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Chapter 1

Titans Central

"Seriously, why are we doing this again?"

Beast Boy gazed out of the train window, bored out of his skull. The constant view of farms and fields was broken up only by the occasional herd of cows. The changeling honestly could think of no place more boring than Kansas after driving through it for the last several hours. "Or are we in Ohio? Pennsylvania?" Then changeling had lost track of their route a while ago. A billboard for a local TV station claiming to be the best weather station in Kansas flashed by, one of the few dots of separate color on the constant field of green. "Has to be Kansas..."

Sitting in the seat across from him, Raven just idly sat reading. "Because Robin doesn't want Star going on long trips while she's pregnant, Cyborg might get drunk and shoot Wally, and if Terra came with you, the two of you would just be humping in a corner somewhere..." She replied in a complete monotone, turning the page. Beast Boy just grunted and slouched in his seat, drawing an eyebrow raise from the empath. "Trouble in paradise?"

Rubbing his head with a sigh, Beast Boy finally spoke. "Rae, your a girl..."

"Last time I checked."

"What..does it mean when a girl says some other guys name during sex?"

Raven blinked, blushing softly. This one caught her off guard for sure. "Oh wow..umm...well to be honest, Ive never had sex...but according to all those sappy chick-flicks Starfire drags me to, it usually means that shes thinking of that guy while having sex with you..."

Beast Boys face turned a sickly shade of pale-green. "Okay thanks...I'm gonna be right back..." Almost as quick as Kid Flash, he bolted to the restroom, holding a hand over his mouth, leaving Raven in complete mystery.

After a few minutes of uninterrupted reading, Raven glanced out the window to see that the scenery had changed significantly. Gone were the green fields of Kansas, now replaced with a growing metropolis of their destination, Keystone City. As the skyline grew around them, Beast Boy finally returned, looking like death. "Everything okay there, Gar?" Raven asked softly, putting her book in her travel bag.

"Yeah I'm fine...just...a little travel sick..." Beast Boy grinned sheepishly. Raven knew right away he was lying through his teeth, even without her empathic powers, but decided not to push it at that time. As the train slowed to a stop, a small explosion went off behind the duo. Turning to see, the two heroes looked in shock as Jinx pulled herself from a pile, the explosion being the force through which she had came through the train car with. Holding her head, the sorceress looked over at the two West Coast Titans, her eyes opening wide in surprise. "Hey! Forgot you two were coming today..umm..mind helping out?"

The steel and concrete crumbled to the ground as Dr. Light's lasers blasted their way through the bank walls, his other arm filled with sacks of cash. In a cackle, the mad physicist charged into the street, taking aim at a police car blocking his path. His grin alight in insanity, Dr. Light fired...just to swerve his hand at the last minute, along with his whole body as he looked up to an all-to-familiar screeching. As the blast dug into the pavement, the villains eyes went wide in shock as he spotted a sight he never thought he would see in Keystone City: A large green pterodactyl being flanked by a massive black spectral bird. Distracted, he never saw the yellow and red blur slam into his stomach at high speed...

Kid Flash sat grinning with Dr. Light bent over his fist, the villain emptying his lunch onto the sidewalk from the gut-punch. With his free hand, the speedster embraced Jinx, whom Beast Boy set gingerly by his side before shifting back to his human form. "Well well well, look what the cat dragged all the way from Jump City!"

"Dude, not to shabby punch there." Beast Boy socked Kid Flash in the shoulder gently. With a groan, Dr. Light tried to raise a gauntlet-covered hand to blast the young speedster, only to have his arm wrapped in black energy and jerked back. Before he could recover, the madman watched in horror as pink sparks danced in his precious equipment, followed by a drifts of smoke he knew to be overheated electronics. With a sigh, Dr. Light hung his head in disgrace and raised his hands. "Okay, you win..."

"Yeah, now thats what I call teamwork!" Jinx punched the air in excitement. "And this one didnt get away!"

"Hey, the last one was not my fault!" Kid Flash retorted, blushing heavily. "She flashed me her boobs, how was I supposed to concentrate."

Jinx's eyes flashed in anger and a brick hanging on its edge just in the wall fell slamming down, just an inch from Kid Flash's foot. As Beast Boy fell to the ground laughing, Raven sighed deeply, looking at the villain-turned-hero. "So Jinx, is it just the two of you? Robin decided to leave us in the dark..."

