{Season Two}

The Return~Part 1

A few hours later, Tyler was sitting beside Matt in a waiting room at the hospital. He nervously tapped his foot and chewed on his thumbnail as they waited for word on either of the Forbes girls. He couldn't help but go over the wreck in his mind over and over again. He still had no idea what the noise was he heard, maybe he was just getting a terrible migraine or something, he wasn't sure and he guessed it really didn't matter how it happened, the bad thing is it did happen. He wrecked and now two people were hurt, one of them being the girl he was in love with. The girl he knew he wouldn't be able to live without if something were to happen to her. She had to make it through this, she just had to.

Before Tyler could get lost in his own thoughts and worry for too much longer, Liz walked over toward the two boys with an unreadable expression on her face. Matt lightly hit Tyler's arm then nodded his head toward Liz as she got closer to them. The two boys quickly stood up and walked over to meet her. Tyler opened his mouth to ask how both girls were, the guilt eating at him, but before he could say a word, Matt beat him to it.

"How's Caroline?" Matt asked, worried about his girlfriend.

"She's going to be ok." Liz answered with a relieved expression, then added,"her injuries were not as severe as they thought."

"And Rissa?" Tyler asked, his voice cracking with emotion.

Liz's face fell as she shook her head, her eyes begin to water as she said,"we don't know yet. They're doing everything they can."

"She'll be ok." Matt said, hoping to reassure them all, then added with a small smile,"she's a fighter. Just like her sister."

Liz softly smiled at his comment. It was true, both of her girls were strong and she knew they would fight with everything they had. She glanced over at Tyler and saw the terrified expression on his face. She knew he was already devastated about the news about Marissa and now as much as she hated it, she was about to lay even more bad news on him.

"Tyler, have you talked to your mom?" Liz asked him.

"I left her a message telling her I was here." Tyler answered cautiously, wondering why she was bringing up his mom.

"You need to call her." Liz suggested.

"What is it?" Tyler asked, confused.

"It's your dad." Liz answered sadly.

Tyler raised his eyebrows in confusion. What could be wrong with his dad? He had just seen him a little bit ago. Maybe he found out about him crashing his car and was pissed at him? If that was the case he didn't want to talk to either one of his parents right now, besides he had no plans in leaving the hospital until he knew if his girlfriend was going to be ok or not.

"I'll give her a call later." Tyler said, not even imagining something bad could have happened.

Liz shook her head at the younger boy then said,"you might want to call her now, matter of fact you should just go home."

"Why? What happened?" Tyler asked, starting to become even more worried.

"Just go home Tyler." Liz said again, then added before he can argue,"we'll keep you updated."

As much as he hated to leave in a time like this, he could tell by the look in the sheriff's eyes that it was something serious. He finally nodded his head and turned around to walk away. Once outside and in his car, he called his mom, wondering what the big emergency was. After a quick chat with , he finally understood why the sheriff suggested he should leave.

He rested his hands on the steering wheel and laid his head against them. He closed his eyes with a sigh. He didn't think his night could get worse, but it did. With his eyes closed he could hear his mom's voice over and over in his head as she broke the news to him about his dad's death, 'he's gone Ty. Your dad is gone.'


"Jeremy ... Jeremy ..." Jeremy faintly heard a female voice say, as she tried to wake him up.

"Jeremy, please, wake up." He heard her cry out, causing him to snap his eyes open to see a younger looking Marissa standing over him.

"Rissa? What's wrong?" Jeremy asked, as he sat up in bed, worried about his best friend, who had tears running down her face.

"He's gone, Jer. He's gone." Marissa cried.

"Who? What?" Jeremy asked, as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. He wasn't sure what time it was, he knew it had to be late but he didn't care. She needed him.

"Dad. He left, he left us." Marissa explained, as she crawled into the bed and fell beside him.

"It's ok Ris. He'll be back. He always comes back." Jeremy said, trying to comfort her like he had done the last few years since her parents started fighting. Although lately it had got worse and her dad would leave for days at a time before coming back again.

"No. He's really gone this time Jer." Marissa cried, then added,"I heard them fighting. The reason he has left so much lately is cause he was looking for a new place. He found one and tonight he asked for a divorce, it's over. He's gone."

Jeremy was at a lost for words as he wrapped an arm around her and brought her toward him. She laid her head on his chest as more tears fell down her face. He lightly kissed the top of her head then whispered,"I'm sorry Ris. I'm so sorry."

"Can I stay with you tonight Jer?" Marissa asked quietly, not wanting to go back home.

"You know you can Ris. You know I am always here for you." Jeremy answered, as he held on to her tighter.

"I heard him tell mom that he'll be back in the morning to break the news to me and Caroline." Marissa said, then added,"maybe if I'm not there, maybe if he can't tell me, then he won't leave."

"I don't think that's going to work Rissa." Jeremy said.

"I know." Marissa said with a sigh. She raised her head to look at him then added,"I know that won't work but one can hope right?"

