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Chapter 5: Making a phone call

Tony's muscular arms were wrapped around her, holding her body pressed against his own as her strong orgasm subsided, and she returned to a state, where she was more mentally conscious than she had been the last minute or two.
She was not sure when it had happened, but he had managed to reverse their positions so he was now leaning against the door, and she was snuggling into his broad chest, happily spent, and with her short dress still around her waist. For a second, she tried to remember if the fabric was the kind that wrinkled, but she quickly cut her own thoughts off, deciding that she really didn't care.

When Tony suddenly moved just an inch, she felt that he was still very hard, and ready to go. She wanted to return the favour after the orgasm that he had just given her, but she needed just a few minutes to recover. Just a short break. She buried her face in his shirt and inhaled deeply. She could smell his spicy, well-rounded cologne, but underneath that scent, was a smell that was uniquely Tony. Natural, and all him.

Mm.. He smells amazing, she thought to herself as she rubbed her cheek against him, getting closer to his neck with every small move she made.
She was snapped out of her own thoughts when Tony suddenly spoke.

"Ziva, I'm hungry. You wanna go get some food?" He asked, and kissed the naked skin of her shoulder. Small, soft kisses that somehow warmed her bared skin. She chuckled softly and looked up at him, smiling. Of course, he was hungry.

"Were you planning on going out like that? Or should we take care of it first?" she asked, moving her hips teasingly against his hard member, making him swallow an extra time.

"Oh, trust me, sweet cheeks.. I really don't plan on it, but I'm giving you a chance to recover, just a bit," he replied, grinning cockily at her.

He let his hands run down her back in an almost soothing fashion that didn't quite match his playful grin. Ziva knew that she was likely going to fall asleep on top of him, if she didn't move soon.

She shook her head at him and replied dryly "Thanks, Tony... I am going to go get presentable again. Feel free to grab a beer."

Watching his partner attempt to straighten her dress, as she walked towards her bedroom, Tony couldn't help but wonder when he was going to wake up from the crazy dream, he felt like he was having. Things somehow seemed too good to be true.

He took a deep breath, and noticed that he actually felt surprisingly in control, even considering the fact that he, along with his best friend and partner, had just turned down a road, from which there was no turning back. Despite their shared profession, they were both cowards when it came to feelings… And especially, when it came to being honest about their own. But regardless, he still felt calm at that very moment. Their actions had been driven by lust and, in his case, jealousy, rather than control and romance, but they had acted. After years of watching each other from the side lines, Ziva was finally his. And he sure as hell was not going to change that. Especially not now that he finally had proof that she wanted him.

As he went to her kitchen to grab a beer, he thought about the L-word, and its lack of verbal presence in the middle of what they currently had going on. He clenched his teeth slightly. He did love her. It had taken him time to admit it to himself, but he did. However… He didn't expect her to tell him that she also loved him. He didn't need her to. He was willing to accept that, if it meant having her by his side. He did not want to pressure her by telling her his feelings either. He did not want her to panic. But even though he wouldn't tell her, he damn well wanted to show her.

About fifteen minutes later, Ziva came out of her bedroom and found her partner enjoying the last of his beer, sitting on her couch.
The lack of clicking sounds against the floor in the apartment as she got closer told him that she was no longer wearing the high heels she had been wearing earlier, but she was still wearing the dress, and had combed her hair, giving her the look of a polished jewel, ready to be put on display. At least that was what Tony felt, as he watched her walking towards the couch, barefoot and with a smile on her lips.

She was thinking to herself that it was really very unfair how she had been pleasured, but he had been left with a raging hard on. Not saying a word, she walked up to him and straddled him, letting him feel that she was still not wearing any panties. He had already hardened again just from watching her enter the room in that damn dress… It was more an instrument of torture than a dress, really.

"Oh, Ziva… I am so gonna be making that dress illegal for you to wear. You're too hot, sweet cheeks," he groaned as he placed what was left of his beer on her coffee table, bringing his hands back to her legs and running his fingers up the smooth, bare skin.
The heat of her pussy could be felt through his pants, and he had a strong feeling that she was not planning on putting any panties on tonight at all. Not that he was gonna let her, if she tried. And he had no idea, how he managed to not already be inside her.

She brought her hands to his shirt and started unbuttoning it slowly, making a trail of gentle kisses as she spoke.

