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Summary: After being attacked by Frostfire, Goldwing wakes up days later at the enemy's territory. While there, he learns a very awful secret. In the meantime, Bearclaw is finally welcomed back to his home Clan as a hero.

Publishing Date: March 7, 2012

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The Revival

A drop of water landed directly on the eyes of Avatar Cat Goldwing, making him groan as he sat up. The golden AirClan warrior tom winced at the mild pain he felt on his body; there appeared to be bandages covering his body and left hind leg. He stared down at the floor, his vision blurry and his head swaying.

Goldwing could recall what happened: EarthClan had fallen, and he had somehow survived an attack from FireClan cats. He thanked StarClan for sparing him to let him save the world, but he felt confused at where he was.

"Wha...what happened? Where am I?" he rasped, laying his tail on his aching belly.

The golden tom looked to the side as he smelt a familiar and awful odor; this made him realize what kind of ship he was on. There was red all around him, and FireClan symbols were glowing as brightly as the sun. He turned behind him to see the large tapestry with the FireClan insignia hanging on the wall behind him.

"Great StarClan, no!" he croaked, scrambling out of the nest he was lying in.

He tried to move his hind leg so that it could get him to move faster. But his left hind leg was still aching from a vicious lightning attack; it had time to recover. Goldwing reached the metal door ahead of him, opened it, and looked around in the empty hallway. There was no one there, to his relief.

So Goldwing hobbled into the hallway and limped down the dimly lit hallway, reeling from side to side while using his staff for a crutch. He could not bear the great pain that shot through every pawstep that he took. Goldwing wished for more than anything at the moment to get the pain away from him.

But just as he started to go around a corner, he heard a deep voice meow, "You hear somethin'?"

FireClan cats! Goldwing gasped silently. He peeped out from around a corner to see two cats in armor: one small and one as big as a badger. The big cat appeared to be carrying a club in its jaws.

Goldwing went back around the corner to avoid being seen by the two FireClan cats. Taking a big breath, he hobbled out from behind the corner, swung his staff, and Bended a strong gust of wind at the warriors. The warriors shielded themselves from the attack while Goldwing turned about and started to flee down the corridor.

"Hey! He's awake!" the big cat was yowling.

Panting, Goldwing kept on limping faster as he tried to get away, still using his staff as a crutch. He dared to look behind him and was horrified to see the two FireClan cats rounding around the corner to him.

"Stop! Wait!"

Goldwing ignored their cries and kept limping on. He came to a small flight of stairs leading to the deck and climbed up, still ignoring the calling. Then Goldwing tried to jump off the steps and onto the deck, but he ended up falling down. He lost his grip on his staff, and it slithered cleanly across the deck. The dark sky showed that it was night.

A stronger and strange scent entered Goldwing's nose, making him recoil at the smell. Then he saw what it was: two FireClan cats with capes, and Goldwing gasped when he saw who was with them. It was Tobias, his pet red-tailed hawk. He was cawing with small spasms of delight as the FireClan cats tickled the top of his head just as they looked down at the staff.

"Tobias?" Goldwing mewed with shock. Did Tobias betray us and join FireClan?

The cats and Tobias turned around to see him limping towards them with shock. But to his relief, Tobias lifted himself off the bigger cat's shoulder and flew over to Goldwing, happily cawing as he landed on his shoulder. From the purrs of the two FireClan cats, they were amused by this sight.

"I hope that's you there, Twinkletoes!"

At the familiar voice, Goldwing looked up to see two she-cats running towards him. The one who called him by his nickname was a small black she-cat with blind milky-green eyes. And the other she-cat was a pretty silver she-cat with a white chest, white paws, dark blue eyes, and a blue fox-fang necklace. Goldwing blinked at the familiar sight of them; both of them were wearing red capes.

He looked around him to see other cats gathering around him, and that included the big and small warrior cats in the ship. But they turned out to be Tiny and The Dude, two ginger-&-white toms and former Freedom Fighters.

The two other warriors removed their armor; Goldwing recognized the blue-gray tabby tom as Volefoot, a friend of Silverheart's father. But the second cat, a dark gray tom with one pale blue eye and one dark blue eye, was a strange to him.

"Goldwing! You're awake!" Silverheart purred, padding to him.

"Are you sure?" Goldwing mewed as he yawned. "Am I dreaming?"

Silverheart shook her head as her eyes filled with joyous tears. "No. You're awake at last," she purred, throwing him into a hug and catching him off guard.

"Yeah!" Nightpaw mewed, looking excited. "Good to see you again!"

Goldwing blinked at the black she-cat. "Yeah...you too, Nightpaw."

Nightpaw looked at him as if he had insulted her. "Nightpaw? Who the hell is this Nightpaw cat? I'm called Nightfoot now. I got my warrior name a few nights ago."

But before Goldwing could say something else, a voice meowed, "Goldwing! Good to see ya back in the living, pal!"

Silverheart let the golden cat go, and a dark gray tabby tom covered in armor padded over. The dark gray tabby clapped his shoulder with a hefty forepaw that almost knocked him down.

"A-Ashfeather?" Goldwing mewed, looking at the brother of Silverheart in confusion.

But all of a sudden, the world around him started to sway back and forth before him. All these situations, all the switching sides...they were all too confusing. With a grunt of pain, he keeled over to the ground, his dark gray eyes glazed.

"Mouse-dung! He's gonna fall! Someone catch him!" Nightfoot's mew rang through his head.

The last thing he felt before he fainted was the touch of teeth struggling to hold his scruff. And the last thing he heard before he fainted was the groan of Archie, his white-furred Asian Lung dragon. And at last, he felt himself vanishing in blackness once again.


The moon shone brightly through the clouds on this cool greenleaf night. A large dark brown tabby tom looked up at the moon, praying silently for his warrior ancestors. But there were no stars glittering down on him, for they were perhaps angry at what he did. However, that didn't matter to him.

Bearclaw sighed as he breathed in the crisp greenleaf air, feeling relieved on the inside. He was finally going home, to his father's Clan, where he would be seen as a hero. But a nagging truth tugged at the back of his mind: he had betrayed his uncle Irontail in the process. He recalled this ship rushing through the sea past the mountains of the Great White Pass on the other side.

"Aren't you cold?"

Whirling around on the spot, Bearclaw turned to see Rose padding towards him. Her dark brown tortoiseshell fur was glowing a pale gray in the moonlight, and her amber eyes, usually so dull and lifeless, were now warm and kind. Bearclaw also saw that she was carrying a red blanket in her jaws.

