Return of the Kids

Author Note: This Fic is brought to you by me and Kita chan. We are CRAZY by the way so this is a Parody. Chances of people being in character slim to none.


Batman had the mook by the cuff of his collar and pressed him against the alleyway's graffiti covered wall. The guy was trembling in his knock-off Nikes.

"I won't ask again. Where's the drop!" Batman demanded. Like hell if there was going to be a new drug dealer moving into his city.

"I don't know," mook cried; really cried with tears and everything. Snot was dripping on to the bat gloves, He is gonna pay for that.

"Wrong answer," and that's when things went wrong for Batman. He was still holding on to the mook but now was more hanging off the guy. His cowl was now too big for his head so he could no longer see out of it. "Balls."

He then kicked the mook in the balls because, well, he was at the right height for it. It was more of a launch off point as he let go and proceeded to try running. The main problem being his cap was now more like a wedding train. Tripping over himself, he rolled like he was trapped in a giant tire and slammed into the back wall. The mook was still holding himself, doubled over, but his friends were now coming down the alleyway, trying to figure out what all the noise was.

Batman was dazed, getting up when he heard one of them say, "You got nut shoot by that little punk?"

"Balls." He need to run. Or get up high, which caused him to go for the grappling hook on his belt. And with that, the bat boy found himself sailing faster than usual and the mooks were trying to grab at his over large clothes to pull him down. They ended up with one of his boots.

Safe on a roof top, Bruce pulled the over large cowl off his head, and sighed as he was now going to make his way home with only one boot. Tonight had not gone well. He had a feeling it was only going to get worst. He tucked the cape and cowl under his arm, and made the lonely trek home. It wasn't like anyone was going to believe who he was.


He was at the bar, Trickster had broken out again. As Lady Luck would have it, the Flash was able to trick the Trickster into playing darts with him. It was one more game, and then dropping off the Trickster back to his cell. Over all Flash felt he was very lucky to have villains like Trickster he got to go out on his Fridays to bars and have a good talk every now and then.

"James that was a great shot, " Flash complimented, "After this round we should get you back to the hospital."

"Alright Flash if you're sure," Trickster handed Flash some darts.

"I am," Flash was getting ready to throw when suddenly he wasn't at the right angle for the board anymore. His costume was now bigger all over, and his hands were too thick to be able to throw the dart.

" are not the Flash!" The trickster shouted, and began to throw darts at him.

"Now James!" Wally tried to calm him down and dodging them as the Trickster threw them. "Why don't we talk about this?" He said, being careful not to trip. Why did he sew his boots to the ends of his pants?

"The Flash was my friend what did you do with him?" Trickster demanded.

"James it's me, who else runs this fast?" Wally squeaked. Then his communicator went off.

"Flash are you alright?" It sort of sounded like Batman but he couldn't be sure with the cracking tone at the end.

"No! No I'm not okay. I'm short!"

"That makes two of us." The Dark Knight cracked out with a voice that cracked in the middle of the sentence.


Superman was where he should be at night, asleep in his own bed. Clark had the blankets wrapped tightly around him, snuggled up warm in his bed, when he got a call. It interrupted his dream about Lois. The one where they are trapped on a desert island and the only food they have was beef bourguignon. His communicator went off loudly and woke him up with a jolt. Half awake, he grabbed at it and answered, "Kent."

"Kent. Have, you noticed anything different about yourself?" It was Bruce. Why is Bruce calling me at...He glanced over at his alarm clock, 11:30 to asking me how I am?

"Madds faus." Superman wasn't the sharpest when he woke up.

"What? Are you feeling alright Clark? Do you need us to come get you?"

"I am fine, you woke me-" That is when he realized something was wrong. Batman's voice wasn't right. Neither was his. He was also swimming in his night clothes. And clearly short. "GREAT SCOTT!"

"Yes, Flash, Clark is suffering from it too. Met us at the Watchtower."


It was girl's night out. That is what Sharyera had told Diana it was. They were just going to go out and hit up some clubs when five muggers decided that they were easy targets. Shayera beamed another mook with her mace. Why do they always pick on the girl with a mace? Do they think they have a chance? Shayera glanced over at Diana and saw that there was something different about Wonder Woman.

It was more as if she was wonder girl.

Diana stood there and wanted to cry. She had been fighting a thug, last one out of five, when her clothing no longer fit her. In fact, they had fallen around her knees. She got an almost lucky shot in that knocked the man out before she flashed him. Over all this was one of the more humiliating moments in her life. She looked over and saw that Sharyera was much in the same state, her clothes to large, but she was at least covered.

Her armor couldn't protect her. The bracers were loose and her headband was too big. She managed to get one of the thugs jacket off so she wouldn't feel as exposed. It was large enough to cover everything.

"Diana? Has anything happened to you? Is Hawkgirl with you?" it was Bruce and that just seemed to be the breaking point.

"Yes," she cried.

"Um, we'll beam you two up to the Watchtower." Bruce was sure she sounded like she was going to cry. Great. We are all kids and Diana is gonna start crying.

"NO!" It was a gut response. "I mean..."

"Flash, get out." Bruce seemed to read her mind. Sharyera seemed be trying not to laugh. "We will see you, when you are situated. Meet in the monitor womb." His voice made a loud cracking sound that caused Sharyera to spill into laughter.



Disease. That was all, John could think of as he was covered in green slime. I hope I don't get a disease. He was out in space, on Lantern duty, and the Alien he was talking to had decided to cover him in slime. There hadn't been a reason, beside the fact that he was not telling the Alien what he wanted to hear. That is when the Alien decide that it was time to open the flood gates and cover him in slime. Well, since it came from his mouth, it is more likely puke….this asshole puked on me. Growing up in the inner city, there was one thing you never did. You never puked on John Stewart.

His ring glowed brightly and he made a lawnmower to chew the Alien up and spit him out again. John watched his lawnmower construct with a manic grin, though everything was starting to get fuzzy. Stupid Alien goo.

"John," Batman with a cracking voice came over his com, "Are you shorter?"

"No, but I kicked some bad guys ass!" John fixed his eye sight problem, "Why?"

"You should come back to the tower," Batman voice cracked again.

"Okay, and the lawnmower totally works!" There was a pause, "What is wrong with your voice?"


"Fine," John whined.


Jo'nn was eating Oreos. That's it. He was in the monitor womb when he too, changed into a small child. The Martian Manhunter looked at his new shorter limbs confused, then shrugged and began to eat more Oreos.

Bruce Wanye aka Batman came running into the womb, sporting pants that were very rolled up at the ankles and an over sized batman t-shirt, "Jo'nn are you…never-mind clearly your fine cause you have Oreos!"

"Would you like one Bruce?" Jo'nn asked holding out a cookie.

"No! Why are we kids! And how many of us and… and yes I want a cookie." Batman cursed himself as he grabbed about six and began to shove them into his mouth as if his life depended on it. "Now," He said with a mouth full of oreos, "How many of us are kids?"

"I believe just the original seven. No one else in the league has been panicky calling other members." The Martian looked at Bruce, "Nice shirt."


"HOLY HERA YOU ARE MICRO!" Diana said, coming into the room and throwing her arms around the batman's neck.

"Ar!" Bruce choked out as he was being choked by a girl who was almost a foot taller than him. The other originals filtered into the room. The Flash was trying to carry a towering amount of snack food with him. He had given up trying to run with it.