Jeremy nodded his head as he wiped the tears from her eyes then repeated,"one can hope."

Marissa laid her head back down on his chest as she thought back to the huge fight she heard her parents have and felt fresh tears fill her eyes when she thought about not being able to see her dad every day every again. She bit her bottom lip to keep a sob from escaping but Jeremy could still feel her shaking as she begin to cry.

"I can't do this Jer. I can't watch him leave. I'm not strong enough." Marissa cried into his chest.

Jeremy tightened his hold on her, wishing there was something he could do, but knew there was nothing that would make a girl feel better about losing her father. All he could do was be there for her.

"You are strong Ris." Jeremy said, then added,"but just remember you are not alone. You have me. Anytime you think you're not strong enough, I will be here to tell you that you are."

"You promise?" Marissa asked softly.

"I promise Ris. I'm not going anywhere, ever. I'll always be here." Jeremy said.

Marissa softly smiled at his words then said,"I got your back and you got mine."

"Always." Jeremy whispered back.

Jeremy suddenly gasp for breath as he snaps his eyes open, ending his dream as he remembered the night Marissa ran to him upset about her parents divorce. He looked up to see a frantic Elena standing over him. As soon as Jeremy sat up, Elena wrapped her arms around her, asking him if he was ok.

"What happened?" Elena asked him, for a moment she was worried that whatever vampire has hurt John had done something to Jeremy.

"It- it was nothing." Jeremy said, not wanting to talk about.

Without even thinking, he glanced over at his desk, where the small empty tube that held Anna's blood, was sitting as well as the empty bottle of pills he took. Elena followed his eyes and gasp in surprise when she saw what he was looking at. She walked across the room to get a better look then picked up the vial as she turned to Jeremy and asked,"where did you get this?"

When he didn't answer she asked again,"Jeremy, who gave you this?"

"Anna." Jeremy answered simply.

"Please tell me you didn't drink this and then take all of these pills." Elena said, as she gestured toward the empty bottle.

Instead of answering, Jeremy looked down at the floor, which was answer enough for her. She slipped out her cell phone from her front pants pocket and quickly called Stefan to come check on him. As soon as she ended the call, she heard an ambulance pull up in front of the house from when she called for help for John. She told Jeremy to stay put as she ran down the stairs and let the paramedics as well as the police in.

After answering the cops questions, she saw Stefan walk up on the porch and breathe out a sigh of relief upon seeing him. With everything that had happened that night, she really needed him now more than ever.

"He's okay." Elena called out, when the officer tried to stop Stefan from coming in.

Once he was in the house, Elena turned around and ran up the stairs with him following along behind her as they went to check on Jeremy. After telling Stefan what happened, he begin to check him over, making sure he wasn't in transition.

"Is he ok? I mean he looks fine but then again so do you. So, I just... I don't know." Elena said out worriedly.

"Look at me." Stefan said, as he grabbed Jeremy's face, forcing him to look at him so he can look at his eyes.

"I'm fine, okay?" Jeremy said, as he pulled his head away, then added,"I feel exactly the same."

"Should I call a paramedic up here? What should I do?" Elena asked, as she became even more worried. She didn't know what she would do if something happened to her little brother.

Stefan grabbed Jeremy's face again and looked him over then said,"no, he's fine."

Elena breathed out a sigh of relief then asked,"what about the pills that he took?"

"He didn't take enough to die so Anna's blood actually healed him, I bet." Stefan said.

Before anyone else in the room could say anything, one of the officers from downstairs knocked on the door frame, letting Elena know they were done and leaving the house. Elena nodded her head and thanked them then turned back to face Stefan and Jeremy.

"You should get to the hospital. Check on Caroline and Rissa." Stefan suggested.

At the mention of his best friend, Jeremy looked up and asked."Rissa? What's wrong with Rissa?"

Elena looked over at Stefan, wondering how much she should tell him. She knew how worried Jeremy would be if he knew how badly things look for Marissa, but at the same time she knew he deserved to know and she was tired of keeping things from him. Sure she wanted to protect him, but she couldn't protect him from this, she couldn't protect him from knowing that he might be losing his childhood friend.

"What is it?" Jeremy asked with a worried expression, as he stood up from the bed.

"Rissa, Caroline, Tyler and Matt were in a wreck tonight." Elena said, then added,"the boys are ok, Caroline's injuries are not as bad as they thought, but Rissa..."

"What?" Jeremy asked, as Elena paused to take a deep breath and get control of her emotions.

"She's not doing good Jer." Elena continued with tears in her eyes. Marissa was like a little sister to them all and the thought of losing her was upsetting to them all.

At her words, Jeremy felt his heart drop as he sat back down on the edge of his bed. He couldn't believe it, she had to be wrong, Marissa had to be ok, he couldn't lose her. He ran a hand over his hair and felt his eyes water. He couldn't believe while she was fighting for her life, he was trying to end his. Sure he would have come back as a vampire, but instead of doing that, he should have been there for her, just like he always promised he would be.

