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Chapter 4

Its All in Your Head

Raven stepped out onto the patio, the sun rising on a new day over Keystone City's wonderful skyline. But to her surprise, the empath was not alone. Leaning over the railing, Beast Boy toyed with a small box in his hand, not even looking up to his Jump City companion. Not that Raven could really complain, as this was the first time in nearly a week that Beast Boy had managed to get out of bed before noon. "Good morning, Gar...what's in the box?"

With a soft sigh, the changeling flipped open the box, revealing a beautiful emerald ring. "It's...it was..my mom's engagement ring. I thought maybe...I dunno, it's stupid...I thought if I proposed to Terra, she would stop all that crap...the abuse, the lying...but now, knowing what she's done, who she's done..." With another sigh, Beast Boy closed the box and slipped it into his pocket, staring out into the concrete jungle before him.

Gliding into place, Raven placed a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder in a sign of support. The fact that his relationship with Terra was rocky was not really news, and inwardly she cursed Robin for letting it get this out of hand. "If its any consolation, it was for the best. Rose knows a few things about that incident. The details get...pretty graphic." A soft blush tinged the empaths face, remembering the stories Rose had told the first night after this whole event started. Though tinted by her own bias against the geomancer at the time, the swordswoman's tales showed a Terra who was not afraid of new experiences or being caught in public places. "Come on, lets get inside and have some breakfast."


Rose drummed her fingers on the kitchen counter, glancing over to the clock while Kid Devil continued to sort the mail that had come in this week. "Where is he..."

The red-skinned youth did little more than raise his eyes briefly to his compatriot. "Relax, Rose, he's just gotta be running late or something."

"Late?" The daughter of Slade turned towards him, a look of disbelief on her face. "You do remember who we're talking about right? Wally 'Kid Flash' West, the man so obsessed with being on time that he almost disbanded Titans Central after we messed with the clocks to mess with his head, is running late? Puh-lease Eddie..." The two were interrupted by the arrival of Raven and Beast Boy, quickly followed by the entrance of Jinx, with Kid Flash's trademark race car comforter wrapped around her. All eyes were on Rose as her one eye twitched. "Jinx...please tell me you didn't..."

"Didn't what? Take your advice and have the absolute best sex of my life?" A deviant smirk grew across the hexmistress' face, only to be quickly cut down by Rose's warscream. As she stamped of, swearing, Jinx looked in confusion to the other Titans. "What's up her butt this morning?"

Kid Devil idly flipped a letter into one of the various piles as he answered. "First Thursday of the month."

"Whats the first Thursday of the month?" Beast Boy asked perplexed.

"Mandatory therapy sessions in the Watchtower." Jinx muttered through her facepalming. "And Wally is the only one of us with clearance to get her to the Watchtower...ugh..."

"Put a damn shirt on or I will make one out of your girlfriends torso!" A high pitch screech made its way through the hall as a blur entered the kitchen. Stopping momentarily, the unmasked Kid Flash pulled on his shirt with one hand, grabbing a box of Count Chocula with the other before he was once again off at high speed to the stairwell. It didn't take long for an angry Rose Wilson to storm in after him, quickly making her way to the elevator.

"Well that was awkward..." Raven quipped dryly, breaking the silence.

"Yeah it was, and its about to get more awkward." Kid Devil added, holding a manila envelope in his hand. Pulling it open, the red-skinned hero pulled out a disk labeled "To my love". As he headed towards the TV, Jinx grabbed the envelope and looked over the hand writing. "Oh come on now...what, did she send you porn again?"

Beast Boy's eyes lit up at the comment, prompting a quick smack upside the head from Raven. Jinx just sighed and tossed the empty envelope onto the counter. "One of our first big criminals we took down was this girl, Anna Varello, goes by Lilith. She sort of...summoned a massive demon to her school during her senior prom. She keeps breaking out somehow and shes grown this major stalker-crush on K.D. here...honestly it would be funny if it wasn't kind of sick and weird." As she finished, Kid Devil pushed play on the DVD player, the image of a pale goth woman filling the screen, a devious grin on her face.

