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Chapter 1: Snagem Explosion and Folly's Gash

The Orre region was relatively quiet as usual. Things seemed to be pretty normal across the various locations in the mostly-desert region. Basically it was an ordinary day for the residents of Orre. However, two loactions would see a spike in the chaos factor.

Folly and Trudly, members of the criminal organization Cipher though under Miror B. due to the outfits - they were wearing generic outfits instead of blue Cipher uniforms and helmets - were in the midst of a tag battle at the airport. It was Folly's Lotad and Trudly's Shadow Makuhita (unknown to all but the dancing Admin's associates and one female bystander) against a Corphish and a Magikarp. The Cipher-linked duo won when the bystander knowing of the Shadow status made her presence known.

"What the heck was with that Makuhita's black aura?" the girl, Jasmine Mazaki, asked. Jasmine had long orange hair, sapphire eyes, and was actually pretty fierce if one got on her bad side. Which is just what the Cipher pair did, starting a two-on-one fight. Somehow, which flustered the two male attackers, Jasmine was holding her own quite good, blocking every punch thrown her way while hitting several of her own. The fight ended when she superkicked Folly, the stiletto heel of her shoe leaving a large gash on his left cheek.

"What should we do?" Trudly asked. Folly replied "Get me to a hospital." "In other words..." Trudly started before they simultaneously yelled "RETREAT!" Jasmine then turned on her heel and Disapparated, reappearing at the Outskirt Stand. Standing there, leaning next to a Zoomer, was former Snagem member Ryo Jordan. Ryo was tanned, with golden eyes, silver-blond hair, and a line of sunscreen on his face. He was wearing a blue trench jacket, the left arm somewhat covered by a Snag Machine, blue jeans, and blue boots - the last bit in order to keep from getting sand in his shoes. Jasmine, on the other hand, was wearing a purple tube top, a white-gray mini-skirt, a blue jacket with pink fuzz tied around her waist, and pink stiletto heel sandals. Her right ring finger was bleeding slightly due to a misangled punch, and there was blood on the stiletto of her right shoe due to where it had caught Folly.

Meanwhile, in the east a little bit, in Eclo Canyon, Team Snagem was milling around in their base acting normal when an explosion occurred. The culprit was the Amethyst Angel, Anise Azeat. 'Good thing 52M gave me a few of these guys.' she thought. Walking into the base, Anise grabbed a Snag Machine identical to Ryo's and ran off, jumping on an Extreme Gear airboard she had made herself, with help from XQ Gear Tech. As she fled the criminal base she pushed a button on a detonator that tore the hideout apart. The resultant smoke could be seen from the outskirt stand.

'Man, that Amethyst Angel really did a number on those Snagem idiots.' Ryo thought. 'Whatever she used in that explosion was really powerful.' It was only fifteen minutes later, with Ryo now inside, when Anise pulled up. Anise was a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl, with long wine-red hair with pink highlights, three sets of earrings, sparkly azure blue eyes, and crimson eyeshadow. She had a pair of bulbous hair clips, a hairband with a flower on each side of it, and a ribbon on the right side in her hair. Like Jasmine, she was wearing her jacket, platinum with no fuzz, tied around her waist. Another similarity was that they were wearing shoes that made them taller, though Anise's were amethyst purple platform sandals. She was also wearing a wine red tube top (which looked kind of like a sports bra with how much of her midriff was exposed), teal pants with two different thunderbolt designs along with a flame design at the base, and white lace-frilled socks. On her arms were a pair of cyan gloves that reached past her elbows, and her left arm also bore the stolen Snag Machine. Walking in, she saw the former Snagem. The nearby TV was showing a news report about the explosion in Eclo Canyon.

'Wow, already? That was quick; it's only been fifteen minutes.' Anise thought. She then turned to Ryo, when she spotted Jasmine. "Did pretty good, eh, Ryo?" This caught both teenagers' attention.

"You know her, Ryo?" Jasmine asked. Ryo nodded, stating that he couldn't summon up the courage to wreck the base so he just left the team, calling up Anise, having heard of her epic battle against the Shadow Queen in another dimension last week. He then introduced the two girls to each other, with Anise noticing a difference between them. Due to her socks, Anise didn't have to worry about sand hitting a certain spot; Jasmine didn't have that immunity.

"We've just recieved breaking news. The Eclo Canyon explosion scene has been confirmed as Team Snagem's base. It is believed that the culprit is a female with ties to XQ due to the initial explosion's trigger. Two Snag Machines of the portable variety had been there, but one had been taken prior to the explosion by former member Ryo Jordan. The other portable model was taken during the attack by the unknown female, while the larger model was destroyed. In other news, a member of the other criminal syndicate Cipher, named Folly, was seen in the hospital with a large gash on his left cheek. His partner said that a different girl, this one with orange hair, had gotten into a two-on-one fight and easily beat the two, ending with a superkick that casued said gash. We will try to get more information on these two events as time continues." The reporter on TV said.

"So that's where the blood originated." Anise told Jasmine.