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The Calm

What a crazy end to a tournament. Like I said before, it didn't feel like the end for us, or even a true chapter closed. In fact, I felt real bad about it. The main reason I entered the tournament was because I wanted to find Cole. I still should've been helping Wizardmon find Crusadermon. Also because of the tournament, I met some people… Not to sure I particularly enjoyed the new friends I made at the time.

"What!" The brown haired low-pigtailed girl shouted in protests at the cards in front of her. Almost hoping that her yelling would magically change the outcome.

Noah sighed and put a hand to his head to scratch it nervously, "Sorry, but that was the only move I could do." He was speaking the truth. Normally he would try to find a way out of this situation and win, but it was not in the cards. "I guess you can't win all the time Arisa."

The girl pouted in anger and then mumbled to herself, "I like it better when I say that." She then looked back at Noah. "I never knew you could take losing so well."

"To be fair: one; it's a tie and two; that was an entirely different circumstance." Noah groaned as he picked up his cards.

"In all my time playing, I never seen anyone tie in this game. You really are good." Arisa said picking up her own cards. Before she gotten Impmon as a partner she was a well-known card player and missed the tournament that Noah had won. Of course she wanted to win. She made them agree to the anti-rule. So Noah had to get out of that. He wasn't going to lose one of his better cards. "Thanks for having us over." She beamed.

'You guys barged in as soon as my mom open the door.' Noah grimaced wondering if he should ban his parents from the door from now on. 'I wonder how those two are doing.'


In the room down the hall two digimon stared at each other. More of a glare really. They had been at it for a while. Wizardmon still couldn't believe that a Demon Lord was standing across from him in his own room. It had taken him long enough to even get use to the fact he had his own room here in a human house.

"So… nice… room you got." Impmon said awkwardly.

"You said that already." Wizardmon told him. The imp sweat crept down his neck. He then began to look around mainly to avoid the knight.

"Uh… nice rock…" Impmon said as he noticed something and smirked, "It's very pink. I won't judge on your unman-LY ACK!"

Wizardmon frowned as he raised his staff and made the imp slam into the wall. "Mention the rock like that again, I won't hold back."

"Got it… don't dis the rock…" Impmon said unconvincingly, "Geeze learn to take a joke, Ba-Boom"


"So up for another game?" Arisa asked.

"Sorry, but I got to get going." Noah told her.

"Oh, come on! Another game, nobody won."

"Arisa… You're trying to get out of something, aren't you?"

She fidgeted and started laughing nervously. Noah glared at her to get to the point. "Come on! I'm going to be working all day tomorrow and everyone else is busy."

"Sorry, but I already have plans for today." He said as they got up. He would've left earlier, but she was insistent. They made they're way to Wizardmon's room. "Hey Wizardmon, everything alright?"

They found the room was just the two of them staring at each other. They saw their tamers and both said "Fine." Much to the awkwardness of it all.

"Okay then."


"Then after we left that little demon tried to attack me." Wizardmon grumbled.

"Really?" Coronamon asked.

"He sent a small fireball at you when we left him, which you blocked." Noah sighed as he slumped down on the table. They were in a café. Actually they were in Shawn's family café.

"Man, so that group is run by her?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah, Arisa Bunya and Impmon are the leaders, mainly Arisa, but Impmon is the Demon Lord of Gluttony." Noah said closing his eyes trying to remember all the members. "Then there's Takuto Satome and Guilmon, who is Gallantmon a Royal Knight. Rene Kamiya and Renamon."

"Didn't she have a brother in the Rangers?" Wizardmon asked to clarify.

"Yeah Thomas and he has a partner… Gaomon I think." Noah answered, "Then there was a kid name Kenny and his partner Terriermon and then Hikaru Motimiya with an Elecmon. Also Taito and Shoutmon, plus Nanami and Demidevimon."

"Why does it seem like everything copies the shows or something?" Shawn asked shaking his head in disbelief.

"I'm more surprise that you can make that comment with how little you've seen of the animes." Noah jabbed

"Hey! I can't afford to goof off all day like some people.

"Watch it Blaze."

"I wasn't talking about you! I'm talking about Coronamon."

"You don't let me into the kitchen anymore!"

Shawn just patted the lion and ignored him, "Man, can't believe we missed all that in the tournament."