"I just called the restaurant and changed the reservation for a table from 7:30 to 8:30. I know you are hungry, but that should give us some time for… This. And then you can also go home and change after, yes?"

Tony's first response was merely a low, growling sound from deep in his throat, which he quickly followed up with a dreamy "Ahem… Yeah."
The feeling of her eager lips and hands on her body was making focusing difficult for him, and he was just about to suggest that they moved to her bedroom when she suddenly got up and hurried to the dining table.

He gazed confused at her and exclaimed "Zee! What the hell?" before getting up and following her.

She looked back at him as she explained "I completely forgot to call Michael and tell him that I will not be seeing him tonight."

Her eyes lingered on his body for a few extra seconds, taking in his rugged, sexy look. His hair looked like he just got out of bed, and with a completely open shirt and the raging hard-on in his pants, which was creating a large bulge behind his zipper, he looked absolutely delicious as he glared at her and added to her statement.

"Or any other night," he replied, a very unpleasant feeling of jealousy prickling inside his chest at the mention of the guy, she had originally made plans with.

She tore her eyes from his body and started searching through her purse, which she had left on the table. Her voice was calm as she told him "That has already been established, yes. But I still need to call him and cancel."

"You do indeed. Right now," he replied.

As he looked around the room and located her phone, he walked over and grabbed it. Walking back to her, she noticed that he had an almost predatory look in his eyes as he advanced towards her. When he dropped the cell phone in her hand, he moved his hands to caress her neck, kissing her deeply and passionately before turning her around and pressing his own hard body against hers.

She shivered as he growled against her ear, his warm breath tickling her in the most pleasant way as he said "You're gonna call him right now, Ziva. And you're gonna keep him on the phone while I make you come."

He grabbed her hips possessively and thrust his hard member against her ass.

She almost moaned out loud as she confused asked "What? You want him to hear that you make me come?"

The small hissing sound he made almost made him sound angry as he replied "Hell no. You're not gonna give him that much. He's not gonna know. I want you to know that I'm the one making you come," he clarified.
He bent her over the living room table as he let his hands slide up her soft thighs, pulling the dress up to around her hips, leaving her completely exposed to him.

Tony heard her whimper softly, and even though it was a foreign sound for him, at least from her, he loved it right away. He grinned softly as she automatically spread her legs for him, quivering slightly as he moved a hand down between her legs and let a single finger tease her soft folds. She was very wet again, and even though she felt vulnerable and thought to herself that she probably never would let anyone else get her into that position, she trusted Tony.

He groaned as he slipped a finger inside of her, getting a feel of just how much she wanted him.

"Damn, Zee… You are so wet for me. And I've barely even touched you, since you came out from that bedroom. You have no idea how hot you make me, do you?"

The question was rhetorical, but she still had to bite her lower lip to keep herself from answering.

"If you ever think of calling that guy again, I want you to remember that I'm the only one who can get you this wet, Ziva. Only me. I'm the one making you feel like this," he half whispered, half growled as he slipped a second finger inside of her. With his other hand, he reached around her and rubbed her soaking wet clit with his middle finger, making her cry out softly.

She pulled herself together as she focused on the phone in her hand, finding Michaels number and dialled.

She heard the dialling tone two times before he picked up.

"Ah, Ziva.. I was just about to call you actually. Is everything okay, babe? I'm really looking forward to tonight. Can't wait to get my hands on your body again."

When the strokes of Tony's fingers suddenly intensified quite a bit, and he stretched her insides by adding a third finger, she couldn't help but wonder if he had heard what Michael said. She cried out at the sensation, his hand pumping so fast that she felt like she was going to pass out, and at the same time, he was sucking on her neck while he continued to rub her clit. He added another finger to stimulate it, and the feeling of her sensitive nub between his two fingers that applied just the right amount of pressure was enough to make her control slip.

"Oh, God!" she cried softly, barely managing to cover the phone's microphone, before quickly recovering.

"Michael, I am so sorry but I, I am so sorry but I can not make it tonight. I have to cancel. Ahh— I, I am sorry for calling so late, but there is nothing I can do."

She had no idea how she was keeping herself in check. She wanted… Needed… To scream so badly. She moved her hips back and forth to meet Tony's fingers, but when he suddenly removed the fingers inside of her, she wanted to turn around and protest. Preferably yell at him. He was however still rubbing her clit, teasing her mercilessly.

