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Chapter 3: The dress

When Ziva got home, she immediately jumped in the shower. She let it be a quick one because of her eagerness to get ready and let her "date" see to her needs - refusing to give in to the throbbing feeling she had between her legs and simply please herself. She had been one hundred percent serious when she told Tony of her plans for the evening. The orgasms were gonna come from someone else tonight.


Damn his curiousity and inability to let things go. She was however very determined not to think about him that evening, but admitting it only to herself, she knew that she picked Michael because he resembled her partner. He was tall, had sparkling green eyes and a certain.. Rugged look to his short brown hair. It was, truth be told, very likely that she was gonna be screaming Tonys name in her mind tonight, while she let another provide her with the release she desperately needed.

"Pathetic," she told herself. But there was no helping it. She needed it. So badly.

She turned her face in front of her mirror, casting a last judging glance at herself, before turning off the music and heading towards the living room. It had been quite a long time since she last wore and outfit which even remotely measured up to this one when it came to sexyness. Her black dress was incredibly short, only going a few inches down past her well-rounded butt, covering no more than absolutely nescessary, and thus showing off her long, toned legs nicely. To go with the dress, she had chosen her highest pair of heels. All for the same purpose; sex.

Tony swallowed an extra time when he saw her walk out into the living room.

"Oh, hell no.. She didn't," he thought.

That dress had to be the hottest thing ever worn by a woman. It was so sexy to look at, that it bordered on being indecent. The way the fabric pressed up tightly against her skin to show off her wonderful curves.. The way those slim straps looked like they would snap with just a single tug of his hands.. And to top it off, the dress was so short that there was no doubt in his mind; if she bent over just a bit too much, her panties would show.

If the dress itself hadn't screamed "fuck me" – her stilettos certainly would have.. They were tall and slim, just like her legs, and they left no doubt as to what the woman wearing them wanted.

"Looking hot, Zee-vah," he drawled."Where do you think you are going?"

As soon as he spoke, her head jerked up, and a mixed look of surprise and desire flashed across her eyes. It lasted a mere second before she replied.

"You know where I am going." She replied with a cool edge to her voice before continuing. "So why are you here?"

"You know exactly why I am here. We have an argument to settle, and I am not about to back down just because of your dramatic little exit."

He shifted his weight from leaning on the frame of the door and walked towards her like a predator towards its prey. His eyes were filled with aggression and lust. She looked incredible. Her eyelids were covered with a smoky, dark colour, and her hair was beautifully curled and pinned up loosely. The curls weren't her natural ones, but bigger, softer ones. They gave her look a sophisticated edge, rather than the simply wild look her natural curls would have provided. It was stunning, and all he wanted to do, was run his fingers all over her.

Ziva felt her heart rate speed up as her partner started walking towards her, but she quickly got her guard up, refusing to back down. When she looked past her arousal, his presence pissed her off more than just a little bit. Where the hell did he get off, showing up like that? What did he think he was gonna do? Intimidate or pressure her into cancelling her date? Oh, she was gonna get things her way tonight, because she was getting laid whether he liked it or not.

"Tony, that argument ended when I left the mens room," she simply replied as she strode past him to get to her keys on the small table by the door. However, before she got to them, he grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her forcefully against the wall.

"I disagree, Ziva. And, I think you are lying to me again," he whispered in her ear before running his tongue against the edge of it, letting out a breath of hot air right next to her. Zivas body immediately reacted to his actions, but she mustered her self-control and held back a shudder of pleasure.

"What do you think you are doing, Tony?"

It was a question that didn't really need to be asked. She knew exactly what he was doing. However, she got her answer anyway when he moved one of his hands down to cup her ass through her dress, grinding her against his almost painfully hard erection. She felt the wetness pooling between her legs.

"You're not really that much of a probie, Zee. You should be able to figure it out."

His lips moved to her neck then and sucked softly on her delicious skin. Without even realising it, she tilted her head to give him better access.

"But you know what? I'm gonna give you a hint.. I'm taking our flirting to the next level."

As he gave her his "hint", he let his hand run from her ass to her wonderfully smooth thigh - in between her legs. As he made contact close to where she desperately wanted to be touched, she moaned against his neck and let her teeth nibble on his soft skin.

"Oh my God, Ziva, where the hell is your underwear?" His voice was closer to being husky than it was to being angry as he cupped her mound. Even without pressing his fingers inside of her, he could feel how wet she was. And it was definitely not the kind of wetness that came from a recent shower.

Ziva panted a bit as she answered him as casually as she could.

"In my bedroom, in a drawer. I was not exactly planning on needing it tonight." She rolled her hips against his hand as she tried to get him to move his fingers.

The words that came out of her mouth gave Tony a sudden wake up call. She was not dressed like this for him, and not only had she planned on letting another guy get his hands on her, but they probably never even would have made it to a bed before his hands would be between her legs. The thought alone almost made him go crazy.

"Were you gonna let him get his hands on you like this, Zee? Were you just going to spread your legs for him and let him fuck you with his fingers in the restaurant under the table?" He whispered the words harshly in her ear as he let one of his fingers slip inside her wet pussy, thrusting in and out with a steady rhythm.

"No," she moaned out loud, trying to concentrate on composing a longer answer, but failing because of just how amazing it felt to have his finger inside of her. Her only thoughts were of how much she wanted him to keep going.

Maybe she hadn't really wanted to keep her plans a secret from him. Maybe some part of her had secretly hoped that if she told him, he would snap, and finally take things where she wanted them. Right to this very moment.

"No lying, Zee.."

She knew very well that her next words would send his self-control over the edge, and she felt her body tighten in anticipation. Right at that very point, she couldn't care less about her "date". She was exactly where she wanted to be, with exactly who she wanted to be there with, and she was going to make damn sure that the thought of going back was not going to cross his mind.

"I am not lying to you, Tony."

She gasped as he inserted another finger inside of her and moved them faster while sucking and kissing her neck. Ziva continued to elaborate.

"Not when we got to our restaurant. I have waited so long already. I would not have been able to wait that long.. I would spread my legs in the car and let him fuck me with his fingers right there," she finished in a low, seductive voice.

Tony let his fingers jerk roughly inside of her once before giving up the rhythm he had going when he heard her words. Absolutely infuriating as they were. He attacked her beautiful neck with his tongue and teeth and marked her as much as possible.

"Oh, Ziva.. That was not the right answer." He immediately removed his fingers and at the desperate sound of disappointment that escaped her mouth, he smiled wickedly against her skin. He didn't have a doubt in his mind; she had been close. And he had been close himself.. Close to forgetting how he had promised himself to make her pay.


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