"I told you we should've stayed." Coronamon said.

Noah sat up and fidgeted in his seat. Despite it having been awhile since the tournament, Noah still felt bad about what he did. He shouldn't have used Shawn as bait like that. "Oh I get it…" Shawn said wily smirking.

"What?" Noah asked snapping back to reality.

"You getting all quiet right now, thinking hard… it could only mean one thing… You're thinking about Nora!"

'He makes it real hard to feel bad for using him.' Noah grumbled. "This isn't about her."

"Sure it isn't." Shawn said sarcastically.

"Whatever Shawn." Noah grunted in annoyance.

"How goes your own mystery search?" Wizardmon asked feeling the atmosphere going south.

"Huh?" Everyone turned to the wizard wondering what exactly he was talking about.

"That girl… Melody and her partner Sayakomon. Whatever happened to her?"

Now it was Shawn's turn to sulk, "I don't know. She left before I could catch up with her."

"Do you even remember her?" Wizardmon asked.

"I don't really know."


They heard a call from the kitchen, "Coming, sorry guys, but I need to get back to work. Later."

"See ya!" Coronamon said running behind him.

Noah and Wizardmon sat for a bit. Noah had nearly forgotten about Melody. Almost like the memory was trying to escape him, but he wouldn't allow it. She made a comment. That he was weak and wasn't strong enough. Being weaker than Shawn didn't have anything to do with it. Just the idea he was seen as a weak individual was the main point.

Wizardmon looked at his partner worryingly. He learned how to tell what Noah was thinking without his magic, but he didn't know what to do about it. Heck even Wizardmon was going through an inferiority complex. He lost to Beelzemon. He was never going to live that down, but that was his error. Noah shouldn't feel like he need to prove himself, but then he wouldn't be Noah.

"Let's go Wizardmon." Noah decided as they left the café. Wizardmon nodded and followed his tamer. Noah shook the thoughts out of his head. He had to change his focus. After all, he wasn't done with one thing yet. "Do you sense her yet?"

"No," Wizardmon replied.

Noah just nodded. It was strange to think that it would be this hard to find a digimon, let alone a Royal Knight with their luck. Even the city was really short on Crusadermon's rookie form; Kotemon. Yet another ironic situation although, that wasn't going to stop Noah from looking. He promised that they would find her.

"Hey guys."

They looked up and saw that someone was talking to them. It was a familiar person and FanBeemon. "Taven?"


"Are you okay Shawn?" Coronamon asked

Shawn just turned to his partner in confusion. They were waiting for his parents and the other workers to fill the orders. "Why would you ask that?"

"You seem out of it."

"It's nothing."

"Oh come on. You can tell me."

Shawn sighed, "It's that… how Noah's been talking to us lately."

"Yeah, he's being nice to us."

"And more open…"

"I'm not following." The lion said cocking his head to the side.

"I don't know, but let's see how he would think about us joining the Tamers like him." Shawn said enthusiastically to brightened the mood.

"Definitely, we could even mess with Noah more. Maybe even get Nora to join us." Coronamon offered knowing how well that Shawn liked to mess with Noah.

"Nora?" Shawn looked at his partner confused. Who was Nora? Coronamon looked at his partner in the same confused state. Shawn shook his head. "Oh yeah. Nora." Shawn snapped his fingers. 'Noah's girlfriend.' It was weird. He had made a comment not to long ago about her. So why did he forget about her just now? It was as if he didn't think about it hard enough the memory was just going to go away.


"Are you okay Mistress?" Darcmon asked.

They were in Nora's house. It had been a while since she returned to it since the tournament. Now Nora was just looking around. She didn't answer to Darcmon because the answer was obvious. She told herself that she wasn't going to interfere for a while. She couldn't, she wasn't allowed to. So to prepare herself she wanted to look around her house.

Yggdrasil got it for occasions where Nora didn't have enough strength to return to the digital world. That was all this was. A place to rest. Her mission always took priority, so she never noticed how much she grew attached to this place. "I guess, I'm just a broken record." She laughed as she took the picture from her room.

"Why?" Darcmon asked

Nora just shrugged and sat down looking at the picture. She didn't have much else to think about but him. That was why she chose in the first place to never let herself feel and one mistake changed all that. "I can't stop thinking about him and feel regret that I won't be there to see their growth." She sighed, "But that's my problem. He just really different."

