Question time with The Question

You are confused. This isn't a chapter you say to yourself, it's almost like the authors of this story you are following, have written an author note but it's trying to be a story. In fact that's not even the strangest part of the situation you have found yourself in. There is a man. Over-coat. Blue fedora. Orange socks. He has no face. You try to look away but find you can't.

He speaks, "Hello, I'm the Question you may remember me from such trades as the one where I died. Of Cancer because writers are weird. Some may have mistaken me for my female replacement, but find I'm lacking breast and a sad few are wondering why my mask is different. That's Rorschach you're thinking of. Anyways, you have questions, and I'm here to answer you." There is a table and chairs next to the two of you, and the Question has you sit down.

"There was been some questions about Canon. And here is the rule that Kita and Lightdragon have decided upon. It is pretty simple. Whatever is mentioned happened."

You feel puzzled but before you can voice this Question continues, "They are going off of both the comics and the TV show though admittedly more the show than the former. This has created their own head canon. Any continuity you thought you knew could be thrown out a window at any moment. It is part of the conspiracy. While they are not as heavy involved as the girl scouts are, they are on the lower scale. Just like you." He turns his head just a little bit, and you feel unnerved, "You with your little fandom."

You start to move away, and notice a door that wasn't there before. You decide to make a run for it. As you run away, you hear him shout, "YES! THE FLASH DID KICK HIM IN THE BALLS!"

A/N from Kita chan: Since Fan fiction won't let us just answer your questions, we decide to write something that I believe to be the creepiest thing I have ever written in my life. The goal was to make it funny….And ended up with freaking creepy. Anyways, the other thing I wanted to say was, there is a woman with wings that she can't take off I also bet she's been on TV. Lex is the smartest man in the world supposedly; I'm going to assume he just put two and two together. And I wanted The Question to say tits, but LIGHTDRAGON WON'T LET ME! I'm also going to point out we did have Wally dart quickly around when Lex reached for him, which revealed him as the flash. Bruce is a common name, I know three and Lex probably thinks a Bruce is Superman.

A/N from Lightdragon: I really hope this answers some questions. That's the main goal of this quasi chapter we will continue our regularly scheduled fanfiction now. Sorry to all who were hoping for a really chapter.