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Haruu II – Rebellion



Cast of Characters

Haruu was a long story and, because it takes place over five years beginning shortly before Order 66, a lot of character situations have changed and should be explained.

The lists are a combination of chronological and alphabetical in what I hope is a logical sequence.

As Haruu II - Rebellion is written, I will add to the cast of characters; both new characters and new situations to familiar characters.

Two portions of Haruu will be included and added to in Haruu II. These are Numa's epilogue and Riven's (now-removed) epilogue.

I will be slow about updating until my move to Norway is completed in August or September 2012.

Reviews and comments are always welcome and appreciated and sometimes even acted up.

Most importantly, I want you to enjoy reading.


Order 66

Ahsoka was expelled from the Jedi order for 'attachment' and refusing to adopt out her child by Rex several months before Order 66. Her son, Barin, is not Force sensitive and does not have lekku but does have montrals, the hollow space allowing echolocation in Togrutans. Barin also has the blonde hair of his father's mutation (I don't buy that nonsense about troopers dying their hair on the battlefield). Ahsoka lives with one of her sisters, Aureki Tano who, due to a childhood infection, is handicapped by Shili standards.

Rex carried through Order 66 and was at General Skywalker's side when he killed the children in the Jedi Temple's council chamber. Rex deserted the next day taking Fives, Echo and Jester with him. He had to pull Jester from medical and Jester has a burn scar from placing the barrel of his blaster to his face.

A year after Order 66

Rex, Echo, Fives and Jester go to Saleucami; visiting and staying for a while with Cut and his pregnant Suu to assist around the farm. Due to a hard year, there are problems during the birth of Keeli and Rex 'kidnaps' an obstetrician. When Rex, Echo and Fives leave, Jester decides to stay on Saleucami with Cut and family.

Four years after Order 66

During an interval of being bodyguards on the impoverished planet of Ryloth, Rex, Echo and Fives meet Waxer who asks their help in rescuing an eleven-year old Numa sold to pirates. During the rescue they meet sisters Sula & Saoha of Zeltros and, for a while, Rex, Echo and Fives live with them in their transport-small freighter, Silver Bird. Rex and Echo leave and Fives remains with the beautiful Zeltrons.

When he can, Echo has been seeking information on Jedi and other clone deserters such as Waxer. He finds evidence that Obi-wan Kenobi is alive on Tatooine. Echo and Rex visit, Echo asking what happened to Ahsoka.

Echo is delighted to find Ahsoka on Shili, Rex is a bit more conflicted because of what he's done – participated in the murder of children. Ahsoka marries them both (along with her sister – a typical Shili multiple-sibling marriage) and introduces them to Barin. Rex is afraid that, because of his actions in the temple, Barin will be 'contaminated' by his presence.

Five years after Order 66

Waxer and Fives show up on Shili requesting help in rescuing 23 clone deserters from a prison ship taking them to Kamino for reconditioning or destruction. Boil, a stormtrooper sergeant at the prison, has been busy the last few years rescuing imprisoned deserters. Now he wants to rejoin his family of Waxer and Numa as well as rescue so many troopers but he needs help. During the rescue, Sula gives birth to baby peach, they discover Cody is among the rescued men which also includes some men of the 501st. Several men are severely injured; Sketch, Kayl, Kaver, Dare, and Riposte.

Canon characters are in BOLD. Canon characters with major parts in Haruu include: Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, ARC Echo, ARC Fives, Waxer, Numa, Boil. Troopers rescued from the prison ship, Arkayd, include the canon characters of: Cody, Chopper, Jesse, Kix, Edge, Sketch.

If you're wondering why the numbers didn't match up to 23, Commander Cody's desertion and imprisonment was kept a highly classified secret. Even Boil didn't know he would be on the Arkayd.

Time is spent on Saleucami as the troopers learn to assimilate themselves into civilian life – some better than others. Some men, Col in particular, are working toward a definitive goal. Col wishes to return to Dantooine where he met and loved a woman. Saria and Jester have an argument that further splits them apart and Sketch suggests that Saria consider courting all the new men at Cut's farm.

