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Goodness me. She's already going to try climbing? Shortly after I had heard of Blu encouraging Aadi to use her beak and bite the wood of a papaya tree, I immediately put down the idea. We just got home, and he's already attempting to open my chick up to new ideas! Pffft! I'm not allowing any harm come to her, and if Blu's not careful, he might just find himself wandering the afterlife. And trust me; I won't be regretting that one murder…

However, it looks like she's having… fun! Her eyes are gleaming with so much enthusiasm that it's almost overwhelming! When she's reached the first branch, I really can't be prouder. I stood beside Jewel and her chicks as we, as a family unit, watched as my fledgling squeal with excitement and bounce along the branch. I tense, awaiting her abrupt descent, but a soft wing laid on my shoulder eases my concern. I look to Jewel, who's smirking like I had just embarrassed myself, and I expect a lecture- conversely, she shakes her head and points at the commotion. Instead I straighten out again and let my maple eyes trail along Aadi's movements.

"Papa!" Aadi squeals blissfully, "Look at me! Look at me!" She's so high. I can't help but marvel at this miraculous little hatchling who's managed to learn, forgive, remember, love and so much more. She's done it all for me, too… The one who started as an omnipotent antagonist, but gradually turned around to see what mattered most was right here, in front of me. My baby. Freyja's, too. I'll have to thank her when the time is right to meet again.

"I can see you, my love! Keep going!" Why did I say that? I want Aadi to come down, not continue her way up. I treat myself with a mental smack, and then rub my eyes in irritation. Great. Now she's going to get the wrong idea. However, I'm taken aback when she stretches out her wings, narrowing her eyes in concentration. I leap to my feet. She's not going to try to fly! She's too juvenile! Her smile brightens as she sees me below. Then she waves her wings for me to get closer to the tree. Catching the drift, I swiftly make my way forward, eyes trained on her figure. Aadi's eyes gleam with the sunlight that pours down through the luscious forest.

"Catch me, Daddy!" Ooh. I see where this young one is coming from now. With a rather facetious smile, a goofy expression overpowering my eyes, I flare my wings out. The hatchling hobbles with excitement. My goodness… she must have quite the adrenalin rush this instant. I watch as she leaps from the tree branch. Her juvenile flight feathers bristle as Aadi whistles through the air, her cloudy body propelling towards my shape. I feel her weight hurl into my wings, and she's trembling hard. Hmm. Maybe that wasn't a good idea. However, she straightens up in my grip and stands on the palms of my wings… then kisses my cheek.

"…." My eyes fly open, and I can feel heat flooding to my face. I do that every time my chick kisses me, even for bed time. It's just a strange habit, perhaps at the cause of not being used to such actions after years of violence. Seeing my face, Aadi makes a goofy face. "Aww, Daddy. You look so cute when you're embarrassed." I want to protest, but the python has my tongue. Blu chuckles at the sight and prances over, his chocolate brown eyes shimmering with amusement. His azure face feathers are tufted lightly with morning sleep.

"I have to admit, Nigel. Singing like an idiot, strolling like a demented movie star, killing innocent lives- all of those you could handle. And yet you get all choked up when you're kissed by your own daughter." I glare at him, but a smile works its way onto my livid, and humiliated, complexion. Perhaps he's right… My maple brown eyes brighten as he continued. "I think that's enough for today, so you don't have to worry about her falling to her death. Actually, this progress seems to help her aerophobia, and that's wonderful!" I have to agree! I've been meaning to help her with that, so when the hatchling is old enough for flight, she won't have to be concerned.

Aadi looks up at me with her big, golden eyes and smiles. "Is that true, Daddy? About the part when you get choked up with me givin' you lots of hugs and kisses?" I can't exactly find the words to form a strong sentence, so I give her a brief nod. Her eyes light up mischievously. Oh, goodness me… What in Heaven's name is she planning? Her chrome irises narrow sinisterly. "Hmm… If climbing helps me get over my aerophobia… Then more kisses should help you get over your philematophobia!" Oh no. I should have expected this- ! Her beak kisses my cheek again, and the same reaction floods my face. The chick giggles and hugs my neck. "Aw. I'm sorry." The heat in my face ebbs away. My eyes look directly at her as I return the embrace.

"Heehee. That was kind of… amusing," I decide. From where we sat in the jungle, with Jewel and Blu, alongside their family- it was nice. Kathleen, the mischievous bundle of electric blue feathers, bounces towards me, and I know to expect a dilemma…

"UNCIE NIGEL!" She cheers, her wings spread out. Aw, she wants a hug too. That's sweet. Chuckling, I lend out snowy white wing out and collect her into my wings. Soon, Alexis, her eldest brother, grew desirous and turned away, huffing in anger. Crystal cautiously steps towards me, eyes wide with curiosity. Such a sweet and honest little chick, like her father. So I stretch forward and give a forthcoming smile; I know, that if I can show her that I'm… secure, then she'll warm up to me. Much like her mother, Jewel. Her layers of Caribbean quills ruffle as she took in my beam. Her bright, hazel eyes are wide with adrenalin. I thought she was the collected one?

She climbs up onto my lap, choosing to be anti-social, unlike her sibling and my Aadi. Her spine leans against my stomach, head tilting to meet the same fate. I can't suppress a smile. I shift the chicks snuggled in my wings to one, while I gently ruffle Crystal's head feather's with another. Her big brown eyes look up at me nervously, and I tease, "What? Do you fear that the bird murderer's going to get you?" her gaze grows cross, but the chick relaxes her muscles. Then she climbs up my belly to snuggle in with Kathleen and Aadi on my other wing.

I glance back to see Jewel crossing her wings with a smirk. Blu, however, looks more concerned on the fledgling that was left out. Alexis sat on the ground, his brown and honey eyes boring into the earth. Without a second thought, I scooped him up, disregarding the yelps of surprise, and then cradled all four of them in my wings. "Hello, pretty birds," I tease gently. They look at me with big, round eyes- all except Aadi. She waves in reply and struggles to stand, before slumping against my chest and reaching with her tip-talons to plant a small, sweet little kiss on the bridge of my beak. I grin, disregarding the furious red color threatening to tint my complexion. "Yes, I love you too."

~Hours Later~

Blu and I sit contentedly; our backs slumping against the trunk of a tree. Jewel had decided to pay Eva a visit with the chicks hours before, and now us males have, literally, no idea what to do. I strike a conversation to make things rather even from my perspective. "So…" I mumble, maple eyes falling to the ground. Blu looks over with a bamboozled look in his russet brown eyes. "That was… quite the 'lively' adventure…. Mmm?"

He laughs. "Oh, yeah. Totally enthusiastic. What was your favourite part?"

I pretend to be thinking, and then answer with mock-enthusiasm. "When I almost got beaten to death, of course!"

Blu rolls his tan brown eyes. "Well, sor-ree for not paying any attention. My favourite part was when you got pwned by Aadi. You know, when she was angry at you?" I pretend to laugh, although the memory kills me. I remember seeing the fury in her big, round eyes. It was depressing.

"Yes, that was absolutely hilarious." This time, my vociferation is dripping with sarcasm. Blu disregards my sudden capricious and sighs, sitting back.

"I guess…" he says after a while, "that it was one heck of a vacation."

"Mm." I answer in an enthralled fashion, my eyes floating to the heavens above.

"… Wanna go to Minnesota now?"

I moan.

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