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A New Life

The chilly leaf-bare wind whipped around Goldstar as he prowled on the mountain path down to the ground. His paws brushed against fallen leaves, and he saw a few patches of snow here and there in certain places. The three-year-old tom stopped to take a deep breath before entering the grand United City, his pads resisting the recently-tarred Thunderpath.

It had been around three years since the defeat of Darkstar and his FireClan fleet. The former and evil leader of FireClan had died in his prison, alone and hateful. Goldstar himself had become the new leader of AirClan, the first AirClan leader in fourteen years. He and Bearstar had already made United City, a grand city where cats of all Clans could live together in peace and harmony. Twoleg aliens had arrived from another planet to help make buildings, and they and cats lived together with no fights. Back then, the Clans were apart...now, they lived together.

Goldstar had not gone too far into the city when he saw three kits run over to him. Their little tails were wiggling around, and their big eyes stared up at the Avatar Cat with awe.

"Mr. Goldstar, sir? Can we have your autograph?" the big tabby kit mewed as they held out books. These were books about the adventures AvatarClan went on.

"Autographs, eh?" Goldstar chuckled. He dipped his paw into white paint on a kit's back and planted three prints on one book each. "Here you go. Enjoy your day."

The kits mewled their thanks before leaping away. It warmed Goldstar's heart to see these kits enjoy a time of peace after fourteen years of war. But he knew he would not have long to live, for spending time in the White Stone for that long had shortened his lifespan, so he would only live to be nine years old. So until the day he would walk with StarClan, he would enjoy his life.

"It seems you have some fans."

Goldstar looked up at owner of the familiar voice. Silverheart, his kind and beautiful mate, was standing near a tree, looking amused. Her dark blue eyes were glittering with kindness, her silver tabby pelt was glowing in the late sunlight, and her swollen belly looked huge now, bulging with her unborn kits. Goldstar still could not believe this...he was going to be a father.

"Hey Silverheart," he purred, padding up to her and licking her cheek. "Shouldn't you be in the nursery with Nightfoot?"

Silverheart gave him a look of mock indignation. "I'm not helpless, you know. I'm just carrying your kits. Speaking of that..." She looked around at her belly. "...you wanna feel them?"

Goldstar nodded and pressed his nose to her stomach, purring, "Hey, kits. Daddy's here. Me and your Mommy can't wait to see you." Looking up at her, he meowed, "I know you'll be a great mother to these kits."

"Thanks," Silverheart replied, smiling as she rubbed her head under his chin. "And you'll be an excellent father."

This made the AirClan leader purr before licking his mate's ears as they padded down the road. They knew there were three kits inside her. Along the way, they could see some horses waiting patiently outside of buildings alongside some carts and even dogs walking with their Twolegs. Things were looking up now, and Goldstar knew that Whitestorm would not approve. He had split himself away from the white-furred Avatar Cat after he scolded him for not fulfilling a certain promise. But still, it felt so nice.

Up ahead, he saw the ferry starting to leave for AirClan Island, an island Goldstar made with Nightfoot for the AirClan disciples to live peacefully. Goldstar and Silverheart saw Bearstar and the new leader of the Southern WaterClan, Ashfeather, boarding it before the first two hurried over. When the latter two met them, they gave purrs of greetings.

"Hey, you two!" Ashfeather called. "You guys got any hunting done?"

Silverheart shook her head. "Nah. We decided to just take a walk. Besides, I'm sure there's plenty of prey on the island."

"And besides," Goldstar meowed, turning to Bearstar. "Are there any rebellions in your Clan?"

Bearstar shook his head. "None so far, thankfully. Ever since Shellstorm apologized for trying to assassinate me, things have done good for her and her family...and the Clan too. We still have a lot to do, though."

Ashfeather nodded. "Yeah. It won't be easy, but we can do it."

Goldstar added, "And we can do it together." Right when he said this, Silverheart padded over to him, pressing her enlarged stomach against his lean side.

"I'm so proud of you, Goldstar. You and the others have truly made this city a cat's paradise," the WaterClan queen purred to her mate, rubbing her cheek against his. Then suddenly...she crouched low, making a painful grunt.

"Silverheart?" The golden tom ran over to her side, worried for her. "What's wrong?"

Silverheart stared up at him with glazed eyes. "Goldstar...kits...coming...!"

Goldstar shared a look with Bearstar and Ashfeather before looking back at her. "The kits are coming, Silverheart? Are you sure?"

