Chapter 5: Island Escape

The Dark Knight knew he had to defeat the mutated Ryder White, but the question was how. He didn't realize that a certain Noob Sabiot was sneaking up on the mutated Ryder White, with one kick, Noob ended up getting White's attention which he turned on Noob.

"You, stay focused on the Batman!" roared Gentleman Ghost.

Gentleman Ghost was still unaware that it was Noob Sabiot that was fighting the mutated Ryder White, Noob ended up tossing the Nth metal over toward the Dark Knight.

"Take it" said Noob.

"Why are you helping me?" asked Batman.

"Let's just say my master would like this power to be put to better use" continued Noob.

As the Dark Knight was getting the Nth metal ready to be placed onto a Baterrang, Noob continued to fight the mutated Ryder White as he gave White several good punches. White tried to attack Noob, but Noob managed to use his shadow teleport ability and kick White from behind.

"Just a little more time" said Batman.

As the Dark Knight continued to get the Nth metal ready, the other survivors ended up waking up to find more and more zombies were heading toward their area.

"Quickly, we have to hold them off!" cried Logon as he was given a weapon by some soldier who also gotten up.

As the four survivors and the soldiers began to fire at the oncoming zombies, the Dark Knight had one chance, as he sent a Baterrang with Nth metal attached toward it, the Baterrang ended up knocking the medallion right off the Gentleman Ghost's neck sending it crashing right toward the ground freeing all the zombies that were once under his grasp.

"No, no, this wasn't supposed to happen like this!" cried Gentleman Ghost.

The zombies themselves were still waking up from being controlled from Gentleman Ghost, which just in the nick of time, a rescue helicopter along with Batman's spare Bat Plane had both arrived in the nick of time.

"Quickly, we have to get in" said Sam B as the survivors and the soldiers climbed onto the helicopter while the Dark Knight got onto the spare Bat Plane.

As they took off, Gentleman Ghost looked onward with dismay as he couldn't believe his plans had failed. Quan Chi who had an obviously spare medallion with him decided to turn the tables on him.

"I think you and your zombie friends will come back to the Netherrealm with me to find a more suitable punishment" said Quan Chi.

Indeed Gentleman Ghost was going to face certain punishment by Quan Chi, which he had managed to also teleport the rest of the zombie hoards to the Netherrealm, a likely proper place for them to be controlled by Shinnok for a later task, as for the Dark Knight and the other survivors, it felt a small relief was there now that the island would soon be secured at least for now.