Summary: Just another one-shot with Danny and Vlad. No real point, just me practicing my writing. Danny and Vlad get caught in a rather tight spot. You'll see what I mean…

P.S. Both Vlad and Danny are in there ghost forms throughout this entire one-shot, so please do not be confused if I alternate between calling our favorite fruitloop, Vlad AND Plasmius, and your favorite ghost boy, Danny AND Phantom. Thank you!

Too Close For Comfort

"Vlad…" The voice was faint and weak, barely a whisper but the older halfa heard it instantly in the hallow silence.

Plasmius sighed softly. "I'm right here Daniel." The vampiric ghost placed a gloved hand on the ghost boy's shoulder trying to reassure him as well as keep him still. The ghost had a sinking feeling that he knew what would happen should the boy try to get on his feet.

"What happened?" Danny asked blinking his bright neon green eyes in the darkness.

"Your father happened." Plasmius replied in distain his grip on Danny's shoulder tightening just a bit.

"It wasn't his fault! If you hadn't-" The young phantom tried getting to his feet only to be held down by the other half ghost.

"Calm down Daniel!" Vlad ordered as he quickly shoved the boy back down before he could get up. "And stay down or we'll both regret it!"

Phantom snapped his head up only to find two glowing red eyes boring holes into him. He glared back defiantly at those solid red eyes. "You're not the boss of me."

Danny heard Vlad sigh dramatically, sure that the older hybrid was rolling his eyes. "I know it goes against your nature but please don't be so difficult, just this once. I'd rather not be crushed by your impulsive stupidity." Ohhhh, bad move Plasmius. You should've stopped while you were ahead.

"MY WHAT? !" Phantom pushed up with all his might jumping to his feet. He would've confronted the pompous jerk too if the walls around him hadn't rushed in pushing and crushing him into the man in front of him.

"Ahh!" Danny struggled to push away from the firm chest in front of him but the wall behind him wouldn't give. "Plasmius MOVE!" He shouted still trying to push the other halfa away but to no avail.

"I CAN'T!" Vlad shouted back. "I told you not to move! Quit struggling! You're only making it worse!" Danny continued to squirm against him but only for a moment until he realized it was indeed useless.

"Can't you back up just an inch!" Danny said in frustration.

"I don't know if you've noticed but there's a WALL behind me." Vlad replied equally annoyed. "Daniel will you please stop pushing on my ribcage! It's not going to make me move!"

"I can't help it! You're stepping on my foot!"

"It's not my fault you're oversized boots take up so much room!"

"Ah! Something just touched my shoulder!"

"It was me! I'm trying to shift you more to the right so I won't be on your foot and so you'll stop kneeing me in the thigh!"

"Well stop it! It feels weird!"

"Stop being such a child!"

Vlad finally managed to move the squirming phantom so that the two were no longer bruising each other but were carefully pressed against each other painlessly which in a way made it even more awkward.

The ghost boy sighed in annoyance as he laid his head against the older hybrid's chest having no other choice.

They were trapped. Trapped inside the Fenton Thermos, courtesy of Jack Fenton.

Trapped with Plasmius. Hooray for me…

"This is just great. Stuck in a tight place with my arch-enemy." Phantom grumbled.

"Well don't blame me." Plasmius grumbled right back, his arms and hands pressed against the walls around them to keep from touching the boy anymore than he had too. "This is all your father's doing. And yours." He admitted sending a hint of anger in Danny's direction.

"Me? What did I do?" The ghost boy asked irritated.

"You attacked me for no reason!"

"You were in my parents' lab! What did you expect me to do? ! Invite you upstairs for a drink? !" Plasmius' eyes flashed red at the sarcasm in Danny's tone.

"I didn't expect you to be in your parents' lab at all." The man admitted keeping his face turned away.

"Obviously." Phantom muttered rolling his eyes. His eyes suddenly widened as he looked up and demanded, "And why were you trying to hold me down like that? !"

"To try and prevent this from happening!" Plasmius said glaring at the boy though it hurt his neck slightly to look straight down at him. "Once you stood up the thermos conformed to the amount of space it needed to hold us. Just enough space to keep us contained and ghost containment isn't made for comfort."

"You mean it can change how much room it has inside?" Danny asked his tone quickly changing from anger to curiosity.