After Ahsoka, Saoha and a small group of clones take off for Dantooine, an epidemic of Red Shadow Virus (a variant of Blue Shadow Virus) is discovered on Saleucami and the planet is quarantined. Cody and Rex decide to approach this situation in the best way they know and institute military rule on the farm. Crux dies before Kix and Saria can derive a cure – at least for the clones. The virus has a fatality rate of nearly 90% for adults, but only 10% for younger people, hence Saleucami will become a planet with a truly skewed population with repercussions such as child labor, lowered literacy rate and rule by might.

At the end of Haruu, Rex's brothers are moving onward toward their own lives and futures; quite a few go to Dantooine. Some, like Jesse and Riven, seek redemption for the crimes they committed as stormtroopers. Commander Cody decides to go to Mandalore; he's heard vague rumors he wants to investigate but decides to take a detour via Tatooine when Rex tells him Obi-wan Kenobi is still alive.

Haruu II – Rebellion begins almost five years after Haruu (almost ten years after Order 66). Most of the clones inoculated by the Skirata cure appear in their late 30's; far different from those few clones still in the Imperial Army who are almost 50 biological years. For the most part, the clone deserters have assimilated into the local populations on Saleucami, Dantooine and a scattering of other planets. They have wives, families, children; they have purpose in their lives and a future beyond the death promised by Kamino.

And yet…

They're brothers bred for battle; more than most people, they know the military might and imperatives of Palpatine's Empire. They mourn for the brothers already dead and even more for their brothers still in the Army. Daily they hear of acts of rebellion; small at first and easily crushed by a company of stormtroopers or merely the presence of a star destroyer in the planetary system, but over the years a little rebellion here and there has been developing into something approaching a coalition of governments against the Empire. Lately there's been evidence of an alliance – several powerful planetary systems organizing against the Empire.

They long to fight again, not as they used to – as an army of slaves built to serve with nothing to gain from fighting. Now they have much to gain or lose. They are, after all, free men..

Cast of Characters

Rescued Clones (canon)

Chopper. Chopper left Saleucami to assist Sketch with recuperation and travel with Fives, Sula and Saoha and their baby Peach. Later, when Sketch returns to Saleucami, Chopper marries into Fives' family, now expanded by a blue-eyed son of Saoha (and Edge) and Peach's younger sister. Haruu II - Chopper was injured in an explostion which killed Waxer as well as Saoha, his co-wife and mother of his son (currently called 'bean' and only a toddler). Chopper survived the explosion and works on flyers and fighters in the Dantooine base.

Cody. Cody loved Barriss Offee and Gree who both died at Order 66. At the end of Haruu he was planning to go to Tatooine to see Kenobi as well as Mandalore (where he received the cure for the accelerated aging from the Skirata clan and brought it back to his brothers). Haruu II - Cody serves as liaison between various rebellion forces and collition governments as well as a few operations with Jesse and Shy.

Edge. Edge marries Cass Cjain along with Jesse, Riposte and Baffle. Edge is the 'alpha' in the family. Edge has blue 'ghost eyes' mutation.

Kix. As a medic, Kix's skills are useful, perhaps even vital, to the decimated population of Saleucami and he stays to become Saria's apprentice. He also works with Dr. Chymdura as well as helping run an orphanage along with Chymdura and Sinker. Haruu II - Kix spends his time between the Dantooine base and Saleucami.

Jesse. Jesse carried out both Order 66 and Order 37 (forcible suppression of civilian populations by any and all means). During Order 37 he raped Elarlu Cihon and seeks redemption for that act (hence he leaves with Cody when Cody goes to Tatooine and Mandalore) but he also wants family. He marries Cass Cjain in tandem with Edge, Baffle and Riposte. Haruu II - Jesse spends much of his time with Cody in acts of rebellion.

