"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 9: Arms Wide Open

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"So, Sora, your brother knows you won't be back until late, right?" Yukimi glanced at the two from in mirror, frowning at how he was being treated like a chauffeur. Who did they think they were, climbing in the back seat like that? Still, every time he looked at the lithe figure sitting next to Miharu, he knew the brunette was right. Sora was strikingly familiar, yet seemed different than what he expected. He was only a little bit taller than Miharu, rather short for his age…

"Yes, he's aware Yukimi-san. Though I can't say he's too happy about it."

"Just Yukimi." The blond corrected.

"Oh… Sorry Yukimi-sa-… Yukimi…" Sora looked off awkwardly, not catching the small and almost sympathetic smile on his friends face.

The ride was, for the most part, quiet. The two in the back easily shared a comfortable silence while Yukimi concentrated on the road.


"If you're ready to brave seeing Hana, we're here." The blond stopped the car in front of the museum that was holding the faux archeological dig. "I'll go park, you two go on ahead. I won't be far behind."

The brunette nodded, taking the camera and leading Sora around to the back. Already, the shouts of younger children excavating were echoing.

"Ah, Miharu-kun!" the younger of the boys looked up, taken by surprise by the embrace he was quickly pulled into. "It's good to see you; you should really stop by more! Oh, who's this?" The woman released her hold, giving Miharu the chance to breathe and inspect the camera that had been sandwiched between them.

Hana went up to the taller boy slowly, easily treating him like the skittish deer he looked like. He did seem very confused and was probably already debating how comfortable he was.

"Hello there." The woman smiled warmly. "My name's Hana."

"…Sora." He smiled back.

"I like it!"


"One. Two. Three." Miharu held very still as the camera took in the frame. In front of him was Sora, holding out a fossilized egg. Okay, it was a rather more recent bird's egg, but you couldn't expect archeologists to just give away all the good stuff.

"Can I try?" Sora asked curiously, glancing over the camera.

"Sure, let me help you." The younger removed the strap from around his neck and passed it to the high school student. "Just be careful to keep it steady."

The obsidian nodded, aiming the lenses at a group of children who were looming over their prizes. One snap shot later he turned the camera on Yukimi and Hana, who seemed to be having an updated-interview. The woman seemed to be holding her head with what could be a migraine, so he didn't snap the button.

The next turn landed him on Miharu. The clear emerald pools seemed to stare off into the distance, seeing nothing and everything at once. A small smile of contentment was splayed on his face, a pause of serenity in life aura about him. With the wind in his locks, the pile of dirt and children in the background, Sora took the shot, waking Miharu from his trance.

"What was that for?" the smaller asked, genuinely confused.

"Um…" Sora jumped, clinging to the camera for dear life as Miharu's phone rang out. Distracted, the brunette answered before handing it over in exchange for the camera.

"It's for you." Sora frowned, already knowing who was on the other line as he took the phone.

"Hello, Tsukasa."

"Sora! Sora, when are you coming back; am I still making dinner for both of us?"

"I won't be home that late." He tried to reason. "Don't get hysterical or anything."

"I'm not being hysterical."

"Alright…" Sora smiled to himself. "I'll let you know when I'm on my way."

"If you need to go, we can leave now." Miharu offered. "It's almost over anyway." The darker haired looked over him as if to ask if he was sure. "Yes, it's alright."

"…We'll be there soon, okay?" Sora handed the phone over to Miharu and the two went to meet the conversing adults.

"It was good to see you all again." Hana smiled, looking over the two writers. "And it was nice to meet you Sora." She offered a hug, lighting up when the boy hugged back. "Come again, alright? Don't ever hesitate to visit me with Miharu some time."


"So you're going to try and meet up again?" Yukimi asked as the younger crawled into the passenger's seat.

"We're going to try." The Nabari no Ou nodded.

"You still have that feeling, don't you?"

"I do." He nodded again, looking up at Tsukasa and Sora's apartment. "Don't you?"

The blond man nodded, starting the car. "Hana felt it too. I think you're right, Miharu."

"Thank you…"

"Hey, no problem. Where to, home?"

"Actually, I need to speak with Thobari-sensei."

"I'll drop ya off."


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