Cruel Love Anthology

AN: Ack! Last chapter (sort of ;see AN below). Lots of smutty goodness. Dominate Kathryn, threesomes, M/M, sex in questionable places and so on and so forth. Also this chapter is nearly double in length, hence why it took months to complete (also I live to procrastinate).



Behind every beautiful woman there is a man tired of fucking her.

Kathryn's on her way uptown when she spots the words graffitied in garish neon on an underpass. She glances up from her phone just in time to catch the morsel of misogyny nestled between gang signs and Ricky + Jessica. It should be forgotten as soon as she reads it, but it remains lingering unwanted in her subconscious long after they pass.

"Everything alright?" Sebastian looks away from the road long enough to cast a suspicious look her way. He let's go of the gear shift and reaches for her hand.

Kathryn forces a smile. "Of course."



"How about a game?"

Sebastian is tangled in her sheets sprawled out at the foot of her bed looking like some bookish playgirl pin-up. He's scribbling in that retarded journal of his again, no doubt chronicling their latest escapade. His pen pauses mid-sentence and he glances up at her, speculatively. As always his expression gives away nothing. "What did you have in mind?"

He's curious. Good.

Kathryn smiles, slow and enticing then stretches out along the bed beside him enjoying the way his eyes drink her in. It's early September and it's unreservedly hot. Even with central air running full blast the room was still humid and sticky, ripe with their sex. Her ivory camisole clings to her skin while the thin straps slide this way and that. Sebastian's gaze lingers blatantly on her exposed breasts.

"How about a game of conquest?"

Sebastian closes his journal, removes his eye glasses. "Don't tell me you're bored with me already?"

His tone is feather light, but there's a lingering edge in his words. Kathryn pretends she doesn't hear it and playfully responds, "Maybe."

She's not bored and if she had to guess she'd say he's not either. Not yet anyway. It will come though, it always does. They're both spoiled and selfish and eternally restless. The curse of the idle rich. It's not really a matter of if, so much as when. Call this a preemptive strike if you will.

"How would this game of yours work?"

"I pick an opponent. You have two weeks to conquer them. Succeed and you can have me any way you want, any time, any place."

Sebastian responds with a lazy grin, then pulls her astride his lap. Kathryn allows herself to be maneuvered, smiling at him indulgently as she makes herself comfortable. He's gloriously naked underneath her and his skin is hot and sticky against her own. She should be disgusted, but she's not. This is somewhat disconcerting.

"So are you in?" her voice turns breathy as he slides his hands under her camisole and tugs her nipples. He's acting distracted but she knows he's more tuned in than he's letting on. His eyes give him away.

"Hmm, perhaps, only there's a flaw in your game. I already have you anyway I want."

Kathryn leans forward and drops a kiss on his mouth, then whispers, "Not anymore." She pulls back, stating plainly. "We won't be sleeping together between matches."

"Oh come on," Sebastian exclaims with a full drama queen eye roll.

"Rules are rules," she sing songs.

"Rules? You're making this shit up as you go along"

It's true, but whatever.

"It will be hotter," she argues, "Think of the delayed gratification."

"Think of the blue balls"

"It will be just like when we were step-siblings. All that unfulfilled sexual tension..."

"Yeah, that was only fun for you."

Kathryn laughs recalling how wound up he would get. One time, in retaliation for not driving her to the Hamptons, she jerked him off then refused to let him cum. Sebastian stomped off to his room and broke a lamp. Kathryn laughed until there were tears in her eyes. Needless to say he did not find it as amusing.

"It's not like you won't be getting laid," she notes. "Besides, it's all up to you. The quicker you succeed in your task, the quicker you'll be back in my bed."

Sebastian let's out a long sigh. "Alright, so after I nail whomever you pick-

"Then you get to challenge me and when I succeed I get you anyway I want. We play until one of us fails. Whoever is left standing wins the game."

"I see and what does the winner get?"

Strangely enough Kathryn hasn't considered this. The game itself was her main concern, the winnings a mere afterthought. This is easily a first.

"Bragging rights?"

Sebastian rolls his eyes. "Boring."

"Well what do you want?"

His excellent poker face as always works to his advantage. She assumes whatever he wants will be of a sexual nature because, duh, it's Valmont, but he's just full of surprises that afternoon.


"Excuse me?"

"I want Mai-Lee"

Kathryn draws back from him. "Get real, I'm not giving you my maid. She's a human being for Christ sakes."

Sebastian laughs heartily at this. "Kathryn Merteuil ladies and gentleman, humanitarian and voice of the oppressed people. Bitch please. You treat that woman like your personal slave."

"For what I pay her I'll treat her anyway I please," she grumbles.

"You pay her nothing. I believe my father's hefty divorce settlement is footing her bill, which means technically she's mine already."

"Fuck off," she huffs, "You can't have her."

He stretches his arms over his head and smiles that shit eating grin of his. "Then forget the game"

Kathryn's jaw clenches in irritation. "Why do you want her anyway?"

"You mean besides the fact that it pisses you off? Well, she does give the best massages..."

Ew. She didn't want to think about Sebastian molesting poor Mai-Lee. Whatever. To hell with it. It wasn't like he'd win anyway.

"Fine, perv, you can have her, but if I win..." she trails off, a taunting grin spreading across her face.


"I get your car."

Sebastian's expression falls and his clear blue eyes narrow in irritation. "No way," he snaps. "That's a 1956 jaguar roadster. It took me forever to track it down. There's no power on this earth that will make me hand over the keys to you. Besides, you can't drive worth a damn anyway."

Kathryn grew up in New York. She doesn't need to know how to drive, but that's not really the point is it? It's his, she wants it, enough said. She pictures the look on Sebastian's face when she slides behind the wheel and it actually makes her wet. The fucker will pout for weeks.

Leaning into him, hands at his chest, she licks along his tense jawline. Her eyes meet his hooded gaze. Sebastian's breath is short and shallow but he still won't unclench. Stubborn prick. Kathryn grinds down against his dick, getting it's attention. He groans, eyes shifting to the ceiling when she reaches for his cock. She strokes him to fullness, teases the head with her thumb, kisses his neck until he's melting into the mattress.

"I understand baby," she coos condescendingly against his skin, "You're afraid, I get it."

His chest rumbles with laughter. "And what am I afraid of?"

Kathryn pulls up and grins down at him, all taunting bitch. "You know you'll never beat me."


Gripping her hips he rolls them quickly so she's on her back. Kathryn whimpers at the man-handling. "Do you honestly think you can play me?" he asks, wryly amused.

"Like a goddamn fiddle," she tosses back. For emphasis she strokes his dick harder. He arches into her hand groaning. Kathryn licks his lips then bites. "Face it I'm better at this game than you are."

"Are you now?"

Sebastian grabs her wrist and pins it to the bed, while his free hand presses between her legs. He touches her like only he can, like only he knows how to. Kathryn used to resent it, the way he knows her so well. Some small part of her still does. She'd give anything to be indifferent to him, but she's pitifully helpless. Those long, familiar fingers of his push inside her and she's gone, arching into his touch, riding his hand like the needy slut he labels her as. She's there, right at the edge when he abruptly draws back, rising up on his knees to hover above her. He removes his hand.

"Alright bitch," he sighs, "You have a deal."

Kathryn smiles victorious at last. They shake then she reaches for him.

"Now, get back here and fuck me."

Sebastian smirks. "I don't think so." He climbs off the bed and scoops up his journal. Kathryn stares at him aghast, body trembling from actual, physical need. "Rules are rules," he sing songs mockingly with a playful swat of her nose as he passes.

She wants to rage, wants to demand he get back here and finish what they started dammit, but that would only be proving his point that he's better at this than she is or at least her equal and she won't allow that. Her pride, as always, trumps her hormones. Some things are more important than sex.



Sebastian started seeing a therapist about a year ago. It wasn't exactly voluntary. After an episode with the school nurse their parents, the Manchester school board and the Manhattan police department kind of insisted upon it. Some people really can't take a joke.

This was back when their parents were still married, before they were a 'couple' and their relationship lent him an air of respectability that had been sorely lacking in his character. Back then everyone (with the exception of herself naturally) was secretly fearful his behavior was hinting at some deeper psychopathic leanings. Like one day they'd find out he secretly liked to cut up little girls or something.

God. She wishes.

Kathryn imagines Sebastian could have gotten out of it by now, but for reasons she doesn't fully understand he still attends. All she can figure is he must enjoy the attention.

His therapist is Regina Greenbaum. She's the Upper East Sides favorite head shrinker, but her specialty is child rearing. You know how whenever there's some sort of mass tragedy involving some emo teen, the news always interviews those talking head psychologists who blame everything on bad parenting and video game violence, all the while they're pushing their New York Times bestseller about keeping your child from becoming a terrorist of whatever? That's this bitch. She's the worst.

Sebastian of course loathes her and seems to take great pleasure in engaging her in psychological warfare. Taking all of this into consideration, Kathryn naturally assumes Greenbaum will make an excellent first target. Sebastian, not surprisingly, is less than pleased.

"What, you didn't think it was going to be all innocent coquettes and slutty cheerleaders did you?" she taunts when he complains about the assignment.

"You could at least pick someone I won't have to rely on pharmaceuticals to get it up for," he gripes.

Sebastian bitches and moans for a few days before getting down to business. As expected he pulls it off beautifully.



"Oh god...oh god...oh fuck!"

Kathryn's voice breaks on the last word. Throwing her head back she gasps for air as the exquisite pleasure of her second orgasm of the day ricochets through her body, leaving her a trembling mess of rubbery, sated, limbs. She's not given a moment to catch her breath. Sebastian, clutching her hips fierce enough to leave bruises, continues to pound into her tender cunt, just grazing her g-spot on every frantic lunge.

Falling forward, her hands slap against the wood paneling of the booth, her forehead pressing against the metal grate of the confessional. She pears into the empty booth and pictures someone entering it and watching their performance. Maybe some horny, sexual repressed, priest. The image is enough to give her a second wind. Arching her back she begins bucking against his invading cock, squeezing her muscles even tighter around his thrusting girth. Kathryn's rewarded for her efforts when he slips a hand between her legs and teasingly strums her clit.

"Jesus fucking Christ," she pants.

Sebastian slaps her ass and let's out a horse bark of laughter. "Watch your mouth. Ten hail Mary's for you sis."

She snickers inwardly to herself, thinking she must have seen this scenario played out in a porno at sometime. Probably a bad one.

Pushing off the wall Kathryn leans back, resting her head on his shoulder. She nips at his neck, damp with sweat then whispers, "Forgive me father for I have sinned."

"Damn right you have," he gasps against her mouth, before lunging forward for a deep, wet kiss.

So it's come to this. They're actually fucking in a church. Sebastian won the first round of their game and thus she had to submit to his demands. She thought he was kidding when he suggested it. No, he wasn't and it was worse than she initially thought because not only did he want to fuck her in church. but he wanted to do it at the Manchester chapel. During morning assembly.

Sometimes she doesn't give Valmont nearly enough credit for his depravity.

Manchester wasn't Catholic (thank fuck) but the headmaster still liked to hold the morning assembly in the chapel in the hopes that it would keep students from acting out. Little did he know, that morning, as he prattled on about his latest charity pet project and SAT prep. the student body president was mere feet away on her knees in the confessional sucking her boyfriend off. Kathryn had never been more simultaneously furious and turned on.

Which was why even when the assembly ended she didn't sneak out with everyone else, but rather climbed into his lap and rode him reverse cowgirls style. The confessional was tiny and the cramped conditions made her knees ache and her calf's cramp up, but the taboo nature of the act itself kind of made it worth it. The Reverend had the day off and with everyone now safely stashed away in class, they were free to be as loud as they wanted. They very much took advantage of this opportunity.

"Shit, you feel so good like this," he pants against her neck, biting down perhaps a bit too hard. She'll have to double down on the concealer tomorrow. "I'm going to...fuck...I'm going to cum Kathryn."

Kathryn turns her head to see the familiar look of pained pleasure he gets whenever he's about to go off. "Don't cum in me," she orders tersely.

As expected his eyes fly open and he shoots her an annoyed glare. Grabbing her by the hair he yanks her backwards. Breath hot against her ear he grits out, "I thought I could have it anyway I wanted?"

Sebastian tugs her dress shirt open further, and gropes her exposed tit. Kathryn moans as his talented finger twist and tease her nipples. He was trying to distract her. It wouldn't work.

When it came to their sex life Kathryn only had one rule left. Once upon a time she had many, but over the past couple years Valmont had somehow managed to wear down her defenses. Anal. Bondage. Photographs. Submission. All rules she has since broken for him. One remained. She would not let him come inside her. She had never allowed anyone that particular privilege and Sebastian wasn't going to be the exception.

Naturally it was all the perv wanted.

"Too bad. It's not happening"

"Fine," he bites out.

Abruptly he yanks himself out of her, paying no mind to her comfort, then shoves her to the floor. Kathryn winces as her delicate knees meet the hard wood. Tossing her hair out of her face she shoots him a murderous look that Sebastian blithely ignores. He taps his cock against her cheek and orders, voice thick, "Open up, unless you want to spend the next half hour redoing your make-up."

She sneers at the implication before obediently opening her mouth only to have him shove his dick in. He is neither subtle or gentle as he fucks her face, hand tugging her hair he batters her poor throat for a solid minute before coming in her mouth. Kathryn swallows down his bitter seed quickly, but just when she thinks he's finally finished he pulls out and comes one last time. He's likely aiming for her tits, but misses and hits her sweater instead.

"Fucker!" she hisses, punching his leg.

"My bad," Sebastian smirks, dogging her hits while pulling his pants back up, he stumbles out of the box.

Kathryn furiously wipes at her sweater and follows out after him. "Childish asshole," she sneers.

"Now, now what did I tell you about that kind of language. You're in the house of the lord." He pops a cigarette in his mouth and lights up.

"I'm never going to get this out."

Sebastian wanders over to a statue of the Virgin Mary and feels her up. "Well then, you should have let me come in your cunt."

"Never going to happen," she snaps, tossing a mutinous glare his way. "The last thing this world needs is another Valmont running around."

Brushing past her he slaps her ass and drawls, "You should be so lucky." Plopping down on the wooden pew, he stretches his arms across the back and sighs. "I really do amaze myself sometimes."

Kathryn rolls her eyes at his arrogance, finally giving up on her sweater she removes it and tosses it in the trash. Buttoning up her white dress shirt she comes around to sit beside him. "Get over it Valmont," she sighs. "It wasn't that impressive."

"I was referring to my conquest of Doctor Greenbaum."

"I wouldn't brag about that either." Sebastian of course looks deeply offended. She laughs. "One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat. You were able to nail a fifty year old woman Sebastian. Congratulations."

"Oh come on," he bellows jumping to his feet. "The woman loathes me and I had her mewling like a kitten."

If there was one thing Sebastian got sanctimonious about it was conquest. Truth be told she was rather impressed he got Greenbaum to submit so tidily, but she'd be damned if she stroked his ego any further. Examining her manicure she effects a yawn. "Big fucking deal. I would have nailed her in a weekend."

