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Hidden Away

Chapter 3

Endymion looked down at the beautiful goddess he held in his arms as they danced around the ballroom floor. She looked up at him every so often with a bright smile, but he sensed that there was a deep sadness in the secret corners of her heart.

"So should I guess what princess of Venus I have the pleasure of dancing with?" Endymion joked as he pulled her into a turn.

"If you wish, sir, but it should not be that difficult. My sister and I may be twins, but we do have different shades of hair."

"Your hair reminds me of Queen Selenity of the Moon." Endymion mused, more to himself than to Serena. But she heard him.

"Queen Selenity is very beautiful, I am told. I have never met her myself. She is my mother's cousin. My sister's hair is exactly the shade of our father, but my mother told me that mine comes from her side of the family." Serena explained cheerfully.

"Are you always so cheerful?" Endymion asked suddenly.

"Mostly." Serena narrowed her eyes. "Is there something wrong with being cheerful?" Endymion chuckled at her expression.

"No, of course not. It just almost seems like you are hiding something behind your cheerful nature." Endymion tried to explain. Serena raised an eyebrow in question, not quite understanding. "Something tells me that you are very sad about something, but you don't let anyone know, not even your sister or your family." Serena's eyes went wide when he said that. "So I was right."

"I have no idea what you are talking about, sir."

"Of course you don't. Would you care to go for a stroll in the gardens?" He stopped them by the open garden door and awaited her answer. Serena just nodded in agreement. He took her arm and slowly walked her out to the terrace and then to the lush garden beyond.

Once they were away from the ballroom windows and the noise of the party, Endymion found a secluded bench and sat down on it. Serena hesitated before sitting down beside him.

"I am not sure that I should be out here this far with you. I don't even know your name."

"Well, if you had to guess, who do you think I am?" Endymion questioned, continuing their game from earlier.

"I would guess you are a nobleman from Venus or one of our neighboring planets."

"Yes, I am from one of the neighboring planets, but I am not exactly a nobleman."

"Either you are a nobleman or not. There is no sort of, unless you are a prince." Serena looked at him more closely then. "You couldn't be, could you?"

"Couldn't be who?"

"You are Prince Endymion from Earth!" She exclaimed. "My sister has a major crush on you!"

"Well, that is too bad for Princess Mina, I guess, because she is not the one I am here with. Did I guess right?"

"Yes, you did."

"So, Serena, why don't you tell me what has made you so sad?"

"I have been having dreams lately about someone I have never even met. She looks very much like me, but older. She looks a lot like my mother, but she is not my mother. I feel like I have seen her somewhere before, but I can't place where. She is very lonely and desperately needs my help with something. All of my life, I have felt like that I don't belong here on Venus, that I should be somewhere else."

"Doesn't everyone feel that way at times?" Endymion asked. "Like I feel like I should be on Earth fighting Beryl's forces, not here enjoying a party while my people are dying."

"I am sorry, I must seem like a silly child to you. I know that your worries are much bigger than mine, but…." She trailed off, not knowing if she should tell him how she felt about Earth. She looked down at her hands in her lap.

"But what?" When she wouldn't look at him, he gently tipped her chin up so he could look into her eyes. "But what, Serena?"

"I feel that Beryl being on Earth is somehow my fault, like I could have stopped her from acting if only I had been where I feel like I should be instead of here. Oh, I am not making much sense. This is why I haven't told my family. Mina would just think I am being silly and childish, saying that I do to belong here. My parents, especially my mother, would get these worried looks on their faces, like I want to leave them. I don't want leave here, I love it here, but I feel like I am missing something." Serena paused, looking down at her hands again. "I am sorry, Endymion, I know I am just a silly child. Please just forget everything you heard. I wish there was something I could do to help you and your people."

"Thank you, Serena. I wish there was something I could do for them too. I went to Queen Selenity for help, but she turned down my request, saying there was no way she could help without destroying herself. And I can't ask her to do that when she is the leader of the universe and would have no heir to take over for her."

"What about the rumors that she did have a daughter many years ago soon after her husband died?"

"That is all they are, just rumors. No information has been found to support those claims. If there is an heir, where is she? Why is she hiding?"

"Maybe she doesn't know who she really is and where she comes from."

"It has been said that if Queen Selenity ever did have a child, that she would be able to overcome Beryl and save the galaxy. I would hate to see someone that powerful." Endymion laughed. Serena smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes like her smiles did when she was truly happy. Her heart seemed to sadden more at the mention of Queen Selenity's heir, but what she didn't understand was why.

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