A/N: Hey I got a new story... well sort of experemental fic. For this story has to do with an OC I made for Tamer Arisa's fic not too long ago. So when she made it she gave my characters a small back story which I grown to like, but they plays a semi-minor part, so the backstory doesen't reall matter. With her permission I created this fic in her created universe so I could share and expan this story. Hope you like it.


A boy around the age of 16 sat at his desk in his room. He wore a black jacket with a flame design on the black and a gold shirt with blue lightning bolts crossing on the front. He had black hair and wearing jeans and sneakers. Considering the time of day was night, he looked ready for something regardless. He sighed. Here he was now after many things and all he could do was recall how this all happen. He picked up a small device on his desk: his gold D-power. He took a good long look at it and set it down and went to the journal on the desk and began writing.

The names Noah Drake. What to know more? Find whatever. Although, my story isn't really my story. I'm not some "chosen hero" or picked for something greater or some reincarnation or whatever. It doesn't even start with me. No, this story begins and belongs to my partner: Wizardmon a royal knight.


Location: Digital world, Mahou City

Mahou City, or known too many visitors as the City of Gold, was a magical city in nearly all sense of the word. The city got its nickname from the strange glow of gold light seen before fully entering the city. The city itself was the largest home to many magic users digimon. Of course it would, for it was the home of none other than the Royal Knight Dynasmon. The royal knight had built this city as a home for other magic users like himself and made it his home.

Although he lived away from his home time to time, being a royal knight, he always found his way back. The knight was a white armored warrior with golden trimmings and had dark purple wings. He stood on the roof of a tower of his home looking over the city.

'I hate prophecies' thought Dynasmon

His hatred of themcame from the fact they trapped the listener. Whether one acted or didn't acted on it was inevitable unless a miracle happen. Not too long ago a close friend of his saw the destruction of his home and many digimon lives. His friend asked him what they should do, but Dynasmon said they shouldn't tell anyone, they didn't need any more fear in their lives, and they will just have to wait and defend when the time comes.

"I thought I find you here, Dynasmon." A female voice greeted from behind him.

He turned "Hello Crusadermon." A knight in pink armor with a gold shield. "What brings you here?"

"I can't see my friend on occasion?" she asked

Indeed they were friends as long he could remember even before the royal knights. "Can't a mon visit home when he feels nostalgic?"

"Not during times like this."

"Those demon lords don't know nostalgia."

Crusadermon gave a laugh at how idiotic his response was. "That may be, but there's not any other reason why you are here?"

"None what so ever."

"Alright." Crusadermon looked down gathering here thoughts and courage. "Dynasmon what do you plan to do after all this? If we win?"

He hadn't thought about it and only shrugged. "Not sure. Why do you ask?"

"Well… the digital world won't need us, the royal knights, anymore after we're done."


"I was wondering if…"

Dynasmon looked turned serious finally putting the pieces together. Instead of stopping her where she was, he let her continue.

"I was wondering if you ever considered… getting a human partner?"

Dynasmon sighed at this. He had known that she was thinking about finding a human to be partnered to for awhile. He, on the other hand, had no intention in finding one. "Why would you want to find a human? They're useless and incompetent creatures. Humans will turn on us the first chance they get."

"What about those digidestined kids?"

"Digidestined." He repeated emphasizing the important part.

"Still, don't you ever wonder what it'll be like?" He turned his back to her, "I've heard that humans can help us get stronger."

"We're royal knights. There is no stronger."


Dynasmon sighed again. He knew it was her dream to get a partner for ever since she heard of the theory. They all were knights after all, their purpose was to protect. What's more she always felt like she needed to get stronger than she was, because of her past. "Well when you do find a partner, don't expect me to follow and find one too."

She was shocked. She figured that he would continue to suggest it was a bad idea and get her to drop it. "You would be okay if I found one?"

"I would be annoyed, but I would be fine because it is what you want." He said turning back to her with a sly smile.

A small crystal ball floated its way up to their position. It then produced a screen showing the face of another royal knight: Gallantmon. "Dynasmon," Gallantmon looked past him, "Crusadermon, we need you two to report back to Yggdrasil now."

"On our way." Dynasmon replied. Gallantmon nodded and the screen disappeared with the orb flying back to where it came from.