His gaze turns sharp, calculating. "Is that so?"

When she nods, his expression darkens and she can all but see the wheels turning in his head. "Alright then." He leans over the back of the pew, staring down at her. "Let's take it up a notch shall we?"

"If you like," she replies passively.

Sebastian smiles broadly and announces, "I've decided who your first challenge will be."

Kathryn folds her arms across her chest and smirks. "This should be good."

"Oh baby, you have no idea."



"So I take it this is all part of some elaborate game you got going on with Valmont?"

Kathryn's slipping her panties back on, silently debating whether she should call her driver to pick her up or just take a taxi home, when she looks over her shoulder and finds Blaine wide awake and naked, tangled in bed sheets. She could have sworn he was sleeping.

"Are you offended?" she asks more curious than concerned. She didn't have any illusions that she somehow managed to seduce Blaine for any reason other than curiosity on his part, but she is rather surprised he saw through everything so easily. Then again, she probably shouldn't be. He has after all known her nearly as long as Valmont has.

Blaine grins, tugging at the ends of his messy bleached hair. "No I'm actually kind of honored you two degenerates deemed to include me in your latest bit of debauchery. So what's the deal this time?"

"Game of conquest," she explains, slipping her sparkly cocktail dress over her head. "I made him screw his therapist."

"Greenbaum?" he gasps scandalized. "You evil bitch. No wonder he sicked you on a gay man."

Kathryn giggles then crawls across the bed to lay beside him. "Thanks for making it so easy for me," she sighs before leaning in for a no-so-chaste peck on the lips. Indeed she had anticipated it being a much more complicated affair, although she's not sure why. Blaine was a born slut.

They had spent a night out club hopping before coming back to his parents place in the city. Tipsy, but far from fall down drunk, she thought she'd need to get him more loaded, but when she reached for him, pulling him in he hadn't rebuffed her advances. The next thing she knew they were naked and sweaty, enjoying some very decent sex.

Blaine runs an affectionate hand through her hair. "What can I say Merteuil, I've always been curious."

"Was it what you expected, being with a girl?"

Blaine laughs easily. "Uh, I hate to break it to you sugar, but yours is not the first pussy I've plowed."

Kathryn pulls back, a little put out by this revelation. Blaine laughs harder. "Don't pout. You were far and away the best. Not enough to turn me off cock of course, but an interesting...pallet cleanser."

She rolls her eyes, reaching for her phone. "I'm flattered." Leaning against his chest she takes a selfie with naked Blaine then sends it to her boyfriend. "Sebastian's going to shit twice and die," she snickers, typing away into her phone.

"You know it's not necessary"

"What, the picture? The bastard will insist upon proof."

He shakes his head while reaching for his lighter and a half smoked joint. "I'm talking about the game. It's not necessary. That boy's been obsessed with you and your evil vagina for as long as I've known him. He's not going anywhere Kathryn."

If Kathryn was a different sort of person she might feel inclined to open up to him and reveal her fears that Sebastian was going to get bored and leave her and what did they have if they didn't have this?

But Kathryn wasn't that sort of girl. Not even close.

Instead she tosses him a saucy smile and replies with more confidence than she feels, "Do I look worried?"



"Please Kathryn...please...mistress...please let me come..."

Kathryn smiles at the desperation in his voice, the pathetic pleading look on his face as he begs for the orgasm she's been denying him all afternoon. It's heaven. It's better than Christmas and her birthday and every drug she's ever taken.

The weird thing is Sebastian actually seems to be into it. It was true, the boy could bullshit better than anyone she's ever known (excluding herself) but for once he was on the level. There had been no eye rolling or grousing, he had fully committed to the role of her submissive and she was loving it.

Sliding her hands up his bare chest, she grips his biceps, which were straining as he tugged uselessly on his restraints. Kathryn slams herself down on his cock, riding him hard, making sure to squeeze herself around him even tighter, to torture him that much more. She can feel the cool metal of the cock ring every time she slides down his length, reminding her, as if she wasn't already aware, that his orgasm was in her hands.

"Does my little toy want to cum?" she taunts leaning down to trace the length of his chest with her tongue. She bites at his nipple causing his hips to jerk as he hisses through his teeth. Kathryn smiles. "I don't think you've earned it."

Sebastian swallows thickly as their eyes meet. He's sweating, clearly in physical pain from his need. Kathryn has never witnessed him this vulnerable before. She's secure in the knowledge that he would only ever allow her see this side of him. There's a power in that. One she quietly doesn't take for granted.

"Please mistress," he breaths, voice heavy with need, "I can. Let me. I want to please you so badly."

Best. Day. Ever.

She grinds down against him, reveling in his hardness. Kathryn's lost count of all the orgasms she's had while he hasn't been allowed to come all afternoon. "Such a desperate little slut," she coos. Reaching around she fingers his hole still lubed up from earlier. He's slick and tight and when her finger just grazes his prostate he whimpers and bucks into her, not unlike a needy puppy.

After a few more minutes of teasing she decides to take pity on him—kind of. Fingering the scarves around his wrists she asks, "If I untie you, will you behave yourself?"

Sebastian nods adamantly. "Yes, yes I promise."

Kathryn leans over him and as she unknots the scarfs currently holding him to the bed posts, his mouth seeks out any available skin, kissing her shoulder, her breast anywhere he can reach. This bode well for things.

When he's finally free she pulls back only to have Sebastian lunge forward ferociously. For a split second she fears their game is going to come to a very abrupt and possibly violent end. Instead, he grabs at her, wrapping himself around her as he kisses her savagely. Kathryn allows it only for a moment before grabbing him by the hair and jerking his neck back. "Did I say you could do that toy?"

"I'm sorry mistress." There's a smile tugging at his lips and she's tempted to slap him, but that might be taking things a bit too far.

She reaches under him and grasps his balls causing him to whine and role his hips into her touch. "Who do these belong to?" she asks, almost sweetly.

"Y-yours," Sebastian stammers, face clenched in pleasure.

"That's right, you'd be wise to remember that or I'll be forced to end this right now. Leave you here, hard and wanting while I finish myself off in the next room. Do you want that?"

"No mistress!" he says quickly, his expression verging on fearful. They both knew she was bitch enough to do it. "I'll do whatever you want. I just want to please you."

"Then behave." Kathryn leans in and flicks her tongue over his pout. Taking his hands she places them firmly on her hips. "You can only touch me here, understand?"

He nods. Reaching behind him she places her hands on his thighs and proceeds to fuck herself on his cock. Clutching her hips he pushes up into her as best he can, but the angle doesn't allow much movement. When she catches Sebastian's gaze riveted to her bouncing tits she laughs, knowing how much he enjoys feasting on them and how much pleasure she gets from denying him.

Kathryn fucks herself to two orgasms, each better and more satisfying than the last, while Sebastian, face pinched in desperation whimpers and begs for release.

"Please Kathryn...please I can't...I need..." he pants, body trembling, silently pleading to be touched.

When he's practically crying, only then does she finally take mercy on him.

Kathryn climbs off his lap causing Sebastian's eyes to go wide with distress. "Please, no, I'll-

She places a finger over his lips silencing him as she reaches for the restraint binding his dick. "Make yourself come my little slut," she instructs, removing the cock ring.

If he's pissed she won't aid in his release he doesn't show it. Perhaps he was so desperate to get off he didn't care how it was achieved. She knows she wouldn't if she was in his position.

Kathryn kneels at the side of the bed watching with rapt fascination as Sebastian grips his cock, near purple in color at this point and proceeds to get himself off. He's all desperate pants and savage grunts, not particularly dignified, but in some ways he's never been more attractive to her. Watching as he violently fucks into his hand, she finds herself lazily fingering her own cunt. She's sore and not really searching for another orgasm, but seeing him like this does something to her.

Sebastian's hot gaze never leaves her, even when he finally comes and the pleasure is so great it's bordering on painful, his eyes remain on her. Never has she felt more powerful.

He comes with a roar, arms and hands shaking, sweat pouring off him, he shoots all over the sheets and himself. Kathryn doesn't think she's ever seen him come that hard before. It's beautiful.

Afterwords he sinks back on his hunches, head hanging back, looking thoroughly exhausted. Crawling over to him, she swipes a finger through the sticky cum on his chest and feeds it to him. Sebastian obediently sucks it off her finger.

"You did so well," she praises, "You make such a good little bitch."

She expects him to respond with annoyance, maybe anger, so she's genuinely surprised when he looks back at her with only affection. "Thank you mistress," he murmurs, cupping her face he draws her into a kiss that she eagerly returns.

When they break away he falls back into the bed with a tired sigh. "I can't believe you fucked Blaine," he muses, reaching for his cigarette case and lighter.

"You doubt my abilities?" She takes his camera from the bedside table and snaps away, capturing his sated state.

"I guess I overestimated his aversion to pussy," he grumbles past the cigarette in his mouth. "Careful with that thing."

"What kind of camera is this anyway?"

"Leica, German, rare and very expensive. You break it and I'll beat that cute little ass of yours black and blue."

Pulling the camera away from her face she shoots him a grin. "That could be promising."

Sebastian only responds with a raised eyebrow as Kathryn straddles his chest and takes his picture. While she's fiddling with various lens she announces, "I have your new victim lined up. You should be happy to know I've decided to go easy on you."

He stares up at the ceiling, blows a smoke ring into the air. "Oh?"

"Madison Clark"

He laughs, husky and knowing. "Christ you're transparent."

"Meaning?" Kathryn snaps another picture then sets the camera aside, waiting for him to elaborate.

Sebastian's answering smile is sharp and amused.




It's half past one by the time Kathryn returns to her room. Jamming the plastic key card in the hotel door, she curses that last shot she indulged in as her coordination has gone to shit. On the third try the door opens and she stumbles into the darkness only to quickly realize she isn't alone. She's momentarily startled, only to remember that she's sharing a room. However, the person staring at her from across the way, calmly smoking wasn't her roommate. It was Sebastian.

Stepping further into the suite, her eyes adjusting to the dark, she finds he's in bed with her roommate and 'best friend'. Madison Clark. Kathryn grins.

"That was fast," she talk-whispers as she eyes the sleeping blond.

He shrugs, unimpressed. "I predicted as much. She may be a frigid bitch who loathes my very guts, but she's also so desperate to get one up on you she'd fuck the devil himself if she thought it would make you jealous."

Kathryn rolls her eyes. "Pettiness really is such an ugly trait," she muses.

"Not that you would know anything about that, right?" Sebastian quips.

She shoots him a look over her shoulder as she walks over to the large picture window that over looks M Street, which even in the middle of the night appeared bustling. They were in Washington DC for a senior field trip. Normally this was the sort of thing Kathryn would have tried to get out of (ugh, the bourgeoisie travel alone was enough to give her hives) but it proved useful to her plan to have Sebastian seduce her frienemy.

Turning back around, making sure to keep her voice low she asks, "How did you do it?"

"Just as you planned. And there's no need to whisper. I slipped her a little something an hour ago." When Kathryn cocks an eyebrow at this he huffs, "What? She wouldn't shut the fuck up."

She sighs, hoping that won't come back to bite them on the ass. "Alright then, what happened?"

"After you left, I came over, terribly distraught over a fight we had. I was desperate to talk to you. Of course she let me in. I wailed about how in love with you I was, but how I really messed up. Couldn't she please help me? After that she was going for my belt in record time."

"Not surprising. I guess there's a bit of slut in her after all." Kathryn slips out of her dress and heels, leaving them forgotten in the dark

"Hardly," he argues.

"That bad?"

"Oh god, oh god," he mimics in a high falsetto, "It's never felt like this before. Jesus Christ, do you owe me."

Kathryn laughs but is quick to quiet him. "Shh. Don't worry. You'll get yours." Plopping down in the bed opposite them, she eyes the sleeping girl and remarks, "As will she."

Madison Clark. You know who she is. The school mean girl, the embodiment of every cliché in every teen movie ever made. Pretty, blond, rich and entitled. The girl who openly mocked and tortured the nerdy and awkward. The girl who despite this was inexplicably popular because people were either afraid of her or just didn't know how the hell else to deal with her.

But of course Kathryn was the real power behind the throne. Madison is her puppet, her pretty blonde mouthy little marionette. Because everyone loved Kathryn and she intends to keep it that way, she uses Madison when she needs something done. If there's someone who needs to be taught a lesson or if she wants to extract someone from their social circle, she pulls the strings, suggests just the right words and her little toy takes care of it for her, always believing it's her idea, never realizing how thoroughly she's being manipulated. Fucking idiot.

But then Kathryn messed up. She accidentally allowed Madison to stumble on her and Sebastian mid-fuck at a party and soon enough the shit hit the fan. Up until that point he was just her former step-brother, the boy she was forced to tolerate. After that, thanks to Madison and her big mouth, they were some incestuous freak show. She of course was all phony apologies, insisting it was an accident it got out. Please, her whole life was an accident. This was deliberate sabotage.

If there was one thing Kathryn was good at it was turning shit into cocktails. Rather than be viewed as just another notch in Valmont's infamous headboard, Kathryn created some elaborate bullshit romance that had all the girls, gays and even hetero males swooning. Madison was forced to simmer in jealousy on the sidelines as she was lauded as the girl who finally brought Sebastian Valmont to heel with her magic pussy. Suck it bitch.

Despite the fact that she came out on top Kathryn never forgave this slight. She never intended for her relationship with Sebastian to be made public and she resented the outing. Not to mention all the sexual hoops (enjoyable or not) Sebastian made her jump through in order to get him to go along with their 'relationship'. Of course she wanted to seek revenge right away, but she realized it was better to bide her time and hit the cunt when she was least expecting it. Making her a part of their game was a genuine stroke of genius on her part.

"Did you get the photos?"

Sebastian leans over to stub out his cigarette. "Of course. Already sent them to the college stud. Should be rather eye opening."

Madison had been seeing her boyfriend Todd, a sophomore at Yale, for three years. Todd was the conservative sort – though not so conservative he objected to fucking his girlfriend's best friend behind her back. Twice. He of course expected absolute fidelity on his girlfriend's part and she was happy to comply. Until tonight that is.

Turning to her, head resting on his hand he asks, all strategy, "So how are you going to play this?"

Mimicking his pose she explains, "I imagine when she wakes up she's going to be just dying to confess, but I won't give her a chance. By that time I'm sure Todd will have spread the news far and wide of his girlfriends sluttiness. I'll be utterly heartbroken of course. Everyone will be outraged on my behalf, especially after it gets out how she seduced you while we were on a break. She'll be completely ostracized."

"And what about us?" Sebastian affects a pout, "Is our grand romance over?"

"Of course not. I'll magnanimously forgive you next week."

"Saint Kathryn. Meanwhile I get to look like the pussy whipped asshole."

She nods, "To some, but to most you'll be the guy who nailed the two most sought after girls in school and lived to tell about it."

He rolls his eyes but doesn't argue further. Climbing under the covers, Kathryn dismisses him, "Now get out of here, before she wakes up."