"Well hello my lovely, its been ever so long. As you may have guessed Im free again...I keep telling you no human prison can hold me..." Lilith giggled softly on the screen, the sounds of a muffled Gregorian chant running in the background. "Now, my lovely, its time we finally ended this little game of ours, dont you say? We both know its our destiny for you to fill me with your brood and bring a new age to this world..."

"A new age?" Raven raised her eyebrow. The chanting in the background was making her skin crawl at a subconscious level, but she couldn't figure out why.

"Yeah, shes a little nuts." Jinx replied as the video continued.

Lilith let out another giggle on the screen, her eyes shining deviously. "Now, I know from experience that you and your...associates...refuse to listen to reason, so once again Im going to have to show you Im serious...Be at the old sausage factory in half an hour my lover, and maybe I'll stop him..." Just then, the video ended, and alarms began blaring loudly. Like a madman, Kid Devil switched the views on the screen, now showing a massive hole in front of City Hall. Massive green tentacles flailed out of the chasm, picking up cars and throwing them like toys.

"Oh come on now!" Kid Devil growled, his pointed teeth gritting together. Pushing the red-skinned youth to the side, Raven pulled up a map of the city, an easy task as the system was based on the same one Cyborg made for the original Titans. "Alright, calm down...Kid Devil, head to the sausage factory, try and stall her before she can do any more damage. Beast Boy, go with him. Jinx and I will head downtown and try and stop this thing."

Turning, she noticed everyone just standing around, staring at her. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Raven grudgingly mumbled the accursed words she had been hoping to avoid. "Titans, go..."


The Black Cat screamed down the main avenue, carrying the two female Titans to City Hall as fast as the ultra-modified engine would allow. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Jinx cleared her throat and spoke up. "So, what's the deal between BB and Terra exactly? When Wally and I left, those two needed a pry bar to separate them."

Sighing deeply, Raven looked ahead out the window. "Things have been...interesting between them. There have been strange vibes in the house, shouting matches..."

"Wait, why would BB be yelling at her for?" Jinx asked perplexed. Until recently she had always thought that he was the "happy-go-lucky" member of the original Titans, sickeningly at times.

Calmly Raven shook her head. "No, other way around...she's always been the instigator, and Beast Boy has just taken it...Robin has been about as much help through this whole thing as a doorstop, so Cyborg has been a little stressed out trying to keep him in a good mindset...the whole house is just going to Hell, honestly..."

The pair drove on in silence to their destination.


"Heads up!" Kid Devil called out as another wave of ugly blue imps rained down from above. His call was met by the roar of an emerald tiger, leaping up to meet one of them head on. As the pair fought their way through the swarming imp mob, a dark laugh fell from the catwalk above their heads.

"I told you to come alone my beloved...but you just had to bring a friend. No matter, this saves me the trouble of finding payment..." Lilith grinned darkly, her large pigtails framing her pale face in a scene that would be beautiful under any other circumstances. Cracking her fingers, the sorceress began chanting melodically. The imps all froze at the sound, then took flight, swarming above the Titans like a flock of demonparrots, laughing all the way.

"Oh this looks bad..." Kid Devil muttered as Beast Boy shifted back into his human shape next to him. Both heroes were too busy looking up to notice the glowing runes beneath their feet...or the glowing chains that those runes summoned forth. It wasn't until the chains worked themselves around the two that they knew what was going on.

"Dude, what are these things...I can't change dude!" A panicked Beast Boy exclaimed as the glowing bonds worked their way up his torso. Kid Devil only grunted as he struggled against the chains, not even his superhuman strength was making a difference against the chains.

"Tut, tut...why is it they always try to get away instead of just...relaxing..." A dark, sultry voice like liquid sex came from behind the two, and soon a figure joined the voice, hovering just inches above the ground and almost skating in front of them, a statuesque beauty with ample hips and an impressive bust completely nude, her eyes glowing red. Calmly she moved closer to Beast Boy, running her finger under his chin. "Oh my my...what do we have here...So much heartbreak in those eyes, so much anger...and yet also so much lust...animalistic almost...you just want to forget about her don't you...forget about her with me..." The succubus giggled eroticly, running the finger down his chest.

"Hey, I summoned you to work on him, not play with the greenbean." Lilith shouted down from the catwalk, pointing over to Kid Devil. "If you want him as payment, thats fine, but do your job first, you neitherworld hooker."

