He Will Never Be You

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the creators of Glee… If not, Faberry would exist already (as it should).

Couple: Quinn/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter Nine

Some Kind of Miracle

Prayed for an angel, to come in the night,

And shine some sweet light on me.

Found only strangers, then you came to me.

Just when I'd given up, you gave me love.

My world was tumblin' down,

You turned it around.

Tears filled brown eyes, rolling down her cheeks and over her neck as she belted out the final lines of the song. It was her Broadway debut; she had gotten a part in a hit production. It had not been her first audition which of course had been disappointing, but with many more auditions over the past three months of living in New York she had finally scored herself a part as the lead. Rachel Berry would have it no other way of course, she was meant to play lead or play no role at all, she would never be one to sway in the background and sing barely audible "oohs" and "ahs."

Surprisingly though, it was not singing on that Broadway stage that was making her heart race and causing her real smile to shine through. Well, perhaps it was partially that Broadway stage, but more so than anything it was the people out in the audience who had come to support her in her endeavors. If you had asked Rachel in high school who would be standing there when her dreams came true she would have said her fathers, maybe Finn, but she never would have predicted that the entire glee club would travel all the way to New York City to see her debut.

Even if she could have somehow predicted the unlikely group of friends, she would have never in a million years guessed that she would be dating the woman she thought had hated her in high school. This was unreal, something that you would only see in a fairytale. No one got true love, a dream career, and friends in real life did they? Yet, she did, and she couldn't be happier.

Finn Hudson had even shown up in order to support her. They had not talked much in the past three years but she planned to talk with him soon, hopefully his scars were healing.

Allowing a toothy grin to spread from one ear to the other she took a bow with the rest of the cast and watched as the curtain fell. Her face nearly hurt from smiling so much, she was so excited to be where she was and she was also very excited to catch up with everyone.

Turning around quickly she started back stage so that she could change out of her costume, once in the changing area she quickly changed and made herself presentable. Even after all of this time she still felt a little imperfect around someone as flawless as Quinn. That was not to say that she was jealous, instead she was proud to walk hand in hand with someone so beautiful inside and out, still she liked to look her best when in her girlfriend's presence.

Leaning forward she looked closely at her reflection in the mirror, large brown eyes darting along her face inspecting her makeup and fixing the few smudges here and there before applying some lip gloss to her full lips. Quinn loved her lips.

"You look perfect Rachel." A familiar husky voice spoke out from behind the star, slow and sensual.

Startled, she jumped and let out an embarrassing squeak as a pink blush painted along her naturally tan cheeks and down across her neck, turning quickly she started an all too familiar lecture. Honestly at this point they only made Quinn think about how adorable the woman of her affections was. "Quinn, you should always announce yourself upon entering a room as to not startle some—" Brown eyes glanced down to pale slender hands and what they held, delicately. "—one." She breathed out her eyes tearing up once more. She was always one to wear her emotions on her sleeve.

"You bought me flowers?" She breathed out moving closer to the blonde actress, taking the bouquet as it was handed to her and cradling it carefully in her arms. She did not want to accidently ruin them. They were too perfect, this was too perfect.

"Well, it is customary." Quinn rasped out teasingly as she placed her hands on her girlfriend's hips pulling her in for a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Quinn, I assure you that if the only reasoning behind bringing me flowers is because it is a custom I—"

"—You were wonderful out there Rach. You deserve so much more than flowers." Pausing she leant down and kissed the tip of Rachel's nose causing the diva's face to scrunch up. Seeing this she let out a chuckle under her breath. "And I bought them for you to show you just how wonderful you are. Not to mention I kind of love you."

Eyebrows knit together in confusion and the brunette questioned the word choice. "Kind of?"

"Well, yes. If by definition "kind of" means "more than anything in the entire universe," then yes I "kind of" love you."

A bright smile returned to Rachel's face, practically consuming her entirely. Brown eyes dancing with excitement and a blush covering her cheeks once more she responded. "Well, if that were the definition of "kind of," which it is not, I would most definitely have to agree with you in saying that I "kind of" love you as well Quinn Fabray."

"Good, you better." She rasped out once again catching those full lips with her own. As she pulled away she questioned "Do you like them?" Hazel eyes glanced toward the flowers still cradled in the shorter girl's arms.

"I love them." She responded, brown eyes watching Quinn closely. She loved how her features softened when she was around her, the way that her hazel eyes lit up, she loved that she could be the one to make Quinn Fabray actually happy. All throughout high school she had always thought that she was sad, she simply did not know that the cure for that sadness would be so wonderful. Now she vowed to always make the blonde happy.

