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1. Scowl

Yukimura rarely scowled, but when he did, Sanada was absolutely sure that he was going to end up on the couch that night.

2. Powder

Yukimura couldn't help but laugh fondly as Sanada roared and chased Niou and Marui around the tennis courts, his entire face caked with white flour.

3. Evidence

Yanagi merely held out the piece of clothing, and smirked as a bright blush erupted in Sanada and Yukimura's faces.

4. I'm here

Yukimura touched the jacket around his shoulders, knowing that Sanada was always with him wherever he went.

5. Decent

"Seiichi... please put some clothes on."

6. Bulletin Board

Hottest Gossip: Tennis Club's Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou in a Romantic Relationship?

7. Shame

Sanada clenched his fist tightly, leaning against the door as Yukimura's wail of agony and despair pierced through his very core.

8. Union

"You may now kiss your new husband."

9. Obvious

"Sanada and Yukimura sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-"


10. Impulse

Now that they were together, Yukimura almost always gave in to the urge to kiss his vice-captain senseless.

11. Lost

Sanada couldn't help but feel helplessly lost every time he would look into ultramarine eyes.

12. Tease

Sanada growled deep in his throat as Yukimura flashed him another seductive smile before turning around and leaving him tied up in the clubroom.

13. Defiant

"You are not in love with Yukimura, Genichirou," Sanada told himself sternly in front of the mirror, but what met him was his own look of disbelief.

14. Tension

"For the love of god, someone please push Sanada and Yukimura into a room already!"

15. Three

It was starting to get really awkward between the three of them when Akaya walked in on the two of them again for the third time.

16. Heartbeat

Sanada watched intently as Yukimura gasped, feeling the quick beats underneath his fingertips.

17. Family

A lot of people found it confusing every time Sanada Genji would say that he has two fathers.

18. Taken

It was a well known fact among the middle school tennis circuit that Rikkaidai's Sanada Genichirou was off-limits to everyone except Yukimura Seiichi.

19. Rejection

"I'm sorry Renji, but... I'm in love with Genichirou."

20. Innuendo

Yanagi could only shake his head as Marui and Akaya bolted out of the door with brightly blushing faces, most likely overhearing the conversation between Sanada and Yukimura over the captain's skinned knee.

21. Strawberry

Sanada could feel the warm, sticky, strawberry juice dribble down his skin, inhaling a sharp breath when a wet tongue glided to slowly lick it up.

22. Stud

Everyone in the clubroom openly gaped when they saw the studded earring on the vice-captain's ear, and the pleased face of their captain's soon afterward.

23. Heart

It was said that the Emperor didn't have a heart; it was true, because it was now in the keeping of the Demigod.

24. Cry

Yukimura wrapped his arms around Sanada's silent, shaking form, keeping quiet even as something wet slowly soaked through his shirt.

25. Red

Yukimura found that Sanada could turn into different shades of red: apple red, cherry red, strawberry red, and tomato red.

26. Muse

"... For the last time, Seiichi, I will not let you draw me like one of your French girls."

27. Fall

Thoughts about his vice-captain made Yukimura's heart bubble in happiness, then slowly, before he realized what was happening, it did a slow turn, a kind of waltz, then suddenly fell.

29. First Impression

Sanada initially thought that Yukimura was a girl until both of them took a bath together at the age of six.

30. Cake

Sanada did not and would never like cake, but when Yukimura brought a homemade cake to the clubroom that day, it was gone faster than the regulars could say Rai.

31. Objective

"Okay guys, this is our mission: to make Sanada and Yukimura confess their feelings for each other!"

32. Blush

When Sanada and Yukimura stood, sat or just basically stayed near each other, the people around them had the tendency to blush darkly as if they were intruding in a private moment, even though they weren't really doing anything.

33. Winter

They walked through the icy pathway wearing one glove in each hand; their bare fingers intertwined, hidden in Sanada's coat pocket.

34. Rule Breaker

To never be in a romantic relationship was the unwritten rule in Rikkai's tennis club, and Sanada and Yukimura were the first to break it.

35. Smile

Sanada rarely smiled, but when he did, Yukimura was absolutely sure that he was falling in love with him all over again.

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