The succubus only giggled and wrapped both her arms around Beast Boy's neck, looking deep into his eyes. "Just let me see what good he is..." And with that, she pressed her lips to his, kissing deeply, snaking her ungodly long tongue into his mouth. Eyes wide, Beast Boy could feel the howl of the Primal deep in him, roaring to the surface, dragged up past every level of consciousness by the succubus' magic. His body began to shake and quiver as it strained for the transformation that the chains prevented. As he felt himself being pulled back into his own mind, the kiss was broken roughly, and the succubus squinted off into the distance. "Oh my...you have powerful enemies dear summoner..."

Lilith looked in the direction that the demon was staring and saw a growing spot of black. Soon it formed into the shape of a great bird. Then, to her shock, two figures stepped through the form, the first one heading straight towards her and leveling her with a hard right haymaker.

"Thats for my car, you goatblower!" Jinx growled, standing over the bleeding Lilith. Raven planted her feet on the catwalk and looked down at her two bound compatriots, then at the nude woman who had her arms wrapped around Beast Boy. He was in pain, she could tell, but from what she wasn't sure.

"Succubus, leave this place..." Raven called out in a commanding voice, her tone echoing in the empty building. The imps were the first to react, all poofing in puffs of blue smoke. The succubus just looked up with a dark smile.

"Very well, daughter of Trigon...I can see this one must be your's..." With a devious laugh, the succubus faded into nothingness, just as Beast Boy let out a feral howl. Before she could jump down to see just what was wrong, Raven noticed that Lilith had curled herself around her feet, her eyes tearing up.

"Please...please...I'm sorry...have mercy..." The summoner stammered out, her tone filled with dread. "I...I didn't know...please...please dont sic your father on me..."

"My father is dead...wanna guess who killed him?" Raven replied flatly, using her powers to pull Lilith up to eye level. "Now, drop the spell you have on them..."

Nodding quickly, Lilith muttered a few words between her "I'm sorry"'s, and the chains began to flex and recede into the ground. And then, all hell broke loose...

Beast Boy began to grunt and scream, his body shifting out of control. Green fur overtook him, and within moments he was replaced by a massive beast, the likes of which Raven had only seen once before. As Kid Devil made his way over to the Beast, out of concern, the massive creature swung its fist, sending the redskinned hero into the nearest wall. Lilith stammered as she watched the sight. "How does a succubus kiss do that?!"

Raven felt her whole face twitch, it was times like this that she missed her old cold and detached self. She didn't know if she wanted to throttle the woman or send her into space. Instead, she did neither and just dropped her in front of Jinx, then lept down to the floor. "Beast Boy...its me...I know you're in there..." Pulling back her hood, Raven stared down the Beast, hoping to bring him out of this. Her attempt was met with a massive clawed hand swinging down at her. Skillfully the empath dodged the attack, and then handsprung up the great furry arm, landing gracefully on his shoulder. Raven knew what she had to do, and this was her one chance to do it. Before the Beast could react, she placed both hands on its head, her eyes glowing as she attempted to dive into its mind...


Groaning, Raven pulled herself up from the jungle floor. She could taste the humidity in the air as she looked around at the massive rainforest. "Huh...this must be Gar's mind..." She said out loud, walking towards a tree. Its branches were heavy with fruit, however these fruits were clear, almost like christmas ornaments. Taking one in her hand, she looked into it, and was amazed.

There she was, in her striped referee cape, and there was Cyborg, with a massive plate of waffles. Another plate of waffles, just as high was in front of the view, and she could see a pair of green hands and arms connected to a body clad in an ugly purple suit. "Of course...these are his memories..." Raven mused, setting the memory-fruit back down. Looking past the tree, she saw a trail going deep into the jungle. What she was looking for had to be there...


"Yeah, shes in his head now. You kinda just have to let it run its course..." Cyborg stated over the communicator Kid Flash held in his hand. There on the warehouse floor was a prone Beast Boy with Raven sitting on his back, her hands on his head. Ravager and Kid Devil were scrubbing the runes off of the floor with some mops, while Jinx was on the phone with her insurance agent, trying her hardest not to swear.

"Okay, thanks...guess we'll camp here tonight. Oh and Cy?" Kid Flash turned so Jinx could not hear him. "No hard feelings, right?"

