This story will be incredibly difficult for me to write as a lot of it hits close to home. I hope you all enjoy the story and maybe it will give you a better understanding of this difficult time.

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In love

Dear Diary

I want to scratch out that first line. I feel like a love sick teenager writing in a fluffy pink note book instead of a twenty eight year old women writing in a plain black book. I just don't how to start all this. My therapist reckons that writing will help us both to work through our feelings. I don't know if Edward will even try. He hates going to therapy and tries to find every excuse possible to miss our sessions. I am jumping ahead here. The best place to start would obviously be at the beginning of our relationship.

It seems like a lifetime ago now but I met Edward in the summer of 2001. I met him the first day of my senior year at Forks High School. He was a transfer student from LA. The whole school was excited about the arrival of him and his gorgeous siblings Rosalie and Jasper. All of that first day they were all anybody in my tiny high school could talk about. The worst offender was my best friend Alice. Jasper and Edward were twins so they were both in senior year with us. Rosalie was two years younger and in the same year as my little brother Emmett. Alice was completely and utterly taken with Jasper. She apparently had every class with him and couldn't shut up all through lunch about how gorgeous he was. I had to give that she was right. I shared English Lit and Geography with the two of them and Jasper certainly was something to look at. He had wavy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Jasper was about seven foot tall and although not heavily built he was very muscular. I found out from Alice that he was a runner and basketball player. Well that at least explained his build.

I was sitting picking at my chefs salad when Alice elbowed me in the ribs. She was pointing in the direction of easily the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He just plain took my breath away. Alice explained that the drop dead gorgeous man was Jasper's twin brother Edward. He had the same wavy hair as Jasper except his was a dark copper colour and he had green eyes. The brothers were about the same height and had a very similar build. Edward looked up and caught me staring. He smiled the most perfect crooked smile. I remember thinking then that this was the best moment of my life. Edward Cullen was looking at little old me and he was smiling.

The next lesson after lunch was biology and I discovered that my new lab partner was Edward. This year really couldn't go any better. He introduced himself during biology and we engaged in some light flirting but I was already falling hard for Edward.

I remember going home and filling my diary with versions of my name in the future.

Bella Cullen. Bella Swan- Cullen. Isabella Cullen.

I fell for Edward the first day I met him and I fell hard.

Dear Diary

This is all fucking stupid and I don't see how it will change anything. I just want my life back.


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