you know. Now he has freed himself and is seeking revenge on both me and my brother." "So what happened to your other brother? Why do you call him 'The Sleeper'?" Bertha asked but the moment Merlin opened his mouth to answer her question, the house suddenly began to shake and another dragon's gate began opening in front of them. "I will answer that in due time. For now we go back to the Neitherworld." Merlin quickly said while escorting them all away from the gate. "That wasn't nice 'brother'. I try and give you a big hug from not seeing you in a couple thousand years and you ditch me in the middle of our reunion." A dark voice said from behind the gate. This gate didn't look like Merlin's. The other side was completely blacked out with only a pair of glowing crimson eyes gazing back at them. A light maniacal chuckle then could be heard from behind the darkened dragon's gate.

End of Season 2 Episode 1