Realizing that Rachel was once again on the verge of tears the ex-cheerleader smiled brightly leaning in and kissing her once more. "We should probably get home and put them in some water." The brunette nodded abruptly, with a matter-of-fact look on her face. With slight laughter and a smile in her voice Quinn added. "Plus everyone wants to come back to our place in order to congratulate you and catch up."

"I love when you say that." Rachel spoke enthusiastically.

Raising a cropped eyebrow and smirking deviously the blonde teased. "Congratulate you? I figured that you would like hearing that."

A pout formed on her face, full bottom lip protruding as she playfully slapped Quinn on the arm before wrapping her hand around it, pulling her closer and kissing her chin. She found her chin adorable for some odd reason. "No, home."

She laughed. "Well, that is what it is Rachel. It's our home."

"That's what I love about it."


"That it's ours."

You're some kind of miracle,

Oh baby, you are,

You're a miracle to me.

Hours of idle chit-chat and catch up conversations were held, drinks were consumed, and everyone was enjoying spending time together once again. Quinn and Rachel were more than excited to introduce all of their friends to their relationship. Of course they had already told them over the phone but it was different to be a couple in front of them, in some ways it made it more real. Having that confirmation that it was truly accepted by people whom which you always loved.

Rachel's dads had even come back to celebrate with them after the performance. They had come to visit their daughter on numerous accounts over the past three months though, so they were accustomed to the relationship. They had already asked Quinn all of the awkward "what are your intentions with my daughter" questions, and she had passed their tests with flying colors. What could she say? Fabrays often were manipulative as well as closed-minded, but they were also extremely charming. She of course had grown up a lot, no longer following in the footsteps of her parents.

Most of their friends had separated into groups. Finn was spending time with Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes, and Tina. Rachel's dads were at the piano singing away obviously intoxicated. Rachel was currently sitting between Quinn's legs on the ground, snuggling up against her front with arms circled around her shoulders whilst Brittany and Santana sat across from them in a similar position. Albeit their position was a bit more sexual in nature.

Neither of the hosts were drunk, perhaps tipsy, but for the most part they thought it was fitting that they be the responsible ones.

Santana was going on about how obvious it was that Quinn was a pressed lemon in high school, Brittany of course was agreeing, Quinn was trying to defend herself, and Rachel was laughing rather loudly with her head leant back against her girlfriends shoulder.

"I was not that bad you guys. I dated just as many guys as Rachel." The blonde tried.

"I didn't say you didn't date guys Q. I said you weren't into guys. " Santana corrected. "Hell you probably started that whole celibacy club just so you wouldn't have to get anywhere near a guy. Not that I blame you. Although it is kinda ironic that you'd end up with Berry considering that we used to call her a—"

"—Don't you dare finish that sentence." Hazel eyes darted to the Latina as she felt her girlfriend laughing against her. Quinn knew that she shouldn't have consumed any alcohol it always put her in a terrible mood.

Before a confrontation between herself and Santana could begin a familiar voice interrupted their conversation, a voice that made the blonde's blood boil with jealousy. It was not that she did not trust Rachel, and it certainly was not that she thought she would lose her, it was just a feeling that she could not shake. Her stomach turned at his question.

"Hey Rach. Do you think I could talk to you?"

"Sure Finn, sit. Sit!" Her voice was loud and uncontrolled.

Hearing the star's response she could tell that her girlfriend was a little more intoxicated than she had previously thought, this worried her even more. Glaring up at the young man her grip tightened around Rachel subconsciously.

"Actually I kinda wanted to talk to you alone." He smiled that half-smile. His brown eyes holding hope and some obvious jealousy of their own.

"Oh." Rachel muttered before turning her head that was still resting against Quinn's shoulder. She was now facing the blonde, looking up into her eyes with questioning brown. Waiting for some kind of encouragement one way or the other.

As much as the actress wanted to tell her to stay she nodded her head and rasped out, ignoring her irrational anger. "You should talk to him."

This sobered her. "Are you certain?"

Laughing and shaking her head at how adorable the brunette was, she nodded. "Yes Rachel. I insist." Rachel nodded and smiled softly turning around so that she could plant her lips against Quinn's before moving to get up. The actress's stomach flipped once more as she watched the other woman climb up from her lap and follow the man away from the crowd. Looking back uncertainly and chewing on her full bottom lip.

Rachel felt that she was making a huge mistake. She finally had everything and she did not wish to risk it, especially knowing the history between Finn, Quinn, and herself. Still, she knew what she wanted and she knew that talking with her ex-husband was not going to change that, she only hoped that the blonde knew that as well.

