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Hidden Away

Chapter 6

Hello, everyone! Please remember that this story is being written by a new friend of mine, SMLover618, and I am just posting the new chapters she is writing on my page because this is where the story originated from. Enjoy!

In the Swedish Dub of Sailor moon Queen Beryl's name was Morga. I am going to use that as her Civilian name. (note from SMLover618)

The Negaverse

Beryl had finally worked up the power that she needed to take over the universe. She decided that she would need some help though so she used a large amount of her power to brainwash four of the prince's protectors. She told them to remain on earth and go on like they would with their normal lives. She told them to somehow convince Prince Endymion that she was the most beautiful, elegant and stunning woman in the whole universe. Now she sat on her thrown waiting for one of them to return with information on the Prince's feelings.

"My Queen, I have returned with some bad news." Zoicite said, bowing to his Queen. She had been going back and forth from the Negaverse to the Earth's palace to win the heart of the Prince. She hoped the Prince was ok, as she feared she might lose him.

"What is it, Zoicite?" Beryl asked, worried.

"The prince… He is in love with another!" Zoicite said firmly to his Queen. Beryl suddenly stood up and with wide eyes yelled.

"What! This is impossible! He can only love me!" She practically screamed. She then walked over and put one of her hands around Zoicite's neck.

"Who has he fallen in love with?!" She said with hatred in her eyes.

"I…don't know… All he said… was how much… he admires… princess… Venus…" Zoicite said gasping for air. Beryl released the boy and he fell to the ground.

"There are two princesses of Venus, Zoicite! Which one is it?!" She yelled in his face.

"I'm sorry, my Queen, I do not know." Zoicite said rising again. Queen Beryl then changed into her Earth attire and disappeared to Earth. She wanted to talk to the Prince.

Beryl as one of the Earth sorceress's, protected the Prince. She would be at his side for whatever he needed at any time. She had just teleported herself to the palace when she saw the prince. He was doing some sort of paperwork at his desk. Beryl made a tray with tea on it with her magic and walked into the Prince's study.

"Endymion-Sama! I made you some tea!" She said smiling. Endymion turned and gladly accepted the tea.

"Thank you, Morga. You are always pleasant to have around." He said taking some tea and relaxing for a minute. He sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"What's wrong, Endymion?" Beryl asked concerned.

"It's just… oh it's nothing you would want to hear." He said getting a refill on tea.

"Nonsense! I always listen to anything you have to say!" She said happily wanting to get some information on this peasant girl who was confusing her Prince's heart.

"Well, you see. There's this wonderful girl on Venus that has the most beautiful blonde hair. Her smile is like no other I have ever seen. She's kind, friendly, and her voice is just music to my ears. I want to see her again, but I cannot leave this palace. But I will wait until I have time then I will go and see her again. For I believe she could be the one." He said, recalling the Princess in his mind. Beryl was furious. That girl would be no more. For she was the only one for her Prince. And he would love her.

"Oh, I see." She said sourly.

"Yea, it was love at first sight. Well, better get back to work. Oh, but first…" He said turning around and picking up the letter with a rose.

"Will you give this to the mailman to deliver to Venus?" He asked.

"Yes… I will." She said, snatching the letter out of his hands and walking away.

"This is going to be a special delivery." She said evilly as she disappeared back to the Negaverse.

Serena and Mina were walking through the main hall of the palace to their study where they would go and learn the essentials like, math, history, and English.

"Why do we need to learnnnnnn…?" Serena complained. They both were going to be actually on time today. But just then a servant and a mysterious man were walking in the hallway toward the two princesses.

"Ah here they are!" The servant said.

"Special delivery for a love letter to the princess of Venus." The mysterious man said. He had long bleach white hair.

"That would be for me!" Mina said happily as she took the letter and the two Princesses ran off.

"I'm sorry, sir, I didn't know they were going to run off. I can-"The servant was interrupted.

"No that's ok. I have seen all I need to see." And the strange man walked out of the palace of Venus.

"Now I know who Beryl is to annihilate. Princess Mina of Venus." And he disappeared.

"Open it! Open it!" Serena yelled.

"Okay, okay! Oh, look he even sent a rose! It says it's from Endymion. That's weird, I have never met someone of that name." Mina said getting ready to open it.

"Wait! I know who that is! It's the guy I met on our birthday. That means the letter must be to me!" Serena said, taking the love letter. It was the first one she had ever received.

Dear Princess Serena of Venus,

I am so glad I got to meet someone as beautiful and elegant as you. I much enjoyed our time together at your party. I wish to see you again and I hope you feel the same. If you are available in a week I would love for you and whomever you wish to bring, to come visit me at my palace her on Earth.

Yours truly,


Serena and Mina were jumping up and down.

"Sere, I am so proud of you! Not only did you get your first love letter! But it is from a Prince! And he wants to see you! Ekkkk! We HAVE to go!" Mina said yelling with excitement.

"Yes, I agree! But what do I wear? And what about my hair! Oh I'm so nervous… I hope I don't have a klutz attack." Serena said nervously.

"Oh, it will all be okay." Mina said reassuring her sister.

"Oh no!" Serena yelled.

"What?!" Mina yelled back.

"We are going to be late for our study!" And they both took off running to their study, now officially late.

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