Most girls at my age smear make up on their face and are concerned with their hair and clothing, well, I'm not; I'd rather be sitting in a library and reading or playing with fire. My daddy says I'm a lot like him in some ways, in others I'm more like my Mom. I guess the reason I'm different is because I haven't always lived in this world, you see, I was raised in what my family calls the "Inkworld." I'm sixteen now and still have no idea who my mother is, daddy doesn't like to talk about her much.

I should probably explain how I got from the Inkworld to this one, huh? Well, this old man my father is not too fond of was visiting my Aunt Meggie, who was staying with us until her husband, Doria, came home from the castle. Anyways, Aunt Meggie read from a sheet of parchment the old man gave her, meaning to send oonly herself and young son back for a weekend and ended up bringing my Daddy and I with her.

Daddy was furious, but eventually calmed down until Meggie confessed she couldn't find the parchment to send us back, that is. I've never seen him so angry and it kind of scared me. It's been three years since then, I can't help but agree with my daddy about wanting to be home again, safe by a blazing fire and ,in the daytime, sketching the water nymphs. Uncle Doria has to be worried!

Maybe the Blue jay will read him here, or even better, read us back! Every morning I wake up half expecting to be in daddy's and my small house, instead I find the too spacious room of Meggie's great-aunt's house. This world is so different from mine, music comes from boxes, they have giant metal beasts called cars. Maye we'll be able to go home soon, I hope so!

Three more long weeks pass again before I feel the almost forgotten pull of changing worlds. When I open my eyes, I see a familliar couple smiling at me. Farid and Brianna! I run to them, hugging them tightly, afraid to let go.

Another couple walk over to me, followed by a boy my age, their son Tyler. The man, Silvertongue, and his wife, Resa smile at me, then their eyes move to their daughter and grandson. I turn to my daddy and see he's in utter shock. He takes my hand and we start down a dirt path towards our house.

"Thank you," the Blue jay says to my daddy," for taking care of Meggie and Camren." Daddy nods, smiling his odd smile, the only smile he wears around them.

"She helped me take care of my little girl," daddy replies. Farid walks over to us, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay, Des, you look a little sick," he questions. I nod my head, signing to him that I'm just tired. "Alright."

"Come on, Destiny, let's go home." He nods goodbye to the others an we start back towards our home. My older sister, Brianna, follows us.

"Dustfinger," Resa calls. We turn back to face her. "Come over for dinner tonight?" Daddy nods again and we walk towards our small house.

We finally make it there and I instantly run to my room, burying my head in my pillow, the fairy nests above my bed are still filled with the faries that inhabited them before I left. Slowly, the world fades to black as I fall into the first deep sleep I've had in three years.