Sinker. Sinker escaped prison earlier with Boil's assistance but a beating has left him with verbal and numerical aphasia. He works at the granary and lives in Saria's apartment in Issuya. Because of the beating to his face and the blonde hair (a mutation like Rex), he looks very little like a clone.

Sketch. While in prison Sketch's leg was twisted and he can't walk, but he still loves drawing. He's pleased that Jester also escaped and is invited to share marriage with Jester and Saria. To give Jester time to get used to the idea, Sketch first traveled with Fives' family and Chopper during the time of his knee surgery and recuperation. While in an Outer Rim medical unit, his drawings attracted the attention of his surgeon who suggests he work for Verzhain's, a 'publisher' of surgical and anatomy Guides.

Rescued Clones

(original characters)

Backup. A gunship pilot and brother of Checkout.

Baffle. Baffle marries Cass Cjain along with Edge, Jesse and Riposte; later he designs a home for them near the heated pool on Cut and Suu's land.

Checkout. A gunship pilot

Col. Originally Col was with General Windu on Dantooine where he was wounded in one of thea early battles of the Clone Wars and his broken body flung into the river. He was rescued by Ehveen of Clan Gwydr but his loyalty to the GAR returned him to his duties when he healed. After Orders 66 and 37, as well as personal experience, he deserted to be caught and imprisioned. When Col returned to Dantooine, he discovers that 'Col of Clan Gwydr' is a clan member and is sometimes called Col Wanderer. He also discovers he has a son (Colehn) and Ehveen has had two year marriages and two children in the time he's been gone. Haruu II - Col has very bad 'arthritic' pain in winter due to the injuries received in the original battle on Dantooine which his bones were shattered. He is a respected member of Clan Gwydr.

Countdown. Dantooine, Haruu II - usually in Kier's Cave helping the fighters and pilots of the rebellion.

Crux. Crux dies during Red Shadow Virus quarantine on Saleucami.

Dare. Dare had a broken jaw from prison which was further damaged before arriving on Saleucami. He is a specialist in bladed weapons. He hasn't been heard from since leaving Saleucami.

Djinn. Djinn stays on Saleucami. His arm is amputated in a farm accident. After their escape to Saleucami, Boil returned his book of poetry inscribed with notes. Haruu II - Djinn died in the same explosion which injured Chopper and killed Waxer, Saoha.

Dub Tano Lawquane.

Gekko. Gekko goes to Dantooine with Col. - Haruu II - After the explosion, Gekko (and Lev) take over the raising of the children orphaned by the deaths.

JAAC. JAAC or "just another annoying clone" was on a desert planet with his sons (Kierzon, Nac, Nub) and daughter, Bird. The three youngest were deserted and exposed to the desert environment. Ahsoka and Saoha rescue JAAC and his family. JAAC was the last original clone from a company headed by the more remote, unsympathetic Jedi and, later, by non-clone generals who disliked the close-knit relations of the original clones. JAAC was thrown onto a funeral pyre while still alive and rescued by Kierzon, his first son. Haruu II - Jaac is the clone who directs Nia and Bon back to Dantooine cave.

Kaver. Kaver had a broken arm from prison. He's a sniper by training.

Kayl. Kayl had internal injuries from prison and would do anything for Sula, the 'angel' who caught him. Haruu II - Kayl went to Dantooine, married a Dantooine woman with whom he had two children (though only one is mentioned) and dies with her in the same explosion.

Leven. Leven went to Dantooine with Col and married into a large family, the clan's largest family. He broke his arm in he same stampede that injured Quad. Later he won a wrestling competition which gave him and his family breeding rights to the best bantha bull on Dantooine. He was generous and invited other families in Clan Gwydr and Clan Dsayn to run some of their bantha cows with his herd. Haruu II - Leven has changed his name to 'Lev' and, after the explosion injuring Chopper and killing Waxer, Saoha and others volunteers to raise children orphaned by the deaths.

Pax - Dantooine and married a widow with a child.