His mate nodded before lying on her side, panting heavily. Goldstar could not believe it had come to this already: Silverheart was almost ready to give birth. He knew nothing about helping queens have their kits, but he wanted what was best for his mate.

"Guys, we need to get back to AirClan Island and fast," Goldstar told the other two toms. To Ashfeather, he asked, "You think you can get us there quickly?"

"Sure thing!" the dark gray tabby meowed, looking just as worried for his sister as him. He ran over to the front of the small ferry, meowing to the driver, "Move over, bub! My sister's in labor, and we need to go back to the island! Quick!"

So they ended up with a goofy cat on the wheel as he steered their way through the slightly windy bay, which was named after Moonfeather. After some more travelling, they finally made it to the island, where several white-tailed hawks (the old red-tailed hawk Tobi leading them) greeted them. Carefully, Goldstar and Bearstar shielded the groaning Silverheart on both sides as they padded down the boat. Goldstar felt his mate's kits kicking from the inside at his side, but he gave them and her comforting mews.

They had arrived at a special rock that gave way to a cave inside, and Goldstar knew what was in there. It was a special pool where he received his nine lives and leader name. The cats that gave him his nine lives were Goldenstripe, Seamist, Moonfeather, his mother, his father, Whitestorm, Rockstar, Spottedleaf, and Firestar.

"Hey, what's up with Sugar Queen?" Nightfoot had padded to them from the nursery building, her belly also swollen with kits. She was only a quarter-moon away from giving birth too.

"Silverheart's in labor," Goldstar told her as Echo padded up to them, her two kits following her. "Can you make a birthing nest for her?"

Nightfoot nodded, winking at him. "You can count on me, Twinkletoes. I may be pregnant too, but I'll do what I can."

At this, the black she-cat padded back inside and stomped a bit on the ground, grunting; Bending could be hard work on a pregnant queen. They could see an EarthBended tent out by the side of the Moonrock, named after the Moonstone of the ancient Clans. Ignoring the new Asian Lung dragons he found floating in the sky, Goldstar gently nudged Silverheart inside. The silver tabby cat padded over to the nest and laid down on her side right away.

"You need me to stay here with you?" Goldstar asked worryingly.

Silverheart smiled weakly from the pain. "Go on, Goldstar. I'll be fine."

Goldstar started to pad outside before looking back. "If you're sure..."

"I'm sure," she replied.

Giving a sigh, Goldstar padded outside and patiently waited.

As an hour went by, he felt himself start worrying all over again. What if Silverheart died giving birth to her kits? What if the kits died as soon as they were born? He did not want to lose both of them despite his duty to the world. There were plenty of duties to do for the world and lots of cats to help in bad times...but for now, Silverheart was his world to him.

Soon, Ashfeather came over to sit next to him, his pale blue eyes worried. Goldstar knew how protective he was over his sister, and he would probably attack the Avatar Cat if his sister or her kits suffered.

"Hey Goldstar," Ashfeather meowed. "You still nervous?"

"Yeah..." Goldstar admitted. "What if...what if Silverheart doesn't make it? What if the kits don't make it?"

Ashfeather gave him a slight stern look. "Don't think that, buddy. Don't you ever think of that. They'll be fine. I know they will. Still..." His eyes were now lit with joy. "I still can't believe I'm gonna be an uncle today! Exciting, isn't it?"

Goldstar nodded, recalling how the dark gray tabby had been nervous when Echo gave birth to her kits. It was so strange, for he had been the one to tell Ashfeather (who was panicking at the time) that Echo would be fine. Now it was the reverse way, but Goldstar didn't mind.

"Yeah, it will be." Nightfoot had come out, grunting as she laid down awkwardly on her side. "You gotta calm down, Twinkletoes, or you'll get ME nervous. We're with you and Silverheart no matter what."

Goldstar smiled at her. "Thanks, Nightfoot."

Soon enough, while the three cats sat outside, he heard a familiar voice call out, "Hey, you three. Is everything doing okay?"

All three turned to see Bearstar padding towards them. He had escorted a small group of cats with him: Emberstar, Volefoot, Rose (now Roseleaf), Aya (now Dove That Flies At Dawn), Snowstorm, and Rainbreeze. Emberstar, Snowstorm, and Rainbreeze were more worried and concerned for their granddaughter and daughter than the others were. Not to say that the others were uncaring, for they were caring very much.