"I've got a lot on my mind for the moment," he sighed. "It's been so long. Over a year or so, and I'm finally going home. I wonder how everything's changed. I wonder...how I've changed?" he added, lowering his head.

"I was just asking if you were cold or not. I didn't ask for your life story." Despite her tone, there was a bit of a purr in her voice, and her eyes were still warm. She smiled a bit as she rubbed her short pelt against Bearclaw's thicker fur, mewing, "So stop worrying, okay? You'll be fine."

Then, not much to his surprise, she looked into his eyes, amber eyes gazing into each other. Rose then leaned up to him and licked him very gently on the eye scar on the left side of his face. She pulled away from him, giving him a small wink as she padded away to the cabin of the ship.

Bearclaw felt a small purr rise inside his throat. Rose had become his mate back in BoulderClan, where they spent a night together in peace. However, he knew that she was his sister Frostfire's friend, which meant she would have to spend time with her, plotting something big.

He closed his eyes and sighed, trying to think over what had happened. But most importantly, he had a bit of a nagging affect in the back of his brain. And a searing question burned in his mind.

Was it all worth it?


"Why're we on a FireClan ship? Why is everyone dressed like this? And why am I the only one out of it?"

Goldwing had finally woken back up to hear what the others had to say. Archie had curled up beside his master, nudging him occasionally with his muzzle. Right before him, another warrior tossed him a red cape to wear as a disguise.

"Calm down, all right?" Silverheart's soft mew made him stop. "You got hurt pretty bad back at BoulderClan. And besides..." Her cheeks went red as she mewed, "...I like your black stripes."

This made Goldwing drop the finch he was eating from, bird meat falling from his mouth. "I-I have black stripes? Where's a bowl of water at?"

Silverheart nudged one over to him, and Goldwing sat down in front of his, his forelegs wrapped around it. He gave a startled gasp when he saw that his forelegs were black-striped instead of plain golden. When he saw his reflection, he gave a shocked yowl of surprise.

His fur was no longer pure golden, the golden shine he had taken pride in being named. It was instead, as Silverheart said, golden with black stripes racing around his body like a tiger. The black stripes even raced over the white arrow stripes on his head and his forepaws, hiding them almost from view.

"H-How long was I asleep for?" he asked Silverheart.

"Around a half-moon," Silverheart admitted, chuckling awkwardly.

"Everything okay?"

It was the dark gray tom with the strange-colored eyes speaking. He looked similar to Goldwing in the way his shoulders were shaped like Ashfeather's, and he seemed to have Silverheart's ear shape.

Silverheart, in the meantime, turned away from him. "We're fine, Dad."

So this is Emberstar, Goldwing mused, looking over at the WaterClan leader.

Emberstar gave a purr as he dipped his head towards the Avatar Cat. "It's good to meet you at last, Goldwing. My name is Emberstar, the leader of the southern WaterClan. I am also the father of Silverheart and Ashfeather."

"He already knows who you are, damn it!" Silverheart growled, her voice filled with annoyance. "I called you 'Dad' just now, right?"

Goldwing winced at this. Wasn't his crush happy to see her father after moons of separation and sorrow? Now she was acting as if he was nothing but a stranger to her.

"I suppose you're right," Emberstar replied, not paying attention to his daughter's cursing.

"It's okay," Goldwing meowed, tiredly getting up onto his paws as he dipped his head down awkwardly. "It's a great honor to officially meet you."

Emberstar bowed back. "And I to you."

But Silverheart began to suddenly push Emberstar away, growling, "All right, all right already! Now that you two finally met, do you mind giving us some privacy?"

"Well...not at all. Go ahead," her father replied as he looked mildly surprised.

The dark gray tom got up from his spot and padded away, pausing only to stroke Archie on the forehead with his tail. Goldwing looked over in confusion at Silverheart, who was glaring sternly over at where Emberstar, and he was surprised to see sullenness in her eyes. She seemed to be mad at him for no reason of any kind; he could even feel the leader's gaze on their pelts.

When Emberstar was out of earshot, Goldwing took the chance to meow, "Hey, Silverheart? Are you mad at your dad or something?"

"Huh? No, not at all. What makes you say that?" Silverheart muttered.

"It's just that...you seem kinda...never mind," the golden AirClan warrior replied. He didn't want to make her even angrier than she must have already felt.

But when he finished speaking, he let out a groan and keeled to the deck, the pain in his belly once again returning. It was the same pain he had felt when he had first woken up from his half-moon sleep. Turning around and seeing his pain, Silverheart seemed to forget to be angry at her father and leader.

She gently nudged him to his paws and murmured, "How about we get you into your nest? You need a healing session."

That sounds good right now... Goldwing thought with a sigh. He struggled a bit some more until he was standing up, despite feeling a bit wobbly on his paws. Leaning against Silverheart, he let her escort him carefully back to his room.


Goldwing laid out on his nest, his forelegs and hind legs spread out to give Silverheart access to his wound. He felt the stinging pain running from his throat to his left hind leg, and he winced as Silverheart ran a forepaw down it. The silver she-cat sat in front of him, Bended the water out of two bowls on either side of Goldwing, and laid her paw on the scar.

Noticing the pain on his face, Silverheart mewed, "Tell me where it hurts."

"A...a little higher," he grunted, squeezing his eyes shut from the pain.

Then suddenly...right when he shut his eyes, he saw the memories.

He could recall going into the Avatar Cat State during a battle in a crystal tomb in BoulderClan. But he could also recall being sliced across the belly by Frostfire, the deputy of FireClan, with a lightning attack. The memory of it striking him had made him shiver a bit. But he relaxed just a bit when he could remember Silverheart trying to heal the wound on his bloody body.

As Silverheart placed her paw back on his belly after the small tremor, Goldwing mewed, "Wow. You're definitely at the right spot."

"There's a lot of blocked energy around that spot," Silverheart mewed, feeling around it. "How about we see if I can..."

While meowing this, the silver WaterClan warrior pulled the healing water up and away from his scar. Goldwing felt a tiny bit better; being healed by her healing powers always made him feel much better.

But suddenly, he let out a groan of agony as he arched his back agonizingly. Flashes of lightning flashed before his eyes as the golden cat remembered getting struck by lightning, feeling the world around him grow black quickly. But as he had woken up for a short time, he remembered looking into Silverheart's beautiful dark blue eyes.