"Of course." Vlad said calmly. "How else did you think this tiny thermos could hold up to 30 ghosts? It changes its width according to however much space it needs or however much space it doesn't need. And in our case it doesn't need that much, at least not when we're standing." He glared down at the boy suggestively.

"Oh…" Danny muttered looking away. "How was I suppose to know all that?"

"I didn't expect you to know." The older halfa said coolly. "But if you had listened to me-"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it!" The little phantom snapped. "This is all my fault and you had nothing to do with it! Happy? !"

"Peachy." Vlad said sarcastically. "Just how long do you think Jack is going to leave us in here?"

"I dunno. When Jazz sucked me into the thermos I was stuck in here for two hours."

"Jasmine sucked you into the thermos?" Plasmius asked his tone highly amused.

"Yeah, that was back when she wanted to be part of our "ghost hunting team"." Danny rolled his eyes at the memory. "She really needs to work on her aim, and her witty banter."

Vlad chuckled lightly causing his chest to bounce gently against Danny's cheek. The ghost boy had to bite his lip to keep from smiling.

"Somehow I don't find that hard to believe." The vampiric ghost admitted with one last chuckle. "And it took her two hours to figure out how to free you?" He grinned unintentionally showing his fangs.

"Yeah well, Jazz wasn't use to ghost equipment and everything."

"Perhaps, but I really believed Jasmine would've been smarter than that." Plasmius sighed. "I guess that means it'll take even longer for Jack to figure it out."

"Let's just hope he doesn't take us to my mom. Then we'll really be in trouble." Phantom said seriously, his body tensing against the other hybrid's.

"Why? What do you think she would do with us?"

"I'd rather not think about it. But speaking of my mom," Danny looked up, quickly changing the subject. "You did know she wasn't home, didn't you?"

"Does it matter?" Vlad said offhandedly. "It wasn't like I was stopping by for a visit after all. But since you brought it up," the man forced his voice to sound uncaring. "Where is your mother right now?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Danny gave a cocky smirk.

Plasmius glared down at the boy for a second until a wicked grin played across his lips.

"Ahhh!" Danny shouted in surprise as a quick yet painful volt of electricity shot through his body.

"Oops, did I do that?" Plasmius smirked widely. "So sorry my boy."

"Very funny Plasmius." Danny said flatly until a smirk appeared on his face as well. "But two can play at this game. I sure hope subzero temperatures don't bother you Uncy Vlad." Danny said in that falsely sweet tone of his. "I know I don't mind them." An icy blue mist soon started to surround the young phantom from head to toe.

"Daniel wait!" Vlad shouted urgently, panic written all over his features. "If you use your ice powers in here you could freeze the entire thermos closed! Then we will be trapped in here!"

The blue mist faded almost instantly along with Danny's smirk.

So Plasmius can use his powers in here but I can't. Great.

"Fine." Danny muttered.

The two were silent for a while, both avoiding each others gaze.

"So, how is school going?"

"What do you care?" Danny snapped determined to stay angry at the man. "Aren't you still checking on my grades, stalker."

Vlad rolled his eyes. "I'm just trying to be conversational."

Danny's anger faded a little at the honest reply. "I'm doing ok." The teen replied feeling a little awkward about discussing his grades with his arch-nemesis while they pressed together like sardines. "I'm only getting a D in math but I have Bs and Cs in everything else. I'm getting by."

"Have you been getting enough sleep?"

Phantom stared up at Plasmius suspiciously but the older halfa still had his face turned away. "Yeah, I've been getting plenty of sleep. Why?"

Vlad simply nodded. "Just wondering." Of course he knew the boy was lying though. The billionaire often stayed up long into the night due to his insomnia or simply having work to attend to and during these nights the man would some times "check up" on the little hybrid for curiosity sake.

The man still had hidden cameras in most of the rooms at the Fenton's house including Daniel's room and all too often the older halfa would watch only to find the boy dragging himself into his bedroom at ungodly hours in the morning and pass out on his bed still fully dressed in the clothes he had worn all day.

Vlad once even stayed up till 3:00 in the morning waiting for Daniel to go to bed just to make sure nothing had happened to the boy. When the ghost boy had finally entered his room he was practically crawling on the floor to get to his bed, dry blood covering one of his legs.