I hope Emberstar doesn't skin me if something bad happens, Goldstar fretted privately. He knew Ashfeather told him that he wouldn't blame the young AirBender for his sister going into labor, and that was a relief. But now...he wasn't sure if his friend wasn't telling him the truth because of their father.

"Goldstar...we'll help you wait outside. I want to see my daughter okay with her kits beside her. That is a blessing for us all," the Southern WaterClan leader told his son-in-law, his odd blue eyes gentle.

The young Avatar Cat didn't need words to tell him anything, so he bowed to his fellow leader.

The other cats came forward and told him their own good-luck speeches (Rainbreeze telling him that she was glad to be a great-grandmother before going in to help Silverheart, for she had a lot of experience in helping laboring women) until it was time for Bearstar and Roseleaf's turn. Goldstar stopped while Irontail gave him a good-luck speech when he heard Rainbreeze murmur to Silverheart.

"That's right, my dear. Just push a little harder," he heard the old dark gray she-cat meow. "They're nearly out now."

"All...all right, Grandma," he heard his mate grunt as she pushed and gasped in pain. When he heard Bearstar call for him, the Avatar Cat turned around to hear a good-luck speech from the FireClan leader and his mate.

"I hope Silverheart does great with her kitting," the dark brown tabby told Goldstar, turning his golden gaze to him.

Goldstar dipped his head to him and replied, "Thank you...Sifu Hotcat," he added humorously, calling him by his nickname.

Bearstar looked a bit irate as he growled, "For the last time, stop calling me that!"

That little outburst caused everyone, even the usually poker-faced Roseleaf, to laugh and purr. The dark tortoiseshell she-cat wrapped her tail around her mate's tail reassuringly, which meant that Goldstar was only joking. This was enough for him to relax and laugh with everyone else. Goldstar was happy to have his friends and allies with him on this day; though Rainbreeze and Snowstorm would only have a few more moons left to live, they were happy about this too.

Finally, Echo came out, a smile on her face while Brightkit and Ravenkit followed her out. "I've got some good news, Goldstar," she purred.

"What is it?" Goldstar asked, getting up to his paws immediately. "Is Silverheart okay? Are the kits okay?"

"Calm down. She's fine," the red tabby queen meowed. "And she just gave birth to three very healthy kits. You're now the father of a daughter and two sons. Come and see them, everyone!"

Immediately, Goldstar ran past her and waited until Nightfoot let him inside. Echo stopped him to tell him that Silverheart had lost some blood while her delivery, but she was still okay and now feeding her kits. When he padded to the center of the makeshift rock den, he felt his heart expand and his mouth turn into a smile.

Silverheart was curled up in the soft nest of moss and flowers, her beautiful blue eyes tired from the kitting yet full of joy. And she had her back turned towards him, but she turned to give him the most gorgeous smile he had ever seen before turning to her belly. His paws feeling lighter than before, Goldstar padded over to see what the kits looked like. When he looked down, his heart beat even more than ever before.

Three kits were indeed suckling from her, their tiny paws kneading her belly as they let out small whimpers. The biggest kit had silver-gray fur like her minus the stripes, the middle kit had brown tabby fur, and the smallest kit looked just like him. What was more was that this kit had a tiny tuft of dark golden fur on the top of his fur. From the entrance of the den, the other cats were watching on in pride and joy. Goldstar felt his heart thud even faster...for he was a father now.

"Silverheart...they're beautiful. I'm so proud of you," Goldstar purred, rubbing his cheek against her head. "They're like you."

"And you," Silverheart purred back as the golden kit squealed up at his parents. She chewed a bit at a borage leaf to help her milk come as she meowed, "I want us to name our kits together. And I want to name the little silver she-cat Seakit...after my mother."

Goldstar saw her eyes tear up a bit while they looked down at their daughter. He knew how much Seamist meant to her ever since she was killed by Grayfrost of FireClan. There was one way he could keep the gentle queen's legacy alive and help Silverheart at the same time.

"Of course we'll name her Seakit," Goldstar purred. "And I want to name the brown tabby kit Rockkit. He doesn't look like Rockstar...but I sense his spirit in him." For Rockstar had died the past year from natural causes, and Goldstar missed his old friend so much.

Silverheart purred. "Then we'll name him Rockkit. But what about our other son? The one who looks just like you?"