On the phone, she registered Michael's reply.

"I understand. It happens."

"Th-thank you for understanding," she almost panted, able to hear the sound of Tony's zipper as he freed his erection behind her. He softly bit down on her shoulder to muffle a moan of his own as he finally had his throbbing cock out of his pants and so close to her hot entrance. When she felt one of his hands grip her hip firmly, she knew that it was only a matter of time before he was going to slide all the way into her. And she wanted desperately to be off the phone then.

"Well, Michael, I guess—" she began, but he interrupted her.

"Ziva, do you think we can reschedule? I need to see you, because ever since you called me the other day, all I've been able to think about is running my hands all over your hot body and making you scream."

Right then, there was no doubt that Tony had heard him, because with a loud growl against her back, he slammed himself inside of her as hard as he could. At the last moment, she managed to press her hand over the phone's microphone before she screamed "Tony!"

"That's right, Zee," he whispered as he moved up to suck on her neck. "I'm the only one who gets to make you scream. Mnn… Tell me what you want," he demanded as he pounded inside of her again and again. He felt himself spin out of control rather quickly because of how tight, hot and absolutely perfect she was for him. But he wanted to make damn sure that it was amazing for her.

"Please… Oh God, like that! Just like that!" Ziva cried out as she moved her hips in time with his thrusts, meeting his every move, the sound of his skin against hers turning them both on even more. She realised that Michael was still on the phone, and was speaking to her, and knew that she really had to end the conversation. As she brought the phone up to her ear again, she quickly removed her hand from the microphone and said "Michael, I ha- mmm… I have to go. My reception is very bad here. I am sorry."
She flipped the phone shut and dropped it onto the table, panting as Tony asked from behind her "Are you gonna remember this, Ziva?"
He increased his pace and gasped, clenching his teeth at the feel of her tightness around him. Without the need to be quiet because of the phone, he suddenly felt an overwhelming need to talk to her.

"I heard him, and you know it. I lost it, Zee. You know I'm going to make you come so hard that this is all you'll be able to think about, when you look at me. At work, over dinner… All the time."

"Damn you, Tony," she panted heavily as she straightened her back to lean back against him. "Take off my dress."

She was not very used to dirty talk, but his words were turning her so much on. Tony hurried to pull her short dress over her head, barely holding back his thrusts. She stretched her arms above her head to help get the fabric away and when she finally got it off, she flung the fabric away from her, making it land a couple of meters away from them, on the kitchen floor.

She looked over her shoulder and met her partner's darkened emerald eyes as she said "More… Touch me, Tony."

She had meant for it to sound like she was giving him an order, but his current angle inside of her, and the sensation that turning around brought her, caused it to sound closer to a moan.

"Where?" He asked her, his breath heavy as he slid in and out of her slowly. He let his hands wander up from her hips to her breasts, fondling them and pinching her nipples.

"A-anywhere! God, yes..!" She moaned, writhing in his arms.

Tony could feel himself getting closer to a very powerful orgasm, and Ziva's sexy moans, as she begged him to give her more, was not helping him at all. He wanted to come so badly, and felt like it was physically impossible for him to avoid it, but at the same time, he felt like he never wanted to stop fucking her. He had never felt anything as powerful as the feeling of her warm, inner walls wrapped around his cock as he slid back and forth. In and out.

When she reached out and grabbed the hand he had on her hip, to place it right next to her wet clit, his fingers rubbing across the slightly swollen skin in circles, Tony knew that he was going to lose it. He couldn't keep going any longer. He rubbed against it furiously and used his hips to give her the last hard couple of thrusts he had in him when he felt her take control of his hand and move his fingers for him.

"Ahh! Oh, yeah! Right there, Tony—!" She cried, almost completely out of breath as she slammed back on his hard member.

"Ziva! Nghh—!"

He squeezed her breast slightly harder than he had intended as he finally came. He pumped himself into her over and over and felt every single spurt of cum being shot deep inside her. Her inner muscles clamped around his hard cock, milking him dry as she came with him, riding out the most incredible orgasm she had ever had.

As he moaned deliriously and kissed her shoulder, Tony couldn't help but wonder how he had ever lived without having her, like he did at that very moment.


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