"What about my winnings?"

"It can wait. Goodnight."

She imagines he's shooting her the dirtiest of looks and it makes her grin into her pillow. Kathryn can just make out his naked figure as he gets out of the bed and stumbles over to her. She expects he's going to kiss her forehead (as he's prone to during his more romantic moods). Instead he throws off her sheets and climbs into bed with her.

"What are you doing?" she hisses.

"I'll collecting now," he says, using his hips to part her thighs. She wants to kick at him but god he feels good. Warm and masculine and hard in all the right places. Still, this shouldn't be encouraged.

"No way," Kathryn whispers, "Get out of here Sebastian."

"Or you'll what, cry rape?" His mouth is at her neck now, his hands are pushing up her bra, not even bothering to remove it. "Anytime, anyplace, remember?"

Before she can argue further he's kissing her silent. She squirms against him, her eyes flying over to the bed next to them. Madison still hasn't stirred once. "Relax, she's out until morning," Sebastian tells her before gripping her face with both hands and kissing her so hard and intently it steals her breath and her goddamn common sense.

"Fuck," she gasps coming up for air. His hand is in her panties and she's already this close to an orgasm and she hates, hates, that he has this power over her. Not enough to put an end to it however. Reluctantly consenting she tells him, "Fine, just get it over with."

Sebastian snickers, "Yeah right."

Then an abruptly as this started, he pulls back, leaving her blinking into the darkness. Kneeling over her he grasps her hips and flips her onto her stomach. Kathryn swallows her outrage at the manhandling. She's about to get on all fours, assuming that's what he's after when she feels him grab her wrists. She doesn't like where this is going. She really doesn't like it when she feels the scarf go around her wrist.

Kathryn puts up a struggle as best she can. "No," she hisses into the darkness, "Absolutely not Sebastian."

It's too late. Wrists already bound to the metal frame of the headboard, he's yanking down her panties, voice warmly amused. "It's already done baby. Now be quiet unless you want to wake our guest and make this a threeway."

Kathryn groans into the pillow, biting at the polyester blend to keep from telling him to go fuck himself. It wouldn't matter anyway. Sebastian traces his tongue down her back, over the curve of her ass, making her tremble in his wake. He then spreads her legs wide, taking advantage of the king sized bed and proceeds to eat her out. Hard.

She yanks on her binds, biting back curses, because it's good, so good she wants to scream. Which is of course the point. He gets off on torturing her like this, making her helpless and needy. Kathryn comes hard on his tongue and before she can catch her breath he's at it again. By the time she's on her second orgasm there are tears in her eyes and she doesn't know why.

Kathryn's gaze never leaves Madison, as Sebastian works her over, this time with his fingers and his words. "Do you like it," he whispers, breath hot against her ear, "Watching her with my tongue inside you?"

She does but not for the sexual reasons he's imagining. She enjoys the danger of it, knowing Madison can wake at any moment and find them like this and then all her plans will be shot to shit. Kathryn has always enjoyed the thrill of teetering on the edge. Cocaine. Sex. Bad choices. Its all the same.

After Sebastian makes her come for a third time, he shifts over her and she can feel his bare cock, hard and wet, rubbing on her ass.

"Condom," she whispers over her shoulder.

She doesn't trust him when they're like this not to make a mistake. To say nothing of the hygiene issues. He groans but none the less reaches for one of the rubbers on the night side table. Kathryn stares at the one lone wrapper used on Madison. By the end of the night there will be three more.

He fucks her for hours, slamming into her hard enough to make the bed creak and the picture above them shake and threaten to fall. Kathryn doesn't come for a while and this is deliberate on Sebastian's part. He's learned how to control her orgasm. He tortures her, drawing her to the edge only to pull back. When she finally gets to come, he's fucking her slow, grinding his cock against her, making her pant and curse his name until she's completely forgotten they are not alone.

The clock reads five am by the time he's finishes with her and Kathryn is exhausted, sated, drenched in sweat and sex. Sebastian kisses her face, murmurs how good was, taunts her with writing about it in his queer journal. She listens as he gets up and quietly redresses. It's only when he's almost to the door does she realize he hasn't untied her.

"Sebastian," she hisses at him. When he turns she yanks on the blinds for emphasis. He regards her with a wave and a reptilian smile before heading out the door.

Kathryn knows she's fucked.

"Sebastian! Sebastian get back here and untie me!"



Sebastian goes easy on her for the next assignment. One could almost consider it a gift. Kathryn suspects it's to make up for leaving her tied to the bed all night at the hotel.

(She managed to wiggle out of her restraints just before dawn and Madison was none the wiser. Afterwords she promptly marched over to her boyfriend's room and kicked him square in the balls so hard he couldn't go to the Washington Monument with everyone else that afternoon and instead had to spend the day icing his dick.)

Because of his shenanigans on that trip Sebastian's on probation in both public and private. Just as she anticipated her plan went off without a hitch. Madison was now the pariah of the upper east side and Kathryn the martyred saint. While Madison was receiving the silent treatment, her stupid boyfriend wasn't getting much better.

"Be nice to me," he hisses over lunch one afternoon after she insults his new suit. Ever the petulant child he threatens, "Or I'll end this charade here and now."

They are sitting alone in the cafeteria, Kathryn is pretending to eat her cob salad, while Sebastian irritatingly taps his pen against his notebook his gaze boring into her from across the table. She merely rolls her eyes at his threat. "Go ahead and I'll tell everyone how much you enjoy getting pounded by my favorite strap-on."

"Big fucking deal," he drawls his gaze lazily roving around the cafeteria at their peers currently involved in the usual chaotic lunch chatter. "I imagine that's a distinction I share with more than a few males at this school."

Kathryn leans in, smile sharp and poisonous. "Yes but none of them took to it quite as enthusiastically as you did."

Sebastian looks back at her unamused then grabs her hand. He squeezes it too hard, but before she can yank it away he brings it up his mouth and kisses her knuckles, in a gesture as ironic as it was sweet. His expression softens. "You got me there sis"

She rolls her eyes at the familiar nickname, pulling her hand away. "Freak"

"Oh come on Kathryn, unclentch. You can't stay mad at me forever."

"Wanna bet?"

"Speaking of which," he drawls, "If I didn't know any better, I would suspect your pissy attitude was just a way to divert your turn in our game."

At the mention of the game her ears perk up and her anger momentarily evaporates. "Bite your tongue. Who did you have in mind?"

Languidly rising up from his seat he comes around the table and plops down beside her. Sebastian brushes her hair aside and whispers against her ear, "Countess Olenska."

Kathryn grins.

Countess Helena Olenska was, to use the prosaic term, her girl crush. If the society set had a reigning queen it would be the Countess. The widow of an Italian Duke, she was in her mid forties, but still breathtakingly beautiful, like one of those starlets from the forties. She was also sophisticated, worldly and powerful. In short everything Kathryn desired to be.

Even though her reputation is impeccable she's heard stories that suggests she enjoys an active (yet private) social life. None of these stories involve the fairer sex, but she imagines a woman with that sort of experience has probably done everything. This was a challenge Kathryn was most eager to accept.

They sit on a few committees together so she uses this to get close and presents herself as a girl desperately in need of a female role model as her own mother couldn't be bothered, what with her constant traveling and all. The Countess takes her under her well manicured wing and for a week Kathryn tries unsuccessfully to set a seduction in motion only the older woman doesn't rise to the bait. It's not until the beginning of the second week does she realize the Countess knows exactly what she is doing and she is just making her work for it. Kathryn has to respect that.

With the deadline hanging over her head, she finally gathers her nerve to make her move during the second act of Madame Butterfly. They're sitting in the Countess's box at the MET opera house, both dressed in varying shades of midnight blue, when Kathryn boldly slips her hand up her thigh just as the aria reaches it's pitch. When the Countess looks her way she leans in and kisses her only to be met by the woman's ardent response.

When she breaks away she's met with a pleased carnal smile. "That took long enough," the Countess murmurs, voice thick with amusement. "I was starting to think my interest was misplaced."

They skip the rest of the second act and head back to the Countess's penthouse, but not before Kathryn goes down on her in the limo on the way. They spend the entire evening and the next morning in bed. It's exquisite, everything Kathryn hoped it would be and she comes away from the experience even more enamored of the accomplished woman. That said, she also recognized her desire, while fierce, was also fleeting. If she were to continue on with this affair (which she wouldn't, they both knew this for what it was) she knew in time she would come to resent the Countess. Like all mentor/student relationships, the time would eventually come when Kathryn would have to surpass her. It was inevitable, her ego would demand nothing less.

For now though, she basks in her triumph.

Kathryn's sitting at the vanity, draped in the Countess's silk robe as she replies the make-up she spent last night fucking off. The lady of the manor is still in bed, naked and tangled in sheets that smell like their sex. They are discussing this month's social calendar when talk turns to Sebastian.

"Are you still seeing the Valmont boy?" she inquires, her drawl lazy, but curious.

"I am"

"Be careful there."

Kathryn meets her reflection in the mirror. The countess's expression is knowing and it makes her stop and set down her lipstick. "What do you mean?"

The older woman hesitates a moment before revealing, "I used to be involved with a man very similar to your Valmont. Beautiful, charming, clever, everything one could hope to want in a playmate. But things got messy. I tried to control him and well, I underestimated by own capacity for jealousy."

"What happened to him?"

The Countess stares off, her gaze a million miles away. "Oh, he's not around anymore."

Kathryn flinches at the implication in her tone. "I'm sorry."

She flashes a brief smile. "It was nothing like that. He left me. For a woman less...complicated."

"Well he's clearly an idiot, but forgive me, what does this have to do with me and Valmont?"

"I'm saying you may think you have him wrapped around your little finger and perhaps you do, but he won't stay there for long. Men like that are restless. They are always looking for what they can't have."

Kathryn quietly bristles at the accusation, but is careful not to show it in front of a woman as formidable as the countess. Turning in her seat she asks, "What is it you think he's looking for?"

She rolls her shoulders back, an elegant shrug. "Well I couldn't possibly say, but my guess, perhaps appreciation? Acceptance? Love?"

Kathryn scoffs at the idea. "You don't know Sebastian."

The Countess smiles. "You'd be surprised."

The confidence with which she says this startles her and before Kathryn can question what she means there's a light knock at the door. "Come in," the older woman calls out, rolling to her side, sheet gathered at her hips leaving her full breasts on display.

When Sebastian steps through the door, in a crisp, tailored charcoal suit, Kathryn doesn't bother to hide her surprise. The countess laughs, not at all thrown by his entrance."Ah, speak of the devil,"

"And he shall arrive," he boasts with a roguish smile as he removes his shades. Crossing the room he comes up behind Kathryn and drops a kiss on her neck. "Good morning baby," he murmurs low enough for only her to hear, "I trust you had an enjoyable evening."

They share a look in the mirror and before she can respond he moves on heading to the bed to greet her lover. "Helena, breathtaking as usual," he drawls, for once sounding totally sincere as he bends down to kiss her cheeks.

"Monsiuer Valmont, a pleasure as always."

When Sebastian plops down on the bed beside her they begins conversing in, Russian, maybe, because Sebastian is an intellectual poser and can't learn an appropriate foreign language like French or Italian. They talk low, intimate, occasionally laughing or touching and Kathryn realizes not only are they acquainted, but most likely they've fucked at some point. It's not surprising she guesses, but why didn't she know about it?

Watching them together she suddenly feels left out and that was not an emotion she was at all capable of dealing with. "I didn't know you two knew each other," she says, breaking up their confab.

They both turn to her. "Oh yes, Paris," the countess explains.

Sebastian laughs. "That party on the Seine-"

"Oh my-" she's cuts herself off, joining in his merriment.

Kathryn was not amused. She didn't appreciate being treated as an afterthought. She was the main event dammit. She considers clearing her throat, regaining their attention, but that seems desperate somehow. So instead she returns to her reflection and waits for their conversation to peter out, meanwhile she wonders as to her boyfriend's presence here. Kathryn had texted him that she won this round early in the morning. To show up unannounced like this took some brass balls. Unless of course it wasn't unannounced. She turns her gaze on the countess and realizes she's not the only one playing a game here.

Flouncing over to the bed she casually takes a seat on her boyfriend's lap. His arm circles around her back. The Countess's gaze seems to take this in. Kathryn wonders if she invited him, hoping he'd find them in bed and be surprised. She doubted a woman of the world such as herself had any real interest in holding on to a high school boy. Maybe her game was more sophisticated than that, then again maybe there was no motives at all. Perhaps she was just curious about them.

"Why don't you two stay for brunch?" she offers reaching for her robe.

Sebastian looks to her and suddenly there was something else she was in desperate need of. Running a finger down his face she gazes at him but speaks to both of them. "That sounds nice, but I have a better idea." Kathryn nuzzles against his face, eyes on his pouty lips. "I want to collect my winnings first."

Valmont's grip tightens around her and he swallows thickly with obvious interest. "I could be up for that."

She smiles then turns to the Countess, watching them with avid interest. "Will you join us Helena?" It's the first time she's used her name. It feels delicious on her tongue.

The older woman smiles, all cool elegance. "If you wish."

Kathryn nods then leans in kissing her just as she had at the opera. As they make out she doesn't miss Sebastian's tightening grip on her waist. She wasn't the only one who couldn't stand being ignored. When they break apart the Countess's eyes briefly flicker to him before drawing back. "I'd like to watch you two if that's alright."

Sebastian once again looks to her and since this is her show she's the one to give the okay. The countess leans back against her satin pillows, letting her robe hang open as she drinks them in. Kathryn straddles Sebastian's lap and shrugs off her peignoir. She knows Sebastian sometimes likes to pretend that he only puts up with her, but it's never so clearly bullshit as when he's looking at her with her clothes off. The bone-deep longing is unmistakable. His gaze traces over her shoulders her breasts and beyond while his hands hang in mid air like he's not sure where to touch her first. His breath is coming in short pants. It's been nearly two weeks since they've been together. Easily the longest stretch since they started this thing between them.

At last he grabs her, hands at her waist, fingertips hard enough to leave bruises as he crushes his mouth to hers. He devours her, there's no other word for it, so much so that Kathryn has to struggle to keep up. Desperate, needy little whimpers escape out of his mouth as her hips roll against him, wordlessly egging him on.

They fall back to the bed, Kathryn withering on top of him as her hands make quick work of his pants and Sebastian's searches out that spot on her neck that makes her mewl. Her gaze flickers over to the countess, now naked and working a hand between her legs. She's considering reaching out and drawing her in when Sebastian murmurs just low enough for her to hear, "I missed you."

Kathryn looks back at him and searches his face only to find his quietly intense stare boring into her. She leans forward and takes his lips between his teeth. Her hair falls between them curtaining their expressions. "I know," she murmurs back before kissing him soft and slow until the third person in their bed is a dim memory.

The countess can fend for herself.



"How come you didn't tell me about the countess in Paris?"

"Didn't I?"


"It must have slipped my mind."