"I know, they both are."

"Let's go Darcmon… We're done here."


"So what brings you out here today Noah?" Taven asked as they continued walking.

"Nothing really." Noah said. "How you been since the tournament."

"Eh, okay. Still couldn't believe stuff like that happened after we were kicked out."

"Yeah… sorry about my friend." Noah sighed.

"Eh." Taven said nonchalantly with a shrug.

"How have you been FanBeemon?" Wizardmon asked.

"Good." FanBeemon said hovering.

"You put up a good fight against Coronamon, you're quite skilled." Wizardmon complemented.

"Thank you, and you were truly a master in your fight against Beelzemon."

Then it got quiet. Noah looked between them than to Taven who got his own smirk. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think so." Noah smirked.

"Street Battle." They both said, to their partner's confusion.

"Come on, I know a spot close by." Taven said leading them to a dead end street where there were many buildings.

"Why are we here?" Wizardmon asked for both him and a confused FanBeemon.

"It's a street battle Wizardmon."

"Hope you guys don't mind." Taven laughed as he went further down the street.

"A street battle is…?" Wizardmon asked trying to remember where he heard that term before.

"Sections of this city that have been modified to allow battle outside of the arenas."

"But unfortunately the machines aren't calibrated to handle anything over weak champion levels." Taven said

'Am I being considered weak!?' Wizardmon thought in anger at the comment.

"Are you ready for a battle buddy?" Taven asked Fanbeemon looked at Taven and nodded. "Glad to see that you are up for it."

"Ready Wizardmon?" Noah asked.

Wizardmon looked at Noah. He seemed calmer than he was before. Maybe that was what he needed. A way to forget about his stress and focus on something else. It didn't need to just be about finding Crusadermon. Noah was no help to anyone unless he can get over his funk. "Of course Noah." And if it meant that he could continuously test his skills, well, Wizardmon wasn't going to complain.

Both Noah and Taven held up their digivices and they began to glow. In-between them the ground open a small hatch and four small orbs popped out. They quickly spread from each other and attached themselves to buildings and created a small barrier.

"Let's go!" The two humans shouted

Wizardmon charged at FanBeemon. "Magical Game" Summoning fireballs he lanced them as he continued to charge.

"Digi-Modify: SnowAgumon's Frozen Wind Activate!" Taven shouted slashing a card.

"Frozen Wind" A gust of icy air clashed with the fireballs freezing them, but Wizardmon expected that.

He then teleported behind FanBeemon. "Digi-Modify: Leomon's Beast sword!" Noah slashed his own card and appeared a sword in Wizardmon's free hand. He slashed FanBeemon and knocked him to the ground.

"Gear Stinger" FanBeemon quickly picked himself up and launched several of his stingers at Wizardmon.

Wizardmon blocked most of them with his new blade. Some still struck him though. "Electro Squall" Raising his staff he shot a lighting bolt on him.

"FanBeemon! You okay?"

"I'm fine…" FanBeemon said

"You two really are good. I see how you got so far in the tournament."

"You're not bad yourself." Noah smirked and looked to Wizardmon. "You ready to finish this?"


"Don't think we'll make it easy!" Taven yelled pulling out another card, "Digi-Modify: Greymon's NovaBlast"

"NovaBlast" FanBeemon then generated a fireball and launched it at Wizardmon.

"Thunder Ball" Wizardmon threw his own attack at the blast with the two creating an explosion. With the barriers up the smoke gathered and stayed. "Electro Squall" With that FanBeemon fell to the ground and the battle was over.

"Aw man." Taven said as the four orbs cleared the field and returned to the hatch they had came from.

"Sorry… Taven." FanBeemon apologized as he struggled to get up.

"No need to buddy." Taven sighed.

"Yeah, you two were great." Noah said walking up to them. "You two put up a great fight."

"Thanks, but still crazy how strong Wizardmon is." Wizardmon just shrugged at the comment. He wasn't just going to tell him that he was a Royal Knight.

"Taven Mckoy."

The four turned to see an older man who closely resembled Taven. "Hey Dad." Taven said indifferently.

"Hope you're done goofing off now because you said you would help me out this weekend if you went to the tournament."

"Yeah, yeah." Taven said.