Crusadermon then was in the air flying off. 'Huh?' she turned back and saw Dynasmon standing there looking at his home deeply. "Are you coming?"

He tore his gaze from his home and hoped him leaving wouldn't cause trouble. "Yeah." He responded and followed her.


Location: Server Tree

Yggdrasil home was a plain old tree. Nothing looked special from the outside, other than the fact it was a giant, old tree. The inside was a different story. It was filled with many roots and vines that seemed to not transfer water, but primary code filled in a green green glow.

At the base of the tree many other members were gathered. Gallantmon, Craniamon, Magnamon, Kentasurosmon, Leopardmon, UlforceVeedramon, and their current leader, Omnimon.

Dynasmon and Crusadermon each took their own place along the ranks. A bright light overtook the ceiling and a voice could be heard, "Omnimon, would you give a report."

"Yes Yggrasil." Omnimon replied kneeling, "We have gather intel that the demon lords' leader, Lucemon, has gain a new power and will try and use it soon. Where exactly? We don't know."

"I see." The voice replied

Dynasmon's mind went hectic at this. Lucemon has a new power and was going to use it. Could it be his home? Was that the prophecy? No he can't think like that. If he tells them to arm up his home that will only give Lucemon a reason to attack. He couldn't get his fellow knights deleted for his home.

Crusadermon turned at her friend and noticed that he seemed to be hiding something from them. She turned back to the others who began their own discussion on the news. Everything stopped when one of their Knightmon came into the room. He seemed to be out of breath "I… I… Lucemon is going to attack the Sovereign level."

"It seems that you found your answer. Go my knights."

Omnimon then turned to the others. "We can't all go in case the other demon lords try and attack."

"Besides, we'll have the sovereigns on our side." Magnamon said.

"I believe that we don't need cockiness on our side." Commented Kentasurmon

"Then Gallentmon, Craniamon, Kentasurmon, and I will go," Omnimon announce, "Any objections?"

There were none and the knights everyone each took off as well as the Knightmon. "Heh heh… Looks like my jobs done. Time to tell the boss."


Location: Unkown?

Lucemon laughed when the "Knightmon" came back and told him the news, "Ahh the knights taking the bait. The fools think I would attack the sovereigns just because I got a new power. Good work Betsumon."

Bestumon was a strange type of digimon for no one knew what he looked like except for his face. He was a costume maker and wore all his costumes to take on the appearance of any digimon. His usual costume was a tall Gatomon. "Soooo. Are you going to give me what you promise?"

Lucemon laughed again, "Ohhhh NO. You served your purpose so I don't need you and besides your demands were… strange."


Lucemon then summoned ten orbs, "Grand Cross!"

Betsumon was then stuck and burst into data. Lucemon then walked off and tried to find a real target. "What will strike the heart of the royal knights?" He gave it some thought, "No all I need is one of them."


Location: (Does it matter?) (Noah)

Dynasmon was flying the back home wondering if he was doing the right thing of not telling the others. Crusadermon was following him worried about whatever was wrong with him.

Dynasmon then stopped, feeling something was wrong. 'No. No, No, No, No!' Lucemon was attacking his home, the energy was dropping. He landed and then made a small gold energy ball. All he needed was to concentrate and transport back home. The ball then glowed brighter and brighter.

Crusadermon then landed next to him. "Dynasmon?" She asked unknown to the fact that the spell required his full concentration.

"Huh?" he turned and the light engulfed them both.


Location: (Look below) (Noah) time: 5 minuets earlier

"Ahh, Mahou City or 'the city of gold' a perfect place to start." He was high above the city looking down on it with a smug smile. "Well time to change into something more fitting. MODE CHANGE"

Soon Lucemon form change. He grew taller from his boyish size. Half of his ten angelic wings turned demonic and black. His wardrobe became the same color scheme as his wings. "Lucemon Chaos Mode!" He said completing the transformation. "Much better. Now what would make a big impression?"

He summoned a ball of light and threw it down all the while growing bigger till it landed on a portion of the city. "Ultimate Sacrifice!" He sent another ball of energy in a dark purple color into the first ball. The two energy balls merged and created a checkered sphere that destroyed the contents trapped inside.