Kathryn's laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling while she mindlessly fingers the smooth beads of her crucifix. It took her two bumps before she was able to get up the nerve to work the question into their nightly phone call and the asshole was being elusive. She can't tell if he's deliberately being obtuse or if that's him just being Valmont.

In any event the topic is changed immediately.

"Invite me over," he coaxes. She can hear his fingers typing on a keyboard which is curious. Sebastian is a Luddite. He only uses a computer when absolutely necessary or to watch porn. Kathryn wonders if he's getting off while they're talking.

Kathryn rolls over to her side. "Why?"

There's a smile in his voice as he replies. "So we can play chess."

She rolls her eyes, but finds herself grinning none the less at the phrase they used to use when they wanted to sneak off together. Not that it was ever necessary. Their parents never cared what they were up to so long as they didn't embarrass them. As if they ever needed their help with that.

(Five marriages between them and one very brutal divorce splashed across page six.)

"You know the rules," she sing songs into the receiver.

"Fuck the rules," he growls back and she can perfectly picture the sharp look of need on his face when he says it. "What are you wearing?"

The rough undercurrent of his voice sends a shiver through her and it reminds her of things she's better off not thinking about when she's trying to rebuff his advances.

"How's your task coming?"

There's a long sigh on his end, the sound of him lighting up. "Slow and tedious. Much like the man himself."

Sebastian's latest challenge was a young conservative senator running for reelection. He had gone so far as volunteering for the campaign. Kathryn's rather impressed by his dedication to the cause—the cause of getting laid that is.

"He's completely oblivious to my advances," Sebastian grouses, "Let me come over and recharge my batteries."

She smiles at the whiny tone of his voice. "You don't get to admit defeat and still collect a prize."

There's a beat of silence during which she hears him inhale whatever it is he's smoking. She suddenly wishes she had invited him over—not for sex, she really doesn't believe it rewarding incompetence. Just to have him here, his sturdy presence. She likes to rest her head on his chest, listen to the subtle thud of his heartbeat while he reads quietly, absentmindedly caressing her hair and-

Jesus, she thinks to herself, what a queer thought. No more blow before bed.

"Very well," he sighs, "It will be finished in a week. Maybe less."

"Good boy." She leans over and turns off her light. "I need to get some rest. I'll see you in the morning."


Neither of them hang up and she can't be sure why. Kathryn lays in the dark listening to his breathing on the other end.

"So, what color panties are you wearing?"

Kathryn laughs, pressing her face into her pillow and her hand between her legs. "Silly rabbit. I'm not wearing any panties."

So much for sleep.



Sebastian is of course successful in his mission. Just under the wire, but successful none the less.

As if there was any doubt.

They attend a campaign fundraiser at the congressman's Connecticut home. Sebastian introduces her to the man of the hour and his six months pregnant wife. At dinner Kathryn enjoys the furtive glances he shoots Valmont, guilt and need playing out in equal measure over his attractive features. He's practically trembling.

And oh god was this going to be good.

John Hamilton Dexter is thirty five, clean cut and boyishly handsome with a strong jaw and serious blue eyes. His light brown hair is perpetually slicked back because some consultant once told him it would make him appear more distinguished. It's not really helping, he's still trailing in the polls behind his older democratic opponent. He's running on a family values platform which is ironic as he's spent so little time with his young wife there's been whispers the bun in the oven isn't his. He's stressed and overworked and in need of some kind of release. He's never really been into drugs (despite rumors of the contrary) but sex is a different matter. He's always been into kink. Rough sex, threesomes, even the occasional guy. He tempered all that however when he married Missy. Lately though the cravings have returned, thanks in part to his new volunteer. He suspected taking on the Valmont boy would be trouble. Even a man as busy as himself knew of his reputation, but his father was an important donor so his hiring was out of his hands. Try as he might he couldn't ignore his blatant flirting or chesire cat grin or inappropriate roaming hands. He was doomed.

Sebastian of course knew all this going in. He's always been rather thorough when it comes to research and it pays off when after dinner the congressman corners him against the davenport, whiskey breath hot against his ear as he gruffly tells him, "Let's finish this upstairs in twenty."

No further explanation is needed.

They head upstairs before him finding the perfect room. Kathryn takes her place on the balcony, door slightly ajar so she can see in, while Sebastian waits outside the door for his prey to arrive. They're like actors in a play, waiting for their cue.

She has his suit jacket wrapped around her delicate shoulders to guard against the October chill. Listlessly she stares out into the darkness of the Dexter's perfectly manicured backyard, when the bedroom door slams open startling her to attention.

They're already going at it before they're even safety ensconced in the room. Eager, hungry mouths fused together, a messy tangle of teeth and tongue and spit while their impatient hands tug at their clothing. The congressman is taller than Sebastian by an inch and maybe has forty or so pounds on him. He uses his larger stature to crowd him back against the bed and then he's dropping to his knees, tugging open her boyfriend's pants. Sebastian sinks to the bed as Dexter fists his half-hard cock before swallowing it down.

And well, she's known slutty cheerleaders who weren't nearly so clearly experienced in the art of cocksucking. Evidently Sebastian wasn't the first intern Dexter has 'dealt' with.

However, it wasn't the congressman who held her attention. There was nothing Kathryn enjoyed more than watching Sebastian take his pleasure. Face pinched in need, eyelids heavy, breath coming hard and fast through his nose, it made her stomach drop and her cunt clench. Edging closer to the partially opened door, she watches with baited breath as Sebastian grabs the back of his head and fucks his face causing Dexter to choke briefly. The moment does something to her and almost unconsciously she finds her hand starting to slip under the slit in her dress until her right hand brushes up against the phone in his coat.

Oh yes, she nearly forgot.

It's not like they need the blackmail material, probably won't even use it. But like all insurance policies it's just nice to have. Kathryn snaps a few incriminating photos as Sebastian finally comes and the congressman swallows it like the good little slut he is.

He stumbles to his feet and begins moving around the bed, removing his clothes. Sebastian's heavy gaze finds her and he smirks, no leers at her, while he slowly jerks himself back to life.

Kathryn snaps a picture. Just because.

Dexter is naked and well he's not exactly unattractive, all smooth muscle and a nice pretty pink dick, hard and leaking. He comes up behind Sebastian, kissing his neck and tugging his shirt off the rest of the way followed by his pants. Soon they're tangled amongst the sheets, both naked, furiously making out when Sebastian's is maneuvered onto his stomach. Kathryn flinches in surprise at this turn of events.

It's not that she's shocked that Sebastian was willing to bottom in order to win a bet. She is however surprised that he's allowing her to witness it.

(And alright maybe she is taken aback because she arrogantly assumed she was the only one allowed that privilege.)

Sebastian positions himself accordingly as the congressman slides on a condom and lube. He enters him with a blunt thrust that sends him falling face first into the mattress. The familiar broken cry that works it's way out of his throat as he gets fucked makes her cunt clench.

It's quick and brutal and Kathryn finds herself oddly thankful for that. It's strange, normally she likes watching Sebastian with his conquests. Before they started sleeping together, she used to enjoy eavesdropping on his adventures and even after she invited him into her bed she still liked watching him fuck. But there was something about this scene that was leaving her cold.

When she realizes what it is she curses her stupidity; it's the vulnerability thing. Seeing him like this, open and needy with someone who isn't her was rubbing her ego in all the wrong ways. Sebastian's usually so in control, almost bordering on dominate with his other partners with the exception of her that is. Until now she was the only one allowed to see that side of him. The idea that that is no longer the case leaves her uneasy.

As Kathryn stands there awkwardly observing her boyfriend get fucked she realizes with a sort of inescapable dread that this is no longer fun anymore. The rush of doing something so depraved was gone, replaced by a dull panic that things where slipping out of her control.

After the congressman comes with a loud, primal roar, Sebastian follows suit, hand furiously working his cock. He selfishly hides his cum face from her, head twisted in the opposite direction as he groans and shoots off in his hand.

Thankfully she doesn't have to suffer through any awkward pillow talk. Dexter barely has the condom off, when he hurriedly redresses, gaze carefully averted from the smirking blond lazing in the bed. He mumbles some excuse about getting back to the party, but doesn't leave before getting some sort of confirmation of discretion. Sebastian waves off his concerns with a disinterested flick of the wrist and then he's gone.

Kathryn remains on the balcony, quietly observing Valmont as he flops on his back and lights up. He inhales and exhales the nicotine before finally calling out to her in his typical arched drawl, "Are you planning on staying out there all night eyefucking me or are you going to come inside for the real thing?"

She rolls her eyes then steps into the room. "I'd rather think you'd be wiped out after a performance like that."

"You should know better than anyone that appearances can be deceiving," he replies, gaze still on the ceiling. "He was a mediocre lay. Unimaginative, uninspired. Even his dick was boring."

Kathryn crosses the room, discreetly locks the door. "The man doth protest too much," she taunts as she straddles his waist. "You didn't look bored when you were coming all over the sheets."

Sebastian shrugs indifferently, hands coming to rest on her hips. Kathryn continues to needle, "Perhaps I should get you on all fours more often."

His gaze turns sharp. In one sudden motion he rolls her onto her back and pins her beneath him. Sebastian's body was warm and smelled like sex. Kathryn fights the urge to nip at his jaw and struggle against the submissive position. He pins her wrists to the mattress and smiles slow and knowing. "I believe you owe me a reward."

"Ah yes. Well what will it be? Threesome with a cheerleader? Sex in your car in front of campus?" She flicks her tongue across his lips. "Impress me."

He draws his hand away from her wrist and across her chest. His fingers slowly pull down the thin straps of her gown exposing her breast. Her dress is low cut enough she went sans bra that evening. When he leans in and drops a kiss on her tit her breath hitches and she shifts against him, anticipation gathering in her gut.

"I just want you," he murmurs against her skin. "Right here, right now."

Kathryn flinches at the intensity of his tone. She yanks on his hair forcing him to look at her. "Don't you at least want to shower first?"

He shakes his head.

There's no further discussion. Sebastian pulls himself up on his knees then maneuvers her on her stomach. He taps her side indicating for her to get on all fours. Kathryn complies, saying nothing when he pushes her dress up around her waist. He's pulling her panties down when she hears him gasp. Apparently he discovered her surprise.

He fingers the small metal butt plug she placed there before leaving that night. "How did you..."

Kathryn shoots him a knowing look over her shoulder. "I know how my boy likes it."

And she knew he'd be in the mood to dominate after his victory with the congressman. Even not knowing he would be bottoming, she suspected he would be itching to fuck here there. Although Sebastian didn't usually indulge in machismo and was more than secure in his sexuality, that didn't mean he wouldn't be eager to reenforce his masculinity. If fucking her in the ass did it for him, who was she to deny him.

He draws out a long, jagged breath as he removes the plug from her backside. Kathryn's face sags forward into the mattress and she groans into the sheets. Slowly he kisses up her back, tracing her spine with his tongue, then he's brushing her hair out of her face and whispering against her face, "It scares me sometimes how well you know me."

She suspects that remark was suppose to be more flippant instead of quiet and vulnerable how it came out. Kathryn turns slightly and catches his eye. They stare at one another for one long second during which the air seems to shift between them. Without even realizing she's saying it Kathryn admits, "I know the feeling."

Sebastian flinches at her words and it's enough to snap her out of whatever sappy fog she's wandered into. Arching herself against his hard on, she buries her head back in the sheets and although she's suppose to be letting him lead she orders, "Now fuck me."



Kathryn suspects the game is growing tedious after Sebastian names the next challenge.

He's a musician slash actor. Married with brats. Talk about a slam dunk. He's in the city shooting the latest installment of his superhero franchise. Kathryn pulls some strings, gets herself on the set and in less than a weekend she's riding him to orgasm in his trailer.

The whole assignment is insultingly easy, but she doesn't call him on it.

Later that week she collects her prize on the top floor of Edward Valmont's latest baby, a new skyscraper downtown, one of the tallest in the city. They fuck on the roof, with Kathryn perched on the stone edge arms splayed out across the metal railing as Sebastian eats her out. It's hot, but afterwords she senses his mind is somewhere else.

They are in the elevator on the long decent to the ground floor when she finally gets fed up with his brooding. "Alright, what's wrong with you?" she sighs.

Sebastian, leaning against the opposite wall of the car shrugs. "Nothing."

"You've barely said two words since you pulled out of me," she argues. "What is it?"

He lets out a long sigh then straightens up, turning towards her. "I think our game is drawing to a close."

Kathryn flinches, honestly surprised at the statement. "Nonsense. You're just mad because you're loosing."

"Kathryn neither of us are winning"

She opens her mouth to argue only to find she can't. "You're right," she admits, "We're both too good."

"More like the challenges are too easy," he scoffs.

Of course she takes issue with this. "Is that so?"

When the elevator at last reaches the lobby Sebastian departs with his usual cocky flourish. Kathryn follows after, silently bristling at the insinuation that their game isn't up to snuff. They step out of the hotel to find the limo waiting. Once inside Kathryn pulls out her phone and pointedly ignores him.

Sebastian stares at her hard for a moment before rolling his eyes. "Come on Kathryn, you know I'm right."

He probably was, but she damn well wasn't going to admit it. Perhaps their marks hadn't been as difficult as she initially anticipated. Perhaps this had been on purpose.

Setting her phone aside she considers him a moment before suggesting, "How about one last challenge? Winner takes all."

Valmont's face is an impenetrable mask, but she thinks she sees a spark of interest in his clear blue eyes as he mulls it over. Glancing out the window as they pull away from the curb, he taps a finger against the glass. "Alright," he finally speaks, "But if we're going to do this, I want more than Mai-Lee if I win."


Inching closer to her, he slips a familiar hand on her thigh and leans in. His voice is a tantalizing whisper against her ear. "I want to come inside you."

Kathryn stills. "That option isn't on the table."

"Well I'm putting it on the table." Sebastian edges his hand further up her thigh until his fingertips are grazing her panty covered slit. Her body is aching to spread her legs further for him, but she won't allow herself to give into him so easily. Not that it matters. By this point Sebastian knows her so well, know how her traitorous body responds to him. She can't hide anything.

Before Kathryn can object further he coxes, "Admit it, you want it too. You want to feel me pump it inside you, coating you, claiming you."

It's not that it isn't an enticing thought. But it's the one thing she's held back from him, her last card to play. She's reluctant to surrender it even if the chances of him besting her are slim.

When she hesitates he retracts his hand. "Fine, forget it then."

Kathryn rolls her eyes. "Now who's pouting?" She sighs. "Okay, but if you get to raise the stakes so do I. If I win not only do I get your car but I want your journal as well."


She flinches, genuinely surprised he conceded so easily. Clearly he was confident. He wouldn't be for long. "I have the perfect candidate," she announces.

"Too bad. This time I choose the victim." Before she can object he places a finger against her mouth and reveals, "Annette Hargrove."

Kathryn let's out a sputtering laugh. "The goody-goody headmaster's daughter? So much for originality."

Sebastian sinks back against the leather seat and shrugs elegantly. "The innocent virgin. It's a classic."

