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TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

—"The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Diverging Paths

Chapter 1: Disobedient Part 1

Some people believe that the world is a three-dimensional puzzle of life and that each person has their own piece of dreams and accomplishments to place in the fabric of time (the same goes for Pokémon as well). Though, being able to fit that piece in that puzzle and to make a difference is not as easy as we think, for many difficult obstacles and decisions in life block our path towards success. In other words, life isn't a merry like walk in the park as cheesy and cliché-y as it may sound. But regardless, it's nothing but the honest truth, in my opinion that is...

Isn't life the great miracle and the great mystery that has motivated humans and Pokémon alike to search for its true meaning since as long as humans and Pokémon have coexisted, though? Isn't life the reason for why many strange and wondrous legends have evolved from its pursuit of mysteries? Isn't life about increasing our understanding by expanding our ability to experience new things? New realities, points of view other than the ones familiar to us? I have asked myself these questions since the moment that I was able to comprehend certain things. And I still ask myself these specific questions to this day. This is the story of how I started my journey as an innocent and naïve fifteen-year-old girl, who had no clue of what she was getting herself into. In other words, I had no clue that Dreamer, my disobedient starter, had a dark and mysterious past that was going to change my whole perspective of how I viewed the world I lived in...

I didn't know where I was, but I was ninety-nine point nine percent sure that I was indeed dreaming. The reasons I was certain were that, first, I was standing on a snowy cliff high in the mountains, which right away was a dead giveaway that I was not in my warm bed in Pallet Town; and second, I was shivering so violently from all the cold snow that had clustered itself in my bronze, shoulder-length hair and on my bare, pale arms and legs. It never snowed in Pallet Town before, so that was more solid evidence toward the dream theory.

I could feel the coldness right to my bones. And it did not help that I was basically in a spaghetti strap black tank top and in cherry red pajama shorts—the clothes that I had fallen asleep in. And in a matter of seconds, I would be completely submerged in a pile of freezing snow.

As the Arctic wind picked up, I was trying to figure out where the hell I was at. Perhaps I was in Mount Moon? Or maybe Mount Sliver? Yeah, the second choice seemed like the most rational answer. After all, Mount Silver was the only snowy summit I could think of that was in the Kanto region... Or was that the Johto region...?

But the real question was— how did I get here in the first place? I didn't get a chance to ponder this question because all of a sudden I felt a presence. But where was it from? It was definitely not in front of me, for I could not even distinguish anything in this snowstorm. Was it to the right or to the left, then?

Shoving and digging my way out of the irritating snow, I turned left, right, looked up, and looked down the cliff. That was when I saw it. Squinting down the cliff and trying not to fall in the process, I barely made out the silhouette of what looked like young boy.

I blinked rapidly, surprised that I was seeing someone else here. But it wasn't his presence that I felt, which was strange because as far as I could tell him and I where the only two here in Mount Silver.

Feeling that I should probably get his attention, I shouted out. "Hey, you!"

The mystery boy turned his head slowly in my direction. I gave a shriek when I saw a pair of demonic blood red eyes stare piercingly at me. Acting from an impulse, I backed away from the ledge and squeezed my eyes shut.

This is just a dream. This is just a dream. Or more like a ni-nightmare! I wanna wake up, I wailed silently.

Trying to think positive things like small, cute riolu and chocolate, I open my eyes only to realized that the boy—

With my heart beating rapidly like the wings of a Ninjask, my eyelids shot opened, revealing aghast cobalt blue eyes. Gasping loudly and drenched in a coat of sweat, I felt utterly relieved that it was all actually a silly dream. But didn't I already establish that in my dream?

"That weird dream again," I spoke to myself in a hoarse whisper, still feeling abnormally cold. I'd had it for weeks now, but it was slightly different every week. The first time, I had dreamed of snow and then I would awake. The dream would confuse me but I would pay no mind to it since it made no sense at the moment. After a while, it last longer and longer until it was like a movie being showed multiply times that the viewer knew by heart what was going to happen. And just recently it had been different from all the others; it felt so real this time. The cold, the loneliness, the discomfort, the fear, etcetera. All those feelings felt so real that it made me shiver so violently. Too realistic.

I mean weren't dreams and nightmares supposed to mean something? Weren't they supposed to symbolize something? Who knows though...?

Since I started having these strange dreams, I have not told anyone. Not even my best friend or my twin brother. And you want to know why? Well... it's because if I do I'd be categorized as an insane person. I'm pretty sure that my parents would make me see a freaking shrink.

