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Warning: Ash is not going to Orre. Hopefully I give a good enough story reason for this. However- trust Michael to do his thing in Orre as Ash goes through Unova. They WILL meet- this is not just an excuse for me to give Ash a Shadow Pokemon and send him off to haphazardly kick tail. This Ash has to be cautious and constantly will have conflicting goals- protecting Silver by staying out of the limelight or helping with the desaster of the day.

Oliver was right. If the Lugia left they would be safer, unfortunately just as the Lugia dived to what Ash and his friends thought was a safe journey, other sets of eyes were watching the whole ordeal, eyes that lusted for power. It would be five years before Ash found out what became of Silver and his mother, and when he did it made his blood boil at the name of Cipher.

Nets… Electricity… Screaming, both Mother's and mine…

Darkness… It's trying to crawl on me! Get it off! Get it off…

Pain… Make it stop… Have I lost myself again?

Those voices are talking again? What are they saying this time?

"How are XD001 and 2 doing?"

"…must not…purified … ready for test."

That is not my name…

Mother… Mother what have they done? Where have they taken you now? I have to get out… Oliver, Richie, Ash… how can people be so kind and yet so cruel?

"XD002 it's time for your next session. Soon we'll make you into a fully unpurifable Shadow Pokémon, just like your mommy. Isn't that what you want?" The man intentionally saturated the words with venom, so much that any normal person would be appalled.

That's not my name… That's not… I won't… I won't let you touch me again! MY NAME IS SILVER!


"Ahh… Shadow Rush!"

Water… Sea… Safety… Got to…get away. Get help… Help: Ash, Richie, Oliver!

Please… Somebody…help

"Ash! Welcome Home! We saw your performance in the Sinnoh League Championships. My little boy got all the way to the semi-finals!" cried a joyful Mrs. Ketchem.

"Yeah, tough break though. Who knew that dude would have a Latios ALONG with his Darkria! Though the way things went, you could have got to the finals if the draw was different," Gary, his one-time-rival-turned-researcher mentioned.

"We're all very proud of what you and Pikachu have accomplished," remarked Gary's grandfather, the original Prof. Oak.

"Thanks everybody," Ash said, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment of the praise.

"Hey, Ash!" Tracy called to his friend. Ash was staring off the shore into the inlet to the sea that was just south of Pallet. It was a little known route that was a straight shot to Cinnabar Island. It allowed Pallet Town to actually be a steady trade partner with the more well known and lucrative chunk of rock. However, due to the fact that only three places were really worth mentioning on this side of Mt. Moon, Pallet Town was in no danger of becoming a city, yet. And that suited the inhabitants just fine.

"Tracy," Ash said with a smile, looking at his former traveling companion and sketch artist, who had become one of Prof. Oak's many assistants. Pikachu also greeted the artist.

"Enjoying the view?" Ash grunted an affirmation. "Man, Ash, now that I think about it, you stir things up anywhere you go, and you do it well." Ash looked at him not quite understanding. "First was the Indigo League in Kanto, your first real excursion into the big time, you got what Top 16? Then you won the Orange League. After that, you got to the second round of the Victor's Tournament in Johto, the quarter-finals in Hoenn, defeating the Battle Frontier back here in Kanto, and now the Semi-finals in Sinnoh. At this rate, two more appearances in the Tournament and you win it all. And let's not forget you somehow manage to get into trouble every step of the way. I mean really; Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma, and now Galactic? Or all the legendaries you've met?" Tracy playfully punched Ash's shoulder. "You my friend are a magnet for trouble."

Ash and Pikachu looked at each other before nodding in agreement and ganging up on the sketch artist, wrestling him to the sand and pinning him. "All right! I give! I give!"

"Hey, Ash," Tracy began again after some time. Ash turned. "What are you going to do after your travels are done? I mean, you're a great battler, one of the best, but other than that, what are you going to do? Have you thought about it?"

"Not really, I mean it's always been my dream to become a Pokémon Master. And the Champion, the Elite Four, and the Gym Leaders and regular high-class trainers are able to make battling their job, but I guess if I couldn't do that I'd … hm, what would I do? Maybe a guide, I'd have first-hand experience," Ash said with a smile.

"Ash Ketchum, Guide of Pokémon Trainers to the Regions, nice title, I like it, that job could really suit you."

