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The little girl, known as Ururu, stood up. She had to go pee. She walked into the restroom and sat on the toilet. Absentmindedly, she looked at her pants, nearly jumping up at what she saw. She quickly pulled up her pants and rushed out of the bathroom, only to run into Tessai. "TESSIAAAAAA!" She screetched, her shrill voice nearly cracking Tessai's glasses. "Yes?" "WHERE'S URAHARA!" Tessai pointed down the hall to Kisuke's room. The little girl took off down the hallway like a rocket, Tessai looking at the floor, which now had skid marks.

She barged into his room, nearly breaking down the door, a panicked look on her face. "Help!" "Ururu? What is it? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Asked the surprised shopkeeper. "I'm bleeding! Help!" Huh? Bleeding? "Huh? Bleeding? Where?" The little girls normal blush went even darker as she tried to stammer out where she was bleeding from. "Uh... Well, I- Um- Uh..." The little girl couldn't seem to say it. The blond male looked confused. Confusion, though, soon turned to realization, and realization to horror. He began to blush, a dark red creeping onto his face. 'Oh God oh God oh God, no!' "Um, well, Ururu, why don't you and me have a little... Talk?" Asked the male, his voice sounding crackley. "Okay..." Replied the young girl, still slightly panicked. "Why don't you go get us some tea, Okay Ururu?" "Yeah, okay..." she said, exiting the room. "Welp... time for the talk." He said to himself, grabbing the pads and the barbie dolls from under the bed.

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