Screams were heard of the digimon who were destroyed. The buildings began to crumble and digimon ran in panic unsure of what was going on. Lucemon laughed at the chaos, "Ohhh, run everyone run. Now time to have some fun," He thought for a second, "Why the hell am I rhyming? Oh well." He said as he dived bombed into the city.


A golden light flashed outside the city dropping both Dynasmon and Crusadermon out. Dynasmon had to pick himself up and hold his head from the pain of the incomplete spell. Luckily for them the spell wasn't deadly if missed used and only placed them a ways away from their destination. He looked and he remained motionless.

"What the hell do you think you're doing Dynasmon?" Crusadermon said getting up and dusting herself off, "You know you've been acting very strange lately and you go and pull a magic trick to… here." Picking her head up, she saw the sight before them.

Dynasmon's home was ablaze. Fire on nearly every building. Digimon running for their lives only to die in the process and with one digimon to hold responsible, the one still there causing it: Lucemon.

Crusadermon spoke first "Aren't we going to stop him."

Dynasmon clenched his fist in anger.

"You can tell me what happen later, but now we got your home and hundreds of lives to save."

"Right." Dynasmon and Crusadermon took off towards the city.

A humanoid digimon with a tail stood on a hill not too far from the city, but far enough where no one could notice him. He was in a black biker uniform and a red bandana on his arm. He also had a purple face place with three holes for his eyes. His name was Beelzemon. He was the demon lord of gluttony. Beelzemon heard of their leader's plan to destroy this city, but he had no intention to be here. It was by chance he was passing through this section because a random data stream snuck up on him and dropped him here.

He turned and noticed the two royal knights heading in to try and protect the city. 'Why bother?' He thought. Why would they think of protecting something that is doomed to be destroyed and fight a much more powerful enemy? It made no sense to him. With a frown, he turned and walked away slowly.


Lucemon turned and smiled to the knights, "Why hello. Glad you two could grace me with your presence. It's not too often that I get the company of knights. Sooo. What do you think? Like the new look?"

This only provided to anger Dynasmon, "Get out now!"

"Nahh, I'm having too much fun right now."

"ARRRG!" Dynasmon yelled in anger, "Dragon's Roar" He fired two energy shots from his palms of his hands.

Lucemon flinched, "You'll pay for that."

"Spiral Masquerade" Crusadermon used her four body-sash blades to trap Lucemon. "Fist of Athena" Stopping the first attack she appeared and punched Lucemon in the face with her shield hand.

Lucemon was pushed a few feet away from the impact. He gave a smirk while holding his jaw, "My turn." He quickly began punching the knight "Paradise Lost Punch." Lucemon stopped and kicked Crusadermon and pulled a stand up pile driver sending Crusadermon head first into the ground.

"Crusadermon!" Dynasmon shouted and flew down after them. Lucemon then moved out of the way getting Dynasmon and Crusadermon close together.

"Why must you two serve a coward shell of a god?" Lucemon asked.

"He is our master. We swore under the great Imperialdramon to serve him." Dynasmon replied

"We… We serve to protect and fight injustice." Crusadermon stated.

"Whatever. It's your lose," Lucemon said creating a ball of light and a ball of darkness. He sent the ball of light to them. "Ultimate Sacrifice" he sent the ball of darkness down as well. With the energy colliding again trapping them. "Now I must tell you two have a 50/50 chance of surviving… Either that or I chose when you live or die. I tend to forget." The sphere exploded tossing the two knights aside.

"Crusadermon… I'm …sorry."

"Wh… Why?"

"If I told the others that my city was going to be destroyed none of this would have happen."

"Don't give up so early." Crusadermon slowly got up extending her hand to Dynasmon to help him up. "I got a plan. Follow my lead."

The two then flew up to Lucemon , who paid no mind as to what they were doing. He yawn "Don't tell me you want to continue. Although I do enjoy your spirit, did you consider my offer?"

"Dragons'…" Dynasmon began charging energy in his hands.

"Oh, no charging up now." He then rushed Dynasmon

"Laser Lattice" Crusadermon then caught Lucemon in an energy net.


