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A Maelstrom's Lost Property

Chapter 2: Touched By An Angel...oid Pt 1

Azure eyes fluttered open as Naruto righted himself up and yawned, glancing around to get his bearings, Naruto founded himself in a field of ever-going plains with clear blue sky above, not a cloud in sight, Naruto gave off a sigh, "This place again, huh?"

Anime tears began to streamed down Naruto eyes, " Why can't I ever have a wet dream? Sure I love seeing Tenshi-chan, but really everyday?"

A giggle made its way to his ears accompanying a shadow blocking the as of the sun, turning around Naruto took in the sight of his blue-haired angel, his thoughts banished once he saw her form, " You know what? Fuck wet dreams, who wants an imitation when you go the real thing?"

Sliding into a stance with his left arm stretched out in front of him with the back of his palm facing the ground, his right stretched out behind him in the same position slightly extended towards the sky, his left left sliding out in a diagonal position, while his right leg is slightly crouched, "Ohayo, Tenshi-chan! Something important has come to my attention..."

Tenshi gave Naruto a perplexed look, she originally came here to give Naruto advice on his new...companion, but as always when it comes to Naruto nothing ever happens the way it should, "Ara? What is it, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto gave off a low chuckle, " Originally, I wouldn't have done this, but since we're together now, I can go all out with no regrets." a slowly growing smirk begin to work its way up his face.

Tenshi took a single step back, " Go all out? what do you mean?"

"You're my girl now and as a man, no, as an Uzumaki not knowing your body, well that just won't do."

the smirk on his face began to warped into a lecherous grin.

Tenshi face began to lightly flush as she realized what Naruto was talking about, "Wha- What are you going to do?" Taking another step back Tenshi began to glance around looking any escape routes from her lecherous boyfriend.

Naruto gave another chuckle, "How cute. You think you can escape. It's easier to just accept it, by the end of this I will know everything about you...physically anyway."

Tenshi gave Naruto a look, "What do you mean I can't escape..." Startling realization washed over Tenshi for one she couldn't move, " What's happening my body won't move?"

" What did I say it's too late." A serious look appeared across the blonde's face, " You are already caught in my field of perversion."

A giant glowing orange spiral appeared beneath their feet with various Kanji appearing inside it as well glowing white, 'how is Naruto-kun doing this? Is it because he's an Uzumaki? Wait? What do those Kanji say?' Tenshi shouted in her head in distress, why wouldn't she? In her direct vision were the Kanji for 'bust', 'hips', 'waist, 'neck', and 'butt'. Kami knows what the ones she can't see are.

Naruto gave her a grin, "It's over." Naruto blurred behind Tenshi and grabbed her ass causing her to let out an 'eep'. Tenshi face became light red as pleasure begins to enter her, 'What happening to me?'

"Two Palms."

Naruto appeared in front of her body delivering for more taps to her in quick succession causing a growing heat inside Tenshi, "Four Palms."

Naruto began to go faster becoming a blur as he repeating touch his angel in completely inappropriately ways.

" Eight Palms!" Tenshi stiffled a moan from escaping as the heat began to grow.

"Sixteen Palms!" An audible moan is her from the angel as she began to pant in exertion.

" Thirty-Two Palms!" The heat in her core began to grow unbearable as she felt herself almost reaching her breaking point, ' I..I can't hold it back any longer!'

"Eight Trigrams! Sixty-Four Palms!" With the final strikes, the dam that was Tenshi's will broke, "I'm cumming!"

Naruto stop himself as he look at her with a blank look, "Eh?"

Tenshi collapsed to her knees panting as she tried to ride out the... flood, a couple of seconds later, Tenshi shakily gaze up at Naruto, face cherry red, "Wha-.. what was that..."

Seeing that she was basically sitting, Naruto decided to as well, " Being an Uzumaki male gives me certain advantages over regular males. An Uzumaki male can determine a woman's three sizes by just glancing at her."

Glancing over to make sure she was paying attention, Naruto found her gaze directly on him with a slight glaze in her eyes, he also got the feeling she was eying him like a piece of meat, but he couldn't be certain, "Go on."

"Well the technique I just used is called Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms it identifies and targets the various erogenous points on the body of anyone this technique was used on. There are 3 types of erogenous points; the green, which are incredibly docile registering between 1 to 4 out of 10, so to speak, the yellow, which is mid-range registers between 5 to 8, and finally the red, which 8 to... you know there's really no cap depends on the girl. What the technique basically did was completely map out your body to me for future reference, if you catch my drift." Naruto finished, wagging his eyebrows.

Tenshi gave Naruto a deadpanned look at his explanation, "You ancestors were perverts, Naruto-kun."

