The thick canopy of dark trees swayed gently. The black shadows ran across the dark grass, like lost souls escaping Hell. My feet skid across them, calling to my lost teammate. Robin had gone out of mental range, and he had stopped answering his com an hour ago. That was a long time for the thirteen year old to be lost on a mission, especially when the thick forest was filled with the Injustice League. My head throbbed with memories from the last time we'd faced them. We would've been doomed if the Justice League hadn't stepped in. But this time, there were no Justice League.

"Kid, any luck?" I jumped at the sudden voice coming from my com link.


"You must come and help us fight. We cannot complete the mission without you

"Screw the mission! Robin's still out there and the Joker's still missing. If that creep has hurt him, and I've just given up searching to help you guys, then it'll be my fault. " I practically screamed.

"Robin knows the importance of the mission. And he can handle himself. We need you here."

"I-" The leaves a few feet away from me started rustling. I turned to face them swiftly, crouching down. "I have to go Aqualad!" Please not the Joker. Please not the Joker. But it wasn't the Joker. It was something much worse. Robin! His murky shadow came into view amongst the plants, limping and as weak as a wet leaf. He was hurt, that was obvious. His body, plastered with rain (I hadn't even noticed it had been raining hard, for seemingly a while now) and blood, looked too small to be the cocky brat I knew.

"Robin" I screamed as I ran across the slick greenery, desperately trying to get to him. Robin's head snapped up at my call. I almost flinched at the small smile that pulled away from the mask of pain, before he dropped. I could hear the dead thud as his body landed in the grass and mud; see the flecks of dirt and filth flick up into the air.

"ROBIN" I screamed louder as I reached him and collapsed to my knees. Tentatively my hands hovered around his bloody form, panic erupting inside of me. Robin was still conscious, his face a mixture of pain and acceptance.

"It...Is o-okay ...Wally" He tried to say as he choked on his own blood. The large hole in his chest was leaking gallons of blood by the second. All his clothing, skin and the ground was already stained with it. The scarlet color mocked me as its rusty stench filled my nose.

"No, don't give up. Rob, you're going to be okay." I raved as my hands finally gripped around his head and pulled him to my lap. Ignoring the blood and mud my fingers groomed his raven hair gently as I tried to calm the both of us. My fingers outlined his mask gently before pulling it off. The deep blues, normally bright and full of laughter, were now begging for some relief of his pain. "Richard Grayson, don't you dare leave me" I carried on desperately. His eyes were beginning to grow unfocused and far away. I was losing him.

"Please don't leave me" I repeated, whispering in his ear. "I love you" His hand weakly squeezed my hand, and then slowly brought it up to his lips. The sticky red paused in sucking in much needed air, to place a tiny kiss on my shaking palm. A tiny tear was left in the middle, mixed with blood. "Please," I gasped, before I was overwhelmed with tears.

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