A shrink! There is no why in hell I'm about to tell a complete stranger about my personal issues. Hell, they'll probably make it even worse.

"Evelyn Lotta Hughes, if you are not up by the time I am done brushing my teeth, I swear to Arceus that I will personally drag you out of bed!" bellowed a bossy, familiar voice that belonged to my best friend Judith Montenegro. She loved to say my full name whenever she was annoyed, angry, or astonished with me.

I furrowed my eyebrows in concentration; an instantaneous flicker of realization crossed my face, making me disregard my nightmare, for now. I was in Judith's house, sleeping in her bed. The reason behind that was that two weeks prior to today my parents had left on a seven-month-long research trip, which was part of their job description as being scientists of Silph Corporation. Yes, the leading manufacturers in Pokémon technology around the world. I think mom said something about finally breaking the language barrier between humans and Pokémon (Y'know without using fancy gadgets and gismos to talk to them), which I actually find impossible...

Regardless leaving for long periods of time being part of their job description, mom was adamantly reluctant on leaving my brother and me alone for a long time. She was even going to hire a temporary nanny to look after us until their return, feeling a little embarrass to ask Judith's parents to take care of us since the Montenegros had done that a lot when we were small.

I, of course, had firmly refused to be treated like a child, telling my mother quite harshly that I was practically an adult (I may have exaggerated here...) and that I would be fine. Ethan, my idiotic twin, was less dramatic but he did plead mom not to hire a nanny. Despite my strident and bold statement, my mother refused and this led to an argument that would have lasted for a long time if father, being the wise and caring man he is, hadn't stepped in with a brilliant suggestion. It was that perhaps Ethan and I should start our journey across Kanto after delaying it for five years. After hearing this I was very happy and so was Ethan.

What better excuse to start my journey, right? After all, since I was four I'd had the aspire to become a famous and super strong trainer. I basically wanted to become the best of the best like most little kids. But that dream changed as I matured and went to trainer school to wanting to become something more complex like an elite four member who specialized in fighting type Pokémon. Then, with much persuading from father and Professor Oak, the renowned and legendary Pokémon researcher in the whole world, mom caved in and let us go.

She, father, Ethan, and I began to make many arrangements for Ethan's and my steadily approaching journey. For example, they wrote a contract that stated that we had to adhere by their guidelines and bought many things for us that we would need. All in all, they were very thorough in that we would be ready to set off across the region on our own. Also, mother said that for the time being we were to stay with Judith until the day. Of course the Montenegros had no issues with that arrangement since their only child would be setting off on her own journey as well.

Now sitting up in bed, I came out of my reverie in time to hear Judith scream my name again from somewhere downstairs. In a flash I was out of bed and picking up my clothes hastily in an attempt to escape her wrath and to take a much needed shower. Today was the day after all...


Clad in a pair of blue short shorts, a plain white tee with a black vest, a pair of black-and-pink fingerless gloves, and a pink hoodie with a black Poké ion in the chest area, I pulled on a pair of sturdy, black-and-pink hiking boots. After brushing my hair in a bushy high ponytail, I put on my favorite white baseball cap with a pink poké icon and a pink straight rim. Walking out of the bathroom and into Judith's room, I saw a pretty platinum blonde with naturally, loose curly hair and big brown eyes, pacing around the room. She adjusted her white and red sun hat and tapped her white and red slip on running shoes in annoyance. Once she saw me enter, she grabbed her yellow messenger bag and stalked over to me, thrusting my pink messenger bag into my surprised hands.

"What took you so long," she demanded, leading me downstairs at inhuman speed that made me almost trip. "It's almost going to be eight o'clock. Let's go!"

I twisted my hand from the platinum blonde's hold once we were at the front door, making sure to double check if I had all my stuff. Apparently, I did because Judith grabbed my wrist and yanked me out the front door, ignoring my protests.

April fifth, Monday, 8:00 A.M.

Once outside, a breeze of crisp, April morning wind danced around our hair. This action caused me to shiver, stuffing my now chilly hands into the pocket of my hoodie. But, of course, Judith didn't seem to care since she at once reclaimed my left wrist with the strength of a machoke and continued to drag me through town en route to Prof. Oak's Lab.

