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A Maelstrom's Lost Property

Chapter 1: Sora no Otoshimono

A lone old man with long white hair hoisted up in a thick ponytail, black eyes with red stripes running down just under them all the way to the bottom of his jawline, he was clad in a white hospital gown and was laying in a standard bed, a heart monitor was connecting to him and let on off a steady beat every tow seconds, "Gwah! Gwah! Gwah!"

"Jii-chan!" A 7 year blonde-haired blue-eyed boy wearing a plain orange t-shirt, with beige shorts, and blue sandals on his feet, also sporting a necklace around his neck connecting to a green crystal that looked to be worth thousands if not millions, ran to the old man in peril like his life depending on it, until he was standing right beside him, "Are you ok?" The young boy asked, tears threatening to fall out his eyes at the state of his beloved Jii-san.

Jiraiya let out another hoarse cough before turning to his worried grandson, "I'm afraid Naruto...that it's my time..."

The barely held back dam of tear bursted at his Jii-san proclamation, "No Jii-san! I don't want you to go! Don't leave me!"

Jiraiya gazed at his grandson with all the love he could muster in his state, "I wish I could stay with you , but somethings are out of our control, you're understand when you're older. And wiped your eyes! You're Uzumaki, act like it!"

Naruto vigorously scrubbed the tears for his retinas away, occasionally sniffing, before they were dry, "Ok Jii-san, I know. An Uzumaki has to stay strong no matter the situation, that's our way!"

Jiraiya gave the boy a true genuine smile, " That's right my boy." Jiraiya let loose another round of violent coughs before he slumped back in his bed, knowing he has little time left, Jiraiya turn towards his grandson, "Naruto, I had a dream that I wanted to fulfill, but my time is up now, so will you do it? Will you fulfill your dying Jii-san dream?"

"I'll fulfill your dream Jii-san! That's a promise of a life!And Uzumaki never break their promises! Dattebayo!"

Jiraiya let out a strained laugh, to see the Uzumaki blood so thickly in one so young, it almost brought tears to his face, he just knew Naruto would be the only one to fulfill his dream. Jiraiya is hit by another round of violent coughs worse than the previously ones.

Tears welled up in Naruto's before he fiercely wiped them away, trying to remain strong in the presence of his Jii-san, "Jii-san, what's your dream."

With his dying breath Jiraiya told him, "My dream, no an Uzumaki's dream, one that never been able to be fulfilled... creating a harem of beautiful girls, that is our dream, and we'll leave it to you to fulfill it because we believe...in..you...Naruto..." Jiraiya's eyes slowly closed before he slumped over, unmoving.

Naruto shook Jiraiya's body as the heart monitor with flat, "Jii-san? Jii-san! JII-SAN!"

7 years later

Azure eyes fluttered open as Naruto righted himself up and yawned, "Where am I?" Glancing around for a bit, Naruto founded himself in a field of ever-going plains with clear blue sky above, not a cloud in sight.

Naruto sighed as he closed his eyes and lean his body back on the damped meadow, deciding to relax under the cool summer's breeze, "This dream again? No matter how many times I have it, it always feel so real"

Opening up his left eye, Naruto lazily gazed up at the endless blue as if waiting for something to magically appear, "Hm, where is she? Usually she would have appeared by now."

Naruto let out another sigh, while also deciding to close his left eye, "Meh, she'll get here eventually, she always comes. No use sweating it."

A shadow moves in front of Naruto, further darkening the already closed orbs, not even glancing up at the perpetrator, Naruto just huffed, "What took you so long Tenshi(Angel)-chan? You're usually here before I get here."

A melodious voice is heard in response to the teen's questioned, " Gomen for being late, Naruto-kun. There were certain matters that needed my attention, so I was a little late at arriving here."

A hint of sadness is detected in Tenshi's voice causing Naruto to grimace, he didn't mean to make the girl sad, he was just curious to her whereabouts, Without opening his eyes Naruto reached up, latched onto the girl's wrist, spinned her around and pulled her down on his lap, in less than the span of 3 seconds. The act caused a fiery red blush to grow on the girl's face, but seeing as Naruto's eyes are still closed, safe to say it went unnoticed, "No use getting sad over it Tenshi-chan. You're here now and that's all that matters."