How could he not worry about the boy?

Holding back the sigh in his chest Vlad slowly removed his right hand from the wall only to place it on the back of Danny's neck.

"What're you doing?" The ghost boy asked nervously.

"Since we're obviously going to be here for awhile I'd rather not be stretched out against the wall like an animal pelt." Plasmius reasoned allowing his other arm to wrap around Danny's back, his hand resting on the boy's shoulder.

Danny was suddenly glad Vlad couldn't see his face. What was the fruitloop doing? Giving him a hug or something? Whatever the guy was doing it was embarrassing the teen, that's for sure.

"Umm, I know we're kinda stuck together Plasmius, but that doesn't mean we need to get cozy." Phantom said trying to shake off the older halfa's hands but the man wouldn't budge.

"Easy for you to say." The older halfa smirked suddenly. "You seem perfectly comfortable snuggled up against my chest."

"S-Shut up!" Danny felt his cheeks burn hotly. "I don't have a choice!"

Vlad's chest rumbled with laughter again embarrassing the ghost boy even more.

"When we get outta here I'm kicking your but all the way back to Wisconsin." Phantom threatened but Plasmius only smiled.

"I'm sure you will little badger, I'm sure you will." The thermos grew silent again but only for a moment as Vlad absentmindedly started to rub the back of Danny's neck. It was an innocent gesture, something meant to calm or reassure, a habit the man had probably gotten from petting his cat Maddie.

Danny didn't like it.

"Plasmius." The ghost boy growled.

"Hmmm?" The older halfa hummed only able to see the top of the boy's chalk white hair and not the rage boiling underneath.

"Could you please stop doing that. If you want to pet something then go get a cat."

Plasmius' hand stopped rubbing and slowly tightened on the teen's neck. Danny quickly grew tense. Maybe he shouldn't have said that…

"Careful Daniel, keep in mind I can still use my powers in here, you can't." Vlad warned as Danny braced himself for another shock of electricity.

But it never came. Instead Vlad simply went back to massaging the boy's neck despite Danny's protest.

It wasn't so much that the gesture made the teen feel uncomfortable. In fact it was the opposite. It was soothing and reminded Danny a little of how his mother use to rub his back when he would sit on her lap. It was kinda nice…

But it didn't last.

The thermos suddenly titled on its side leaving Vlad flat on his back with Danny on top of him. (Good thing it hadn't been the other way around, Danny would've been crushed)

"What's happening?" Danny asked, panic evident in his voice.

"Your father must've picked up the thermos." Plasmius nearly growled. Even when Jack wasn't present the idiot still managed to ruin such precious moments for him. "I guess that means we'll be leaving here sooner than we thought." The man continued unsure if he should be grateful or resentful. It wasn't often he got to spend quality time with his little badger after all and he had to take whatever he could get.

"I sure hope you're ready then Plasmius."

Vlad looked down to find a smirking phantom looking straight up at him. The little hybrid's eyes glowing a brilliant green in the darkness. "What do you mean?"

"I mean you won't just have my parents to deal with when we get outta here. I told you I was kicking your blue butt all the back to Wisconsin, and I meant it." Danny's eyes glowed even stronger, his smirk never faltering.

Plasmius gave a wicked, sharp fanged grin. "I'm glad to see you're becoming a man of your word, little badger." He taunted rustling the boy's hair as if to mock him even more. "I'm sure you won't disappoint me."

"Oh, no worries there." Phantom agreed.

With the sound of rushing air the top of the thermos started to open. Both hybrids became tense ready to fly out as quickly as possible and escape capture of the two ghost hunters likely waiting for them on the outside.

"Well, it's been fun Plasmius." Danny said quickly positioning himself toward the exit. "But let's not do this again anytime soon."

The vampiric ghost laughed. "Of course Daniel." Vlad agreed a little too calmly for Danny's liking. "Next time I'll simply make sure that you are the only one captured and then I'll bring you back home with me to my castle. We'll be able to spend much more 'quality time' there."

"WHAT? !"

The lid of the thermos was suddenly gone and before Plasmius took his leave he gave one last smirk. "Ta for now, son." Danny watched in shock as the older halfa slide out from under him flying out of the thermos first.

"VLAD!" The ghost boy yelled after him before shooting out of the thermos like a bullet.

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