"Yeah and there was a time virgins were your stock and trade. Not exactly a difficult proposition."

"Au contraire. Unlike your supposed challenges the fair Annette is a worthy opponent. Come on, you read that article she wrote-

"Ah yes, the self-righteous musings of a frigid country mouse," she snarks. "I may have skimmed it."

He shoots her a knowing grin. "She always has gotten under your skin hasn't she?"

"Please," she huffs dismissively.

"Admit it, she has. Hargrove is everything you pretend to be, but unlike your scheming ass, she's the real deal. Virginal, kind, moral-

"And boring as fuck," she finishes for him. As much as Kathryn hated to admit it, he did have a point. Annette Hargrove was the real thing. Sweet, smart, beautiful and despite her sheltered upbringing, not a total moron. It was true Kathryn had always resented her authenticity. Annette's morals were not an act and she didn't see her throwing them under the bus over a cute guy. Even a guy as tempting as Sebastian Valmont.

"You'll never do it," she taunts him, "Every degenerate on the upper east side has tried to get into those panties and every one has failed. That girls locked up tighter than a twelve year old. There's no way she'll fall for your line of bullshit."

His glare burns into her from across the car. "I think you forget who you're dealing with."

"No I haven't," she continues, getting an enormous rush out of pushing him like this and deflating his ego. "When it comes to seducing airheaded debutantes into losing their La Perla's and flopping on their backs, you are undoubtedly the king. But this, seducing a girl with genuine ethics, it's going to take more than a few pretty words and pointed come-on's. The only way this girl will give it up is for love. True love. I don't think you have it in you to fake that. It's going to take one hell of a mind fuck and let's be real darling, you've always lacked the killer instinct."

He stares at her hard for a second before suddenly lunging forward, forcing her on her back, Sebastian's strong hands grip her thighs as he pushes himself between her legs. He's hard. Evidently all her taunting has turned him on. Kathryn gasps at the explosive maneuver, not having anticipated it, but loving it none the less.

"Don't push me Kathryn," he hisses against her lips.

She tilts her head and replies coyly, "Why? It's fun."

"Do we have a deal or not?"

"I suppose," she lazes, "Under one condition that is."

"What is it?"

"Not only do you have to pillage and plunder the headmaster's daughter, but you must destroy her as well." Kathryn nips at his jaw then soothes it with a swipe of her tongue before adding, "Full on humiliation."

Sebastian's gaze darkens as he eyes her mouth, a dangerous smirk curls serpent like around his lips hinting at the destruction to come. "I think it goes without saying it will be a annihilation for the ages."

Kathryn returns his smirk then leans up and kisses him briefly. Her body is crying out for more but she ignores her urges. Restraint will only make it better later on.

Caressing his face she intones, "Happy hunting Sebastian."



Kathryn, Sebastian and Annette are all in the same AP chemistry class. It's one of the few classes Sebastian tolerates, which is to say he attends every other Wednesday and alternate Thursdays. Naturally Kathryn's his lab partner, but that afternoon he somehow arranges for himself to be paired up with Annette after her partner comes down with a suspicious case of food poisoning.

Kathryn's almost impressed by his tactics. Almost.

After manipulating some science nerd into finishing her assignment for her, she watches from afar as Valmont attempts to work his magic on the unsuspecting blonde. She's a little put off by how attractive they look together. Sebastian whispers something into her ear that makes her blush and giggle and Kathryn realizes she might have overestimated little Annette. Perhaps she wasn't a genuine challenge after all. Shit.

When the bell rings, Kathryn gatherers her things and heads for the door with Sebastian falling into step beside her. He slips his hand into hers as he's prone to whenever they're in public. Kathryn shoots him a wry look. "Having fun?"

His gaze falls on Annette walking several feet ahead of them. "Oh most definitely. If I were you I'd start chucking the rubbers. I'm going to pop that cherry by the end of the week."

They come to a stop outside her locker. Kathryn tugs her hand free. "Aren't we cocky."

"Any reason I shouldn't be?" He eyes once again on the blond across the hall, he licks his lips. "She was practically eating out of my hand. It's only a matter of time before I have her eating something else all together."


"Now, now, don't be a sore loser"

"I haven't lost anything yet"

"Face it Kathryn, it's in the bag."

Well there's an invitation if ever she heard one.

Grabbing him by the back of the neck she pulls him into a kiss that he wastes no time in reciprocating, hands gripping her waist, tongue pushing past her lips. They haven't touched like this in days so she knows he's eager for her. It's extravagant and normally Kathryn doesn't believe in PDA because it's tacky, but she can't resist marking her territory and the situation warranted it. She would not be handing victory over to him so easily.

When she breaks away his eyes are heavy with lust but he's scowling. "You bitch," he taunts playfully.

Kathryn eyes the headmaster's daughter across the hall watching them wide eyed and startled. When she catches her staring Annette blushes then quickly looks away, busing herself with her locker. Kathryn laughs then pats her boyfriends face condescendingly. "We can't make this too easy for you now can we?"



"Who are you spying on?"

Kathryn jumps at the sound of Blaine's voice behind her, nearly dropping her binoculars in the process. She turns just in time to see his smirking face come into view. Sporting the regulation uniform that's pressed neat and features a fushia pocket square, his bleached hair is slicked back and he's wearing his favorite shit eating grin. He's just about as gay as she's ever seen him and Kathryn still can't believed they had sex.

With a sigh she hands over the binoculars. Tuttle gazes out at the courtyard below, humming as he searches. When he spots who she was spying on he let's out a dismissive snort. "The headmaster's virgin daughter?" Handing her back the toy he tuts, "It's a little cliché isn't it?"

"Apparently it's a classic," she remarks dryly. When he takes a seat on the window ledge and stares back at her unimpressed Kathryn huffs, "Well, aren't you going to ask?"

Blaine arches one of his perfectly contoured eyebrows and haughtily replies, "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not your token fag who hangs around waiting with baited breath for you to involve me in your latest breeder drama."

"So you don't want to know?"

A devilish smirk breaks out over his face. "Don't be ridiculous. Tell me everything."

With her arm looped around his, they walk the vacant halls of Manchester as she explains her latest game with Valmont. Surprisingly he's not impressed.

"I think I've heard this story before," he quips, "Didn't everyone end up dead?"

Kathryn rolls her eyes and draws to a halt. "It's the twenty first century Blaine. No dueling pistols or syphilis."

"No just the typical run of the mill rich kid bullshit. Sex games and power trips. That always ends well."

If she was in the right kind of mood she might have found it amusing that he of all people was giving this lecture to her. Blaine after all lived for this kind of debauched shit.

Staring out at the great lawn, it was littered with students, some studying, some basking in the late afternoon sunlight. There was one couple however that stood out amongst the crowd. They were beautiful with their matching blond hair and blue eyes, sitting close enough to be intimate, but not so close as for anyone to get the wrong idea.

And they were laughing.

Sebastian never laughs. Not really. He has a tendency to take himself too seriously, while at the same time treating everything else like it was a joke. It was his dichotomy, part of his identity. This boy laughing carelessly out on the lawn, head thrown back, eyes crinkled at the edges as the dip shit girl in front of him made funny faces, wasn't the boy she knew. He wasn't anywhere to be found.

Unease settles unwanted in her gut but she ignores it just like she does any other emotion that isn't anger or lust and proclaims with faux bravado, "You're forgetting Blaine. We're better at this than everyone else."

Blaine doesn't look convinced, but he knows better than to challenge her on such matters. When he speaks his voice is tinged with something that sound like kindness. "All I'm saying is watch yourself Merteuil. I'd hate to see that pretty face of yours destroyed."

"Perish the thought."



He's late. Again.

They are suppose to go out to dinner, but he's out with her. Again. Kathryn's not angry, she knows it's part of the game. But when all she gets is a measly three word text when she inquires to his whereabouts that evening, she'd be lying if she said she didn't fantasize about sawing off his balls with a rusty switchblade.

After eleven she looses patients so she turns off her phone and goes to bed. She's minutes from sleep when she hears the gentle creek of her bedroom door. Kathryn doesn't need to turn around to know it's him. The bed dips as he climbs in along side her smelling of another girls perfume. Funny, this use to excite her, now it just irritates her.

Rolling over Kathryn sighs. "You're late."

"Sorry," Sebastian drawls not sounding the least bit contrite. "I guess time got away from us." He has a single long stem red rose in his hand and she imagines it was snagged from a bouquet meant for the virgin. He teasingly traces the petals down her bare arm. "Were you waiting up?"

"Oh, with baited breath," she says sarcastically, ending on a yawn. "So have you made any headway?"

"In a sense. She's definitely warming up to me."

"Fantastic. At this rate you should get little Dorothy in the sack by graduation...from college." Kathryn reaches into his pocket and fingers his keys. "You mine as well hand these over now. Save yourself the embarrassment Valmont."

He smiles tightly at her as he removes her hand. "Nice try, but you said it yourself. This situation requires finesse. Annette isn't some curious debutante slut. She's not going to hand it over so easily."

"And she has no qualms about you having a girlfriend?"

Sebastian reaches into his coat and removes a brass cigarette case. He pops a cig in his mouth and lights up explaining, "I told her we're having problems. You don't understand me. You're always so busy with your school commitments." He exhales a gray cloud of smoke adding with a careless wave, "Yada, yada, yada."

Kathryn cocks an eyebrow at this explanation. "And the little twit buys that?"

"She's not a little twit," he argues defensively, not looking at her. "Actually she's quite intelligent."


He flicks his cigarette ash away and keeps his eyes on the ceiling as he muses, "Don't get me wrong I can't stand her holier than thou bullshit, but there's something about her, some strength of character. I've never known any one so self possessed."

Listening to him rhapsodize over the blonde Kathryn's struck by a disquieting epiphany. Blaine was right. This game wasn't going to end well.

"Are you alright?" Sebastian asks, stubbing his cig out and turning to face her.

Her revelation must have shown all over her face. Kathryn quickly shakes it off. "I'm fine. Just tired." She presses a hand to his chest, feeling for the gentle thump of his heartbeat. "Are you staying the night?"

"I better not," he yawns rolling away from her. "I told her I'd meet her for breakfast to go over her comparative literature notes. Ring check?"

"Of course," she replies with an easy smile, meanwhile something ugly twists uncomfortably in her stomach. Sebastian always tries to stay the night, especially if they're in the midst of a game. At the very least he'd attempt to cop a feel, but he had barely touched her outside of a fleeting kiss on the temple before he exited the bed. This wasn't good. Something was changing.

She wants to call him on it, demand to know what the hell is wrong with him, but her pride and commitment to the game won't allow it. Besides that's not who they are.

Instead she watches as he heads for the door, casting one last fleeting smirk over his shoulder as he leaves her to her cold, empty bed.

"Night Kathryn"




Blaine throws a party because it's Thursday or his birthday or he's roving for new clients and new ass. It's just another excuse for rampant hedonism and adolescent decadence and they are all too happy to attend.

Kathryn, Sebastian and Blaine are sequestered in Blaine's bedroom on the second floor while the majority of their classmates and a host of other pretty, young things, tare apart the Tuttle's Connecticut country home down below. House music pounds against the floor sending a not-so-unpleasant pulse through her body that crashes up nicely beside the drugs in her system. She's camped on the floor beside Blaine, leaning against the bed as they pass a Tiffany serving tray of cut lines back and forth. He's talking a mile a minute about some guy he blew at Urban Outfitters yesterday while Kathryn laughs and presses herself into his shoulder.

Meanwhile Sebastian sat at the floor to ceiling windows across the room, staring out at the dark night, a brooding expression on his face. He hasn't said much that night and Kathryn tries not to think about what's going on with him.

Unfortunately it rises to the surface when Blaine brings up Sebastian's latest conquest. At the sound of her name he visibly tenses and Kathryn is filled with the urge to lash out at him.

"I wonder if she runs to confession every time she has a dirty thought," Blaine muses.

"Dear father, forgive me for I have sinned," Kathryn simpers sarcastically, "I pictured Sebastian without his shirt on. Am I going to hell?"

"Oh most certainly my dear," Blaine responds with grave solemnity before they both burst out in hysterics.

Needless to say Sebastian isn't amused.

"Well at least you make each other laugh," he grumbles.

Kathryn's laughter dies as she takes in his annoyance. "What's up your ass?"

"Nothing," he huffs defensively, gaze darting out the window. "You know nothing about her."

"Well enlighten us then," Blaine drawls.

Sebastian looks back and forth between them, clearly knowing he's setting himself up for scrutiny, but deciding to hell with it anyway. He shifts in his seat to face them. "For starters she's not religious, not at all. That's just a rumor. She just has strong convictions and principals. That's something neither of you would know anything about."

Kathryn bristles at the self-righteous tone, to say nothing of the hypocrisy of his words. Up until a few weeks ago the only strong principals that concerned Sebastian involved his dick. "Careful Valmont," she warns, "It appears little Dorothy's self righteousness is rubbing off on you. You're dangerously close to becoming just as insufferable as she is."

"Who knew boring was contagious," Blaine quips into his martini.

Sebastian leaps to his feet in a flourish, nostrils flaring with anger. "Well better boring than vapid and catty," he snarls before storming out of the room, leaving them to gape after him.

Kathryn stumbles to stand, quickly righting herself. As she slips back into her heels to chase after him she can't help but catch Blaine's knowing smirk. I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.

She rolls her eyes and follows after, catching him on the landing of the staircase. Grabbing his arm she demands, "What the fuck is your problem?"

Sebastian shakes her off, irritation clipping his features. "I needed some air," he huffs.

"Bullshit," she spits, righteous fury now coursing through her, demanding satisfaction or at the very least some kind of apology, for what she's not all together sure. She just wants that look off his face. Like she's the one who did something wrong.

They stare each other down for one heated second during which she finally gathers the courage or perhaps the stupidity to call out the elephant in the room. "You're starting to fall for her aren't you?"

For his part Sebastian sputters out an indignant, "Don't be absurd."

"I'm not." The calmness with which she says this is startling to her as she's feeling anything but at the moment. "Don't fucking lie to me Sebastian. I know you. Something's going on with you. It's that girl-

"Her name is Annette."

"I don't give a fuck what her name is," she snaps. "She doesn't matter. We are the only thing that matters. What the hell is happening to you?"

"Nothing," he answers lamely, eyes falling to the floor. He turns away from her, leaning against the alcove. When he speaks his voice is oddly quiet. "It's just..."

Kathryn steps to him, backing him further into the corner. She touches his face in a manner that almost might be considered gentle. "What is is?"

Sebastian's gaze meets hers and he swallows thickly. "Maybe this bet isn't a good idea."


"I don't feel right about it."

She drops her hand as if being burned. The softness leaves her voice replaced by heated contempt and credulous anger. "Are you fucking kidding me with this?" she snarls and she takes more than a little satisfaction in the way he seems to shrink inwards at her words. "Who are you right now?"

Sebastian shifts uncomfortably. "I'm the same person. Nothing's changed."