"I-I went down!" Goldwing mewed, sitting up fast. "I didn't just get hurt, right? It was worse than that. I...I was dead. But...you brought me back to life."

Silverheart looked modest. "Don't give me any credit on that. I just used the Moonpond water from the North Pole. I don't know exactly how I did it, though."

Goldwing rasped on, "But you saved me. I...I don't know what to say."

"Try and get some rest," Silverheart murmured, gently nuzzling his face with her muzzle.

She laid him back down onto his nest and padded away, looking back over her shoulder once. Thankful for Silverheart for saving his life, Goldwing curled up into a ball and closed his eyes.


"Your deputy Frostfire, clever and beautiful, disguised herself as the enemy and infiltrated EarthClan's capital. In BoulderClan, she found her brother Bearclaw, and together, they faced the Avatar Cat. The Avatar Cat fell, and EarthClan fell."

Bearclaw listened to those words ring out, twitching his new patched-up black ear. Before they headed back for the ceremony, Frostfire had made a pit trap for a panther to fall into. When the big black cat was dead, Frostfire leaped into the pit, cut off one of its ears, and leaped out again. With that done, she had some warriors stitch the black ear onto Bearclaw's missing ear and made sure it was cut so that it looked like a normal cat's ear.

Right now, he was at the FireClan capital city and harbor. Lo and Li, two old hairless tabby she-cats, were seated on top of a very high veranda at the royal city square, facing a large crowd of FireClan cats. Behind them was a large archway filled with flames, which Bearclaw was sitting behind; Frostfire was with the two elders.

Lo and Li went on, "Frostfire's warriors and agents quickly overtook the entire city. They went to BoulderClan's great walls and brought them down! The armies of FireClan surged through the wall and swarmed over BoulderClan, securing our victory for moons to come."

Before he left the city, Bearclaw could recall the Tai Kwan, Frostfire's agents, sliding down the wall, using EarthBending to weaken it. They landed on the ground and sprang forth, slamming their paws into the wall and causing a large section of it to collapse. When that was done, many FireClan cats stormed into the city, attacking those who opposed them.

As they had stalked through the city streets, he could see many cats cringing from them in fright; they included Jade, a she-cat he had dated before, and the owner of a cream shop. There was also a dark gray-&-white tom cringing away, chewing on his claws in fear. To end the vision, there was a group of six cats, the three kits in the group mewling as they watched the patrols stalk in front of them.

"Now your great heroes have returned," Lo and Li went on. "Presenting...Frostfire, who is going to let her brother be the deputy in her place!"

"Frostfire! Frostfire!" the cats cheered as the black she-cat stared down at the crowd, pride filling her bright yellow eyes.

Lo and Li finished the speech, "And after a long year of absence, your long-awaited new deputy has come home! Bearclaw!"

"Bearclaw! Bearclaw!" the voices chanted.

Seeing this as his cue, Bearclaw stalked forward and leaped onto the railing, looking down at the cheering crowd. He had done it; he was now the deputy of his Clan, FireClan. At first, he was quite worried about not getting an apprentice, but he was assured that he would get one soon.

But as for Darkstar...he could not wait to see his father again. It had been many moons...


The next morning, when the sun was shining brightly, Goldwing had woken up to the delicious smell of birds roasting. He had padded outside his nest and found everyone on deck, tearing into roasted pheasants they seemed to have caught. Goldwing supposed that the warriors had stopped by some land to hunt for a bit.

Seeing the Avatar Cat come over to them, two cats (Emberstar and Nightfoot) picked a pheasant up and brought it over to him. Goldwing gratefully took it over to his friends and sank his fangs into the crispy bird meat. It felt very good on his tongue after days of not eating.

"So what happened while I was knocked out?" Goldwing asked anyone.

"A lot happened since that," Ashfeather meowed. "After what happened at BoulderClan, we had to get you to safety. We flew back to Iguana Bay, where we found our dad and the other warriors of our Clan. Cavestar decided to travel the world in disguise, so he set off alone. ...well, not very alone, actually; Yogi went with him. Soon, the bay was overrun with FireClan ships. Rather than fighting them all, we captured a single ship and made it our disguise. Since then, we've travelled west."

He pulled out a map and pointed to Iguana Bay, moving his paw across the Great White Pass. "We crossed through the Great White Pass just a few sunrises ago. We've seen a few FireClan ships here and there, but they just left us alone."

Goldwing tiled his head to one side, praying inside for Cavestar to have a safe journey through the world. "So what now? What do we do from here?"

"Well, we've been working on a revised version of the invasion plan," Emberstar began.

"It's Ashfeather's invasion plan," Silverheart growled, sounding annoyed.

Seriously? What the hell is she angry at her father for? Goldwing wondered.

Emberstar blinked a few time, looking mildly miffed at his daughter's behavior. "You're right. It IS Ashfeather's invasion plan. Anyways, without the warriors of EarthClan, we won't be able to mount a massive invasion. But we still have an advantage over them: the solar eclipse will still make FireClan vulnerable."

"So as of right now, we're planning a smaller invasion," Ashfeather added. "It's just gonna be an assorted team of our friends and allies we met on our journey. We already ran into Tiny and The Dude in the woods."

"It's good to see you again, Goldwing!" Tiny purred, sinking his huge fangs into a pheasant. The Dude, who was now nearly the size of Nightfoot, was nodding along with his bigger friend.

Ashfeather purred, his voice dropping to a whisper, "But the eclipse isn't our best advantage! We have a secret: you!"

Goldwing felt confused at this. "Me?"

"Yeah! Every Clan cat thinks you're dead!" Ashfeather purred, his tail waving back and forth. "Isn't that great?"

This made Goldwing spit out his pheasant in shock. He couldn't believe it; the whole world now thought he was dead when he really wasn't. The Clans' savior was still alive, yet no one knew it, and he was supposed to save them all!

Great StarClan! What next?


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Goldwing looked over the side of the ship as it slowly came close to a nearby island. It still bothered him of how the world thought he was dead; it was even more disturbing than when he had woken up from being in the White Stone.

He glared over his shoulder and growled at Ashfeather, "You said that it was a GOOD thing everyone thought I was dead? How the hell is that good? It's terrible!"

"No, listen! It really IS great!" Ashfeather insisted. "It means FireClan won't hunt us like mice anymore. And even better, they won't expect you on The Day of Dark Sun."

"No, no, no, no, no. You have no idea. This is so screwed up!" Goldwing spat, thinking things could not get any worse.