Once the two of them were out of hearing range of the rest of the party-goers Finn turned in order to look down at her, their eyes met and he smiled. After a moment he broke the silence with more of a statement than a question. "You're happy with her."

She nodded, smiling brightly. Although she felt sad admitting it to a man that she once claimed to love forever. Glancing down at her hands she spoke as softly as possible with the alcohol in her system. "Yes, she makes me so happy Finn but I don't want you to think—"

Reaching out he placed his large hands on her shoulders and this both silenced her and caused her to look back up at him. He still looked heartbroken but he appeared to be a lot better than before. "Rach, you don't need to explain it. I saw the way you looked at her." He laughed a little as tears filled his brown eyes, but he did not dare cry. Not anymore. "You never looked at me that way—"

"—Finn I—"

"—Don't say sorry Rach, I'm not mad. Mostly I just hurt a lot, but I don't hate you or anything. You had to do what you had to do to be happy and I want you to be happy." That half smile returned to his lips as tears threatened to escape his eyes. Reaching up he tucked a strand of hair behind Rachel's ear.

"You will find someone to make you happy too Finn, I just know that you will." She stated encouragingly. "She will love you like I should have." Her voice broke with sadness as tears fell down her cheeks.

"I know. No worries, and stop crying. I said I wanted you happy remember?"

She laughed and nodded her head. "I should get back in there."

"You should. Wouldn't wanna bring out scary Quinn." Both of them laughed at this.

Sweet revelation, that look in your eyes,

Your touch in the night.

I find the sweetest salvation, in your arms baby,

Warm in the mornin' sun,

Your tender love, Came and just lifted me up,

Look what you've done baby.

"Don't worry so much Q. That girl loves you." Santana said nodding in the direction of Finn and Rachel who were standing across the room.

"I know she does." Her voice was low, raspy, and held uncertainty.

"Then why do you sound like you wanna run over there and kill that oaf?" She questioned.

Closing her hazel eyes Quinn tried to calm her nerves; she did not want to allow her jealousy and anger to once again ruin something wonderful with Rachel. She always allowed it to get in the way back in high school, but now there was no reason to. The diva had left her husband and moved to New York City in order to be with her, she loved her. Letting out a breath she smiled a little. "I know that she loves me San it's just she always ends up running back to him."

"Always? Jeeze you've liked manhands forever huh?"

"Don't you dare call her that Santana." She stated her hazel eyes flying open as her muscles tensed and she held back from leaping across the floor and doing something she would regret. It infuriated her when the Latina called her that, more than likely her own guilt fueling the fire of anger. She hated herself each and every day for ruining the beautiful woman's self-esteem.

"I was just kidding with you Q. I get it, you like her. Besides I never understood why you called her that anyway. Musta just been some fascination with her hands, I bet you appreciate them now." She winked.

Brittany spoke up. "I always thought they were cute hands."

Santana laughed as she watched the blonde's face turn a light shade of pink due to the sexual joke she had made, Quinn had never been able to handle innuendos.

"I believe they get the job done." Rachel whispered, to the best of her ability, against her girlfriend's ear as she rested her chin against her shoulder from behind. Snaking her hands around her waist and pressing her full lips into the curve of her neck. Quinn let out a soft whimper as her body suddenly ached with need due to the way that Rachel had hinted at using her hands as well as the heated kisses she was delivering along her neck.

"Ah I get it. You like it when Berry talks dirty just not me. I'm wounded Q."

Rachel looked toward Santana and smiled smugly. "Actually she very much appreciates it when I talk dirty, in fact it seems to be one of her many turn—"

"—Rachel, please." She interrupted with slight annoyance.

"And that is one of mine. I love when she begs." Her smile grew as both Santana and Brittany laughed as Quinn blushed brightly.

"You know Rachel sometimes you can be a little too blunt." Quinn stated turning her head so that she could look into her girlfriend's beautiful and slightly lust-filled dark eyes. Her voice caught in her throat at the sight.

Leaning in she allowed her full lips to brush against the blonde's lips, teasing them but not quite giving in to the kiss. Softly she spoke against them. "But Quinn, that is just one of the many reasons that you love me so much. If you got into this relationship thinking—"

Quinn interrupted the rant against her lips by leaning in and pressing her lips against Rachel's. The kiss was short but passionate and as she pulled back brown eyes had darkened nearly to back.

"What was I saying?" She breathed out.

"That I love you." Quinn husked and Rachel's smile spread across her face as her heart leapt at the words.

You've brought joy to my heart,

I found love in your arms.

See what you've done to me,

You set my soul so free

You came and you gave me the love that I need.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

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