Jeremy could hear Elena telling Stefan she was leaving and heard Stefan mention he would stay behind to watch over him. But he didn't want to be watched over, he didn't need a babysitter. Besides he needed to get to Marissa. He knew things were tense with them right now, but he didn't care, he was going to be there for her now.

"I'm going with you." Jeremy said, as he quickly stood up from the bed, stopping Elena from walking out his bedroom.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Elena said, worried about his safety with vampire blood in his system.

"I don't care. I'm going." Jeremy snapped back.

Elena looked over at Stefan for help, unsure on what she should do. Jeremy took a step toward her, pleading with her as he said,"I just want to be there for Rissa. I'll do whatever you say to be safe, I just have to be there. She needs me."

Elena glanced back over at Stefan, who nodded his head, telling her it should be ok, then she looked back at Jeremy and said,"ok, but no more trying to kill yourself ok?"

Stefan nodded his head in agreement then added,"with every passing moment, Anna's blood is leaving your system. If you try to kill yourself right now, you could really die."

"Ok, I won't. I promise." Jeremy said, as he held up his hands in surrender. All he wanted was to be by Marissa's side as soon as possible. He would promise anything to make that happen.

"I'll meet you downstairs." Elena said, as she and Stefan left the room so he could change out of his pajamas.

Many minutes later, Elena and Jeremy rushed inside the hospital, Stefan stayed behind just in case the vampire that attacked John returned. Once inside, the two siblings looked around for a familiar face. After running down a few halls, they finally saw Bonnie and rushed over to her, asking for the latest updates.

Bonnie shook her head as tears rolled down her face before saying,"Rissa is really weak, they don't know if she's going to make it."

At her statement, the tears Elena had been trying to hold back finally broke free, as she wrapped an arm around Bonnie's waist and wrapped the other around Jeremy's shoulders. Hoping they could all comfort each other.

"Is there something that you can do? Like a spell or something?" Jeremy asked Bonnie, knowing she was a witch since he read it in Elena's diary.

"She doesn't know how, do you?" Damon said out, as he interrupted their conversation.

"No, I don't." Bonnie answered, wished that she really did. She wished there was a way she could help Marissa.

"No, you don't because it took Emily years to learn a spell like that." Damon said back with a smug smile.

"Well, I can take down a vampire, that spell was easy to learn." Bonnie snapped back.

Damon ignored her comment as he looked over at Elena and Jeremy then said,"I can give Rissa some blood."

"No, no way." Elena quickly said, she already had to watch over Jeremy to keep him safe until the blood passed, she didn't want to do that to Marissa either.

"No, just enough to heal her. She will be safe in the hospital and it will be out of her system in a day, she will be better Elena." Damon pointed out.

"Why are you so quick to help her?" Bonnie asked, as much as she wanted Marissa to be saved she had to make sure there wasn't any ulterior motives on Damon's part.

"Mini-Forbes is a good kid. I would hate to see something bad happen to her." Damon answered honestly. He knew how upset his friend Liz would be to lose a daughter, beside he had a soft spot for the younger girl.

"Do it." Jeremy said, not having to think twice about it. When he saw the girls expression he added,"it's Rissa. We can't let her die. I'm not going to lose her."

Damon nodded his head then said,"I'll come back later tonight to do it."

"Good." Jeremy said with a sigh of relief.

Damon gave him a small smile, feeling bad for the young boy. It felt weird to actually care about someone else's feeling, that was something he had not done in a long time, but he still found himself feeling bad for Jeremy. He had already lost so much in his life and he knew how much the younger Forbes girl meant to him and he actually felt a little sense of pride that he could actually do something to help for once instead of making things worse. Elena was slowly changing him and he kind of like it. Just like earlier tonight on her porch when he opened up to her and they kissed, that he definitely liked.

With that thought in mind, he looked over at Elena and said,"I know this is probably the last thing you want to do right now but we should talk about what happened tonight."

As Elena commented back and the two begin to talk, Jeremy walked off from the group and walked over to a group of chairs where Matt was sitting. He sat down beside him, his mind on Marissa. He felt like he was in the middle of a bad dream. He kept hoping any minute he would wake up and the day would be rewound. He would call her, apologize for his stupid comment the other day, make up with her then make her promise not to get in a car. Actually if he could really rewind a day, he would go all the way back to the summer and save his parents. He would hold on tight to Marissa and tell her how he felt so he wouldn't lose her to Tyler and maybe he could have saved Vicki and Anna somehow too, then his life would be perfect, but unfortunately he didn't live in a perfect world and now after losing so many people he loved, he knew he couldn't handle losing another.

While deep in thought, Matt reached over and patted his shoulder, as if he knew Jeremy needed comfort, then said,"she'll be ok."

Jeremy looked over at Matt and nodded his head, hoping like hell he was right. Marissa had to make it through this, she just had to, cause he couldn't lose her, not now, not ever.


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