As if reading his mind, the sound of a ship's horn blasted out from the skyline. Ashfeather turned his head around to look for the source of the noise. Goldwing felt the hairs on the back of his neck bristle; he hadn't had this much action ever since he was knocked out.

So he pulled out his claws and growled, "I'll handle this. The Avatar Cat has returned!"

Goldwing grabbed his glider staff from the side and slammed it on the floor, opening its wings. However, it caused him to flinch in pain and fall onto his side. Bearing through it, the golden tom grabbed the glider's wings and prepared to take off.

"Wait." Silverheart's mew made him look over at her. "They don't know we're FireClan cats. Remember?"

But Goldwing just glared at her in indignation, in the manner of a grounded kit. Despite that, he knew he would never try to upset with her, and there was no arguing there. So he had no choice but to sigh and pad away from the patrol, which was going forward to greet the enemy patrol.

He could hear Emberstar call, "Now calm down. Volefoot and I will handle this." Then he looked over to see the WaterClan leader and his deputy donning their FireClan helmets.

Tiny, who was wrapped in a large piece of tarp, was holding The Dude in his jaws like he was carrying a kit. But the smaller ginger-&-white tom didn't mind this at all; instead, he squealed with amusement as Tiny tossed him up onto Archie's shoulder. The Dude grabbed the piece of tarp his friend tossed up and spread it out over himself and Archie. As they settled into the cargo pit, Tobias flew in after them both.

Goldwing crouched low with them, not wanting to stay behind, as Nightfoot settled beside him. To make him feel better, Silverheart and Ashfeather joined them in the cargo pit. They watched on as Emberstar and Volefoot set out for their mission.

"I hate not doing anything," Goldwing growled, letting his claws slide out.

"Hopefully, you don't need to," Nightfoot muttered.

Splashing told him that the ships were stopping parallel to each other. A bridge lowered down across the gap between the two. Goldwing poked his muzzle out to see a gray tabby FireClan cat crossing the ship, numerous scars turning his jaws into a snarl. Two FireClan cats followed their patrol leader closely behind.

As they padded up to Emberstar and Volefoot, who glanced at each other, Goldwing let out a low growl. He felt his new ginger fur bristle, partly thankful for his new black stripes.

"Commander, why are you off course?" the gray tabby cat meowed when he reached the two FireClan cats. "All western fleet ships are supposed to be moving toward BoulderClan to support the occupation."

"Actually, we're just from the eastern fleet," Emberstar replied. "We have received a message to deliver some cargo, that's all."

The gray tabby nodded. "Ah, the eastern fleet. Well, nice of Dashingwind to let us know he was sending one of his ships our way. Good for him."

Volefoot nodded. "I'm sure Dashingwind means no disrespect."

"I mean, how hard is it to write a message and send a falcon to us?" the gray tabby cat added, rolling his yellow eyes.

Emberstar nodded with his deputy. "We'll send over two falcons next time to give you another message."

The southern WaterClan leader and the FireClan warrior nodded before stalking away in their respective directions. Goldwing was about to mutter something else when Nightfoot flicked her tail at him to be quiet. Quickly, he fell silent, for as soon as the two FireClan warriors stalked away, the ginger-&-gray cat with him started to mutter something.

"Uh, sir? Dashingwind has been at Great Palm Island for his vacation for two moons," the ginger-&-gray tom was mewing.

The gray tabby tom started at him in shock. "What the...? Why doesn't anyone tell me anything? Something's not right. They should've known. I think this is just a captured ship." Whispering, he growled, "Just stay quiet until we're safely across the ramp. Then we're going to sink this ship!"

In the darkness of the cargo pit, Goldwing could hear Nightfoot gasp at the last sentence. Then, without warning, the black-furred warrior sprang up from the cargo pit and swung her muzzle at the FireClan warriors.

"They know!"

As she yowled this, Nightfoot thrust her paws down towards the floor. To Goldwing's shock, she was grabbing the metal with her claws and twisting it. As quick as a flash, Nightfoot Bended a fissure in the metal, leading all the way up to the bridge. The bridge buckled, and the officer and the warriors lost their balance just as the bridge fell out from underneath them. The warriors and their officer were yelling in fear, falling into the water below.

Silverheart leapt out of the cargo pit and Bended a small mountain of water up between the ships. She turned around in a circle and thrust her tail forward. The water slammed into the side of the other ship, knocking it back several cat-lengths. The water crashed onto the enemy ship's deck, and the stolen FireClan ship began to make its escape. Peeking out, Goldwing saw a rope ladder being tossed over the side of the FireClan ship to the officer and the warriors floating in the sea. The gray tabby officer grabbed on with his claws and teeth and began to climb.

When will it be MY turn?


The ducks waited patiently in the pond as Bearclaw gingerly took a piece of bread in his jaws and tossed it to them. After he had come home to the capital city of FireClan, the very first thing Bearclaw did was check to see how the ducks his mother took care of were. The mother duck, who was one of the ducklings from long ago, led her ducklings over to the bread and helped them gobble it up.

Suddenly, an approaching shadow caused the ducks to quack with fright and swim away. The shadow belonged to Frostfire, whom the ducks seemed to not like that much. Bearclaw looked up at his littermate as she approached him.

"You seem tense," Frostfire meowed. "Has Rose gotten to you lately? Actually, Rose seems to be in a weirdly good mood lately."

Bearclaw blushed about it, but that wasn't what bothered him. Out loud, he admitted, "I haven't seen our father yet. It's been a year since I last saw him...since I was exiled."

"So what?" Frostfire asked him as if she dared to ask him a question.

"So I didn't get the Avatar Cat," Bearclaw sighed.

Frostfire rolled her golden-yellow eyes. "Who cares about that? The Avatar Cat's dead, and we can assure he'll be damned to Hell. Unless if you think he's amazingly still alive?"

Bearclaw looked down and away from his sister, thinking about what she said. His thoughts had zoomed back to what Silverheart, the silver WaterClan she-cat, had told him back in the crystal catacombs. He even remembered what she had told him about getting rid of his burn scar for him.

"This is water from the Moonpond at the North Pole," Silverheart once told him. "It has some special healing properties, so I was saving it for something important. I guess this is important too. I don't know if this will work, but..."

Snapping his eyes open, Bearclaw realized that she would not want to heal his scar after how he had betrayed her. However, that would only be her problem, not his.

So he muttered, "...no. I don't think he survived."

