A/N- It's gonna actually be 4 parts for the Spencer Family Christmas part of this whole thing. After the four parts, the drabbles will return to being stand-alones, unless stated otherwise. :)

3 PM

"Elijah Henry Spencer, I've asked you three times to pick up you toys." Juliet stood amongst the mess of new toys Eli had received that morning, her hands on her hips. "Why haven't you done it?"
"…Cause I don't wanna?" Right when he said it, he knew that he shouldn't have. Shawn winced at his answer, and Eli looked away from his mother's stern glare and began picking up his toys.

"Now," she turned to her husband, "Shawn, I need you to run out and get me some oatmeal peanut butter."

"Oatmeal and…" He trailed off, shaking his head. "Why do you need oatmeal and peanut butter?"

"Because, Eli decided to play in my oatmeal yesterday and now I don't have enough to make my no bake cookies." She explained matter-of-factly. "And I need peanut butter because I thought we had a jar and we don't."

"Oh, sorry Mommy." Eli looked up from the floor. "I took it to Uncew Gus's."

"Honey," she started, trying not to get angry, "why did you take the peanut butter to Uncle Gus's?" She hadn't been having the best of days. The ham was an hour behind schedule, she was short on supplies, and Shawn wasn't being any help at all as he just sat on the couch and watched A Christmas Story over and over again.

"'Cause Shiloh and me wanted to…" Eli paused, gathering the toys in his hands as he started toward his room. "You know, nevermind Mommy. It's need-to-know."

Shawn stifled a laugh as he slipped his shoes on and Juliet turned to him, shocked.

"Now I wonder where he learned that phrase!" She exclaimed. "You and all your secret agent movies."

"I am sorry, Sweetie." He stood up and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she pulled away.

"Be back quickly with what I asked," she grinned coyly at him, "and you might just redeem yourself."

"Yeah, yeah…" He mocked offense, but grinned slightly. "Just text me if there's anything else."

Juliet merely nodded and went back into the kitchen. She pulled the premade tin-full of macaroni and cheese from the fridge and set it on the counter, queuing it to be put in the oven. After pulling green beans and corn from the pantry, she went to the oven and opened the door to check on the ham. What she saw was not what she was expecting. A piece of food had apparently fallen into the bottom and caught fire. It had spread to fill the entirety of the oven floor. She let out a squeak before running to the other side of the kitchen, grabbing the fire extinguisher, and running back. By the time she made it there, the fire alarm had started going off. She heard Eli come running down the hallway and she stuck her hand out behind her,

"Eli, stay there!" She ordered. "Do not come in here."

"Why are the fire 'larms beeping?" He yelled over the noise, covering his ears.

Juliet didn't answer and lifted the device in her hand, pulling the pin, and spraying the white foam into the oven. After the flames died down, and eventually stopped, she put the extinguisher on the counter and sighed, pushing the loose hair off of her forehead. After hurriedly cleaning up the mess, she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Sent: Shawn
I'm gonna need one more thing

Received: Shawn


Sent: Shawn

…A fifteen pound ham.