Cruel Love Anthology

Author: Caroline Spencer

Disclaimer: I do not own Cruel Intentions or Dangerous Liaisons.

Rating: Adult

Summary: A collection of Kathryn and Sebastian centered stories.

Authors Note: Okay so here's the deal. Each chapter will be a separate entity telling a different story whether it be a prequel, sequel, set within the film, be a twist in the events of the film or be set in a different universe altogether (i.e. Sebastian's a teacher/Kathryn's his student). Some will be dark and angsty, some light and fun or some a little of both. All will be smutty. Each will center around Kathryn/Sebastian. However, some will feature them hooking up with different people. Each chapter will have warnings as to possible pairings, graphicness or something that might not appeal to all readers. Also, as each chapter starts with a letter from the alphabet there will be 26 chapters with possible bonus chapters following. Thanks for reading and please drop me a review with a possible scenario you would like to see played out between our couple!

Chapter Summary: A reversal of the 'you're in love with her, you don't love me anymore' scene. This time the tables have turned and Kathryn is the one in love, claiming to have changed. Sebastian's not buying it. He's determined to show her they're two of a kind.

Authors Note 2: I always hated Sebastian in this scene and how dismissive he was towards Kathryn so this is kind of like my revenge on him. Also I used a lot of the same dialogue from that scene however this time Kathryn is saying Sebastian's part and vice versa.

A is for Argument

"I love you too"

Sebastian Valmont was going to vomit. Hearing his usually cold and collected playmate sound like a simpering school girl made his stomach turn. Clearly he had let things get too far. Something needed to be done.

Stepping away from his hiding spot behind the sitting room doors, he entered to find Kathryn sitting with her back to him. In a ridiculous falsetto he called out, "I love you too." She stiffened at the sound of his voice. Good. Dropping back to his usual clipped sneer he added, "God, sis, you sound positively common."

At the sound of her stepbrother's mocking tone Kathryn Merteuil whipped around. "How long have you been eavesdropping?"

"Long enough to be embarrassed for you." Valmont strut into the room with his usual casually grace, tossed his journal carelessly onto the table and flopped down onto the couch across from her. "Oh how the mighty have fallen."

"Fuck you Sebastian," she spat as she rose up from her seat.

His mocking grin fell away as she walked away from him. He was starting to lose her. If he hadn't already. "Do you honestly think you're in love with him?"

Kathryn stilled at the question. Pulling out the mask she used whenever they were challenging one another, the one that make her impervious to him, she replied coolly, "It's just a bet Sebastian."

"Oh I'm well aware of that," he countered, "but clearly sis you seem to have forgotten. It was a joke, a game."

And it was a good one. One month ago exactly, at another one of Manchester's endlessly stupid mixer's that Kathryn had dragged him to, they had spotted them. The new headmaster's virginal, blond daughter and her equally wholesome beau. They had been featured in a national publication where they had droned on about the merits of abstinence and waiting till marriage. Talk about asking for it.

"Wouldn't they make lovely little victims," Kathryn had purred into his ear 10 seconds after introducing herself to them. "You take her, I'll take him?"


They set the terms, the rules, and the deadline. Whoever fucked their opponent first won. No interfering on the other's turf. They had no later than Labor Day to reach their goal and there must be irrefutable proof. If Kathryn won she got his car. If he won he got to defile her in any manner he so chose. Let the games begin.

It had been more difficult than they initially thought. Not surprisingly Annette Hardgrove turned out to be a holier than thou bitch. He spent weeks listening to her bemoan his character and then storm off in a huff whenever he made a move on her. She claimed to be immune to his bullshit charms but within a few weeks time, after a few head games and declarations of undying love, she was going for his zipper like all the rest.

Sebastian had wasted no time going to his sister with his proof (a few well chosen pictures of the act itself) and demanded his reward. He was genuinely shocked when she rebuffed his advances. Not so much because she tried to get out of giving him his winnings, he all but expected that, but for the reason that gave him. She had a date with Trevor. When he reminded her the bet was over, he had won she simply rolled her eyes at him and left.

