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Chapter 1

Allen shined the light of the flashlight into the darkened corridor, as he scanned the room. "Nothing!" Allen stated to Kanda who continued the search of the abandoned Cathedral.

Over the past few months, many of the local villagers had disappeared. Komui suspected Akuma and dispatched a group of exorcists as soon as he could to the location of the disappearances. So far, Kanda, Lenalee, and Allen had found nothing; no evidence, no Akuma, and no bodies. They searched the whole place; the only place left was the catacombs.

"I'm beginning to think that we aren't going to find anything." Allen sighed as he walked down the dark and mucky halls of the catacombs with Kanda.

"Tch!" Kanda responded, agreeing with Allen, in his own way.

After walking through a great length of the catacombs, Allen was becoming fidgety at every shadow and cold breeze. "Let's turn around and go back. Besides, I'm getting concerned for Lenalee. We shouldn't have let her go on her own."

"She'll be fine." Kanda grumbled, unconcerned.

"I don't kn…oomph!"

Kanda turned to find the white-haired teen on the floor. "Stay on your feet Moyashi."

"I tripped on something." Allen defended.

"Like what?" Kanda asked shining his flashlight into Allen's eyes.

Allen squinted and swatted at the light. He grabbed his flashlight, which he dropped beside him when he tripped, and shined it at his feet to see what tripped him up. Allen and Kanda's eyes widened in terror as they realized it was a human hand.


Allen and Kanda found that the hand was sticking out from a trap door in the stone wall, which was incorrectly closed. The two forced the door open and behind it was a room filled with bodies, stacked on top of each other. Allen and Kanda pulled out a few bodies to examine them. Each one was hard, cold, and extremely pale, some where even half decayed with maggots and worms crawling underneath the skin of certain corpses.

"I'm going to be sick." Allen dry heaved to the side as Kanda bent down to examine the corpses.

"Did you find something?" Allen asked as Kanda jumped from body to body, looking at their necks.

"I have." He nodded solemnly.

"What is it?"

"Look at their necks."

Allen examined each of the victims' necks and on each one were two puncture wounds.

"They are well preserved for being months dead." Kanda added.

"What are you saying?"

"All their blood was drained out of them." Kanda stated bluntly.

"You're right." Allen agreed as he himself examined the bodies. "This is defianetly not an Akuma's doing. Wait… Where's Lenalee?"


Allen and Kanda raced down the corridors of the catacombs, up multiple flights of stairs, and into the hall of the church; where they watched Lenalee attempt to fight off a cloaked figure that attacked her. It didn't take long for the stranger to overpower the small, dainty Lenalee. She shrieked for help as the figure slammed her body into the stone wall.

"Let her go!" Allen demanded jumping over the pews, crown clown activated.

Kanda followed after him, Mugen unsheathed.

Allen attacked the figure with his hand, but the figure dodged; dropping Lenalee. Allen attacked again, which the figure simply ducked and retaliated with tackling Allen to the floor. All the air fled Allen's lungs as he came into contact with the stone floor. Allen gasped for air as he fought against the person on top of him. The stranger pinned Allen's arms and legs down, the figure smiled showing extremely sharp, pronounced canines. The cloaked stranger bent down to Allen's neck, teeth showing. Allen felt the sharp pain, as the fangs pierced the skin and sent a sensation of electricity through the teen's body.


The figure was thrown off when Kanda hit him with his sword, causing the attacker to hit the wall and fall to the floor on his face. "You're lucky I just hit you with the blunt side of my sword, if it was the other side. I would've sliced you in two." Kanda smiled smugly.

"!" Allen screamed and whithered in pain. Clutching his neck, blood flowing from the wounds and oozing out from between his fingers.

"Allen!" Kanda ran to the teen's side and knelt down. Lenalee joined him, clutching her side.

Kanda ripped off the sleeve of his uniform, he handed the strip of cloth to Lenalee. "Wrap his neck and make sure to apply pressure. We need to stop this infernal bleeding."

Lenalee nodded as she wrapped and tied the black strip of cloth to Allen's neck.

Kanda stood up, glaring at the attacker. He stalked over to the stranger and grabbed him by his cloak, pulling him up to his feet.

The stranger's hood fell off showing his face. The man had long black hair and his face was covered in dried, flaky blood. He was still dazed from hitting the wall.

Kanda unsheathed Mugen and held him up against the wall. "This will make sure that you go nowhere." He stabbed the man through his shoulder, pinning him against the wall with Mugen. The man screamed in pain. Kanda smiled with satisfaction as he walked to Allen and Lenalee.

"Go get Toma." Kanda commanded Lenalee as he took over the care of Allen.

"Yes." She nodded and ran off to find the finder.

Kanda noticed that Allen's skin was extremely pale, as he held the bandage to Allen's neck and watched him bleed.