Really it was, even though Naruto knew this was a dream, it recurred so often his whole life, that he subconsciously and then eventually consciously accepted that there must be some degree of reality here, I mean how long could you have vividly realistic dreams for without giving them some merit?


Naruto let loose a low chuckle as he finally opened his eyes to the world, the first thing he saw with his newly reacquired vision was a set of pure white white wings attached to the back of a girl with long pale blue hair wearing a long white gown, same color as her wings, that she somehow got her wings to fit into, a mystery to Naruto till this day, her feet were bare to the world around her, and let not forget to mention that she possess a shapely body. Naruto snaked his arms around her waist and pulled even closer to his body, soliciting a deeper blush out the angel(literally and figuratively), she raised her hands to cup her warm cheeks in a futile effort to cool them, " You're so cute Tenshi-chan!" Naruto voiced teasingly.

Tenshi's face became redder than a tomato after hearing Naruto, "He's been doing this for 2 years and it still affects me to this degree." Turning her head, Tenshi gazed into Naruto's orbs before voicing her mind, "Naruto-kun how many times have I told you not to pull me in your lap?" She'll never tell him but she rather enjoyed when he did it, Ahh love, but what are you going to do?

Naruto grinned, "I don't know? When did I start doing this?

"For about 2 years" Tenshi replied swiftly, without hesitation.

Naruto's grin grew, "If you really want a number close seeing as I have this dream practically everyday, just multiply 2 by 365, that should give you a close estimate. And lets be honest here, I know you like it."

Tenshi turned to the blonde with an raised eyebrow, "How so?" The angel gave Naruto her full undivided attention, curious to see what he's came up with.

Naruto gave off a look of contemplation as he taped his chin, "Well, to name a few,... well for starters, its been like 10 minutes and you still haven't moved." Naruto snaked his arms tighter around the angel to keep her from trying to escape, "Another reason, would be after awhile of me doing this, you should know its coming and seeing as we end up in the same situation every day well, that kinda answers itself doesn't?"

Naruto gave her his patented foxy grin, causing said girl to turn her head, less he see her blush, "So that doesn't prove anything."

"Riigghhtt." Naruto retorted, mirth laced in his voice, " No matter what you say, there's one reason I know you like it."

"Really now? Pray tell would that be?" Tenshi asked, while turning back to look at Naruto.

Naruto stared at her as if she grew a second head, " Because you love me, duh."

Tenshi's whole face was lighted on fire at hearing the blonde's reasoning, "W-What makes you think that?" He couldn't possibly no, could he? She's been sure that she didn't act to suspiciously around Naruto, there was no way he should have known.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Don't ask me how, I just do, but I have a feeling it has something to do with this dream world, I think it makes me more intelligent and observant sometimes."

"It does?" Well, that was certainly something to look in to.

Naruto noded in acknowledgment, "Yep! And I see you haven't denied it, so it must be true!"

Tenshi blushed(AN: What else is new?) before turning her head, facing the ground, to nervous to reply.

Naruto sighed, when you want things done I guess you have to do them yourself, Naruto wrapped his arms tighter around the girl and pulled her body closer to his, "It's okay Tenshi. I feel the same way."

The girl turn stiff in Naruto's arms for a second before she immediately relaxed against him, a smile grew on to her face as she let out a happy sigh, " Took you long enough to admit it, I thought you never would."

Naruto pulled away and shot her a curious look, "You knew? Since when?" This time Naruto was perplexed.

The angel giggled before she flipped herself around in Naruto's lap and leaned back to find a comfortable spot, finding one, she answered Naruto's question, "Ever since you started doing this. I know you can be perverted sometimes, but you never do stuff such as this with just any ol' girl, in the end it was an assumption at best."

Well damn, this whole time he thought he was playing it cool, when it was glaringly obviously, and from the first day no less, "Well, at least I'm one step closer to my dream." Naruto thought to himself, forgetting completely that he's in one.

Looking down at his angel, Naruto decide to ask her a question, "Tenshi?"