The three friends laughed before there was a splash as something black leapt from the water and body slammed Ash to the sand. When Ash saw what had hit him he was amazed. It was a black Lugia, but very small, obviously young; and the Lugia was crying on his shoulder and seemed to recognize him. Ash had met only three Lugia in his life; none had been black but the only one small enough for this to be was… "Silver? Is that you?" At the sound of the name the Psychic cried harder, then Ash noticed that part of his sleeve was red. "You're hurt! Tracy, we need to get Silver to Prof. Oak! I don't know how injured he is and I'm worried that he'll pass out!"

Ash… Please help me! Please, don't leave… Who are these people? Ash seems to trust them… Pikachu tell them that I don't want him to go! Please!

"Ash," Said the aged Oak after they had finally gotten Silver to sleep, "he doesn't seem to want you out of sight. I think it's best if you stay here while he recovers. But he's resting now so try and pack, and I'll set up the bed." Ash wasn't that surprised that Prof. Oak had a bed in his lab, the man was known to stay late and arrive early, but he had bigger issues in mind.

"What about getting him back home?"

"We can't move him now and later… I just don't know. I don't know where Lugia would go to keep their young save. Not much is known about them as a species, there is a reason they are thought to be Legends after all."

"You don't know where they would go… but I know someone who does! Quick, Prof., how soon can we get a ride to the Orange Islands?"

"I can't recommend moving Silver for another two weeks at the soonest; even then, a helicopter would have difficulty fitting so many people." He saw Ash's confused expression. "You, Silver, the Pilot, I'm coming and I'm sure others will want to as well, helicopters just don't have that kind of space! And then consider that it would have to be someone we could trust to keep a secret otherwise within a week everyone will know we took a black Lugia to Shimuti Island. We'd have to travel be sea, and with a large water type, because there are no planes or ships from Pallet to the Orange Islands."

'Lapris is somewhere… large water type… Misty!' "I've got to make a phone call!" Ash exclaimed. He quickly went over to the vid-phone and dialed the number for the Cerulean Gym. "Come on- pick up! Pick up! Pick up!" he muttered under his breath until the receiver was answered. "Misty, I-" anything else that he was going to say was forgotten as he saw who had answered-it wasn't Misty, it was one of her sisters. It was the one with purple hair… Violet wasn't it?

"What is it you want with my darling little sister? I know- you must be her secret suitor who has been trying to woe her behind our backs, right?" Ash had to wonder if that was what all her scripts were about, then he remembered- they were. "That's so- SWEET! You know, you didn't have to go the secret route- though it is more romantic- we would have helped you capture Little Misty's attentions."

"Violet, who are you patronizing now?" The voice was feminine and vaguely familiar; Ash guessed that it belonged to another of Misty's sisters- Lily if he recalled correctly.

"This boy called up wanting to run away with Misty-" she answered her older sister before Ash managed to cut her off. "THAT'S NOT TRUE! I just really need Misty here right now!"

"See?" Violet asked. Lily sighed and looked at Ash. "Look, she's in the middle of a battle right now, so just tell me what you need to say to her and I'll give it to her after the battle. Also, try and think about the other ways somebody might take your sentence, it might just save you embarrassment in the future."

Ash nodded. "Tell her that 'a mutual friend from the Whirl Islands is hurt and we need to get him home and the only one who knows where to send our mutual friend is at Shamouti Island; and we need a ride there. Count on a minimum of at least four other people. But he won't be safe to move for at least two weeks.' Alright?"

"I got it, but can't you be little more clear?" Ash merely shook his head before saying his goodbyes. She was only mildly surprised when, after she related the message, Misty bolted out of the Gym, asking them to take care of it while she was away; before racing to the Pokémon Center and running off again.

File found, would you like to open it? [y] [n]

XDLog i:

Today we have succeeded in acquiring a Lugia for our Shadow Pokemon, project. Succeeded... No Exceeded! Because we have gained not one, but two Lugia! And one of them is a child. As it is in early stages it is a perfect candidate for our experiments on a growing Shadow Pokemon, our last failure has made obvious that Shadow Pokemon who are stagnant can be overcome, this outrage must not stand!

From this day forth the adult shall be XD001 and the child XD002.