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Emmet and Tess Cole made a silent vow to not mention Alice again. She was a taboo subject in the Cole household because it hurt too much to think about her. The pregnancy had been unplanned, but they had been looking forward to their baby's arrival. And to lose her when she was only a week old had been a devastating blow to the couple.

Lincoln helped heal them both, but they never fully recovered from Alice's death. They told their son about his older sister once, after he accidentally stumbled across a picture.

"We loved her very much, but she was sick. Alice was so beautiful." Tess wanted to curl up in a ball somewhere and cry, but Lincoln and Emmet needed her to be strong. Her boys were what kept her going.

"Do you think she knows about me?" The six year old clutched Marbeley in his arms and stared at the worn picture.

"Of course she does, Kiddo. And I'm sure she loves you very much." Tess smiled when Lincoln hugged her and then ran off. She placed the picture in her wallet as a reminder.

Learning about Alice helped inspire Lincoln to go into the field of medicine, although that's not what he told everyone when they asked him about it.

Emmet wondered about contacting her spirit when they started to get further into the Boiana, but pushed that thought back – It probably wouldn't do anything anyway, especially considering Alice's age. He couldn't help but talk about her to Rabbit, however. He just needed to talk to someone about his lost daughter, who he missed so bad he could barely breathe sometimes. He didn't want to hurt Tess and she probably didn't want to hear it anyway.

Alice Cole would always be missed by her family.