Without no hesitation Naruto responded, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Tenshi just smiled, "I would love too, you don't know how long I've been waiting to hear those words."

Naruto's face broke off to large grin, "Great! That brings one step closer to fulfilling my dream! Dattebayo!"

Tenshi couldn't help but giggle at that, she couldn't lie and say she liked his dream, but if it meant being with him, she could learn to, "Yeah, yeah Naruto-kun."

Quick as a flash, Tenshi hopped back to her feet before turning around to face Naruto, "It would seem our time is up Naruto-kun." Tenshi's pure as snow wings unfurled themselves in preparation for takeoff, "Until next time."

Naruto held his hands out urgently as he jumped up, "Wait a sec! I have to tell you something before you leave!"

Tenshi leaned her head cutely to the side before asking, "What is it Naruto-kun?"

Naruto was a blur as he pulled her towards him and descended a chaste kiss onto her lips, causing yet another blush on her cheeks, " Did you get the message?"

The world around began to fade away around them, but Naruto managed to hear the last words to leave his angel's mouth, "Hai, message received.."

Sorami High School- Night



"Naruto! Wake the hell up!"

"Wahh!" Naruto screamed as he jumped 5 feet in the air, catching his bearings, Naruto turned to where the loud voice originated from to see a busty girl, with brown hair done up to a high ponytail that cascaded down her back, clad in the school uniform, with a sour expression on her face, "Sohara-chan! A nice shake would do! You don't have to yell!"

The girl newly named Sohara snorted, "Yeah you try waking yourself up, you sleep like a freaking log! I've been yelling at you for the past 5 minutes and still nothing!" irritation clearly seen in the pissed girl's face.

"Oh ...gomen, hehe." Naruto spoke as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, what could he say, he was a heavy sleeper, it was a blessing and a curse, " To make it up to you how 'bout I buy you a snack from the convenience store, what do you say?"

The girl's mood instantly brighten up as if she was never angry, " Be sure to also get snacks for Tomo-chan too, she said that she was coming over your house with me later tonight, might as well get her something too."

Naruto looked at her confused, "Tonight?" Glancing outside, Naruto found the Sun to be almost completely set behind the horizon, "The hell?" Turning towards his friend, Naruto voice his thoughts, "Sohara-chan? How long I've been sleep?"

The girl shrugged, "Me and Tomo-chan started cleaning duty after school and you were sleep then, so maybe 4 or 5 hours."

Naruto gave her a dry look, "Gee thanks for leaving me to rot."

Sohara huffed, "Well at least I woke you up now and didn't leave you to stay all night, but anyway I'm heading to your house."

Collecting her bag from her seat, Sohara left a flabbergasted Naruto in her wake, before she strutted out the classroom. Poking her head back in, Sohara voiced happily, "Oh, don't forget the snacks Naru-kun."

A dark aura flashed around her form as her eyes glowed crimson, sending a shiver down Naruto's back, "Or there will be hell to pay."

Naruto gulped as he replied, "Y-Yes S-Sohara-chan." Naruto said nervously, scared shitless.

Instantly Sohara's face morphed back to his happy visage, "Good to know I can count on you, Naruto-kun!" With Sohara departed from the empty classroom.

Naruto sighed in relief, while he gazed solemnly at the ceiling, " Jii-san would be ashamed of me. Well. What can you do?" With that said Naruto collected his bag and made his way out the door in a brisk pace, he has a mission to complete, and by damn if he didn't do it, his life literally depended on it.

Unknown- 20 minutes later

A boy of 16 years of age, sat in a small room in front of a monitor, gazing at it intently, "If my calculation our correct, it should be arriving any moment now."

A rare, but tiny smile appeared on his face as he doubled checked the data, finding no error in it, "At last, its finally here...The New World..." With that the young boy hopped up and began to pile his equipment together for his trek to the coordinates plotted on his monitor, not once thinking he would be the second one to arrive,

Naruto, feeling bored decided to take a shortcut through the fields on his way home from the convenience store, a sour expression locked on his face, "Damn Sohara-chan always making me somehow but her shit, I'll get her back one of these days." He's not stupid, he's knows most of the time it's him offering to buy her things, but it was all in the sake of protecting his manhood, yes that's right his manhood, in the order of things of significance to Naruto's person, his junk comes before his pride any day, and any man to say otherwise was either insane or stupid, maybe even both.