"Really?" she challenges. "Then prove it. Destroy the bitch. Reclaim your balls. Reclaim me." Backing away from him she adds, "Unless of course you don't want that anymore."

Kathryn starts to turn away when he leaps forward, catching her waist and pulling her back to him. "Of course I do," he murmurs, hand cupping her face as their eyes meet. "I always have, I always will."

Leaning in he kisses her and even though it's against the rules she allows it. She kisses him back, but it doesn't matter. It's hollow. Kathryn realizes then that she's already lost him.



He's going to leave her. She can feel it.

Over the next few weeks Kathryn becomes accustomed to Sebastian blowing her off. Phone calls that go unanswered. Dates and meetings that get pushed back. Always with a careless smile and shrug. She pretends it doesn't matter and he follows suit.

Kathryn feels oddly helpless, like she's watching events unfold outside of her body. She needs to do something, make a move, but for once in her life she's at a loss. If she tries to call off the bet she looks weak or worse yet, jealous but is she allows things to play out she'll inevitably loose him to her. She's caught in a ridiculous catch 22 of her own making. It's ironic, she supposes, that she started this game as a means of keeping them together when it's the very thing that is tearing them apart.

Kathryn fucking hates irony.



Desperation looks like this:

She's breaking her rules. They're making out in her bed. Hard. Kathryn's in her bra and panties and school skirt. He's hard against her leg as he thrusts up against her open thighs, murmuring in her ear, "Are you going to let me in?"

She doesn't answer, she doesn't know what she's doing as her brain is officially turned off. Everything is instinct. When he slips his fingers under her bra and rubs at her swollen nipple she thrusts her hand into his hair and tugs him closer and thinks, maybe this is what they've been missing. Then again, maybe that was just her desperation talking. Sebastian hadn't said much before she pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. He had come to her that afternoon like he wanted to tell her something and that's when Kathryn's fear took over. She's in the grip of something she's not ready to come to terms with and in her experience sex was always the best distraction. Clearly her and Sebastian were on the same page.

But then it happens. Sebastian fucks up. He fucks up bad.

He calls her by the wrong name.

He says her name.

Kathryn goes still, wondering at first if she heard him wrong, but no she's sure of it. She bolts upwards and grabs him fiercely by the face. "What did you call me?" she hisses, voice dangerously low.

Sebastian looks bewildered at first, then she sees it, that flash of recognition as he undoubtedly plays back what just happened. To add insult to injury he doesn't even have the grace to come clean.

"What's your problem?" he grouses, pushing out of her grip. "I didn't say anything."

"Fucking liar," she snaps jumping off the bed. "At least have the balls to own up to it."

"Kathryn it was-

"If you say nothing, so help me god-

He sighs, runs a tired hand through his hair. "It was just a slip of the tongue. It didn't mean anything."

"Bullshit! You're touching me, trying to fuck me and you're thinking of her! That insignificant little bitch."

"Don't," he warns getting to his feet, his tone as cool as she's ever heard it. "Don't talk about her like that."

Kathryn let's out a short, humorless laugh. "Oh I'm sorry, you don't like me insulting your girlfriend."

"You're being dramatic"

"And you're kidding yourself if you think this is just a bet." His eyes dart around the room, looking everywhere but at her. She wants to slap him, claw at him, make him see what he is doing to her, but that would be showing her cards and she won't allow herself to do that. Especially with him.

However, she's also done pretending nothing's changed.

"Admit it Sebastian, you're in love with her."

At last he meets her stare and he looks, defeated, as if he's just as tired as she is of pretending. She knows then he's done lying to her. "Alright, so what if I am?"

Kathryn stares at him hard for a minute, letting his words sink in. Then she laughs, hard and long and mean, as if the very idea is the funniest thing she's ever heard and in a way it is. She knows he can't stand to be laughed at and it's the fastest way to hurt him.

"That's hysterical," she declares through her laughter.

"Shut up Kathryn," he growls, arms crossed, eyes burning into her.

"You fucking weak willed little boy," she snarls, out for blood, "You goddamn cliché! What, she made you feel something, she made you laugh so now you think you're in love? You're pathetic."

"Pathetic?!" he explodes looming over her, "You want to talk pathetic? You want to talk cliché? How about the poor little rich girl who refuses to finish a meal without barfing it up. The same girl who can't engage in a relationship without games. Who-

"Get the fuck out." She cuts him off before he can get out his final insult. She's so upset her body is literally quaking, her hands fisted at her sides.

Sebastian takes a deep breath and for a moment Kathryn expects he'll refuse, but instead he pushes past her, a bitter sneer on his face as he growls, "Gladly."



It's a fight, just a fight. This is what Kathryn tells herself, but when she steps into Manchester the following day she realizes her mistake. Apparently it's all over campus and she's the last to know about it. She and Sebastian have broken up.

To add insult to injury she has to hear it from one of her little minions. A lesser minion at that. Some junior who's name she can never bother to remember, comes to her with a pathetic, sympathetic pout offering to take her out for ice cream.

As if loser.

Kathryn of course doesn't so much as flinch even though inwardly she's having a panic attack. She plays it off with a serene smile while at the same time trying her damnedest to ignore the hidden stares of her classmates and the whispered conversation that fall silent when she approaches. Apparently the most popular rumor is that he dumped her for the headmaster's daughter. This seems to be confirmed when the pair are spotted at lunch together, tucked away in a corner table far away from prying eyes and ears. At least he has the decency not to walk the halls holding her hand.

She half expects Madison to pounce on this information or at least use it to her advantage somehow to dig herself out of the social purgatory she's been banned to. Instead she offers a sympathetic smile across the hall and all Kathryn can think is, oh christ, this is what rock bottom looks like.

She wants to confront Sebastian, hit him in the chest and demand, what the fuck? It's bad enough he seemingly chose the little country mouse over her, but to do it so publicly was an asshole move and one he would pay for dearly. But first she was going to do what she should have done when they started this damn bet, nip this little romance in the butt by going right to the source.

After second period she tracks the virgin down in the library. She's hiding in the back amongst the stacks nobody ventures into unless they are looking to fool around. And make no mistake, she is hiding. The student body hadn't taken kindly to the little upstart stealing the most popular girl in school's boyfriend and they were most certainly out for blood on her behalf. Someone had already painted the word 'skank' on her locker.

When Kathryn happens upon her she nearly jumps a foot in the air, all wide eyed and startled like a bunny caught in the cross hairs of a wolf. The interloping little girl, swallows thickly and pushes a strand of flaxen hair behind her ear. "H-hello Kathryn," she stutters.

"Annette," she greets her, imperious as a queen. "Do you mind if I join you?"

She doesn't answer right away, clearly too stunned to form a reply before nodding profusely and moving some of her books aside. Kathryn takes a seat across from her, sizing her up as she does so. As if sensing her scrutiny, Annette straightens up a little. There's a long uncomfortable beat of silence that Kathryn quietly relishes. She's curious to see how long it takes before the blond cracks. Answer: not long.

"Kathryn I'm so sorry," she blurts out, looking genuinely distraught. "You have to know it was never our intention to hurt you. We didn't plan this. I know Sebastian never wanted to put you in a position like this."

Hearing his name on her lips makes her violently angry. When she says his name it's with an undeserved familiarity that makes Kathryn want to claw her eyes out. Stupid little bitch. She was going to make this hurt.

Kathryn smiles softly and leans in. "I know Annette, it's okay. Contrary to what everyone is saying, I don't blame you for what happened. I know you're not responsible."

She blinks rapidly in surprise then let's out a long, relieved breath. "Thank you Kathryn that's very...generous of you."

More generous than she was sure Valmont lead her to believe. What had her darling boy been filling her head with? Was she a harpy bitch holding him back? An unlovable ice queen incapable of returning his affection. She doubts he told her anything resembling the truth or else the little milk maid would have certainly high tailed it out of there by now.

Once she's sure her guard has been let down a little she goes in for the kill. "Actually Annette I came to warn you."

"Warn me? About what?"

"About Sebastian." Leaning in, gaze intently riveted to her she asks kindly, "How well do you know him?"

Annette flinches at the question. "Um, pretty well. We've gotten to know each other better this past semester."

"Are you sleeping together yet?" Kathryn didn't see any point in beating around the bush.

She blushes at least five different shades of red, eyes looking away. "Uh, Kathryn I don't think, I mean..."

"I think you owe me the truth, don't you?" she tells her pointedly, relishing the way she squirmed in her chair under her hot gaze.

Annette nods dully then answers quietly, "No we haven't."

"But he wants to," Kathryn finishes for her. When she doesn't reply she states more than asks, "You're in love with him."

She worries her lip and nods. Kathryn sighs. "That's what I thought. That's why I came looking for you. Annette I think you deserve to know the truth about him before you make a horrible mistake."

"What do you mean?"

She takes a deep breath as if she's gearing up to say something painful. "I've know Sebastian Valmont my whole life. We have a very complicated history together-

"I know," she interjects softly, "He told me."

Oh, she very much doubts that.

"We grew up together, then we were step siblings for a time. I suppose I always loved him..." Kathryn says this for effect, but also quietly acknowledges to herself that there's some truth in it. "I knew about his reputation of course when we got together and it gave me pause, as I'm sure it would any girl. The things he's been accused of..." she lets the thought linger before continuing. "I thought he loved me, I thought my love had changed him, but I was wrong. People don't change Annette, especially men like Sebastian."

"I'm sorry but I don't believe that," she voices full of conviction. "People change all the time."

"With the love of a good woman, right? Yeah that's what I thought too."Kathryn looks down and somehow is able to squeeze out a tear. "He was so wonderful at first. Kind, attentive, generous. He made me feel so special." Wiping at her eyes she glances at Annette's monogrammed leather knapsack. "He bought that for you didn't he?"

Kathryn knows he did. She had picked out the color and the font of the inscription. Annette picks up the bag and holds it close to her chest. Kathryn continues, "He bought me a watch with an inscription. In the beginning he was always doing stuff like that, but after I slept with him things changed. He got more distant, suddenly he didn't have time for me and when he did I was so desperate to please him. The things I let him do to me...sexual things..."

"What do you mean?" Annette murmurs.

Kathryn looks away as if she was too embarrassed to give voice to it. "Other men...other girls...he liked to record us..."

Annette starts to get up from her seat, "Kathryn I-

She shakes her head, cutting her off, "Please, you should know the kind of man you're getting involved with." Reluctantly the blond sits back down. "Normally I think he would have dumped me after getting what he wanted, just like all the others, but for some reason he seemed to get off on playing head games with me. He likes to see how far he could push me. When I tried to turn him down he would say things like how I was turning my back on love, how I was a hypocrite if I didn't give into him. He made me feel like I wasn't enough if didn't do what he wanted. I realize now he was mentally abusive."

By this point Annette looks on the verge of tears, clearly torn on what to believe. "I don't know what to say," she whispers. "That doesn't sound like the man I know. At least most of it."

Kathryn knows for a fact he fed her that hypocrite line. It was likely playing in a loop in her head as she spoke. "I know it's a lot to take in, but you have to believe me Annette. I would hate to see another girl go through what I did."

Annette stares at her hard for a second, her gaze turning cynical. "Even if that girl stole your boyfriend?"

Huh. The little bitch was smarter than she looked. It was time to go in for the kill.

"You're right. I don't owe you anything Annette, but know this: he'll cum on your face and call it love. If you're stupid enough to still believe in him after that, then you'll get what you deserve."

She was crying now as she leapt to her feet and shakily packed up her bag. "I-I have to get going," she stutters, not looking at her. "I'm sorry Kathryn."

As she brushes past her and heads for the door, Kathryn takes her time getting to her feet. Leaning against a stacks she observes Annette as she rushes out of the library only to be greeted by a smiling Valmont. His expression crumbles when she pushes past him, ignoring him when he calls out to her.

Watching the scene play out Kathryn slowly smiles. Was it something she said?



Sebastian exercises more patients than she would have thought him capable of and holds off on confronting her until after school let's out. Kathryn's at home, sitting in front of her vanity, snorting a line and getting ready for a bath, when he comes storming in unannounced.

"You fucking cunt," he sneers, coming to a stop in front of her.

"Good afternoon Sebastian," she drawls sarcastically eying him in the mirror. Kathryn snaps her fingers at the two maids, busy unpacking her new winter wardrobe, indicating for them to make themselves scarce. Once alone she turns to him. "Can I help you with something?"

"Your head on a platter for one," he huffs.

"Well aren't we dramatic"

"He'll cum on your face and call in love? Jesus Kathryn," he turns away from her to fix himself a drink at the wet bar.

She smirks, following him with her eyes. "It's a tad vulgar I'll admit, but I think I made my point. You should have seen the look on her face."

"Oh I did," he growls, "It took me hours to calm her down after the number you did on her. I was mentally abusive? I forced you into threeways? As if."

Kathryn shrugs elegantly as she gets to her feet. "It seemed to do the trick. So tell me, have I officially won are bet then?"

Sebastian stares at her hard for a moment over the rim of his glass then shakes his head. "Bet's off. This is over with."

"You can't just call off a bet because you've lost-

"I haven't lost," he counters, "Far from it. Annette doesn't believe a word of your bullshit. I saw to it, but I won't have her dragged into this any further." Setting his drink down he closes the distance between them and speaks in a low, threatening whisper, "When I said this is over with, I didn't mean me and her, I meant you and me."

Kathryn draws back. "You can't be serious."

"I choose her Kathryn. I'm sick of the mind games and the nonsense. If happiness is a choice that's what I choose. I choose Annette."

Her stomach drops and suddenly she can't catch her breath, but she refuses to falter under his words. Squaring her shoulders she spits back, "Well that's lovely. I only have one question. Have you lost your fucking mind? You choose her? The goddamn headmaster's daughter? That boring little-

"Watch it Kathryn," he snaps.

Ignoring him she continues, "Annette Hargrove will never be anything more than a pawn in this game. At best she's an expendable loss or are you too starry-eyed to see it?"

"God, do you ever get tired of hearing your own voice?" Sebastian sneers. "I mean christ. I don't want you Kathryn, how much clearer can I make that?"

He's tearing her down one insult at a time, but there's one last card she has to play. Normally her pride would never allow it, but fuck it she was desperate. He couldn't leave her. She wouldn't allow it.

Before he can turn away from her Kathryn casually undoes her robe. She's naked underneath and when he get's a look she takes quiet satisfaction in the way he drinks her in. She knows he hasn't gotten any in over a month which for him mine as well be a lifetime. Slowly she steps to him, pressing herself against his chest. "Tell me again you don't want me," she whispers.

Sebastian swallows hard and she can practically see his resolve weakening in front of her eyes. "Kathryn please..."

"You and I are two of a kind," she continues. "I know what you need, what she could never give you. Face it, you can't leave me anymore than I could leave you."

He presses his forehead to hers and for one moment she thinks he's finally seen the light. Then he pulls back. Grasping the edges of her robe he fastens it closed and remarks, "That's where you're wrong. I'm sorry Kathryn, this is over with."