Trying to keep up with her rather brisk pace, I took in my surroundings. Off in the far distant, to my left, I could see the sun casting a warm halo like glow over the valley and the slowly awaking town. I could hear the pleasant chirps and tweets of the local pidgey and pidgeotto, who were perched all over town. And turning my head to my right, I wistfully caught sight of the vivid blue miles-and-miles-long crescent of Pallet Beach. I could faintly catch the salty scent from the beach.

Snapping myself out of my brief longing to be there, I waved to a couple familiar faces that we happen to encounter on our way to the lab. You see in Pallet Town everyone knows everyone. This is what happens when a small town (like us) refuses to modernize and industrialize. And I wouldn't have it any other way since I loved breathing in the polluted-free air.

After waking for ten more minutes, we arrived at last to our destination. A tan building that was nestled on a big, grassy hill, overlooking the whole town. A windmill spun around and around beside the building. I abruptly stopped, making Judith stumble back to a stop. She gave me an annoyed look, but I disregarded the look and pointed wordlessly in front of her. She gaped.

Just ahead, we could see a crowd of cheering people surrounding the front gates of the lab. As I prepared to make a run for it, Judith quickly grabbed a fistful of the back of my hoodie before dragging me up the hill toward the annoying noise of the crowd. I groaned quietly. As the annoying cheering got louder, I pulled myself away from her hold and spun around in time to see why the rowdy crowd was cheering.

Standing right by the open gate was a tall, slightly built boy with perfectly spiked brown hair dressed in blue jeans, a pair of black high-tops, a pair of purple wrist bands, and a black shirt with a collar. His "royal highness" was none other than arrogant Gary Oak who was the grandson of Prof. Oak. The brunette was grinning at the crowd that was composed of mostly fan girls, much to Judith and my dismay.

As we walked through the crowd, Gary's emerald green eyes spotted us or rather me. His grin turned into a sardonic smirk and he strode casually over, trying to act cool in front of his fans (no doubt about it...).

"It's about time you decide to show up, Hughes. I was beginning to think that you chickened out, which wouldn't surprise me, considering you aren't cut out to be a trainer in the first place... Just stick to coordinating, okay," he sneered.

My eyes hardened at his snippy comment and I opened my mouth to retorted, but again; for the umpteenth time today, Judith grabbed Gary's and my wrist super tight before pulling us into the lab. Man, that girl probably left a bruise!

"Gary, we don't have time to put up with your usual tauros crap! You can flirt with Evelyn later," she snapped, walking faster and ignoring my look of outrage and Gary's attempt to correct her.

Behind us, I could hear the disappointed shouts and wails of Oak's fan girls. Giving into my childish ways, I slammed the front gate on their faces, an amused grin spreading across my face when Oak and them gave me looks of disbelief. After being dragged through the front door, down a hallway, and through the professor's living room, we were released in a white room that was the Professor's office. I glanced around in shock, refusing to believe that this pig style was actually Prof. Oak's Office.

I mean a month ago it was spotless clean. How the hell did it turn messy in a short time? A dozens of papers were scattered on his desk and the floor. A pile of dirty dishes sat by his computer. An occasional empty soda can could be seen around the room. The machinery was without a doubt quite dusty from not being cleaned every day. And his big book shelf was completely disorganized and very dusty with random books being cramped into tight spots and several tottering precariously on the edges; a replica of my messy twin's room, minus the machines.

"Finally! What took you so long, Evelyn? Professor, they're here at last," called out a familiar voice.

I turned in time to see Judith bound forward and into the arms of my dopy twin brother. The spiky bronze-haired boy with brown eyes hugged her back. He was clad in a light blue jacket with a black plain tee underneath, black cargo jeans, and black and red high-tops. To top it off, he also had on a white and red baseball cap with a black poké icon and a black straight rim and a red backpack was hoisted over his right shoulder.

After releasing Judith, he smirked at me. "So you finally decided to wake up, hmm?" I chose not to comment, sending him a glare instead.

We hear a loud crash follow by the hurried thud of footsteps. I winced, hoping that the professor didn't hurt himself.

"Gramps? Gramps, are you okay? Didn't you hear Ethan? We're here," announced a rather impatient Gary, tapping his foot rapidly.

"Uh, coming!" shouted back a busy voice from somewhere in the back. Gary groaned loudly and rolled his eyes as we shot him disapproval looks. He ignored us.