Frostfire stared at him through narrowed eyes, as if she didn't believe him. Bearclaw glared back at her as if he dared her to go ahead and challenge him. However, she just shrugged and turned her back on him.

"Then what's there to worry about?" Frostfire meowed, stalking away.

Plenty, Bearclaw thought. But this should be a day of celebration...right?


A FireBender moved back after kindling an oily rock loaded onto a trebuchet. The trebuchet was fired and the flaming ammo was flung into the air towards the stolen FireClan ship. The lit-up rock hit the water, just missing the stolen ship. The FireClan ship fired again at the stolen ship, and the flaming boulder hit the hull. Everyone on the ship tried to regain their balance as it tipped to one side.

Nightfoot entered an EarthBending stance as The Dude stood behind her. "Load the cannons!" the black she-cat called.

Tiny was shoving a big stone disc over to the two small cats, setting the stone disc in front of Nightfoot. The EarthClan warrior took two steps forward, slamming her left front paw into the floor and popping the disc into the air in front of her. She turned around in a full spin and shoved the stone disc with her forepaws, shooting it at the enemy ship. The stone disc flew across the water towards the real FireClan ship. It hits the trebuchet, demolishing it.

Another trebuchet was soon being fired. Nightfoot reacted with launching another disc. The flaming boulder and the stone disc collided in the air and exploded.

"Come on..." Goldwing growled through gritted teeth, kneading his paws on the floor. "I have to get out there!"

He and Ashfeather were hiding inside the hall leading to the bridge, both on either side of the doorway leading out to the deck. Outside the hall, a fireball hit the water and caused a big splash. Goldwing attempted to run out and help in the battle, but Ashfeather grabbed his tail with his teeth and shook his head, stopping the golden tom. Goldwing stalked back to his hiding spot and knocked his head against his staff in frustration.

A ballista on the enemy FireClan ship was pointing downwards and firing. The chained metal projectile shot into the water and punctured the hull of the stolen ship. Goldwing could feel the metal ship creak as water began to rush in. If nothing was done soon, everyone on the ship would drown.

Silverheart stood at the edge of the deck looking down at the breach. She waved her feathery tail upwards, pushed her forepaws down, and exhaled some freezing mist towards the hole in the hull. The mist descended down the ship toward the breach, and the hole now froze over.

"I'll give us some cover!" she yowled, holding her tail down as she pushed down the water between the ships.

A cloud of mist formed and rose up. Silverheart lifted her tail up and Bended a huge cloud of mist into the air. She pushed her forepaws out, making the mist float behind the stolen ship, clouding the view. Now the mist was engulfing both ships.

I wish I can help her right now, Goldwing thought mutinously. He wanted to help the she-cat he loved no matter how hard the situation was.

Nightfoot, The Dude, Volefoot, and Emberstar looked up as they stood on deck. All four cats ran when a fireball pierced through the mist. Tiny was standing by a load of stone discs, dropping a disc he was holding and running away just before the fireball smashed into the pile of discs. Both Goldwing and Ashfeather crouched low, still hiding. They were both shaken by the last attack as the debris and smoke flew past the doorway.

"That's it! I won't stand by and do nothing!" Goldwing spat, rushing towards the battlefield.

"Goldwing! No!" He felt teeth grab his tail yet again as Ashfeather pulled him back. When the Avatar Cat turned to glare at the dark gray tabby, Ashfeather explained, "You're still hurt. And besides, you have to stay secret. Let US handle it."

Goldwing growled "Fine," and stalked back into the hallway. He snatched up his staff and stalked away from Ashfeather, who was giving him a look of concern.

But there was another explosion, and Ashfeather was caught in a wave of smoke. The two ships were now exiting the mist cloud. Another fireball was fired from the enemy ship, and it hit the back end of the stolen ship's deck. Silverheart looked away to shield herself from the attack as the engine caught on fire. The silver warrior Bended water up from below and threw it at the fire, extinguishing it.

"Hey, Ashfeather! How we doing over here?" Nightfoot called.

Ashfeather called, "Well, things can't get much worse, can they?"

As if answering that question, a large gray shape shot out of the water and towered above them, roaring. Goldwing recognized the creature as the gray plesiosaur from the Great White Pass; what it was doing far away from there was a mystery. But right now, it was angry...and hungry.

"Aww! StarClan just loves to prove me wrong, doesn't it?" Ashfeather whined.

Nightfoot called, "You make it so easy!"

The plesiosaur was about the strike when a fireball from the enemy ship struck it in the head; this created a charred mark on its eye where the fireball hit. Its teeth bared as saliva dripped into the water, the prehistoric beast dove down into the water. As soon as it disappeared, it emerged near the enemy ship and wrapped its long neck around the vessel.

Ashfeather looked very shocked to see the plesiosaur attacking the other ship. He, Silverheart, and Tiny slowly moved away from the sight of the behemoth attacking the enemy ship.

"Thank you, StarClan!" Ashfeather called.

But Goldwing could not praise StarClan. If they were to really help, they would let him fight along with his friends! He had to admit, though, that they had handled the situation well without him; was this what his friends had done while he was knocked out? But still, he wished he was part of that battle.


There are things in life you'll learn and

In time you'll see

Cause out there somewhere

It's all waiting

If you keep believing

Goldwing's belly growled as he laid down in his nest and stared up at the ceiling. Except for the pheasant he had that morning, he hadn't had anything to eat all day. He pawed feebly at the drop of water dropping from the ceiling, thankful for whenever he lapped it up. But he still wanted to help his friends out with the battle, despite the battle being hours ago.

A knock made Goldwing look over to where the entrance of his room was. Nightfoot was at the entrance, peeping her head inside to see him...even though she couldn't see anything.

"Hey, Goldwing. We stopped at the town where Silverheart stole a pirate's scroll. We're there for some dinner," she explained. "You wanna come with us?"

"Well, I AM getting kinda hungry. So dinner won't be a bad idea," Goldwing purred, leaping out of his nest and padding forward.

But Ashfeather poked his head inside, holding a red bandana in his jaws. "Here, you can tie this to your head. It'll cover your arrow. You know you've got the white pointy part uncovered by the stripes, right?"

This made Goldwing feel indignant as he stepped back. "No. If I can't wear my arrow stripes proudly, I won't go out to dinner."

"Goldwing, just be realistic," Ashfeather began.

"Can you excuse us for just a minute?" Silverheart's voice mewed as she stepped into the room. "You can go ahead of us. We'll catch up."

