Erin: I wrote this story after watching The Getaway. I love Oded Fehr. He's sexy, steamy, and an amazing actor. The way Jane got all flustered gave me this idea.

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A Stolen Moment

His lips. God he could do things with his lips that she never imagined. They where warm, wet, soft, and yet looking at them they seemed so hard. The stubble on his face tickled her neck as his lips trailed a path down. His tongue sent shivers up her spine.

She never did anything like this. Not Jane Quimby, not ever. Yet her she was pinned between his strong incredible body and the wall behind her. And he knew exactly what he was doing. He was making her feel something that she never thought possible. Every part of her was on fire all emanating from between her legs.

His hand stroked down her thigh lifting her leg to lock around his waist. Jane pulled him closer out of instinct feeling a hardness rubbing against her for the first time in her life. He grinded against her causing a whimpered moan to radiate from inside her throat.

Upon hearing this sound he smirked, one hand grabbing her butt while the other squeezed her plump breast. She gasped staring into his deep dark eyes lust clouding her vision. Her hand trailed up his chest clasping the back of his neck forcing his lips onto her.

This time it was her tongue that trailed the outside of his lips dipping inside to taste him, her lips trailing down the contours of his throat, her tongue caressing his skin, her hands roaming his body. He growled softly but demanding kissing her with a fire passion that left her lips reddened and her breath gone.

A ding caused reality to set in and for them to break apart.

"This is my floor." He took her hand. "It was a pleasure Jane Quimby." He kissed her knuckles.

She managed to somewhat compose herself. "And you Beau Bronn."

The elevator doors closed leaving Jane alone with her thoughts. Falling back against the wall she tried to breath suddenly unable to. What was she doing? This was incredibly stupid. It was incredibly wrong. But still there was something intoxicating about him.

She licked her lips still tasting him. Stupid? Oh definitely. Would she ever tell? Never. Would this be the last time? She certainly hopped not.

Laughing for once in her life Jane decided to just go with the flow.

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