Naruto scoffed, " Pff, we Uzumaki take that as praise. We maybe perverts, but we always keep are women satisfied because we know all the right places to touch. It also helps that we're are packing down there. You ever heard the expression 'Once you go black you never go back?' We personify that, except we're not black... Not like I don't like black people or anything! Heck, my author's black and we're homies!"


"Damnit Naruto if its not one of you its the other! The forth wall is barely standing up as it is, it can't take much more!"

"I'm sorry the person you are trying to reach is busy or out of service leave a message after the beep. Beep."

"... Fuck this, I'm going to bed, Its been a long day and I'm tired. Later."

"I'll ask again who is author? And why were you talking to yourself?"

Naruto just sighed and pulled Tenshi in his lap patting her head softly, "Don't worry your pretty head about that. Ah... Such a beautiful day."

Tenshi shook her head, why did the man she love have to be so strange, " There's something I need to tell you."

"Shoot. I'm all ears."

"The angel that's with you, treasure her, never let her go."

Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, " Of course! I'll never let you go! Where ever you are now one day I will find you. I'll line the pieces up..."

Naruto grasped to both her hands with, "Yours and mine... That's a promise of a lifetime."

Tenshi face was cherry red once again, Naruto may have misinterpreted what she was asking in the first place doesn't mean he gave the wrong answer, far from it actually, leaning back and lightly squeezing his hand, Tenshi replied, " That's not necessarily what I meant when I told you that, I was talking about that girl you saved."


"You know the girl you caught out of the sky by using your family's bloodline?"

Naruto face scrunched up in concentration before realization washed over his face, "Oh yeah, I remember that now! Did you how awesome I was? That's what I call jumping through the air like a boss!"

Tenshi moved her hands in front of her mouth as she let out light giggle, "Yes I did see."

The angel quickly made her way to her feet, turned around an gave a small smile to Naruto, "It would seem our times up, Naruto-kun. Please watch after that girl...for me?"

Hopping to his feet, Naruto look at his angel girlfriend, "Fine.. you're lucky you're cute and that I love you." Call Naruto crazy, but he would swear to Kami he heard someone making a whipping sound.

" I love you too Naruto-kun."

"Hm, how about a kiss before you go?" Naruto asked giving her the puppy-eyes.

Tenshi sighed, she couldn't say no to that look, "Fine, hurry we don't have much time left."

Naruto grinned, works everytime, making his way towards his angel, Naruto was about to plant a big wet one, when suddenly everything faded and the scream of irate girl yelling 'Naru-kun! Wake the hell up' sends Naruto to the waking world.

Groaning, Naruto sits up planning to kill the person who dare cock-block him, if you could call a kiss cock-blocking.

' Whoever it is they better have a damn good reason for breaking in my house, on a Saturday no less' Opening his eyes, Naruto comes face to face with his two childhood friends, one looking calm and collected, and the other well... lets just say she wasn't a happy camper.

Naruto took one look at Sohara before he uttered the first thing that came to mind, " Do you know what time it is, I don't but I know it's not time for me to wake up. Wait a minute scratch that there's something more vitally important than that."

Naruto leaned his face closer towards Sohara, a blush dusting her cheeks lightly, "How the fuck did you get in?"

" I let them in Master. Your memories show that these our close acquaintances of yours.

Naruto looked over to see the girl he saved last night, the one his girlfriend told him to take care of, " Who are you."

" I'm a Pet-Class, Type Alpha, Ikaros. Command me Master, your wish is my desire."

Sohara glared back at Naruto in anger and confusion, while Tomoko remained quies observing scene, no doubt something comical was abou to occur.

Feeling the killer intent in the air Naruto lock his eyes with his tsundere of a childhood, "Wait! I have no idea what she is talking about! I only saved her last night! Please don't hurt me!" Naruto raised his hands in an effort to defend himself from Sohara's righteous female fury onlt to hear a rattle, opening his eyes Naruto sees a chain wrapped around his wrist connected to the choker of weird angel-like girl, " Ikaros-chan, what is this?" Naruto asked holding his hand in the air.

Ikaros gave a slight glance before replying, "That chain shows that I am your property Master."

Killer intent suddenly flooded the room as a purple aura ensnares Sohara in its grasp, her face darkens but one shining red orb of pure malice is seen focusing on Naruto, as if thinking of the numerous ways to brutally kill him, "Property you say?"

Naruto gazed towards the sky, a melancholy expression on his face, 'Why, Kami why?'

"Don't worry Naru-kun." The demon possess girl spoke, " I'll promise to make it as painful as possible."

Naruto turned to Tomoko, his hand stretched out giving her a pleading look. His heart shattered when said girl turned as if he didn't exist, "Tomo-chan, first Kami, now you?"

Naruto's terror grew to an all time height as the demon possessed girl slowly approach him, "This hurts me more than its going to hurt you."


10 seconds later



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