"My apologies sir." FanBeemon said.

"Oh yeah, Dad. This is Noah and his partner Wizardmon." Taven said bluntly. To Noah it looked as though that Taven didn't really care that his dad was breathing down his next.

"Uh, nice to meet you sir."


"Well, I'll be in the shop. Actually try to make it in today." Taven's Dad sighed before leaving to the shop across the street.

Taven then lead them to his dad's shop where Noah and Wizardmon looked around. It was a simple electronics shop, but what really caught their eyes was the workshop in the back. It seemed that Taven's dad also repaired electronics. "Nice place you guys got." Noah said looking around.

"Thanks I guess." Taven shrugged.

"Are theses pictures yours?" Wizardmon asked looking at a portion of the workshop that seemed to be in the corner. On the wall was a board filled with pictures of many different locations and places.

"Oh yeah, I collect them sometimes. Theses are just the ones I have at the shop here." Taven said.

FanBeemon joined in, "Yeah, Taven really does have good taste."

"So how long have been in Japan Taven?" Noah asked looking over the pictures.

"We've been here for a while." He shrugged not really wanting to tell Noah he's been here for five years and still hasn't gotten hold of the language.

"Was the best time to come here too!" Taven's dad yelled from his spot. "To move here that is. Digi-City one of the only good thing that came out of that Digimon incident."

"What was that?" FanBeemon asked confused. He wasn't well informed on the actual status of the Digital World as he and his Hive fought Flymon on a regular basis. That was all he ever focused on till he met Taven.

"It was around twenty-years ago FanBeemon." Taven said. "When humans found out about the Digital World and Digimon."

"Let's just say… we all had misunderstandings." Taven's dad said. "A huge war broke out."

"It was lead by Reapermon." Wizardmon said. "He rallied an army and lead the digimon against the humans. You humans also returned the favor, but four of you humans somehow stopped the war."

"I think that was the Digidestines." Noah said

"The one's from the show?" FanBeemon asked

"No the real ones. Unlike the show, there were only three of them and well, they saved both worlds." Noah said.

"Enough history. Are you going to help or not Taven?"

"Sure." He shrugged

"And we'll help too sir." Noah said to everone's surprise.

"You don't have to Noah."

"It's okay, I want to help." Noah said.

Wizardmon sighed. There was no arguing right now. Noah got it in his head that Taven needed help, but Wizardmon didn't mind. Noah was no longer down about whatever was bugging him. That was all that mattered.

With his offer taken, Noah and Wizardmon helped around the shop. Taven was still shocked that Noah actually want to help, but he didn't mind. It was less work for him right now.

"So Noah, what brings you to Japan?" Mr Mckoy asked him.

Noah just shrugged as he swept the floor. "My Dad's job requires us to move around a lot. So this is just another stop."

"Really?" Taven chimed in, "So what does he do?"

Wizardmon was also curious about it. He has been here for a year and had not learned what his partner's parents do. Sure he had seen Mr. Drake go off in the morning, but he wasn't sure what he did. He wasn't even sure of Mrs. Drake. "I… don't really know."

Noah then got a huge response of stunned faces. "You don't know?" Taven and FanBeemon asked.

Noah shrugged. "It never really mattered to me. Some times we would move around three times a year. Others my dad would be gone for months." He was honest. He had no idea what his dad did. Noah actually tried to ask many times before, but always was told that he wasn't ready to know yet. Wasn't ready to know what? Maybe he was ready now? Maybe…

"Anyway Noah, if you're interested, you can come help out tomorrow morning. Honestly this is the only time Taven has been here for more than a minute."

"Yeah, yeah." Taven shrugged

"Sure, glad to help." Noah said.


Yggdrasil ran over the data again. There was just too much activity in the dark area. Too much for comfort. If he compared the data to past events then there is only one conclusion he could think of.

"Sir. We're back."

He looked down to see Nora and Darcmon appear. "Good. Nora… I need you here for the next events. No interfering in the affairs."

"I understand." Nora said, "Father… why have you postponed your rest for so long? If you rest you can have more strength."

"No, I have to be "awake" for these events. Once I rest I can't regulate the stability incase of a flux."

"But, you've already been awake for so long." Darcmon announced.

"I have enough energy." Yggdrasil spoke. "Tomorrow… the Invasion will begin."

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