As if to answer, two figures limped out of the ruined bank; a silver-haired female half carrying what could only be described as one of the most stereotypical looking demons ever. As the two approached the group, it became very evident that the demon was by no means conscious. With a deep sigh, the woman carrying him spoke up. "Took a nasty blast to his head, he's gonna have a fuckin' huge headache in the morning." Turning her head, she suddenly realized that there were new faces in the group. "Okay...and what the hell are you doin here?"

Stepping in quickly, Kid Flash chuckled softly. "Raven and Beast Boy, meet the rest of Titans Central; Rose, aka Ravager, and Eddie, better known as Kid Devil. Rose, this is Raven and Beast Boy, from Titans West."

A sarcastic smirk grew across Rose's face as her one eye narrowed, her other completely covered by an odd lack of eyehole in the two-toned mask that adorned the top half of her face. "Well well, so your the two that our Glorious Leader chose to send out to check up on us, eh? Fine, whatever, lets just get Eddie someplace he can lay down..."

"Maybe I can help out..." Gathering her composure, Raven stepped closer to the duo, reaching out a bare hand to Eddie's forehead. The shouts by Jinx and Wally came far to late as her bare fingertips touched his skin..."YAHHH! By Azar..." Quickly Raven jerked her hand away from the flattop grill that Kid Devil called skin. Catching her breath, the empath looked down at her fingers, then cringed as she heard a crash behind her. Not only had she burned herself, but the outburst had sent a car flying 10 blocks down the road.

"Yeah...I wouldn't do that if I were you, not when hes not with us at least..." Rose replied nonchalantly, the corner of her mouth struggling to stay from a smile. "That's one of his many talents, hence my gloves." It was this comment that caused Beast Boy to look closer at the armor-plated leather jacket the young woman was wearing. The patterns of the armor plates that ran down her sleaves bore a suspicious familiarity, a pattern and sequence he had seen far to often for his taste, not to mention the same similarities in the gloves and boots. And the mask colors made it downright creepy. His stomach still upset from his train-ride experience, the changeling's inner filter seemed to be working less than usual as he opened his mouth...

"Hey there any reason your dressed like a Slade wannabe?"

The sword-fighter just chuckled softly, closing her eye. "And here they told me you were the dumb one...well, that's because for years I was...but that's in my past...Now, whats say we get home, its pizza night."

Eddie "Kid Devil" Bloomberg opened his eyes with a groan. The first thing he noticed is that he was sitting, with people talking around him. As his head cleared, he realized that he was in a car, and no smell of burning fabric meant it had to be Jinx's car, the Black Cat. From the drivers seat, Jinx looked back at Eddie in the rearview. "Well, welcome back to the land of the living. Rose would have had my ass on a plate if you never woke up."

With a grin, Eddie looked around the car, easily identifying his new co-riders in the heavily modified '64 DeVille. "Beast Boy and Raven, right? Heard all about you when me and Rose were out in Steel."

"Really? I dont remember you dude, sorry...and I would think I would rembember a dude with big horns and red skin..." Beast Boy itched his head in thought, Speedy did say something a few months back about new members, but never really went into detail about it.

"Hey, its no big deal, we didn't stay around to long...Hey Jinx, how about we all head out to Luigi's and grab a few slices?" Now fully awake, the young demon leaned between the driver and passenger seats, grinning ear to ear.

"Sorry Eddie, but we still have paperwork to do on this bank heist, then Rose and I are taking Raven to the mall..." Jinx grinned deviously, something was going on in that scheming brain of hers, he just knew it.

"No, your not..." The monotone retort came as easy as breathing to Raven, she had a lot of practice dodging mall trips with Starfire and Terra.

"Oh yes we are.."

"No, your not."

"Yeah huh..." This pattern continued itself as the Black Cat raced down the concrete canyon of the main drive in downtown Keystone. The tall buildings imposed their shadow on the not-so-small car that finally reached its destination in the Old Stockyard district. There, in Titans tradition, stood a large T of glass and steel, surrounded by high fences.

Eddie leaned back in his seat with a grin, watching the gates open automatically for the cars built in sensor. "Good to be back home after a long day at the office..."