Goldstar looked down at his tiny golden-furred son. His fur was the same color as the sun on a bright sunny day, the same tint of fur as his. He bent his head down to the tiny kit and licked the top of his head, making him look up at him with still-closed eyes. Recalling what Silverheart told him about kits, he remembered that kits were born blind and deaf; that would change in around a half-moon.

But as he gazed down at his newborn sons and daughter, Goldstar felt another presence (warm and filled with joy) around them. When he looked up, Firestar was sitting next to Silverheart along with Goldenstripe; a pale ginger she-cat with green eyes sat with them, and Goldstar guessed this was Sandstorm, Firestar's mate. The three cats bent their heads down to lick each kit on the head before looking back at him.

"I am so proud of you, Goldstar," Goldenstripe rasped, his eyes lively. "Silverheart is right. You will make a great father."

"T-Thanks," Goldstar replied, dipping his head to his mentor.

Sandstorm purred, "Come on, there's no need for formalities around us! You should be proud of yourself and your family."

Goldstar looked around at Sandstorm and saw nostalgia in her green eyes. Firestar nodded with her and meowed, "Goldstar...once again, the Clans and StarClan thank you for all you had done for these past moons. Now you deserve a rest...like the sun that goes down until a new day. May your time with your family be filled with joy, peace, and love."

At this, all three StarClan cats disappeared.

Looking back at the crowd of cats that gathered outside, Goldstar felt small tears of joy run down his face. As usual, Firestar had given him an easy clue for something like he had done during the final battle. Unlike Whitestorm the Second, the ThunderClan leader had understood every choice he made after the war. And now he was here with Silverheart...and he now knew what to name his second-born son.

"I have an idea for a name for him," Goldstar finally meowed, turning to Silverheart. When his mate raised a brow at him, he let the truth out, saying, "How about Sunkit? For his golden pelt?"

"Really?" Silverheart asked him. "I thought you'd name him Goldenkit...after your mentor."

Goldstar nodded. "I know, but there's another reason his name should be Sunkit. Goldenstripe had an Avatar Cat ancestor named Sunclaw...so I thought it'd be a good name for him."

To his relief, Silverheart smiled at this. She leaned forth to lick his cheek before meowing, "Sunkit's a very fine name. Our kits have very fine names."

She bent her head back down to groom Seakit, Rockkit, and Sunkit, who let out small mews. Goldstar gave her a lick in return before letting the others inside to see the newborn litter and taking a breath outside. Already, the moon was rising high into the sky, a bright full moon that shone moonlight down onto the island, and the stars were glittering like crystals. The coolness of the leaf-fall air made him feel much better after the worrying done today.

They live in you (Hela Hey Mamela)

They live in me (Hela Hey Mamela)

They're watching over (Hela Hey Mamela)

Everything we see (Hela Hey Mamela)

A familiar sweet scent made Goldstar turn around and gape in surprise. Silverheart had padded out of the nursery and sat down beside him, smiling tiredly.

"Silverheart? What're you doing out here?" he asked. "What about the kits?"

"I wanted to come find you, and Echo's nursing them until I go back." Silverheart nudged him and meowed, "So what'd you think of our kits?"

Goldstar smiled back. "I already said it. They're beautiful...and I'm so proud of you."

The silver tabby queen gave a gentle purr of thanks before licking his cheek. As Goldstar felt her tongue gently lick him, she stepped back to purr, "I felt the StarClan cats beside us when we were naming the kits. StarClan will always live in you and will always watch over you. And I want to do the same for you and our kits. I love you with all my heart and all my soul, Goldstar. I always have...and I always will."

"I love you too, Silverheart," Goldstar meowed back as he rubbed his nose against hers. "I've always wanted to tell you that ever since I met you in the South Pole. And I want Firestar and the rest of StarClan to watch over the both of us together."

In every creature (Hela Hey Mamela)

In every star (Hela Hey Mamela)

In your reflection

They live in you

He saw his mate's dark blue eyes shine with happy tears as she stepped forth to catch him in an embrace. When they split apart, Silverheart began to pad wearily back to the nursery, flicking her tail at Goldstar to follow her. Goldstar got to his paw and followed her back there, but not before looking around to look back up at the sky. When he did, he saw a familiar constellation of a cat, a certain cat he had faith in.

Firestar...thank you.

Ingonyama Nengw' Emelabala

Ingonyama Nengw' Emelabala

(The End)


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