"Roar!" Dynasmon then shot the energy at the trapped Lucemon. The blue fire covered Lucemon and he felt the full force from the attack. Crusadermon let go and moved out of the way taking a spot next to Dynasmon.

The fire cleared and Lucemon held a scowl on his face, "You two are becoming nuisances." With blinding speed he grabbed Crusadermon and tossed her down and began punching Dynasmon, "Paradise Lost Punch" Lucemon said ending the fury with a kick and a pile driver. He flew back up and sent another ball of light.

Dynasmon was ready though and held out a hand.

"Dynasmon! Don't it's too much for even you to handle."

He paid no mind to her comment and waited for the energy to come. He caught the ball of light and began absorbing the energy.

"You think you can handle the power of light and dark, magician?" He created the dark energy "Ultimate Sacrifice"

Dynasmon flew around the light ball to keep his hand on it and caught the dark ball in his free hand. He struggled to absorbed the energies and keep it contained in his body so he took quick aim and released the energy from his palms "DNA Disintegrator"

The attack struck Lucemon hard who didn't bother looking at the knight, "Im… Impossible." He couldn't send another round at them to get it back at him, 'Besides I've become to reparative' he thought, 'Time for something a little… Darker.'

"Nice one."

"I don't know if I have another in me."

"Paradise lost-"

"Look out," Crusadermon yelled pushing Dynasmon out of the way "Fist of Athena"

Lucemon dodged the attack and grabbed Crusadermon, "Say goodbye!"

Dynasmon could only watch in horror as he saw his fellow Knight, comrade, and friend burst into data, "No. NOOOOOOO!" Dynasmon got up and summoned all the energy in his body "Breath of Wyvern!" he yelled as he created a huge dragon aura till finally….. Dynasmon blacked out.


Location: Server Tree

Dynasmon awoke in a sphere in mid air feeling warmth all over his body. He was healing; he was in Yggdrasil's chamber where all knights go to heal. He looked around, but she wasn't there. "No, No."

"Relax my knight."

"Yggdrasil." He tried to move, but his whole body ached.

"You unleashed a huge amount of your hidden power with you attack," The voice paused "I see you refrained some information during the last time you were here."

"Where's Crusadermon."

"…. Another casualty in the war, I'm afraid."

This was all his fault. He should have told his fellow knights what he knew. Now… now all he could do was rest with a huge feeling of guilt.


Location: Digital World, Primary Village

Years have passed since that day and weren't easy for Dynasmon. He and the fellow knights were successful in defeating the Demon Lords. The sovereigns had sealed them away so they wouldn't appear and cause havoc again.

Dynasmon stood on a big play block in the primary village. He spent time here waiting and searching for his lost friend.

"I see this is where you've been my friend."

He turned to see Omnimon, "I've been searching."

"Do you believe she wasn't absorbed."

"I don't know." Dynasmon turned to his old leader, "You heard from Magna- I mean Veemon?"

"He might not have his form, but he still is hard headed as ever. I heard he found a partner a year or two ago."

Dynasmon smirked "Figures."

"Why do you say that?"


"We aren't needed anymore so the rest of us chose our own path. I'm looking into a tamer myself."

"Good for you."

"What about you? I know you aren't getting a tamer."

"I will keep looking." Dynasmon looked down

"I see." Omnimon said crossing his arms, "Did it ever occur to you that maybe a human could hel-"

"I get it!" Dynasmon snapped, "Maybe a human would help, but not yet."


"The only reason why I would get one is because she can't."

"I see." Omnimon turned and walked off and stated, "I wish you luck then my friend."

Dynasmon just went back to looking at the village. He had lost his home, his city, and his friend. 'What else is there left to lose?' he thought as he looked up into the sky of the digital world setting his sights on the floating earth.

A/N: So what did you think? Ehhhh... This turned out longer than I had plan so I guess sorry for the length. Some notes though: Beealzemon makes a appearence because (like many other parts I will put in) it makes a reference to Tamer Arisa's fic. Yes there is a primary village in a tamer type digital world, again her fic's world I'm just adding a different story. Also any other people that sent an OC to her fic are welcome to ask me to add some backstory to your character. Oh and I chose not to explaine Crusadermon's death (So let your mind wander). Hmmm...Oh Mahou means magic in japanese (I think) anyways hope you review.