Holly Golightly walked up the stairs of her apartment building, feeling happier than she'd been in a very long time.

She had a wonderful life; her brother Fred was due to get out of the army any time now and she was only too happy to have him live with her. She missed him terribly.

And just days earlier, she'd met a wonderful man... someone that she'd fallen in love with almost instantly. He was devastatingly handsome and sophisticated, but more importantly, he was rich.

Behind her, rich Brazilian José da Silva Pereira followed, pausing while she stopped to check her tiny mailbox.

"Nothing but bills!" She said to no one in particular, sorting through the envelopes as she made her way to her apartment.

As she opened the door, she stopped suddenly, her eyes transfixed on the small white envelope with the impeccably neat handwriting that bore her name and address.

"What's this?"

Excitedly, she ran her hand across the front of the envelope.

"It's a letter from Doc!"

"Who is this Doc you speak of?"

"Now Jose, I've told you about Doc, I know I have! We were married very young and it was annulled ages ago. Problem is that he just can't accept it. But it is nice to hear from him from time to time."

Jose nodded in response.

As they neared her apartment, Holly opened her purse and took out her keys to unlock the front door. Taking only seconds to allow Jose to enter the apartment, she shut the door and walked into the kitchen.

"Would you like a drink?"

"That would be nice." Jose replied.

"There you are." Holly said, handing him the glass of wine. She sat down on the sofa and made herself comfortable, despite the protests of her orange tabby, Cat, who was forced to move from his sleeping place.

She put the stack of letters and sat them on the coffee table; already cluttered with piles of papers and magazines.

"How do you find anything in this mess?" Jose asked, making no attempt to mask his annoyance. "It's like living in chaos!"

Holly pretended that she hadn't heard him. So what if he didn't like her living style? Once they were married and happily living in Brazil, things would change. She'd be a much better person... and a much richer one. Soon she'd be living the life that she'd always dreamed about.

"Bills, bills, bills!" She said again, flipping through the stack of envelopes; most of them bills marked Final Notice. She was only vaguely aware of Jose shaking his head in disbelief.

"Let's see what Doc has to say, shall we?" Eager to read what he'd written, she tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter, which was surprisingly short-and very informal; not at all like his previous letters.

In neat, block print was written;

Dear Holly,

Received word that young Fred was killed in a jeep accident in Fort Riley, Kansas. Your husband and children join you in our mutual sorrow. More details soon.