Chapter 20

Komui looked at his files. "Kanda, I have no idea where young Allen Walker could be. But we have reports of prostitutes being kidnapped and mysteriously killed. We believe it is a vampire, since their bodies were found drained of blood and with two puncture wounds on their necks."

"Do you believe it is the Moyashi?"

Komui nodded. "Unfortunately… yes. He is being held captive somewhere, but what gets me is why is he drinking? I don't see him to kill someone just because he is thirsty, even if he is about to die, I don't think he would kill anyone. It is either that, or being a vampire makes him drawn to blood, he probably can't resist."

Kanda nodded.

"They need him, though I don't know what for. The reports of the missing prostitutes are coming from the London. Go there and put a stop to it."

Kanda stood up and nodded. "Yes sir." He walked out and closed the door behind him.


Allen didn't know how many he killed. He couldn't do this anymore, he wanted to die. But his vampire instincts wouldn't let him die, it demanded blood. So every time Tyki brought in a new prostitute, he couldn't help but devour her. He was scared, he was turning into something that he wasn't and he needed help. He couldn't think anymore, all he wanted and all he thought about was blood. He wanted it, needed it, and craved it.

Tyki walked in smiling, escorting a girl whose face was covered by a black veil. "I brought desert."

The girl walked over staggering in heels. For a second Allen wondered if the girl was drunk. She sat down and ran her fingers through Allen's white hair.

She smelled familiar, but he couldn't place her scent. She didn't look like the other girls. She was covered in a thick black jacket; the other girls wore skimpy clothing and showed skin, but she was almost completely covered. All Allen could see was her neck and the vein beneath the skin, pulsing rythmatically with her heart beat. He wanted her, just a taste, not enough to kill her. Her hair was an odd color it was black, but yet it was blue, and it was so long. She moved closer to him and Allen finally noticed her scent, his eyes widened with disbelief. She smelled like lotus flowers.