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"So far this week, you have already been tardy for eight of you classes, you dyed the tips of your hair red when we told you not to, got into three fist fights, and started a food fight during your lunch period. What are we going to do with you Manabe Kiyomi?" I sighed. I had a reputation of being the bad girl, and I had to keep it. "I don't care what you say. Suspend me if you want." I said calmly. Sensei shook his head. "Your father gives so much money for this school, so I can not expel you even if I wanted to." I slumped. I wanted to get out of this school. It was a dump. The only good thing here was during lunch. Speaking of which, I was late for lunch.

"Kiyomi!" A blonde girl was waving at me. I walked over to her best friend, Himeko. We were nothing alike. Himeko was a blonde who was girly, spoiled, wore colorful clothing, and was nice to everyone. I was a brunette with a red tips, a tomboy, violent, rich, wore black and red, and was also kind like Himeko. Yet we were best friends. "Did you get expelled?" Himeko asked. I just shook my head. Himeko was amazed. She quickly pulled out her phone and smiled. "It's time!" she squealed. I took my phone out too.

"KING! KING! KING!" Everyone shouted. It was King Time. Please type in your password. I typed in my four digit number, and then typed in my wish. I wish everyone would stop seeing me as such a bad person. I want to fit in and have more friends. That was always my wish. I looked over at Himeko. She was just finishing up her wish. I looked down at my screen. The wish that will be granted today is... Please let me be better in class than Hayashi Kyoko. I sighed. Like always, I never got picked.

Years ago, a girl name Arisa was said to be the King, until she committed suicide. Her sister, Tsubasa, took her place to find the true King, for every wish was granted with violence. It ended when she found the King, but she never told anyone who it was. Today, the wishes are safe, so no one gets hurt. We don't know who the King is though.

"Hey Kiyomi." I looked up. My boyfriend, Haru, was smiling down at me. I smiled back. "What did you wish for Haru?" I asked. "I asked for you to happy. You've been trying to get yourself expelled." I nodded. Haru was right. Maybe next time I shouldn't try to get into so much trouble.

"Hey look!" Himeko poked me and pointed at a guy walking in through the door. He was tall with brown hair that was darker than mine. "Isn't he cute?" Himeko asked. I shrugged. "His name is Suzuki Raiden. He just moved here about a week ago. He won't say where he's from thought. We're lab partners." I said while eating my lunch. Himeko nodded slowly. "Should I ask for him to ask me out for my next wish?" I shrugged.

After lunch I walked over to my locker. Right next to mine was Raiden. I quickly took out my books. "What do you think of King Time?" I looked up. Raiden was talking to me. I shrugged like usual.

"AHHHH!" We both looked to where the screaming was coming from. A girl was on the ground surrounded by shattered glass. I ran up to her. "Are you okay?" I asked. She shook her head. "She's cut all over." I looked up. Raiden was right behind me. "Come on! We need to get her to the nurse!" I yelled. Raiden took one arm and I took the other, and we brought her to the nurse.

"She was cut, but not a whole lot. The wounds weren't deep, so she will be okay. I can't believe that you two were the only ones that cared about her, and you don't even know her." The nurse said to us. We nodded in reply. "Well, you stayed here all day, so I think you can go home now." She waved us goodbye.

"You know what's weird?" Raiden said on our way to our lockers. "Do you know what the wish was today's wish was during King Time?" I thought for a minute. "It was please let me be better in class than Hayashi Kyoko." I replied.

"Was that girl Kyoko?" I thought for another minute. Then I nodded. "Do you think this King person tried to get rid of Kyoko to fulfill the wish?" That took me a while to think about. This kind of stuff had happened before. Years before. "It's happened before, but it was stopped by these two twins. Could it be that the violent King is coming back?" I asked. Raiden nodded. "We're all in danger now. I think we should protect everyone." He nodded again. "Come to my house. I think we can figure it out." I said. I packed my bag, and we walked out to my house.

"You live here?" Raiden said in a stunned voice. I nodded. "Kiyomi-sama? Is that you?" Akiho, the family maid called. "Yes Akiho. I brought a friend with me. We'll be in my room." We walked up the stairs into a large hallways painted a creamy beige color. I opened the closest door which was my room. We sat down at my desk. "What do you know about the King?" I told Raiden the story about the twins and how they stopped the King. Raiden was silent. "So no one knows who the King was?" I nodded my head. "What if that King is back for revenge?" Raiden couldn't say anything, because my phone rang. "A text?"

I opened my phone and stared. I know your secret Kiyomi. I also know Raiden's. Don't try to figure me out. We don't want anyone getting hurt right? -K. Was this person watching us? "The King knows your number?" Raiden asked. He read the text for himself. "My secret?" What was Raiden's secret? He just got here and the King already knew his big secret. How was that possible? "I gotta go." Raiden said suddenly.

I looked up. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" Raiden shrugged. Then he ran out of the house. Was he angry about the text from the King?

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