Finn awoke his arms still tight around Quinn. He felt a tiny flutter ripple across his hand and he gasped. The baby was kicking.

Quinn rolled over to face him her eyes looking tired and blood shot. "He's been kicking all morning." A stray tear slid down her cheek. "I've been thinking about Puck all morning."

Finn squeezed her, his heart breaking all over again. He wanted to tell her everything was going to be ok, but would it ever be ok? Would life ever be "Normal" again?

"Do you remember when Puck dressed like a girl once Vocal Adrenaline got Unique?" she asked quietly.

Finn smiled slightly. "How could I forget? That image is still burned into my retinas." Quinn smiled.

Finn laughed. "Or when he did the Single Ladies dance with us? I never knew he could move like that."

Quinn's smile grew. "Or when he filled the fish tank in the Science lab with blue jello?"

Finn snorted, "What about those awesome cupcakes he made for the bake sale?"

Quinn's eyebrow arched. "I never got one of those."

Their giggles were interrupted as the bedroom door swung open and Quinn's mom walked in, a shocked expression on her face.


"Your husband hasn't even been dead forty eight hours and you're already in bed with someone else? Laughing and giggling?" Judy Fabray said swinging her arms around frantically. "And Finn really? I thought he was your best friend?"

"We . . . We . . . We can explain, It's not like that!" Finn stuttered sitting on the couch next to Quinn.

"It's like I don't even know you. Is that baby even his?"

As Quinn and her mother bickered Finn had déjà' of when they told Quinn's parents that she was pregnant back in high school. He cleared his throat. "Forget it Quinn. She's just like your dad. She's only going to believe what she wants. Judy, I think its best you leave."

Judy stood there, placing her hands over her mouth. "How dare you?! Quinn are you going to let him talk to me like that?"

Quinn turned to face her. "You heard him. Get out."


Finn scraped the ninety percent of Quinn's breakfast remaining on the plate into the trash. "Quinn, you didn't eat much. You really should eat something."

She glared up at him from the table. "Excuse me if I don't have much of an appetite right now."

Finn sighed. "I just can't believe she would accuse us of something like that? After you just lost your husband, and I lost my best friend?"

Quinn sighed. "I can. My parents haven't changed at all."

Finn sighed and let out a little yawn he glanced at his watch. "I should get going. I need to call Rachel. . .and . . . . let her know."

Quinn looked down at her bare feet. "I need to get used to being alone anyways."

Finn hugged her. "Hey! Don't say that. You will never be alone. You have that beautiful baby inside of you, growing. A part of Puck to carry on. You will never be alone."

Quinn hugged him tight. She rubbed her belly. "Thank you Finn. Go ahead go home. We'll be ok."

She saw Finn out, locking the door behind him. Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself sinking into the floor of her closet, wrapped up in one of Puck's old shirts, crying.


Quinn dressed quickly, shoving on a black eyelet lace dress, and a black cardigan. Today had been taunting her from the calendar all week. It was Puck's memorial. She tried to cook breakfast but nothing sounded good. She flipped through the channels endlessly, not even noticing what was on. She clicked off the TV and went into the backyard. She laid down in the withering grass, next to a pile of crunchy leaves. She looked up at the sky bright brilliant blue, the fall air cool and crisp. The puffy clouds floated by, and she found herself wondering if Puck were somewhere among them, smiling down on her. She put her hand on her belly, as the baby began to kick furiously. "I miss you Puck." She said, her voice echoing in the empty backyard. "It's easier when I don't think at all. When I numb my mind, when I don't let it wonder." A cool breeze began to blow and she felt eerily comforted. She continued her conversation with the clouds. "If I keep myself busy enough I forget for a moment how much I miss you, how much my heart hurts. Night is the worst. The only comfort I find at night, is knowing that we can still be together in my dreams.