So while Prof. Oak is doing Arceus knows what, I will elaborate why Gary and I greatly dislike each other. This little feud (as I like to call it) began back when I started reading and studying about Pokémon at the age of four. Yes, I was quite capable of reading really well at that age if you guys must know... Y'know it actually helps when your parents are Pokémon Scientists. Their educational activities were very helpful; now that I think about it.

But back to the whole Oak fiasco... well, he actually found out until we were eight years old, and that made him livid that I knew more about Pokémon than him. We were in fact very good friends until he found out and stopped talking to me. Eager to outsmart me, he started learn about Pokémon too and he had the best source of all: his grandfather! Professor Samuel Oak, who surpassed my parents knowledge wise on Pokémon.

It just made me want to punch him in the face every time he made a smart aleck comment towards me. He thinks he so much better than me when in reality… He actually is! Seriously, I can never beat him at anything! And that just makes me furious! Though, after a while I got over it since I finally learnt to accept that he would always be like that. From the age of eight until now, Gary and I haven't been on the best terms with each other, which I'm totally fine with by the way...

"I am soooo sorry, kids," apologized a middle age man with short grey hair and brown eyes, wearing a lab coat with a red shirt underneath and tan pants. "Let's get this show on the road. I'm pretty certain that you kids are eager to get your starters."

"...Yeah... Err, why is your lab messy," asked Judith, kicking a soda can away with disgust and trying not to shudder from all the filth.

"Sorry, I guess I've been caught up in research," he laughed nervously. Figures...

He then motioned for us to follow him and we complied at once. With Gary in the lead and me bringing up the rear, the professor led us to where a metal cart was sited at. I stood in the middle of Judith and Ethan and Gary was next to Ethan. Our gazes flickered to Prof. Oak, who was casting us all attentive glances with a clipboard in hand.

"As you kids may know; today is the day each of you will receive your starter. This first pokemon will be your partner and your friend. On this cart next to me are the Kanto starters: squritle the Tiny Turtle Pokémon, bulbasaur the Seed Pokémon, and charmander the Lizard Pokémon. Every one of these—" I lost him after that.

The reason was that my eyes immediately flickered eagerly to three minimized standard red/white poké balls that were on the surface of the cart.

"Evelyn, are you okay? You have been zoning out nonstop today," stated Judith. Her voice caused me to jump, making me look unwillingly at her.

"I'm fine, really," I assured her. She shrugged and turned her attention to Prof. Oak, who was busy talking about the necessities of take care of Pokémon. I sighed, shifting my weight to my other foot.

Fifteen looooong minutes later...

"Okay, Evelyn and Judith pick your starter," said Prof. Oak, gesturing to the cart. Judith immediately rushed forward with me trailing, picking up a random poké ball. She shook her head and then set down the one with the element fire and picked up the middle one with the element leaf. She smiled and tossed it in the air, barely catching it.

The shape of a small, blue-green dinosaur appeared by Judith's feet. It had a light-green, onion-like bulb on its back and four stubby, spotted legs. A jade green birthmark that resembled a heart was on its forehead. The bulbasaur's small ears twitched as its fuchsia-colored eyes looked around the room.

"OMA, you are sooooo cute! I'm going to call you Jade," squealed Judith. She scooped up the surprised bulbasaur in her arms and walked away, abandoning me.

I sighed, looking at the remained poké balls. So my choices were now squirtle and charmander. Hmm... which Pokémon would be an exceptional and strong partner for me to have? It was either the fiery salamander starter or the cool tiny turtle starter. Both starters would eventually evolve into powerhouses. But which one can actually learn fight type moves? I scowled, knowing this was going to be a tough decision for me to make.

After what seemed like a long time, Gary decided to interrupt my internal musing. "For the love of Mew, would ya just pick already! We don't have all day. Come on, come on," sighed Gary dramatically, tapping at what looked like an imaginary watch on his right wrist. Then, he spoke under his breathe so only I could hear it. "And whatever you do... do not—I repeat— do not pick squirtle!"

Sudden angrier rushed to my face, and I wisely choose to not acknowledge him. Though, I was tempted to kick that bastard between his legs so hard that he will never ever be able to sire another arrogant jackass like himself. Shit, another spitting image of Douche Bag would doom the whole planet. One is enough thank you very much.

I focused thoughtfully on the remainder poké balls, letting my mind wander.

Ha, serves him right! Why I outta take squirtle on purpose to get on his nerves! That will show him. But... I honestly don't see myself training neither of these Pokémon... They're just not fight types. Man, I wish Prof. Oak had a riolu; I really want one, I complained silently.