In hindsight perhaps this was his fault. He never should have left her alone with him for most of the summer but Annette was staying at his Aunt's home on the island and seeing as he had her perfectly isolated it seemed stupid to waste the opportunity. However, Sebastian mused, had he been around perhaps he could have averted this catastrophe.

Well he wasn't about to let his beloved Kathryn sacrifice herself on the bullshit alter of teenage love. No way.

Rising slowly from his seat he stared her down. "Fine if that's all it is then give him up."

For the briefest moment her mask slipped and he could see the war raging on inside her written all over her face. He thought she would agree. He was mistaken.

With her chin raised in defiance Kathryn crisply replied, "No."

"So you are in love with him," he accused.

Back in her impenetrable ice queen mode she challenged, "So what if I am?"

"That word doesn't apply to people like us." Sebastian realized his hands were nearly shaking with rage. He needed to keep them busy and keep his cool. He took a seat at the piano and absent mindedly tinkered with the keys. "I hope you know, you sound like one of those simpering schoolgirls you're always mocking."

Sensing she was gaining the upper hand Kathryn taunted, "And you sound like a jealous boyfriend. You're only pissed Sebastian because I wouldn't give you your reward."

He stopped his tinkering. In a tone of pure ice he replied, "Oh I will be collecting my reward soon sis. Sooner than you think actually. But it's not about that. It's about you trying to be something you're not."

Kathryn rolled her eyes and went back to the chaise. "Nothing's changed you fucking drama queen."

"Oh, really?" Valmont is suddenly deliriously giddy at this notion. "You think you can just show up on the first day of school on Trevor's arm and nothing will change?"


"Hmm…well let's just think about that shall we. How will the Upper East Side react when their favorite debutante is walking arm in arm with a guy who wears Wranglers and drives a Toyota? Do you think they'll embrace him with open arms or do you think they'll whisper about you behind your back? Invitations will likely start getting lost in the mail and that social calendar you prize so much will become one big black hole."

Kathryn flinched but otherwise made no motion that she was paying the slightest bit of attention to him. She studied her manicure instead. Sebastian however smelled blood so like a shark he continued to slowly circle the chaise lounger, his eyes never leaving her, his voice never losing its slightly menacing edge.

"And what about those sycophants you call friends? Think they'll still follow around the queen bee once she's dating someone middle-class? No, I imagine they'll find a new goddess to worship and obey."

"Like I care what those losers think," she huffed.

"That's true but there is someone whose opinion you do value. One whose approval you covet above all else." Kathryn stilled and Sebastian went in for the kill. Leaning across the lounger he whispered, "How do you think mommy will react when she finds out her only daughter is dating a poor, Christian, from Kansas? You'll be such a disappointment to her Kathryn."

"I-I don't care."

The way her voice wavered and nearly broke made him almost stop. Almost.

"Do you honestly think she'll allow it? A few well placed phone calls and she'll have him shipped back to Kansas in no time."

Kathryn seemed to be considering this as he took a seat behind her. Sebastian studied her, equally fascinated and disgusted by this new aspect of her personality. The softness and vulnerability that was now written all over her face was mesmerizing. He ran a comforting hand down her hair. "Then there's the matter of you sis."


"Yes," he replied softly. "How do you think dear, salt of the earth, Trevor will react when he meets the real Kathryn? Do you think he'll still love you when he finds out how much pleasure you get in torturing other people? Or that you can't go a whole day without your precious nose candy?"

"I haven't had any in weeks," she admitted

Sebastian's confidence hit a nose dive. Fuck. Not even he could get her to give that shit up but this fucking hick could? Perhaps she was more invested than he originally thought. Time for a new tactic.

"And what about the sex?"