Quad. Ultimately Quad falls in love with Shaeeah but goes to Dantooine to he won't 'break her heart' by dying at the same time as her father, Cut. Quad is severely injured in a stampede (SCI and verbal aphasia) and returns to Saleucami with Shaeeah when she turns 16 and comes to get him. Haruu II - After Shaeeah came to Dantooine for him, Quad returned with her to Saleucami and worked hard to overcome his injuries. He and Shaeeah were working in the Dantooine base when the explosion occurred. Due to Quad's injuries, he is thought to be unable to father a child. One of three brothers is the biological father of Shaeeah's child.

Riposte. Like all of the prisoners, Riposte was beaten in prison. He has a 'family' from before desertion and splits his time between Saleucami and being a rebel with those family members still alive.

Riven. A pilot and mechanic. He has not been heard from since leaving Saleucami. It was known he was also seeking redemption for his acts of Order 37. Haruu II - Riven returned to the planet where he carried out Order 37 and found two children from that act as well as one's mother - a woman he raped during Order 37. After several years of trying to make a living in the outer rim for his family, he has brought them back to Saleucami.

Shy. Shy was reconditioned in prison, probably several times. He lives his life in terror but of what, he can't explain. He has new trooper reflexes like a shiny fresh off Kamino. Haruu II - Shy fits right into the Imperial Army with its strict rules and hierarchy. His life on Saleucami and relation to his 'Captain Suu' has allowed him to consider the stormtroopers as 'flesh-droids', the rebels they fight as 'civilians' and certain people - such as Nia and Bon - as 'family'. Cody, who placed him into the Imperial Army isn't sure what will happen and whether Shy can maintain a life as an undercover rebel.

Sinker. Boil helped Sinker escape but it was by chance he ran onto a freighter who dropped him off on Saleucami. Because of a beating in prison, he has aphsia and has difficulty talking and no understand of numbers or conversion 2D (i.e. maps) to 3D. He was cheated out of his armor and was living as a bum, occasionally sneaking into the warehouse to steal food. Cut found him and, after the quarantine, he lives in Saria's apt and works at granary warehouse. He also helps Kix with the orphanage and may have recently met a woman of interest.

Other Characters mentioned


Boost. Wolfpack, long dead.

Comet. Wolfpack, long dead.

Cups. Another trooper from prison.

Jjek. Escaped prison with Rhys, without Boil's assistance.

Rhys. Escaped prison with Jjek, without Boil's assistance.

Scythe. Boil helped Scythe escape the second year, no further news.

Thacker. A prison guard; one of the new breed of clones.

Wolffe. Still in Imperial army.


The Lawquanes:

Cut. Clone trooper deserted early in the war.

Suu. Farmer and Cut's wife.

Shaeeah. Farmer and Cut's daughter

Jek. Farmer and Cut's son.

Keeli River. Child, Cut and Suu's son.

Crux. Baby. Cut & Suu's youngest, conceived at the end of Haruu

from 'Homestead' by Queen:

Chios. Granary warehouse owner, Wroonian.

Elis. Chios' wife.

Ossa. Neighbors of Suu and Cut, Gran.

Original characters:

Aureki Tano. Ahsoka's sister and co-wife with Rex and Echo.

Bisyar. Gran warehouse worker.

Cass Cjain. Neighbor of Cut and Suu, marries Edge, Jesse, Riposte and Baffle.

Crys. Child. A child born of Order 37 rape that Jesse brought back to his family on Saleucami; acknowledged son by Edge, Cass and the others.

Dek. Gang member, boy, year younger than Jek

Guntrei. Drifter due to quarantine. Dies.

Korly. Wroonian warehouse worker.

Saoha. Zeltron, dusty rose skin with lilac hair, married to her sister, Sula, and Fives. Later incorporates Chopper into the marriage. Haruu II - Saoha loved 'rescuing' clones from the Imperial Army. She died in the explosion.

Saria. A surgical nurse who has been engaged to Jester until he believes she is 'sharing' with another man. In spite of their mutual animosity at this time, Saria comes to Cut's farm at Jester's request. She was 3 months pregnant with twins when the rescued clones came to Saleucami.