So don't run, don't hide

It will be all right

You'll see, trust me

I'll be there watching over you

Ashfeather and Nightfoot shared a glance before nodding and leaving. Goldwing sighed and leapt back onto his nest, blowing on his tail tip as it thumped onto the nest.

Silverheart leaped into his nest next to him and laid a paw on his shoulder. "Goldwing, I think I know why being a secret is bothering you a lot. You don't want others to think you failed."

"You're right. I don't," the ginger tom sighed. "But the problem is...I did fail."

"Goldwing, that's not true," Silverheart objected.

But Goldwing looked into her eyes mewed, "Yes it is. I was in BoulderClan. I was there, but I lost the damn battle. And now, thanks to me...EarthClan's gone. Two Clans are left...and it's all my fault. I hate this."

Just take a look through my eyes

There's a better place

Somewhere out there

Silverheart sighed, "You DO know that there's still the invasion plan, right?"

"And I hate the invasion plan too! I don't want you or anyone else to risk your lives fixing any mistake I made!" Goldwing roared, feeling angrier than he felt in a few moons. He grabbed the tapestry above his bed and ripped it down, throwing it to the floor and knocking over his staff.

Feeling his anger go away and replaced by bitterness, he mewed, "I've always known I would have to fight Darkstar. But now...I have to do it alone."

"Goldwing..." Silverheart began to mew. But Goldwing didn't want any pity at the moment.

"Just go, Silverheart. Please," he growled, turning his back on her. "Just go."

The silver she-cat hung her head sadly and leapt off the nest towards the door. But she turned her head around to meow, "Is there anything you need, Goldwing?"

Goldwing took a deep breath as he looked down at his claws, which slid out and dug themselves into his nest. Without turning back, he muttered, "I have to redeem myself. I have to regain my honor. No matter what."

He waited for Silverheart to tell him that he was acting like Bearclaw, a cat who had attacked them at BoulderClan. But she didn't; instead, fading pawsteps told him that she went away, pity clinging onto every hair on her pelt.

Just take a look through my eyes

Everything changes

You'll be amazed what you'll find

If you look through my eyes


The large hallway in the royal FireClan palace was quiet as Bearclaw prowled his way down its path. He knew that the time had finally come: to see his father, the cat he hadn't seen for moons. Every step he took, his claws would slide out and click on the clean shiny floors, making small clicking noises. And his pelt was bristling all over, a mixture of joy and anxiety in the quivering.

For a moment, he began to wonder if he could greet his father in the morning. But he scolded himself for thinking of this; Darkstar even said that thinking a lot would not get him anywhere. So Bearclaw muttered some comforting words to himself before looking back up.

"Just get it over with," he muttered to himself. "He's your father, right? Well, go see him!"

He stood in front of an arch covered by a reddish curtain with a golden symbol of FireClan on it. Bearclaw took a deep breath, braced himself, and padded forward, parting the curtain. When he got behind the curtain, he stared around in awe at the leader's throne room. The throne room was filled with dark ornate pillars.

And there was Darkstar himself. Bearclaw's father was sitting on his throne up on the platform, separated from the rest of the throne room by a trench of fire. The black aura that always swirled around him seemed to fade away until he could see a pair of yellow eyes gazing at him.


"Goldwing? You there?"

Silverheart was padding down the hallway towards Goldwing's room, a mouse held tight in her jaws. She knew Goldwing probably meant what he said, but she wanted to help him no matter what he said. He was her best friend, and she would do anything to help him.

When she got to Goldwing's room door, she knocked on it with a forepaw, ignoring the need to eat the mouse in her jaws. Then she meowed, "I know you might not be too hungry right now. So I got you a mouse to snack on. We got other food for you if you'd like some."

No answer.

Silverheart gave a sigh and pushed the door open to pad inside. But when she got inside, she saw that Goldwing was not there. His scent was quite stale, which meant he must have run away. She remembered him saying that he had to redeem himself...which must be what he was doing.

"Oh no..." Silverheart rasped, her eyes widening with shock. She ended up dropping the mouse and running out the room. Goldwing had to come back, and she would have to do something about it.


His heart beating faster than ever, Bearclaw sat down in front of his father and bowed low. The young dark tabby even dared to look up to see his father getting up from his throne. All the eager anxiety was making his tail twitch and his whiskers quiver.

As Darkstar prowled nearer to his son, he growled, his voice smooth, "You have been away for quite a long time. I see the weight of your travels has changed you and your ways of the world. You have redeemed yourself at last, my son."

And at that, he stepped out of the black aura he was behind for so long.

If Darkstar was in a mirror, Bearclaw would be looking at a similar version of himself. Like his son, Darkstar had strong muscular shoulders, a shaggy dark brown tabby pelt, long front claws, and amber eyes. The only difference was that there was no burn scar on his face, though there was a single claw mark across his right eye. He even had a nearly-split left ear and a scar across the bridge of his nose.

"Father..." Bearclaw choked, happy to see his father.

"Welcome home...son."


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There will be times on this journey

All you'll see is darkness

Raindrops fell hard on Goldwing's face like shards of ice while he flew over open water. He let out small growls of pain as he winced from his wounds. He lost some altitude and almost hit the water before regaining control. He didn't care if Silverheart tried to stop him; he knew he had to do this all on his own.

He had to.

Out there somewhere

Daylight finds you

If you keep believing


The sky outside had gotten windy and rainy, dark clouds rolling around in the sky like rocks. Emberstar sniffed the air, thankful for the rain to arrive like it had done just a half-moon ago. He was about to meow something to Volefoot, who was standing beside him, when he heard a small sniffing sound behind him.

Emberstar turned around to face Silverheart, who had come out from the hall in the ship. His daughter's dark blue eyes, so much like her mother's, were sparkling with tears.

"I think I'll leave you two alone for now," Volefoot mewed and padded off somewhere else.

So don't run, don't hide

It will be all right

You'll see, trust me

I'll be there watching over you

His leader nodded and turned back to his daughter. "Silverheart? What's wrong?"

"He...he left," she rasped.

"What?" Emberstar mewed, feeling surprised.

Silverheart went on in a frustrated way, "It's Goldwing. He just took his glider and vanished. He got this mouse-brained belief that he has to save the world all by himself. He even said that it was his responsibility, and his alone."

Emberstar tilted his head to one side. "Maybe it's his way of thinking he's brave?" he guessed.