He walks away from her then and she's helpless to do anything but watch. Panic catches in her throat. She does her best to swallow it. "You're going to regret this," she warns him.

Sebastian swings back around, eyebrows raised. "Is that a threat?"

"What do you think?" Kathryn shakes her head at him. "You honestly believe you're going to get out of his unscathed? Silly rabbit."

He storms back up to her, getting into her face. "I'm warning you Kathryn, don't try anything."

"Or what? You're forgetting Sebastian, I'm not the one with something to lose. You on the other hand..."

"Nothing to loose huh?" He pretends to think it over, when he speaks his tone is lit with malice. "I wonder what Madison would think if she discovered you set her up? For that matter how would the student body react if they found out their president was a cokehead? That our 'romance' was a total sham? You sure you don't have anything to loose?"

"You wouldn't"

"Wouldn't I? Stay the fuck away from us Kathryn or I'll make sure you truly are left with nothing."

And with that he struts out the door confident in not only having the last word, but her acquiescence as well. The thing about Sebastian was he had a dangerous habit of underestimating her. This time it would cost him. Dearly.



Of course it takes her less than a day to come up with a plan.

There's little sense in attacking Sebastian directly. It wasn't like the guy was Teflon, but really what could she say about him that hadn't already been said, what could she do that would really matter? Kathryn dreams up many ways to hurt him (most of them physical) but in the end it's not enough. She could key his car but that seems too petty. Spread rumors about his sexual prowess, but he's such a slut no one would believe it. In the end the quickest and most concise way to hurt Sebastian is through the virgin.

She enlists Blaine naturally and he's more than happy to lend a hand. Homecoming is coming up and Kathryn declares that the perfect venue for her revenge. Because even though Manchester is one of the premiere school's on the east coast (or any coast really) it still adheres to some of the same traditions as a public school in North Dakota, one of them being a homecoming dance.

It's the type of event Kathryn usually doesn't put too much stock in, it being far too pedestrian for her tastes, but the social demands of high school dictated she attend. It was most definitely the type of thing Sebastian would blow off typically (or as he did last year, show up for fifteen minutes, finger the quarterback's girlfriend in the coat closet, spike the punch with ecstasy, then duck out early with the French teacher) but of course he'd be attending this year. It was likely to be a big night for him in more ways than one.

If Kathryn was right, and she usually was about these kinds of things, she suspected homecoming would be the night the virgin Hargrove finally handed over her flower. Wasn't losing it at a high school dance the cliché dream scenario for girls like Annette? Like there was some sort of aphrodisiac in taffeta and tacky corsages that just makes them want to spread'em. Just to be safe she checked and Valmont did indeed have his favorite suite at the Four Seasons booked for that night.

Yes it was a special occasion and special occasions deserved to be documented. And oh would it ever. Kathryn arranged (with the aid of Blaine of course) for the suite to be bugged with cameras that would broadcast live this momentous millstone in their relationship for everyone to see (and of course judge and mock and gossip about).

"Are you sure you want to go this far?" Blaine asks on the eve of the dance. They are in his walk in closet that frankly puts hers to shame. "This is a little fucked up even for you. I mean simulcasting Hargrove loosing her virginity? That's trauma inducing, reaching for the sleeping pills, private room at Bellevue kind of shit."

"I'm sorry are you new here?" she snarks as she flips through one of his homoerotic periodicals.

"Not to mention," he continues on "It will just make Valmont more of a legend."

Kathryn shrugs. "He won't care. The Sebastian of a month ago would be loving it, but now that he's apparently grown a conscience and fallen in love, the only thing he cares about is her." She winces at the bitterness in her tone and hopes she's playing this off as angry and not devastated. Judging by the look Blaine was leveling her she doubts it. "It will kill him to see her humiliated like that, not to mention there's no way she won't believe he's not responsible. He'll be lucky if she ever talks to him again."

"You have a point," he concedes. "Alright, enough about you and your evil plotting. I have a real crisis here. Which tie am I wearing to this thing?"



The night of homecoming arrives and Kathryn is escorted by Tyler Wellington, a lacrosse player who's been trying to get in her panties for almost a year. She allowed him the privilege two nights before and although he barely made her come, she still kept their date because not only did he have status at Manchester, but Sebastian also detests him.

The dance is everything she dreaded it would be. Shitty decorations, horrible music and her simpering moronic classmates who were still greeting her with phony sympathy while secretly talking about her behind her back. The worst of it however is when Sebastian arrives. He looks flawless in a perfectly tailored black Brioni tux and a white silk scarf she bought him for Christmas. Annette of course is on his arm and although she loathes to admit it, Kathryn does acknowledge that she looks lovely in a pale blue layered gown with her hair tucked in a tight chignon.

That said, she still takes an immense amount of pleasure it the snide comments the other girls around her make.

"So that dress, totally Wal-mart right?"

"It sure isn't from Barneys. They don't carry a size twelve."

"Ugh, I can't believe he dumped Kathryn for that."

High school girls are such bitches. Thank god.

Kathryn sneaks out shortly after their arrival to do a bump in the bathroom. When she returns they're slow dancing to some top 40 crap and while it's a truly nauseating display she can't help but feel a stab on envy. This was suppose to be them. Yes homecoming was stupid and adolescent, but a small part of her had been looking forward to it; showing up on Sebastian's arm, being the envy of everyone in the room, sneaking sips of scotch in between whirls on the dance floor before ending the night getting fucked six ways to Sunday in his suite and laughing at all the losers they left behind.

Now the only thing she had to look forward to was her revenge. Even that was loosing some of it's luster.

Kathryn dances a little with Tyler, all the while keeping a close eye on the clock and purposely avoiding Sebastian. Not that it matters. She excuses herself from her date to go snort another bump when she runs into Sebastian exiting a classroom.

"Ditching your date already?" she snarks. They haven't so much as said two words to each other in almost three weeks. God help her, she misses the asshole.

He smiles tightly then swipes under his nose. "You missed a little."

Kathryn rubs her nose but there's nothing there. "Idiot."

Since neither of them are built for small talk, he gets right down to talking shit about her date.

"So Tyler Wellington. Desperate times huh?" He adds gravely, "I do hope you're making him wrap it up. I heard he gave at least three girls the clap over the summer."

"Speaking of dates, yours looks lovely tonight. Was goodwill running a sale?"

Sebastian rolls his eyes, brushing past her. "It must get old, drowning in the same petty shit. And I would think you of all people would recognize Dior when you see it."

Kathryn cocks an eyebrow, "You bought her a dress?"

"I wanted this to be a special night."

She can feel a cutting retort on her tongue but she can't stop staring at the scarf around his neck. Her scarf. Was he wearing it to torture her?

Kathryn finds herself stepping to him, gently fingering the silky material. "Why are you wearing this?" she asks, voice softer than she would have liked.

He's silent for a beat before answering, "It went with the suit."

Their eyes meet and for one heated second he's her Sebastian again. "Are you going to tie her up with it like you did me?" she husks inching closer to him. "Fuck her until she can't walk or even remember her own name?"

Sebastian licks his lips and Kathryn moves in for the kill, but then abruptly he pulls away, squaring his shoulders. "Annette's not that kind of girl," he stiffly informs her.

"That's a shame. You used to like that kind of girl."

"Actually," he counters. "I used to love her."

Kathryn flinches at the implication, but before she can consider it he tells her, "That's over with now. I've come to realize that some relationships don't need sex to sustain them."

"The only people who believe that are the the ones not getting laid," she sneers. "By the way, how's your hand? Any callouses yet?"

Sebastian rolls his eyes dismissively then turns around. "I'd love to stand around trading insults with you all night Kathryn, but I have to get back to my date. Have a nice night."

He leaves her there silently quaking in anger, stewing in her own twisted fucked up emotions. She hates him, god how she hates him, but at the same time there's this stupid inexplicable part of her that longs to make him hers again.

Oh well, she'd just have to settle for his total and complete destruction.

Another excruciating hour goes by during which she notices Sebastian and Annette sneak out. She looks for Blaine, but can't find him anywhere. Asshole was likely off sucking dick rather than following the plan. Kathryn texts him but gets no response. She distracts herself with her date and it works well enough until Tuttle is suddenly by her side. He doesn't look happy.

"We have a problem," he tells her.

Words she never enjoys hearing. Ignoring her date she grabs Blaine by the arm and drags him away. "What kind of problem?" she asks through clenched teeth.

"My guys couldn't get the feed to work," he admits scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"What?!" she hisses, careful to keep her tone low. "I thought they knew what they were doing?"

"They do, they're the best. They got the cameras in the suite, no easy task by the way, but something's jamming the video receiver. I'm sorry princess, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen."

"Blaine you stupid-

Before she could launch into an unholy tirade his phone went off. He held up a finger. "Sorry need to get this."

She reached for his phone, but he was already making his way through the crowd. Fucker. He was now officially on her shit list.

Standing on the edge of the party, Kathryn paces, thinking how she could turn this around. She was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice Tyler approach. "Hey, everything alright?"

Kathryn pauses, scowling. She was about to tell him to fuck off, but quickly remembers herself. Forcing a smile she replies, "Oh of course."

"Great, you wanna get out of here? I got a room waiting at the Mandarin," he leers.

She hadn't intended to fuck him that night, but what the hell. If Valmont is getting laid she deserves to as well, so she fakes some enthusiasm. Likely it won't be the only think she'll be faking that night. "Sounds great."

Taking his hand she lets him lead her to the exit. They never reach it however. They're stopped in their tracks when the large twenty foot monitor in the back of the room that had been projecting various Manchester events all evening abruptly goes black. Moments later a video pops on in it's place. The room goes deadly quiet.

It is somehow the best thing she'd ever seen and the worst. There, twenty feet tall is her ex-boyfriend fucking the headmaster's no longer pristine daughter. Kathryn isn't sure whether to be thrilled or nauseous.

She has to give props to Blaine, the angle is perfect. They were on the bed, both naked with Annette on top, gently riding him with Sebastian clearly guiding her movements. She was flushed, understandably enjoying her first fuck, her heavy breasts bobbing in time while her hair fell out of it's chignon. It certainly isn't as boring as Kathryn had anticipated.

Clearly the crowd agrees as seconds after the video appears the room erupts in chaos.

"Holy shit!"

"Is that Annette?"

"I knew she was a slut!"

"This is disgusting!"

"Oh my god!"

"What an asshole!"

"Ride 'em cowgirl!"

Some people cheer, some laugh, others turn away in disgust. One girl is inexplicably on the brink of tears, while the few adults in attendance frantically run about trying to get it shut down. It's so loud Kathryn can barely hear her date through the noise when he leans back, and snickers, "Pretty fucked up huh?"

Blaine comes up beside her, smirk firmly in place. "Well done," Kathryn whispers.

He shakes his head. "This wasn't my guys."

She does a double take. "What?"

"No way they could get an angle that good."

Before Kathryn can process this, Sebastian abruptly rolls Annette onto her back and begins to drive into her harder. The crowd goes nuts. The loss of virginity has officially been turned into a spectator's sport. Even through the noise it's impossible to miss when Sebastian starts to moan into her shoulder.

"Oh god...fuck yeah...shit...Kathryn...KATHRYN..."

Several sets of eyes, including her dates swing around to face her. Normally she would try to school her expression into some kind of disapproval, but she's too stunned at that moment to do anything but stare gobsmacked at the screen.

Blaine meanwhile is chuckling beside her. "Well this is certainly something. You don't think..."

The question is left hanging. Kathryn doesn't know what to think. Everything's happening so fast she can barely process what's going on. She was missing something, that was for sure.

When she notices some faculty members dash out of the ballroom she quickly follows after. She watches as they file into an empty classroom, an angry flutter of excitement. It's the same classroom she witnessed Sebastian leaving not one hour ago.

Kathryn looks back at the screen, watching the performance. It occurs to her then that's exactly what she's witnessing, a performance. The asshole was practically winking at the camera. Then, like a light coming on, everything suddenly clicks into place. Kathryn's mouth falls open as her heart beats wildly in her chest.

Holy fucking shit. She'd been had.



Kathryn returns home alone. Tyler is of course disappointed when she doesn't accompany him to the hotel, but she imagines he'll find some willing skank to take her place. At the moment getting off is the last thing on her mind.

The house is quiet when she arrives. Her mother was still on her month long sojourn in Madrid and it's late enough that most of the servants have gone to bed. Kathryn opens her door, exhausted from the events of the night, she has every intention of taking a nice long bath. Until that is, she realizes she has company.

Sebastian is sprawled out across her bed with a glass of champagne in his hand. Clearly fresh from a shower, he wore nothing but a towel around his hips and a self satisfied smirk.

"Good evening Kathryn," he drawls.

She closes the door hard. A cavalcade of riotous emotions silently erupts inside of her at the sight of him. She's at once murderously angry and thrilled beyond words at his presence, but for the sake of her sanity she decides to let her anger take over. "What the hell are you doing here Sebastian?" she demands, her words drawn tight.

He holds up his glass, examining the bubbles as they rise to the top and fizzle. "You know what I'm doing here." His tone is casual but the look in his eyes is sharp and knowing.

Kathryn steps further into the room. Closer to the bed but not close enough. She doesn't trust herself at this point not to attack him physically—either violently or sexually.

"You played me," she hisses.

"I did," he admits, completely unapologetic.

They stare each other down and then suddenly he's on his feet, swaggering towards her with that arrogant prowl of his. All traces of his lovestruck alter ego have vanished and Kathryn realizes it that moment that he never existed at all. It was all smoke and mirrors designed by Sebastian to fuck with her.

"Why?" she demands, holding herself stiffly. It's a stupid question but she needs answers.

"You know why," he tells her, all coaxing charm. "I wanted to win the game."

"So you make me think that you've fallen in love with someone else, that you don't want me anymore-

"You said it yourself it had to be one hell of a mind fuck. The only way Annette would go to bed with me is if she was in love. True Love. She wasn't going to fall for a guy with a girlfriend and of course I couldn't trust you to go along with a breakup that would be counter productive to you winning the bet..."

"You manipulated me," she hissed edging closer to him. "You humiliated me all to win a stupid bet?"

"Still think I lack the killer instinct?"

"You're psychotic"

"Yeah and you've never wanted to fuck me more."

Before she can argue this point he grabs her gruffly by the arms and crushes his mouth to hers. Kathryn allows it for a moment, a small part of her eager to give in to him, but she's too furious to indulge that side of herself. So instead she bites his lip. Hard.

Sebastian jerks back from her, a small dollop of blood on his pout. She kind of wants to lick it off.

"You fucking smug asshole!" she screeches. "Do you honestly think I could stand to touch you after what you put me through?!"

He has the unmitigated gall to smile at her. "I think it's taking everything in you, not to touch me right now," he argues. "You may despise me at the moment Kathryn, but there's a part of you that's turned on by it. Admit it."

"You're right Valmont, I do want to touch you." She slaps him hard across the face and it's so satisfying she can't resist doing it again.

Before she can make contact Sebastian grabs at her wrist, holding her off. "You get one," he tells her.