Sharn. Gang member girl, slightly younger than Shaeeah.

Sula. Zeltron, rube red skin with blue black hair, married to her sister, Saoha, and Fives. Later incorporates Chopper into the marriage.

Tajin. Drifter due to quarantine. Dies.

Tandril. Wroonian guard at quarantine line.


Clan Gwydr

Aarlwyr. Young, beautiful woman of marriageable age, friend of Bekia.

Adwr. The Hand of the Law and nominal leader of Clan Gwydr. Ehveen's father, Tyrlanya's foster father, Col's father in law.

Bekia. Young, beautiful woman who is hopeful of a husband, but treats Quad (who has chosen not to marry until he's sure Shaeeah won't show up) and JAAC (for his scars) rudely.

Bershin. Tyr's older brother, he went to another planet to breed different strains of bantha and nerf.

Bird. JAAC's daughter. She is about 3 years old when they come to Dantooine.

Chaynwa. Dub's wife. Dub and Chaynwa have fostered Chaynwa's dead cousin's twin children (boy and girl).

Col. Clone.

Colehn. Col and Ehveen's son. He is almost 8 when he finally meets Col.

Countdown. Clone.

Ehveen. The woman who rescued Col so long ago, bore him a son, Colehn. She has two children from Clan Sylart and Clan Dsayn.

Hoscynia. Young woman who is also marriageable but is appalled at Bekia's behavior and rejects her friendship.

Kaver. Clone.

Kayl. Clone. Haruu II - dies in explosion.

Kierzon. JAAC's eldest adopted son, also called Kier. Haruu II - Kierson is helping Nub search for the bantha cafe when he falls into the cave.

Layol. Child. Ehveen's youngest year-marriage child with Clan Dsayn.

Leven. Clone. Once on Dantooine, he marries into the Nargwan family, the largest and – it follows – poorest of Clan Gwydr.

Meeka. Tyrlanya's younger sister, she married into another clan.

Nac. JAAC's middle son.

Nub. JAAC's youngest son, red-headed and green-eyed, he loves bantha and apprenticed himself to the herdmaster within a day or two of arriving on Dantooine. He was 6 at the time. Haruu II - it is in seeking Nub's bantha cafe that the cave is found.

Pax. Clone. After Saria says no to his marriage proposal on Saleucami, Pax goes to Dantooine and marries a widow with a child.

Tyrlanya. Also called Tyr or Ty. An older marriageable woman, she is barren and seeks someone with children. JAAC is her choice; but not only for the children, but for qualities she notices when she meets him. She is the best weaver/thread-maker in the clan.

Zashari. Another young marriageable, she criticizes Bekia for her thoughtlessness but doesn't renounce friendship.

Clan Dsayn

Neighboring clan with rights to the year-marriage youngest daughter of Ehveen's; Col buys back the rights to the child without bartering.

Clan Sylart

Neighboring clan with rights to the Ehveen's oldest year-marriage child. Col wishes to buy back the rights to this child as well.

Canon Characters

(you can check in Wookiepedia)

Bon - a Jedi initiate who escaped Order 66 by the intervention of clone pilot HOB 147. I've changed the timing and clone. At this point in time, he is in his early-mid 20's. Haruu II - Rescued by Shy and sent to Dantooine where he joins the rebellion.

HOB 147 - In canon HOB 147 was sympathetic to the Jedi and lied to clonetroopers attempting to carry out Order 66. In my little sandcastle, he has since deserted but his paperwork was given to Shy.

Nia - a Jedi initiate who escaped Order 66 by the intervention of clone pilot HOB 147. I've changed the timing and clone. Nia is in her late teens or early 20's at the time she enters our story. Haruu II - Rescued by Shy and sent to Dantooine where she joins the rebellion.

Sian Jeisel - Jedi knight who died guarding Jedi iniates during Order 66 on Bogden 3.

Du Mahn - Jedi master who died guarding Jedi initiates during Order 66 on Bogden 3.