"Thayer? Come on, wake up! Thayer, you too Emma."



"Its about time you two slept together. Was that you're plan all along, Thayer?"

"Go to hell."

I suddenly felt the weight of the other side of the bed lift up.

"Emma?" I said.

Then the weight went back down.

"Well hello Thayer." Sutton said.

Her eyes glaring, almost as if she was Satan's child.

"Go away, Sutton."

"Why should I? Emma's run off."


"I just walked in."

"Well you can go to hell."

I got out of bed.

"Where are all of your clothes?"

"I uh..."

"You slept with her."

"I didn't."

"Whatever you say."

I walked over to the side of the room which my clothes were at.

"Do you know where she went?" I said as I was putting my jeans back on.

"Well, you told my 'mother' and 'sister', so my guess is with them."

I grabbed my keys and ran out of the cabin.

When I got into my car, I put my shirt on.

With my fingers dancing on the steering wheel, I finally make it to the Mercers house.

"Thayer!" Laurel yelled.

I roll down my window, "Is Emma here?"

She nodded yes.

I jump out of my car and busted through the doors.

"You know, you could knock." Emma said.

She smiled.

I laughed.

Just like always.

We sat down on the couch.

She took my hand.

"I need to tell you the truth.'"


"Why I said we couldn't be..us."


Do I really need to hear this?

"I was so scared, Thayer. I thought you were going to hurt me like Ethan did. I mean, you've dated or slept with or something with Sutton. I was also terrified that if after all of this came out and we were together, I'd lose everyone."

"That would never happen to you."

"Thayer! It's so good to see you. Do you want some dinner?"

"Sure thing, Kristin."

We ate like a normal family.

Funny word that is.


The definition of normal is:The usual, average, or typical state or condition.

We haven't had a normal moment since this hellhole started.

When all the jokes had been figured out and the mashed potatoes all gone, we each left the table.

"Emma?" I said.


"I need to go home, Mads needs me."

"Of course."

"And Rebecca will be there so..."

"I know."

She started to hug me.

"Are you two a thing?" Laurel asked.

I looked down at her.

She look up at me.

I said. "Yes."

She said. "Yes."

Laurel smiled.