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Hidden Away


This idea popped into my head the other night. Please enjoy and let me know if you would like me to continue it.

Queen Selenity looked down at her infant daughter with deep sadness in her blue eyes. The little princess had been born a few hours earlier. She felt something jump onto her bed and looked down to see her advisor, Luna, who was a small black cat.

"Yes, Luna?" The queen questioned as the cat came up beside her and sat down.

"The representative is here, Your Majesty." Luna informed the queen quietly.

"Already? He wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow." The queen looked down at her sleeping daughter again.

"I know, Your Majesty, but for the plan to work, he needs to take the princess tonight." Luna explained sadly. Tears threatened to fall from the queen's eyes as she thought about what her advisor was telling her.

"Give me a few more minutes alone with the princess and then send in the representative in." Selenity said. Luna just nodded, trying to hold back her own tears as she looked at the tiny sleeping princess. She quietly jumped down to the floor and vacated the bedroom. Selenity took a moment to take control of her emotions before she looked down at her daughter again. The princess was still sleeping peacefully. "I want you to know that even though I must send you away, I will always love you." Selenity whispered, hugging the child close to her.

A soft knock sounded on the door a few minutes later.

"Come in." The queen called. The door opened to reveal an older gentleman dressed in simple but rich looking clothing.

"Your Majesty, I am here for the child." He informed her.

"I know. Come here and take her before I come to my senses and change my mind." Selenity said. The man bowed and then walked forward to take the princess from the queen's outstretched arms. Selenity handed him her child and then let her arms fall to her sides. "Please see that she is taken good care of."

"I won't let her out of my sight, Your Majesty. I will send word once everything is settled." Selenity shook her head.

"No, it is too risky. I cannot have any contact outside the normal business of the galaxy. I don't want to risk the safety of my child. Now, please, go." The man just nodded and hurried from the room.

Selenity barely heard the door click shut behind him as she let the tears she had been holding back finally fell.

Luna and her fellow advisor Artemis watched the representative fly off into the night with the newly born princess of the moon. Neither of them was sure if they would ever see the heir to the throne again.

I know this short, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Don't panic, I am going to finish all my other stories.