"It's..you've just been one bright spot in all this"

There. I finally said it. I just have to tell her how I feel. She has to know. But I doubt she'll ever date me. She's already dated one of Sutton's ex's. But I don't care. She is the bright spot in all of this. She's the brightest spot in all of this damned of a thing. If only the Mercer's adopted Emma instead of Sutton. My life would be so much more simpler now.

She's perfect.

She doesn't even realize it.

Emma is perfect for me.

Sutton was just a bad drug.

A drug that I am completely sober from.

That bitch, will never come back into my life.

Because I, Thayer Rybak, am in love with Emma Becker.

Wait. How long has it been since we talked. She's staring at me funny.

"Thayer?" Her brown eyes glistening from the tears.


"You alright."

"Perfect." Just like you.

"Well I'm going to go."


"What?" She said. I just wanted her to stay.

"Nothing. Just...Bye Emma."

"Goodnight, Thayer."