"No it's not!" Silverheart spat, making her father back up. "It's stupid and selfish! We should be out there to help him! I know the world needs him, and I respect that, but...doesn't he remember that we need him too? How could he just leave us like that?"

"You're talking about me too, right?" Emberstar sighed, hanging his head low. It was time for that talk, and he would understand if his daughter never forgave him. The words had sunk in deep into his heart, and those words pierced his heart like a flash of claws.

Just take a look through my eyes

There's a better place

Somewhere out there

Silverheart's eyes leaked with shiny tears as she choked, starting to cry, "How could you leave us like that, Emberstar? How could you? I know we had Rainbreeze, and she loved us and still does, but...we were just lost without you!"

Then she turned away from her father and let out her sorrow, sobs making her shoulders shake. Emberstar, feeling guilty of making his family feel like this, padded over to her and gently laid his tail on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Silverheart," he mewed, hanging his head. "I really am."

Then, to his amazement, his silver-pelted daughter turned back around and hugged him, crying into his long neck fur. Emberstar returned the embrace, laying his head on her shoulder and licking her to comfort her. It seemed that she was no longer angry at him for what had happened.

Just take a look through my eyes

Everything changes

You'll be amazed what you'll find

"I understand why you left. I really do," Silverheart croaked, still crying. "And I know you had to leave for battle...but why do I feel this way? I felt so sad and angry...and hurt."

Emberstar watched as she met his gaze, her eyes swimming in tears. "I love you and your brother more than anything else in the world. You two are my entire world after Seamist died. I thought about you two every day I was gone and every night when I went to sleep. I would even stay up at night, thinking of you two and missing you so much that my heart aches."

Silverheart leaned into her father's warm pelt once again, more tears running down her cheeks. The dark gray tomcat bent his head low to lick the tears away, grateful that his daughter had at last forgiven him. But what was even more important was that the family was back together, even though Seamist was no longer here to be with them.

If you look through my eyes


Bearclaw laid low to the ground, looking up as Darkstar prowled around him, his tail sweeping up dust from the ground. His father looked very much like Tigerstar, who was the ancestor of the royal FireClan cats. He and his father shared the ancient cat's shaggy dark brown tabby fur, the sharp amber eyes, and the scars they had gotten from battles. It was just like meeting Tigerstar's ghost in the flesh.

He even got some shivers in his pelt as he looked up at his father. Bearclaw wondered what kind of emotion was in Darkstar's eyes, and there mixed with some unknown emotion. But there was also a hint of pride behind those pale yellow orbs.

"I am proud of you, my son," Darkstar meowed as he paced around him. "I am proud because your sister captured BoulderClan. I am proud because, when your loyalty was tested by your traitorous uncle, you did the right thing, and captured the deserter. And I am proudest of all of your most legendary triumph. You killed the Avatar Cat."

"What did you hear?" Bearclaw asked, shocked that Darkstar would say that. But he didn't kill the Avatar Cat; he was busy battling Silverheart.

Darkstar stopped in front of him and replied, "Your sister told me everything. She said she was amazed and captivated with your power and ferocity at the moment of truth."

Bearclaw looked down and away from his father, unable to tell him the truth. It was Frostfire who had killed the Avatar Cat, not him. Despite what he was feeling right now, he did feel confused at what his sister had done.

If she admired Darkstar a lot, why did she lie to him about Bearclaw killing the Avatar Cat? And was this why she had let him become the deputy of their Clan? So that she would avoid any sort of punishment that Darkstar would give her?

No. She's my sister. But still...I should ask her.


Even though his belly fur was brushing against the surface of the water, Goldwing kept his head held high as he flew over the ocean. While he fought for control, the tip of the glider's wings skimmed cleanly against the surface. But he pulled up in time just to see something blocking his way from his destination.

Blockade, Goldwing thought, taking a deep breath. He still had to make sure FireClan would not see him until the right time came.

He collapsed his glider and dove down into the water. Goldwing rocketed through the water and under the blockade, scaring away three green marine iguanas. He popped out of the water on the other side, catching his breath and clearly exhausted. But then...he spotted a large piece of drift wood and swam over to it. Goldwing sunk his claws on to it, climbed onto it, and smiled a bit as an idea came into his head.

Goldwing stood shakily on his paws and began windsurfing, using the debris as a board and his glider as a sail and bouncing over the waves. He knew he was succeeding in this, but now, it was raining heavily. The golden tomcat struggled to hang on as the board bounced high into the air. Then he hit the water, but he was quickly wiped out.

Before he fainted, he could see a few fins swim over to him in a straight line.


"Why'd you do it?"

This was what Bearclaw told Frostfire when he entered her den. He had walked in on her while she was sleeping in her nest, looking quite peaceful with her tail around her face. But his voice had woken her up, though she still kept her eyes closed.

"What was that? You'll have to be a bit more specific," the black she-cat muttered.

Bearclaw sighed and went on, his voice rising a bit, "Why the hell did you tell Darkstar I killed the Avatar Cat?

It was Frostfire's turn to sigh. "Can't this wait until dawn?"

"No," Bearclaw growled sternly.

"Fine." Frostfire opened her eyes, got up from her nest, and started to stretch. As she stretched her forelegs out, she yawned, "You looked so worried about how Father would treat you because you didn't get the Avatar Cat. So if I gave you the credit, you'd never have to worry."

Bearclaw wasn't satisfied. "But why?"

Frostfire paused in licking her forepaw and meowed, "Call it a friendly gesture. I want to thank you for your help, and I'm happy to share the glory instead of hogging it like a hound."

"You're lying."

"Whatever you say," the former deputy mewed, leaping out of her nest and padding past her littermate.

Bearclaw whipped around to face her. "I know you did this for another reason. I just don't know what that reason really is."

Frostfire stopped in her pacing and faced him. "Come now, Bearclaw. What secret reason could I have? What could I feasibly gain by letting you get all the glory for killing the Avatar Cat once and for all? Unless somehow..." she added, her eyes narrowing, "...the Avatar Cat might still be alive. All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and folly. But it's impossible; you even said it yourself. Sleep well, Teddy."

She padded past her brother, flicking his face with her tail before leaping back into her nest. As the black cat settled back down into her nest, Bearclaw backed away from her nest and got back out into the hallway.

What was it with her telling him that the Avatar Cat was alive? Unless...she really DID hint that he really WAS alive? If so, then she had lied to Darkstar about the Avatar Cat being dead so that she would not get punished by him. Although he hated realizing this, he had to admit that she was quite a sly cat when it came to lying.

