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Misplaced Bits and Pieces

Visiting Hours

It had been near a month since the last time he had seen this Lord of Order. One month of not really knowing when he'd appear again. He expected to see the golden magical helmet keeping a good friend captive for his own selfish means, in the field one night. Certainly not in his office in the middle of the afternoon.

Bruce glared coldly at Doctor Fate as he settled him feet on the carpet. "What do you want?"

"Assurances." Fate took a step closer to the dark knight currently in his civilian guise. "You and your allies have been talking to Jason Blood."

"Someone has to teach Zatanna," he stated flatly as he walked back to his desk. "Who better than one of Merlin's people. Oh wait." He paused in sarcastic thought. "There is one better. Her father. But he's currently unavailable."

The CEO turned his glare full force on the helmet, carefully avoiding the eyes. He did not want to see his old friend's eyes coming out of that thing. He never trusted magic. He only trusted Zatara. Blood was second on his list until then.

"Your intimidation will not work upon me." Fate had his own kind of glare on the dark knight. "You are a mortal filled with chaos yet controlled by order. I marvel at how you can fight for justice and yet also fight Fate."

"I don't believe in fate. I make my own future." Bruce idly flipped through one of his business files, briefly reviewing facts for a meeting he had to go to later that day. Anything to not see that man's eyes gazing out of that helmet, seemingly dead to the world. "Now why are you here?"

"Etrigan is a being of pure chaos. He cannot be trusted."

"Jason Blood is one of the wisest and most skilled men I know," he retorted with some bite. "There was one better, but like I said…"

He left it hanging to antagonize the near deity even further. "You are using him to remove Doctor Fate from this world!"

"I told you before, I don't believe in fate." He snapped the file closed before glaring back to the intruder. "You can exist in this world as long as you like. I just wanted to reunite a daughter with her father. A child with its parent. I wanted to get my friend back."

Coldly, Fate glared into him. Bruce couldn't avoid those eyes anymore. The costume and helmet nearly kept the man inside completely hidden from him, but those eyes would never change. Zatara remained locked in this cosmic shell, unable to do everything he wanted to, unable to see those he loved ever again. That was truly a terrible fate.

For brief moments, Bruce remembered the time he studied abroad and met Zatara. It wasn't long after they met and he started learning to be an expert escape artist that Zatanna was born. She was the first newborn Bruce ever held, and Giovanni was a proud father. He and his wife had tried for years and were finally blessed with her. Seeing the three of them together back then, happy, kept him sane and driven to prevent any families from being torn apart by crime ever again.

Zatara was his friend, one of his mentors. His promise to protect his daughter meant more between them than any other leaguer could have done. Seeing their small family torn apart like that carved his inside out. He failed to protect another family. But there was still a chance. If there was any way to reunite the two, he would do it. He would see them together again, somehow.

Batman was going to bring Zatara back.

Doctor Fate's glare wouldn't leave his for a good few minutes. The silence between them could be felt even beyond the room's closed doors. This was a personal battle, one never to be won by blows. This being the case, both were locked in a standstill. Fate did not attack those without magic and Batman wouldn't harm Zatara unless he could free him. Both knew it. All they could really do right then was be angry.

The intercom broke the tension. "Mr. Wayne. Your 3:30 is in the lobby."

Bruce didn't answer for a minute, still glaring at the magical being. Resigning himself to the standstill, he pressed the button and responded in his lighter hearted tone, his eyes never leaving the man. "Tell them I'll be right there."

"Ordinary life controls you," Fate noted.

"We can't all change bodies when we're done with them." The CEO placed his file in a more secure binder before walking towards the door. "Just one last thing before you let yourself out."

The dark knight kept his back to the lord of order, imagining he was talking to his friend's grave instead. "Zatanna's living in Happy Harbor now. Her friends threw her a party not too long ago to cheer her up. I'm pretty sure Robin's planning a date with her near Christmas too. All your property is now in her name and I've had a trust fund set up for her. She still dreams about that night, but now she can talk about you with a smile.

"Over all," he glanced back to Fate and imagined a glimmer of Giovanni's spark in his eyes from hearing this, "she's doing better now. It'll be years until she can really say she's over this, but no child will get over losing a parent. Make certain Zatara knows this."

With that, Bruce left his office and the golden faced man behind him. As the door shut, there was a single voice in a barely audible whisper responding to him.

"Thank you."


A/N: and that's it! Kinda a flash forward but oh well. According to the comics and the animated series, Bruce trained under Zatara for a while and that's how he met Zatanna. So if he still trained under him, then it's likely he was there in Zee's childhood. Why not at the time of her birth? if he's 30 and she's 13, then he'd be like 17ish when she's born right? and he did call him old friend so... *shrug* thought this would be a good way to tie up loose ends and show how much Bruce takes care of Zatanna and is still working on Zatara. =D

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