"He wants to wait a little longer…"

Of course he did. Sebastian had to suppress the urge to laugh. Maybe this wouldn't be as difficult as he thought. He placed his hand on her thigh and let it slowly slide down between her legs. The heat he found there made him hard but he put away his urges. For now.

"But can you wait? I know you Kathryn. You like it hot, and dirty and often." Her breath hitched as his fingers brushed against her panties. Valmont chuckled in her ear, "You're soaked baby and I'm barely touching you. How much longer do you think you can keep this charade up?"

The question seemed to snap her back to reality and piss her off. "That's enough," she snapped. Kathryn pushed his hand away and jumped up. Whirling around to face him she huffed, "I don't care what you say."

"You're fucking delusional if you think this little romance won't flicker out in a few days."

"And you're fucking transparent. Do you honestly think I can't see this is only about you collecting your reward? Games over brother dear. It's not going to happen. I choose Trevor and there is nothing you can do about it."

Thinking she had put this ridiculous argument to bed she headed for her room when he called back to her, "Oh really? You sure about that?"

Kathryn looked over her shoulder to see Sebastian had taken out his phone and was dialing. "Who are you calling?"

"I wonder what Trevor would think if he knew about our bet?"

"Like he would believe a word you say."

"Oh I'm sure he wouldn't but I bet he would believe…Hi, Annette? It's Sebastian."

Her eyes widening in horror Kathryn stormed over to him and demanded, "Hang up the phone!"

He pulled the receiver away from his mouth. "Don't worry this will only take a second. Annette there's something important I need to talk to you about-"

"Hang up the fucking phone NOW Valmont!"

When he ignored her demand she lunged for the phone. Sebastian pulled it back. "Let go bitch, this is for your own good."

As they wrestled for his cell Kathryn tumbled onto the couch. Valmont wasted no time pinning her underneath him. With one final yank he got the phone out of her grasp causing her to let out a very un-ladylike shriek of frustration. He made sure to click the phone off so Annette wouldn't hear them and call the police. It likely sounded as if a murder was taking place, what with the way she was carrying on.

Finally Kathryn calmed down. "You're a reprehensible asshole."

"Yes and you're a conniving bitch," he replied matter of factly while tucking the phone away. "I guess that means we're perfect for each other."

"I don't want you anymore," she hissed back through clenched teeth.

"You use to." The sentiment came out more hurt than he intended. The last thing Valmont needed was to let his emotions show. He couldn't allow her to see how much this was tearing him up inside that she was in effect leaving him for that…boy.

"In any event there is still the matter of my winnings to consider." His tone was the perfect mix of detachment and arrogance.

"I already told you to forget it"

Leaning over her he let his mouth dangle close to her ear as he whispered, "This is how it's going to go. You're going to march that tight little ass of yours back to the bedroom and prepare for the fuck of your lifetime or I'm going to call Annette back and tell her all about your part in ruining her relationship with Trevor. We both know it will only be a matter of time before she tells him and after that likely the whole school. You'll lose your love and your precious reputation with one phone call."

Sebastian flicked his tongue across her earlobe then pulled back to admire her face. She wore a look of pure loathing. Kathryn Merteuil hated to be bested and he knew it. To rub salt in the wounds he added flippantly, "Quite the predicament you're in."

"FINE!" She pushed him off and scrambled off the chaise. "I'll fuck you, you smug son of a bitch but just know I'll be thinking of him the whole time!"

He snickered, "Oh I doubt that. Your room or mine?"

Kathryn spun away and headed towards the bedrooms. He followed after her but not at the same frantic pace. "I fucking hate you, I hope you know that!"

"That's fine; it will only make the sex hotter."

She was still grumbling curses as she headed to her bedroom door. Sebastian decided suddenly it would probably be best to finish this little adventure in his room. It would be that much more difficult for her to pretend he was someone else in his bedroom. Valmont waited until her hand was on the doorknob before picking her up and carrying her across the hall. She let out a shriek and started kicking wildly. "Put me down asshole!"

