Part III

Can you Fasten the strings, help me spread my wings?
Will it be too painful not knowing what the future will bring?

His blood was thundering in his ears and he was certain that she could hear his heartbeat suddenly accelerate in his chest. It accelerated so quickly, that he was surprised that he hadn't already collapsed from the speed of it.

The moment stretched infinitely, the atmosphere fully charged, and he half-expected to see electricity spark between the two of them.

She moved first…leaning in…and he quickly followed.

Their lips touched and he felt tears come to his eyes at how perfect it felt, at how perfectly her lips fit against his.

He turned his body so that they weren't at such an awkward angle, and slid his right hand up along her jawline, angling his lips against hers, trying to find that perfect spot…and there it was. And then they just sank into it, lips sliding against each other, brushing and caressing all at once, nerve endings tingling with sensation.

He moved down slightly and caught her bottom lip between his. He gently tugged and then worried it with his teeth and he heard her groan.

Her lips opened and he couldn't resist.

Quickly, without hesitation, he moved his lips back up and slipped his tongue between her teeth and found the warm wetness of her mouth.

A groan slipped from both of their lips as they got their first taste of each other.

She was heavenly.

He swiped his tongue once more through her mouth and groaned yet again as he felt her own join his. They slipped and slid against one another, reveling in every taste and texture, both of them trying to find what made the other crazy.

Reluctantly, he pulled his lips from hers and instead brushed his lips along her jawline, sliding his hand down to her shoulder, and gently nipped at her ear.

A breathy gasp was her response, and he felt the air brush past his ear as she did so.

He shivered at the delightful sensation that ran down his spine, and then went back to the delectable task of finding out how the rest of her tasted.

Slowly, he slid his lips to just beneath her ear and began to place soft kisses on the skin, alternating between soft, suckling kisses and gentle swipes of his tongue along her carotid artery where he knew she was sensitive.

JJ's hands had moved so that they were grasping his shoulders, while his had now moved to her waist, and he could feel her grip tighten each time he let his tongue linger on her skin.

Smiling to himself, he became more bold and dropped his lips further down, feeling the soft skin of the top of her breast with his lips.

There was a hitch in her voice and then he felt her hands slide to his shoulders and pull him closer in silent encouragement.

At this, he became brazen and let his tongue glide along the edge of her shirt, tracing faint patterns onto her skin, silently wishing that the material wasn't in the way. He suddenly wanted nothing more than to have her bare beneath him, the shirt beneath her gone, and the thought alone was enough to have him practically coming his pants.

He held back, but barely. Slowly, he pulled back and gently slid his lips back up her neck and over her cheek, tracing his lips up the side of her face to her forehead.

Safe, was the only thought in his mind.

Now was neither the time nor place for something like this to happen.

Both of them were emotionally compromised and he would only consider it after everything was over. After Prentiss came back, and if the feelings were still there, then they would discuss it. He had already let it get too out of hand.

Both of their breathing was labored, as though they had been running uphill, but it slowly abated…

…and then he nearly came undone once more when he felt her lips brush the side of his neck.

He pulled back and her hands moved from his shoulders down his arms and to his hands, where she then gripped them tightly.

"I know," she whispered, leaning her forehead back against his lips. "Too much, too soon."

He nodded faintly, and she slowly pulled back, but kept her grip on his fingers. Their eyes caught each other and she gave him a small, sad smile, and he returned it. Yes…they both wanted, but they needed to wait.

She stood up from the couch, her fingers still not leaving his, and then she gently tugged and he stood up as well.

Suddenly, JJ let go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his waist…and he sighed, letting his own arms wrap around her shoulders.

They stood there for a moment, taking it in, and then, finally, she pulled away completely and they broke contact.

It felt like an invisible tether was now stretched between their chests, attached at the breastbone, having been created through their few moments together. It felt like a physical ache as she walked across the floor and to the front door.

Her hand lingered on the handle for a moment, and then she looked back towards him, a faint smile on her face, but he could see the pain in her eyes.

"Hotch…Aaron," she corrected. "Thank you."

And with that, she walked out the door.

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