After some more thought, I finally made my choice. With a shake of my head, I walked away. This action made Douche seethe with outrage because it took me that long just to realize that neither starter appealed to me. Prof. Oak found this a little disappointing.

"What's wrong, Evelyn?" I told him that Ethan and Gary should pick next and that his starters didn't appeal to me. He ahh-ed' and motioned the boys over.

Gary darted to the table with my over-excited sibling on his heels, making sure to cast many irritated and mad glares in my direction. Gary took the left one that contained squirtle and Ethan took the last one with charmander inside. That actually didn't surprise me one bit. My brother had been blabbering for as long as I can remember that he wanted to start off with a charmander.

Both boys skillfully threw their respective poké balls in the air (in Douche bag's case, he decided to show off by spinning his poké ball on his index finger before catching it and launching it with a spin into the air. typical.) before catching them.

In front of Gary, a small, baby blue, scaly turtle stood. It had a brown shell and fluffy tail. It had a tan underbelly and black eyes. The squirtle took one look at Gary and instantaneously jumped into his surprised arms, rubbing his head affectionately against Oak's cheek. I scowled with disappointment since I had been hoping that the young squirtle would spit water in his face. That would teach him!

An orange bipedal salamander with some dinosaur qualities manifested by Ethan's feet. It had a creamy underside and a long tail with an exterior flame burning healthy on the tip. Charmander's green eyes glanced with confusion around the room.

I saw my twin sink to its level, whispering encouraging words. The lizard's eyes shined and rubbed its head against Ethan's leg. I smiled warmly at the scene. Well, leave it to my brother to immediately earn his starter's trust. He actually has a way with pokémon unlike me, though.

"Uh... Professor, isn't Evelyn gonna get a Pokémon," Judith questioned, feeling sorry for me.

I heaved a sigh, staring dejectedly at the floor with my shoulders slumped. Well, of course I wouldn't be getting a starter! There were only three damn poké balls on that cart after all... Not what am I gonna do?

"Professor, I could catch a Pokémon for my dear little sister. I mean, now that I have Fuego," Ethan said, waking over to put an arm around my shoulders.

I glared down at his hand and gave him a look that said "you have three seconds to get your arm off from me if you want to keep it." I know I was being ungrateful but the little sister comment annoyed me since he was only taller than me me by two inches and he was only older by four minutes!

I looked at Gary's grandfather in panic, who was thinking deeply. I didn't want Ethan to catch me a pokémon because I was afraid he would catch me a ratatta just to tick me off. Yes, my brother could be mean at times. The renowned professor walked over to me.

"Evelyn, you will be getting a Pokémon. I knew you wouldn't be interested in my starters so I... decided to let you take him. I must warn you that he a little... lively..." he trailed off.

My zealous expression vanished and I frowned. I didn't like the sound of "lively". Calling someone "lively" was a cuddly circumlocution for "feisty" or "spunky" or "stubborn". I didn't like the idea of having to deal with an aggressive and disobedient Pokemon at any time of day, let alone have one like that for my starter!

"What kind of pokemon is it and where did you catch it," I asked hesitantly.

He seemed to deliberate several times like if he had regretted telling me about this mystery Poké. Man, now I'm scared.

"Well...that's the thing; I don't know where he came from. I found his poké ball at Pallet beach a few weeks ago. My theory is that either he was disposed of like trash by a rather disappointed trainer or someone lost him. But I've tried to find the trainer and no one has claimed him yet. I think he would be better off with you. If you don't mind, that is..." He handed me a minimized shiny, ruby poke ball.

I felt sadness and angrier wash through me as I soaked in what he said. Poor little burger. What cruel trainer would just throw away their Pokémom like they were garbage? With a determine spark in my eyes, I enlarged the capsule only to be stun.

My eyes grew huge. Could it be?

"I-is t-that a c-cherish b-ball," Judith stammered. Gary's eyes turned huge and Ethan's mouth fell open with a pop from surprise. Those pokéballs were rarer than master balls. There's only a small amount in the Pokémon world. How the hell did one end up in Pallet beach—of all places to show up—why here?

"Yes. Let the poor creature out." I gulped. Everyone held their breath, as I press the button in the middle. The orb opened in my palm, letting a pretty rainbow beam hit the ground. Slowly, the mysterious Pokémon's outline began to form.

What are you?

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