"Nah, man. Past is past...just...treat her right, okay?" Cyborg grinned on the screen before logging off.


The forest was growing darker with each step, and so were the memories she kept catching sight of. But still Raven pressed on. She knew Beast Boy was in here, most likely at the very core of his mind. But then, one memory caught her attention. It was almost buried deep in a thorny bush, but the pain that leaked from it sang out like a beacon to the empath. Gazing deep into it, the first thing Raven noticed was that it was very hazy, like a tv with bad reception. As always, she was looking through Beast Boy's eyes, although this time he was in bed, not moving. "This has to be the time Gar had his back broken by Cinderblock...he was on painkillers for a good week straight..." Raven thought to herself as she watched the memory unfold.

A door opened, the door to Beast Boy's room, and a figure stepped in. The face was blurry, but she could tell it was a blonde and the voice was tell-tale as Terra. "And how is my pup doing?" She asked with a giggle. Beast Boy only groaned in response, barely coherent. Giggling again, Terra slid her hand down Beast Boy's boxers, and Raven could feel the mixed wave of both pleasure and reluctance, as good as this was feeling for him he didn't want it. As Terra stripped off both her own pants and his boxers, Raven could hear him mutter out a soft "No..."

Her eyes glued to the scene like a car wreck, Raven watched as despite the constant mumbled objections, Terra mounted and had her way with Beast Boy, cooing and moaning about how much better it felt bareback the entire time. As the memory ended, Raven backstepped slowly, dazed. As her back hit another tree, she turned and opened her mouth...


"Got any three's?" Kid Flash droned, sitting on the floor across from Ravager. Just as the female Titan opened her mouth to answer, the gurgling sound of vomit came from Raven. Turning, both saw her almost comatose form spew out onto the ground, narrowly missing Beast Boy's head.

"Oh I am so not cleaning that..." Ravager grunted, pulling her two threes out of her hand.


The jungle was getting thicker and harder to cut through, and Raven could hear the growing sounds of grunts and warcries. She was almost there, she knew it. Shoving herself through the last bits of vine, she stepped forward and found herself in a clearing. There, circling each other were two figures: Beast Boy and the Primal, a massive beast somehow more terrifying than the Beast before. With a howl, the Primal charged, slamming the human into the trees near Raven. Looking up, he did a double take, seeing Raven crouched over him. "Rae? What are...how did..?"

"Thats not important...I came here to help..." Raven responded, looking up at the laughing Primal. "What is that thing anyway?"

"Its...me..I guess...its...my dark side you know? My Primal self..I can usually keep it down in me but...Im not strong enough anymore..." Beast Boy grumbled, his voice trailing off.

"Gar..listen to me...I saw what Terra did." The changling's eyes went wide as Raven continued. "To keep something like that inside and still go through with life...you're one of the strongest people I know." Leaning forward, Raven kissed him softly on the forehead. "Come on now, lets go kick your ass..."

Grinning, Beast Boy jumped up and started running towards the Primal in an all out sprint. "Now Rae!" He cried out, just as the Primal stepped up to take a swing at him. But the claws met nothingness as Beast Boy faded into black, reappearing just over the Primal and landing a solid boot to its skull. Howing in pain, the Primal never noticed the orbs of black that formed around its paws, nor did it notice Raven commanding the orbs to slam quickly into the ground, pulling the Primal down with them. As the Primal struggled to get back up, Beast Boy wrapped his arm around its neck, grunting as he pulled tight.

"You dont control me...I control you...got it?" The changeling growled in its ear as the Primal began the shimmer. Suddenly it turned into a form of glowing green dust that began to spin around Beast Boy, flowing into his body like energy. Beast Boy's eyes glowed as the dust filled him, leaving just the two Titans in the clearing. Slowly Raven stepped up close, resting her hand on Beast Boy's shoulder.

"What do you say we get out of here and go grab some vegan pizza?" Raven asked with a half smile. It was good to see her old friend back in control again.

"Sounds great Rae...say, what else did you see in here?" Beast Boy asked as he pulled himself to his feet. Raven only pulled her hood up to hide her blush, and formed a portal back to her own mind. "Rae? Did you..." Before the question could be finished, a crimson Raven jumped through the portal, to the sanctuary of her own head.