Allen sat with Kanda, holding his hand.

Kanda's hair had long turned white and gotten thin and brittle. Kanda was a wrinkly old man now, he was 92. He lay in his hospital bed and coughed.

Allen's thumb gently massaged the back of Kanda's hand, feeling his spider veins under the skin. Even though Allen was 90, he didn't look a day over 16.

Kanda coughed and Allen consoled him.

The doctor said that Kanda probably wouldn't make it to tomorrow.

Allen kissed Kanda's wrinkled, frail hand.

"I love you." Kanda coughed, even his voice was frail. "Are you thirsty?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Allen, you haven't had any in a long time, you'll die."

"I am going to die when you do, why should I rush it? I don't want to hurt you." Allen cupped Kanda's cheek. "I love you too."

Kanda coughed. "You are still so beautiful." He raised his hand up and cupped Allen's cheek, rubbing his thumb along Allen's scar."

Allen held Kanda's hand to his face. "You are handsome too."

"Yeah right. I'm an old decrepit man and you still have the body of a youthful, strong teenager."

Allen smiled softly.

Kanda coughed.

"Need some water?"

"Yes, please."

Allen walked into the bathroom to fill a glass for Kanda. Allen gave him his glass. "Better?"

Kanda drank some and nodded. "Yes." He handed the cup back.

Allen took the wanted and kissed his love's cheek. "Get some rest okay? The doctor says that the best medicine for you is to sleep."

"I know that." Kanda grumbled and got situated in his bed for some sleep.

Allen waited until Kanda was asleep. Allen walked into the bathroom to dump the leftover water in the sink. Allen dropped the glass and it shattered on the tiled floor, water spilling everywhere. Allen fell to his knees, clutching his heart. Allen looked to see Kanda's heart monitor flat line. "Kan-da." Allen whispered, a tear fell down his cheek. He fell to the floor. "I love you." Allen closed his eyes and fell into unconsciousness and then into death.

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