Naruto is interrupted of his ramblings by a large glow coming from above him, looking up to investigate, Naruto was shocked to find huge structures of what look like to be buildings coming straight for him, seeing no where to go, Naruto waited for the inevitable, "Is...Is this how I'll die?"

"Don't give up Naruto-gaki!"

Naruto eyes widen as he they grew a faraway look, "Jii-san."

Flashback-8 years ago

"Listen carefully Naruto" Jiraiya spoke, making sure to have his rambunctious grandson's attention, "Because I'm about our family's powers."

Stars appeared in the young boys eyes, "Sugoi! We have powers! That's awesome! Dattebayo!" Screamed the hyperactive blonde.

Jiraiya couldn't help, but nod, "Yes, yes it is, anyway the power differs every generation, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger, at the same time it only unlocks in certain individuals, you follow me?"

Naruto nodded his head attentively, catching every word.

"Good, where was I? Ah yes, basically our power comes from our determination."

"Determination? What's that?" The young boy asked curiously, never before hearing that word in his short life.

"It's kinda hard to explain, but it's basically never giving up, anyway when an Uzumaki is overloaded by the feeling of determination, the restriction of humanity are taken off."

Naruto leaned his head to the side, "What do you mean?"

" Depending how strong your determination is, it multiplies all your natural abilities, by , making you stronger,faster,smarter, etc. it has been said that our founding ancestor was able to multiply his power by over 100, but those are just legends passed down through the ages."

"Sugoi! It sounds so cool! What's it called anyway?"

" It doesn't really have of name, but you could call it 'the will of the Uzumaki' if anything"

"That's too long Jii-san! Since it's all about never giving up and it boosts your body, why not call it 'Drive Boost'?" That sounded cool to Naruto, because Kami knows he had too much drive.

Jiraiya grinned as he rubbed his chin, 'Drive Boost' eh? I like it!"

Jiraiya reach out and patted his grandson's head, "You're definitely smarter than I was at your agr, I can tell you that!"

"Hehe, thanks Jii-san!"

Jiraiya pulled his hand away from the boy head and looked him right in the eye, "Since you named it, I'm expecting you to live up to it, you got? Never loose your 'Drive'!"

Naruto gave his Jii-san a grin with a thumbs up, " You got it! That's a promise of a lifetime, and an Uzumaki never goes back on their promises! Dattebayo!"


Naruto gazed in the distance, a look of clarity in his eyes, "Jii-san...it seems you've shown me the light..."

Pure determination began to flood Naruto to his very pores as his eyes began glowin azure, Naruto gazed up at stared death right into the face, without flinching, " I'll show you Jii-san..."

Naruto's new enhance vision made out the body of rapidly descending girl, moments away from hitting the ground, " My determination..."

Naruto phased repeatedly through the air, using the falling debris as stepping towards the girl's body, "My resolve..."

Naruto caught the girl in his outstretched hands and with the last f his strength, pushed his body as far away from the epidemic as he could, "And finally I'll show you my 'Drive'"

Fatigue hit Naruto in waves as felt the affect of 'Drive Boost' began to fade, looking down to the girl he saved, He noticed through his blurred vision that she had long bangs of pink hair with black highlights framing her face, but was shorter and spikier to the back, she was also wearing some type of weird armored battle suit of some sort, what really got Naruto was the set of pink wings that adorned her back.

Naruto let out a strained chuckle as he gaze out towards the epidemic of falling debris in the distance that nearly killed him, "Heh, I guess my peaceful days are over...huh..."

Naruto passed out right then I there, missing a chain connect to his left wrist from the girl's choker-like necklace and the mechanic voice saying 'imprinting complete'.


With Naruto's Uzumaki blood unlocked and his saving of the mysterious girl, you would think things couldn't get weirder? Well, you wrong...DEAD WRONG!

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