He pulled her into his bedroom, slammed and locked the door. Kathryn struggled the whole way. He unceremoniously tossed her on the bed and barked, "Strip."

She glared at him a long minute before she yanked her slinky black, designer dress over her head. "Fair warning; I'll be faking it."

"Sure you will." Sebastian found himself angrily yanking off his own clothes. He enjoyed her fury, it was hot, but at the same time he was a little annoyed. How many years had they been waiting to do this? Now she was shitting all over it.

Completely naked, Kathryn sat back and spread her legs. With a put-upon sigh she told him, "Let's get this over with. Put it in me when you're ready. Don't mind me if I doze off midway through."

Sebastian smiled tightly as he climbed on the bed, now completely naked and sporting an impressive hard on. "That's cute. You think you're in charge." Grabbing her suddenly by the neck he sneered, "This is my show princess."

Before she could broker further argument he kissed her, hard and punishing. He expected her to fight it and she did but not in the way he expected. Kathryn kissed him back just as hard. She bit his lip and dug her nails into his chest He was undaunted however. If she wanted rough he would give her rough. Sebastian gripped her skin so tightly he was sure he would leave bruises.

Momentarily he considered using that bitchy little mouth of hers on his dick but then thought better of it. With the mood she was in she was liable to do some permanent damage. No, what Valmont wanted was for her to want this as badly as he did. He'd give the bitch so much pleasure she's soak the sheets.

Without warning he broke the kiss and pushed her onto her back. Kathryn looked up at him wide eyed, clearly trying to figure out what his next move would be. Sebastian straddled her face, letting his cock just graze her lips. Her warm breath and wet lips tempted him to just plunge inside but he stuck with his plan.

Valmont crawled back down her body, his eyes never leaving hers. He caressed the soft, pale skin of her stomach then made his way down to her bare cunt. Slowly he spread her legs. His oh so clever fingers brushed against her opening and teased her hole. Just as he suspected she was wet. He pushed one finger in and then two.

Kathryn's breath hitched as she watched him intently. He wondered what was going on in that head of hers. Was she thinking about her precious Trevor now? "Say what you like," he whispered, "But you want this."

"I hate you," was her broken response.

"No you don't."

He leaned forward and kissed her heaving breasts before launching onto a pebbled nipple. Kathryn hissed in response making him chuckle. "Your tits are sensitive. I always suspected as much."

Up until now the closest he had come to her breasts was the occasional grope. Sebastian decided to take his time so he lavished plenty of attention on both until she began squirming underneath him. He put his hand back to work fingering her slowly as he bite her nipple. Her breathing was heavy but she refused to yell out, likely not wanting to admit how much this was getting to her.

Moving down the bed he made his way to her pussy. He positioned her legs over his shoulders and let his mouth hover just out of reach. She was so fucking tense, a bow string ready to be plucked. Oh he'd pluck her alright.

If there was one thing Valmont was good at it was eating pussy. He drilled her pussy with his tongue, licking up all her juices but making sure to steer clear of her clit. If she wanted that she could beg for it like a good little slut.

It didn't take long. All the teasing finally made her crack. Grasping him by his hair, Kathryn tried to direct his mouth to where she wanted it. When he refused to budge she growled, "Goddammitt Valmont! Enough with the foreplay already! Make me come!"

He shot her a triumphant grin. "That's my girl."

Despite her obvious anger she allowed him a small smile. "Make me come," she whispered.

And she did. Hard. Sebastian nursed her sensitive little bud while he used three fingers to fuck her hard. No longer holding back her pleasure, Kathryn yanked on his hair and moaned and cursed. He always suspected when he eavesdropped on her with one of her numerous lovers that her screams of enjoyment were mostly theatrical. He now knew he was right as this sounded nothing like those pornographic moans. This was real, raw, desperate gasps for air. She came shouting his name just as he always knew she would.