Kathryn tries to take a swipe at him with her other hand but he quickly grabs her wrists. They struggle and quickly end up on the bed, she on her back, fighting to be free of him. "Get off me!" she shrieks.

"Calm down," he hisses, his voice annoyingly calm.

"I fucking hate you!" she bellows into his face.

"You do not."

"Get off!" she tries bucking him off and all it manages to do is loosen his towel. He's semi-hard against her leg and it only pisses her off further.

"When you calm down!"

She finally stops struggling after a minute and she's left laying there catching her breath, looking into his face. The arrogance is gone, replaced by something that looks suspiciously like concern. Kathryn wonders if he's second guessing what he's done or if he's really just scared she will hurt him.

"Get of me," she repeats, her voice now barely above a whisper.

"Are you sure?"


The hard line of his cock is pressing into her thigh tempting her with what she wants, but what she refuses to accept at the moment.

Slowly Sebastian climbs off of her, righting his towel as he does. He offers her his hand and she takes it getting to her feet. Kathryn takes a step back from him as he sits on the bed. She realizes then he's not likely going to offer up an apology for any of this.

"I never imagined you had this in you," she admits, not sure if it's a compliment or an insult.

"You never truly believed I was your equal," he argues. "You always thought you were better at this than me. I was content to let you believe that for a time, but not anymore."

Sebastian gets up from the bed and walks past her to her vanity, where the open bottle of champagne is sitting. While he pours out another glass, she studies his naked back as his words sink in. They held a certain amount of truth. Kathryn thought she was smarter, sharper, deadlier than him. She realizes now that was just an illusion. It's at once unsettling and comforting at the same time.

"Where's Annette?" she finds herself asking.

He swings back around to face her. "Oh, I imagine she's likely crying on daddy's shoulder somewhere. She was devastated of course when I called her by your name. I can just imagine how she reacted when she found out the whole thing was being broadcast in front of the entire school." Sebastian doesn't sound the slightest bit contrite when he says this, but Kathryn isn't sure she trusts him.

"I'm sure she's completely destroyed," she muses, "I doubt she'll ever trust another man again." She studies his face looking for something, a tell that this was somehow more devastating for him than he was letting on, but there was nothing. Finally she asks, "No regrets?"

"So that's what this is about." He sets his glass down with a small thud and approaches her.

"No what this is about is me hating you," she snips.

"Stop saying that." He almost sounds hurt. "Look do you want to hear me say it?"


"I have no interest in Annette Hargrove, I never did. She was just a means to an end." Kathryn opens her mouth to protest but he places a finger over her lips, silencing her. "After all this time do you honesty think there could be anyone else for me? That I could want anyone else? There's only one person I'm capable of loving. You know this."

Sebastian leans in and kisses her again only this time she doesn't fight him. He kisses her slow and tentative, like he can't be sure she won't bite him again. Even though every instinct inside her is screaming to pull away Kathryn finds herself kissing him back, his stupid, sappy words playing on a loop inside her brain. Because as furious at him as she was, there was a very real part of her that was relieved it was only a game.

They break apart, just barely, their mouths hovering only centimeters apart. Before she can even consider what she's saying Kathryn admits in a tiny voice, "You hurt me."

"I know," he replies just as softly, voice sounding chagrined for the first time that evening.

"Will you do it again?"

"Do you still hate me?"

She doesn't answer him. Instead she pulls him back into a kiss, this time it's decidedly more urgent and explosive, her arms circling around his neck to draw him closer. Sebastian's hands are at her waist and before she can realize it, he picking her up, walking her back towards the bed, the slit in her dress allowing her to wrap her legs around him.

"I missed this," he admits, kissing down her neck, hand in her hair. "Shit, are you wearing garters?"

"Yeah," she pants, head titled back as he nips her neck.

A strangled moan etches it's way out of his throat. "God I need to fuck you. Hard."

"Oh really?" she asks teasingly. "I thought a real relationship didn't need sex to sustain it?"

"It doesn't." Abruptly he throws her onto the bed and smiles, all charming asshole. "But it sure as hell is a fun way to pass the time."

Despite herself, she's laughing when he crawls on top of her, letting his towel fall to the wayside. His hands are eager and greedy as he tugs down the front of her bodice and yanks at the zipper on the side of her dress. Kathryn thrusts her hands into his hair, tugging like she knows he likes as his mouth makes it's way down her body.

"I really should make you work for this," she muses, legs spreading lewdly in complete contradiction to her words. "Make you suffer."

"Baby," he groans, voice muffled by her breasts, "I haven't been inside you in over a month. I've suffered enough."

Not nearly enough as far as she's concerned. She was going to make him be her pet for a week, no better yet a month. Yes that's right. A whole month of only coming on her say so. She'll make him wear that cock ring for days.

Kathryn's many plans for revenge flutter away however, lost in the hallows of her mind, when he literally rips off her panties and seconds later his hot, seeking tongue is buried in her pussy eating her so hard she slides across the silk coverlet. It's good, it's so good she wants to cry, not just the sensations, which are themselves overwhelming and mind-numbingly good, it's the fact that it's his head between her legs, his eyes looking up at her as he tongues her to oblivion. Kathryn clutches his hair, shamelessly grinds herself against his face and comes with a choked cry that would be embarrassing if she had it in her to give a fuck.

Sebastian surges up from between her legs and kisses her hard. She can taste her cunt on his lips. It makes her suck his tongue harder.

"Admit it," he whispers against her mouth, "You missed this too."

She gives a noncommittal shrug. "Unlike you I haven't exactly been celibate this past month."

Sebastian rolls to his side, head popped up on his arm. "Oh yes, the illustrious Mr. Wellington. I don't really think it's fair to count him, do you? I mean he couldn't even make you come."

Kathryn's gaze narrows in wary suspicion. "How do you know that?"

He doesn't answer, his eyes falling to her tits as he traces circles around her aureola. A secretive smile tugs around his lips. "Sebastian," she snaps out, growing increasingly frustrated.

Finally he looks at her and with a long sigh he reaches for something across the nightside table. It's a small, microscopic camera, the same kind she purchased to set up Annette. "I believe you're familiar with one of these," he drawls.

"You've been spying on me?!" Sitting up she punches him in the arm. "You asshole!"

Rubbing his arm he scowls, "I told you I missed you and besides I had to make sure you were buying my little charade. Don't worry, I didn't watch the private stuff. Just like when you were changing or touching yourself."

She hits him in the other arm. "Freak."

He tackles her back down to the mattress, laughing lightly as he traps her underneath his body. "Enough about that. I think we have more pressing matters to contend with, like my reward."

Kathryn lets out a short disbelieving laugh. "Dream on loser, you forfeited any rights to your prize when you turned me down to cuddle up to the mild maid."

He rolls his eyes dramatically. "That was part of the game and you know it. Come on Kathryn, a lady always honors her bets."

"Lucky for me, I'm no lady." For emphasis she grabs his leaky dick and strokes.

Pressing himself against her shoulder he groans, arching into her hand. "You're going to make me beg?"


"Tell you what, you can keep Mai-Lee. I just want to come inside you."

"Again, no."

"Kathryn." The playfulness leaves his tone leaving only raw sharp emotion. "It's time. We've waited long enough. There no point in holding back any longer."

And she knows then what she's always known, this wasn't just about crossing one more sexual taboo. It wasn't wanting what he couldn't have. They both knew that if they did this, if she allowed him to come inside her it would mean something. No more games, no more fucking around. It was as close to a commitment as either of them were likely ever willing to make.

She wants to argue with him or just deny him straight out but she knows she won't. He was right, it was time.

Wordlessly she sinks further back in the bed and widens her legs, her hands coming to rest on his hips, a silent invitation. Sebastian stares down at her with nothing but fondness as a slow smile spreads across his mouth. He's surprisingly not smug.

He removes her dress followed by her bra, but he leaves her garters and lace stockings on, his long fingers pulling playfully on the tight straps. Kathryn squirms, eager and strangely nervous. When he fingers her again, she bucks on his hand, nearly coming apart once again, but before she can topple over that precipice, he's back between her legs. His bare, hot cock is swollen and red as he slowly fists himself, his hot gaze on hers, silently asking permission even though they both know there's no need. Kathryn nods anyway.

The push in used to be her least favorite part. Some guys, the ones who don't know what they're doing, can go too fast and it pinches and hurts like a motherfucker. Others go too slow, dragging it out, the opposite of ripping off a band-aid quickly. Sebastian however has long perfected this particular art form. It's smooth and seamless and makes her crave the stretch. Kathryn's nails come to dig into his shoulder blades as she hisses in equal parts pleasure and pain as he thrusts once, twice three times before he's completely inside her.

"Fuck me," he groans, lips against her cheek, breath hot on her skin. "This is where I want to be...all the time."

"I'm fairly confident that would get old after awhile," he laughs. Then as an afterthought, "Everything gets old after awhile."

Behind every beautiful woman there is a man tired of fucking her.

"Not everything," he tells her so sincere she almost want to laugh. She doesn't. The way he's looking at her she has no words left.

He fucks her slowly at first, gentle thrusts like waves crashing on the shore. Kathryn suspects he doesn't trust himself to go any faster.

This won't do at all.

"This is nice," she breaths, her own hips crashing against his as they come together. Reaching up she grips his face, eyes intent she orders, "Now fuck me like you mean it."

He stills. Sebastian's expression morphs from openly boyish to dark and sinister in the blink of an eye. Grasping her wrists he pins them above her head, then proceeds to slam into her HARD, knocking the breath from her lungs.

"That what you want?" he grunts fucking her deep and hard. She'll have bruises on her thighs and wrists tomorrow. She looks forward to it.

"Yessss," she hisses, head tilted back, lost in the sensation of him every where: inside her, on top of her. It's not enough, never enough really.

Kathryn comes first, like always. Sebastian's hand is between her legs, strumming her clit in that expert way of his she used to resent, back before she started saying yes to him. Now, however it makes her shiver and buck against him, "More, more," she pleads. He's pounding away at her pussy, whispering nonsensical dirty (and sometimes sweet) things in her ear until it's too much. She comes crying his name, shaking so bad she's afraid she'll never stop.

Kathryn doesn't quite blackout, but her brain shuts down for a few minutes afterwords. When she comes too Sebastian's slamming her hard, his thrusts coming quick, his breath harsh in her ear. She knows what's coming next (pun intended) and there's a nervous fluttering of excitement in her belly.

"Come on, do it," she whispers taunting in his ear. "Fill me up. I want it Sebastian, I want-

She doesn't get to finish her demand before he's silencing her with a kiss. Then it happens, he thrusts once more, deep inside her and finally let's go. Kathryn wasn't sure she'd be able to feel it when he did it, but she does. It's odd, not unpleasant. It feels kind of dirty, but Kathryn's always appreciates dirty.

Sebastian stays on top of her for a long time, catching his breath, his cock, still half hard inside her. She meets his stare. His clear blue eyes look hazy, like he's been drinking. "Are you planning on pulling out of me?"

He shrugs. Kathryn kicks at his shin and he makes a face before languidly pulling himself up to a sitting position. Gently he slips out of her and as he does she can feel some of his come leave her body as well. Kneeling between her splayed legs he stares at her cunt, hypnotized.

"Was it everything you hoped?" she asks drolly.

"And more." Sebastian presses a finger inside her and she winces. She feels sensitive and achy. "Did you like it?"

She sighs, eyes on the ceiling. "I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it might potential inflate your ego even further."

They share a smile before Kathryn rolls onto her side yawning, her exhaustion finally catching up to her. It had been a long, strange night. She's eager to put it to bed.

Sebastian curls up beside her, hand sliding around her waist to pull her against him. "What happens next?" he murmurs into her neck.


"Hmm...and after that?"



Everything returns to normal. Mostly.

She forgives him. Publicly at least. With the help of her minions and sycophants Kathryn helps perpetuate a story that goes like this: there was a rough patch, they had a fight, a fight that sneaky little Annette used to lure him away. Sebastian tried to make it work with the headmaster daughter only he couldn't forget his first love, his only love. Even when he was making love to her, his ex was all he could think about. Because she is gracious and kind Kathryn eventually forgives him. They are the closest thing Manchester has to true love. Twisted and sick though it may be.

In private Kathryn's not so quick to forgive. Even after their night together she's still angry. He hurt her dammit and nobody hurt her and walked away unharmed. For weeks she is standoffish with him, refusing most of his sexual advances. When they do have sex there's no question who's in charge.

Her strap-on really gets a work out.

For his part Sebastian is bizarrely accommodating through the whole ordeal. It was as if he accepted the fact that he would have to earn his way back to her good graces. His calmness and rationality just serves to annoy Kathryn further.

Then one night, when she has him handcuffed to her bed, the harsh metal chaffing against the smooth skin of his wrists, he looks up at her with this knowing glint in his eyes as if he sees right through her and says, "You know I'm not going anywhere, right?"

She can't explain why, but after that night she starts to thaw towards him. Her anger begins to slowly dissipate a little each day until it's nothing more than a vaguely remembered feeling like a faded bruise.

As for Annette, she's forgotten by nearly everyone in the span of a week. Rumor has it she had some sort of breakdown and her father had her shipped back to Kentucky or wherever it is she's from. The headmaster does everything in his power to try to get Sebastian arrested, expelled or shipped off to the moon, but he's no match for the Valmonts who practically own the school. When Ben Hargrove throws out the ultimatum to the school board that either he goes or I go, there's little question in anyone's mind how that's going to play out.

Everything is right in their kingdom. Then one day someone new shows up.

They're walking down the mahogany lined walls of Manchester hand in hand, twin smiles of satisfaction on their faces, when Kathryn spots him down the hall. He's unbearably handsome. Dark features in perfect contrast to her boyfriends lightness. Unlike Valmont however there's an innocence there, in the way he holds himself, shoulders turned inwards, eyes darting around the hallway at once nervous and unsure. Watching him Kathryn practically salivates at the damage she could do to him.

She can feel Sebastian's eyes on her even before he speaks. "See something you like?"

"He's very pretty," she purrs.

"Are you in the mood for a game?"

His voice is about as toneless as she's ever heard it and Kathryn's not sure what to make of it. Looking back at him she considers the question.

Here's the thing. It took her a little while but Kathryn soon came to realize that Sebastian's big charade had little in the way to do with winning a bet. It wasn't about collecting his winnings. It wasn't even about topping her and proving his worth. No he played her, manipulated her, put her through hell all as a means of teaching her something she refused to learn on her own: they didn't need the games.

They had both always operated under the assumption that they could never go too far. Well, turns out they could. Kathryn's heart could be broken. Sebastian was capable of leaving her. Neither of them liked it very much, which was the point of the whole exercise.

See what we're like without one another? See how awful it is, how lonely? Why risk that kind of hell? I'm not going anywhere.

So to answer his question...

"No, I don't think so," she tells him, not giving the new student a second look. "I think I'm done with games for the time being."

Sebastian's answering smile is more relieved than smug. Slipping his hand in hers they head for the exit. They don't look back.


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