If he IS alive, then my honor will be taken away for good. What do I do?


Lightning flashed across the sky in a jagged pathway. Goldwing desperately tried to hang onto the drift wood and not be swept away. He reached out to his glider as it floated further away. The AirClan warrior gave a yowl of alarm as he was caught in a huge wave and plunged beneath the water. He swam back up to the surface and grabbed a hold of the drift wood with his claws.

This was it. The end of the Avatar Cat's reign in the world. He knew he had failed, and he had failed his friends in their quest.

"I can't do it...I just can't..." Goldwing rasped, choking on saltwater. "I failed."

"You haven't failed."

All the things that you can change

There's a meaning in everything

And you will find all you need

There's so much to understand

Suddenly, there was yet another flash of lightning as a figure appeared before him, sitting on the drift wood. It was Whitestorm, the FireClan Avatar Cat before him.


The white cat nodded and raised his only black paw, resting it on Goldwing's head. "Do not say you have failed, Goldwing. For you have not."

Goldwing struggled to get back onto the driftwood. "But Whitestorm, all the Clans think I'm dead again. They think I forsook them, and I'm losing the Great War. I let everyone down," he added sadly, lowering his head.

"No, Goldwing. Raise your head." When he did, Whitestorm meowed, "If anyone is to blame for the state of the world, it is I. I should have seen this Great War coming and prevented it, yet I did nothing to stop it. You became responsible for my problems and mistakes. But I also believe you are destined to redeem me and save the world and Clans."

This made Goldwing lower his head again; he was to fix mistakes Whitestorm made?

"You already saved the world before."

Just take a look through my eyes

There's a better place

Somewhere out there

A shaft of moonlight cast over Goldwing, turning his pelt pure white, even though the clouds did not clear away. Goldwing looked up to the sky to see the moon shining down on him, and a she-cat with long white fur padded down from the sky to sit next to Whitestorm. He recognized the she-cat as Moonfeather, Ashfeather's former mate.

"Really?" Goldwing asked her, standing up.

Moonfeather nodded, and so did Whitestorm, who faded away. The white she-cat meowed, "Yes. And I'm sure you can save the world again. But you cannot give up on the world and the Clans."

Goldwing looked away, feeling unsure about what she had told him. But she was right; he was being a mouse-hearted coward by running away when his friends needed him. He could not run away from his problems anymore.

"You're right," he told the beautiful WaterClan she-cat. "I'm not giving up just yet."

So he sat up, rose onto his haunches, and waved his forelegs around. He began to Bend a large wave of water behind him, pushing him forward. Goldwing bunched his muscles together and sprang upward, climbing on top of the drift wood and riding it like a surfboard. He waved his tail back and forth and to pick up speed.

Below him, Moonfeather had also sat up on her haunches and raised her forelegs, making the wave grow even higher. Goldwing was quite surprised; back when Moonfeather was alive, she did not show any Bending powers. But now that she was in StarClan and became the Moon Spirit, she had become a Bender.

Just take a look through my eyes

Everything changes

You'll be amazed what you'll find

If you look through my eyes

You can do this, young cat, a deep voice inside his head told him, the voice unrecognizable. Do not give up on this world.

Thank you, Goldwing replied back. Wherever you are.


Lava trails flowed from the top of the volcano and down into the sea past Goldwing. The golden tom had woken up on a volcanic island, the area smelling strongly of ashes and smoke. He was on a part of the volcanic island where the lava did not flow, thus making him safe from it. The drift wood was no longer by his side, which maybe meant that Moonfeather had helped him far enough.

It's dawn, Goldwing thought, seeing the sun rise slowly over the horizon. And I'm making my promise today. Thank you, StarClan.

Suddenly, a familiar bird flew over towards Goldwing and gave a caw of joy. It was Tobias, who had flown over to him and landed on his shoulder, tickling him softly with his tail feathers. His master gave a purr as he rubbed the top of his hawk's head in return.

"Hey, Tobias," he purred as the hawk flew down to his master's side. "Why're you here?"

"Goldwing! You're okay!"

Goldwing looked up in time to see a silver blur barrel into him and throw him into a great cat hug. He smelled the familiar sweet scent of Silverheart as he looked into her eyes; they were filled with joy as she smiled warmly at him. Purring with her, Goldwing rubbed his cheek against hers in greeting, making their purring louder.

Behind them, Ashfeather, Nightfoot, and Archie had gathered around them to give them a group hug. Tobias flew back over to them and joined in, making the cats purr and Archie rumble.

"You know..." Goldwing mewed, breaking away from them. "I still have a lot to do."

Silverheart smiled at him. "I know. You'll have us to help you."

Goldwing purred in reply, nodding gratefully.

Nightfoot nudged him happily on the shoulder, mewing, "You think you'd get your ass out of training just to come to FireClan, eh?"

"Yeah," the Avatar Cat replied, shuffling his paws in embarrassment. To Ashfeather, he asked, "Hey, what about the invasion plan?"

"We'll go join up with Emberstar and his warriors on the day of the eclipse," the dark gray tabby tom replied.

"Hey. What's that?"

Goldwing looked over to where Nightfoot was meowing at. The black-furred EarthClan warrior was pawing at his broken glider floating on the water; he felt sadness rush up inside him. He had lost one of the things he had inherited from his Clan.

Possibly feeling his emotions, Nightfoot mewed, "Oh...it's your glider" and picked it up. The two WaterClan cats gave him sympathetic glances at this as Nightfoot gently nudged the glider to Goldwing's paws.

But Goldwing merely shrugged and mewed, "It's okay. If a cat...mostly FireClan...saw this, it would give away my identity. You're right, Ashfeather. I think it'll be best if I hide myself from the world just a little bit more."

"We understand," Silverheart mewed, laying her nose on his shoulder.

Goldwing gently broke away from her grasp and accepted the staff Nightfoot gave to him before turning his back on his friends. Taking a deep breath at what he was going to do, he leapt onto a mound trickling lava and looked down into the burning lava pit. He knew what he had to do, but that would also mean saying good-bye to one of his beloved treasures. But he shook the thought away; ending the War was much more important.

So the golden AirClan warrior spun the glider above his head and slammed it into the lava end first before jumping away. He felt his heart break when he watched his beloved glider staff ignite and burn away until it was nothing more than a crisp.

His mission to save the world had once again begun.

Take a look through my eyes...

(To be continued...)


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