Panting and breathless, Kathryn curled onto her side clearly a little embarrassed about how much she wanted it. Sitting back on his knees Sebastian wiped his mouth. "That was hot baby."

"Fuck you," was her weak reply.

Annoyed she was still playing this game he grabbed her by the arm and flipped her onto her stomach. "Don't worry you're about to."

Sebastian pulled her up by the waist and let her face rest against the mattress. With no warning or worry to her comfort he plunged inside of her. He wasn't concerned about hurting her, she was already wet enough but then again he was large and even though she had her fair share of lovers she was still tight. Sebastian didn't dwell on it.

Shit she felt good. Too good. He could get use to this if he allowed himself. Grasping her hips he began pumping inside of her, enjoying her soft gasps as he did. Sebastian slid a hand around her body and found one of her swaying breasts. He squeezed and tugged her nipple igniting a cry from his stepsister. Wanting to hear that sound again he moved his hand back to where she pulsed for him. It worked and she began throwing her hips back in earnest, eagerly meeting him thrust for thrust.

Their rhythm increased and soon he could feel himself starting to sweat at he fucked her harder. Almost brutally hard. He was going to come soon but not without her.

Sebastian grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her upright. Even grasping for breath he was still able to sound arrogant as he demanded, "Still thinking about your farm boy?"

He could tell she wanted to curse him out but she was too far gone and all she could manage was a broken moan. Valmont licked her neck and grinned triumphantly. "That's what I thought. I promised I'd fuck that loser out of your system. Perhaps I'll leave you something to remember me by." Still grasping her by the hair he bit down on her neck. Not enough to draw blood but enough that there would be a mark tomorrow morning.

As soon as she felt his teeth on her skin Kathryn came as hard as she ever had in her young life. She let out one last moan before collapsing beneath him. Clutching her hips, Sebastian face pressed against her damp back, he fucked her hard. He didn't last any longer than a few more thrusts before he was joining her over the same precipice. With one last shout he collapsed beside her.

They lay side by side panting but not touching. "You're a bastard," she whispered.

"Why? Because I made you enjoy something you would have enjoyed regardless." He reached over and pulled a cigarette from the bedside table. "Yes I'm an absolute monster Kathryn."

She turned to face him with sudden anger. "This doesn't change anything. I still love him."

Valmont shook his head. "No you don't. If you truly loved him you never would have agreed to go to bed with me. You would have told me to stick my threat up my ass and stormed out but you didn't. Instead you came to my bed and purred like a whore in heat as I gave you the fuck of a lifetime. Tell me I'm wrong."

For once she didn't have a sharp retort. She starred off lost in thought as the truth of his words were clearly sinking in. Taking her by the face he gently kissed her. Proving his point she kissed him back. It was the first time they had been tender towards each other the whole afternoon.

Sebastian broke away and sighed. "You and I are two of a kind Kathryn. At least I have the guts to admit it."

Kathryn's face turned stony once again. Pulling away from him she got up and began rummaging around the bed. "What are you doing?"

"Getting the fuck out of here. I need to go find Trevor." She slipped on her dress but left her underwear.

Jesus would this never end? "Oh and what are you going to say to him? Hey Trev, sorry but I spent the afternoon fucking my brother. Please forgive me."

"Oh screw you Sebastian. I'm sick of your mind games. You got what you wanted now leave me the hell alone."

Once again he could feel her slipping away. He was going to lose her if he didn't do something. "So that's it huh? You're going to leave me for him?"

As she got to the door she stopped and turned back to him. "He loves me Sebastian."

The arrogance finally gone he replied, "He doesn't love the real you but I do. Always have, probably always will. Doesn't that count for something?"

Kathryn appeared slightly stunned at his admission. Clutching her shoes to her chest she wavered in the doorway suddenly seeming like the seventeen year old girl she was.

Sebastian held his breath and waited for the answer he wanted to hear. The answer that would never come

"Goodbye Sebastian"

The End

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